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The NYT In the 1870's Had A Passionate Leader Who Help Put Boss Tweed in Jail

NYT: Aloof Disconnect Clueless

In the 1860 and 70's George Jones, the NYT’s founding publisher understood that corrupt politics was destroy the potential of growth of NYC.  Today's big wigs at the NYT watch pol after pol go to jail and are only concerned making sure the establishment can elected the next mayor of the city.  The paper does not understand it is the corruption tax and stupidity of the elected officials supported by the machines that is driving away their readers and small business that the city needs to stay strong.  Instead of looking to bring the passion of publisher Jones back to the paper they sit in the bankrupt 42nd Street bunker hoping that a failed business model of paywalls will stop the bleeding of profits.  Getting rid of term limits to elected Bloomberg for a third term did not stop their fall and neither will electing the mayor puppet Quinn in 2013.  It the NYT thinks that electing Quinn who has never worked in the private sector will save NY's business community they should go out of business.

1870's NYT Publisher Jones Passion to Go After the Bums
Jones Did Not Just Do An Occasional Editorial on Reform, he Got the Bastard and Changed NY

1870's: The paper’s biggest scoop was to obtain ledger items that showed, penny for penny, how Boss Tweed planned to pocket public money intended for the furnishing of a new courthouse. The Tweed forces offered Mr. Jones $5 million — equivalent to $100 million today — to back off. He refused, and the articles were published in July 1871. Two years later, Tweed was convicted of theft and sent to the Ludlow Street jail.The Man Who Helped Stop Boss Tweed George Jones, this newspaper’s founding publisher, who was born 200 years ago this week, turned down a $5 million bribe and published articles in 1871 that helped bring down Boss Tweed. (NYT)

Do Something David Dinkins Arthur Sulzberger
Today's editorial says it is rewarding to ensure civic honesty. What the leaders of the NYT do not understand is the the public is so ready to revolt against the kind of politics they support.   Many of the people getting hurt by the economy might vote against incumbents or the power structure because they are fed up with the spin.  We are not far away from a upset in the 9th congressional district and the election of Perry or Bachmann as president.  The NYT must now  count on two of the most corrupt pols in NY Vito Lopez and Congressman Crowley to elected a dummy and to stop a major loss for the interest of the Times.  Turner winning the Weiner seat will send shock waves through NY politics.    The problem NYT faces is both of those bosses are great at using the election law to stop primaries.   They are not so go at winning competitive elections.  The same NYT knew what to do to get rid of David Paterson.  Why do they lack the will to get rid of Lopez and Crowley? Once the public revolts it will be too late to change.

City Pols Plan to Find Jobs for the Unemployed  

Jobless Rate Holds at 8.7%, but Many Have Given Up Looking(NYT)





Christie called Bloomberg "Napoleon," "a dictator" and "a putz" for not asking former NJ Gov. DiFrancesco to speak at next month's 9/11 event

Chris muscles Mike on 9/11 invite for pol(NYP)Some dignity, please NYP says that Christie and Bloomberg are arguing on who to invite.  Sources told The Post that Christie privately called the mayor “Napoleon,” “a dictator” and “a putz.”(NYP) * GOPers lean hard on Christie(NYP) * Fitch lowered NJ’s credit rating* Bloomberg: Haven’t Heard From Cuomo On Speaking Role(YNN) * Before 9/11 Ceremony, Back-Room Maneuvers(NYT) *  Firefighter Links Bloomberg Third Term, 9/11 Remembrance (NYO)

Azi Paybarah(Twitter)

MT : NY Post's edit on 9/11 squabbling amongst pols manages not to mention their favorite son


 The Worse Congress In History Just Gave Us Another Reason to Hate Them

Rep. Cliff Stearn Orders A Terrorist Check of 911 Workers Finds Nothing

 'Shameful' Check of 9/11 Workers Turns Up Nothing  The FBI screened 60,000 Ground Zero responders against the terrorist watch list at the insistence of a Florida congressman without finding a single match (WSJ) * Jon Stewart really laid into Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) for his amendment that forces any 9/11 first responder to go through first being checked against the terrorist watch list to make sure they're not a terrorist!!

DiNapoli is Chimp Balls No More - Hits Hard at PA Overtime
Last Week the NYP said state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is regularly referred to in the Cuomo administration as "CB" - short for "chipmunk balls" - for not standing stronger with the governor:
 DINapoli Audit Shows Wasteful PA Overtime Costs
Audit Criticizes Port Authority Overtime Costs(WSJ) * It's a toll order for two govs(NYP) * Fuschillo: Time To ‘Re-Evaluate’ PA Leadership(YNN) *

Govs Low Ball PA Fare Hikes According to Script
Christie and Cuomo might issue a counter-offer to the Port Authority’s bridge and tunnel toll hike plan, which board members will vote on tomorrow.* Gov. Christie Says Alternative In The Works For Port Authority Toll Hikes(CBS) * Governors propose compromise to Port Authority hikes (WABC)* UPDATE: The two governors reportedly will announce support for a $1.50 hike for EZPASS users, plus another .50-cent surcharge for cash-paying drivers, on the condition that the Port Authority submit to an audit of its $7+ billion budget.* Cuomo, Christie Demand Port Authority Lower Its Toll Hikes(NY1)

Adam Lisberg(Twitter)

Cuomo & Christie sign off on $1.50 hike(NYP)

Now We Know What the Union Members Who Showed Up At the Toll Hearing Were Promised The Port Authority will speed up work on a major construction project still to be determined in order to show drivers their toll hikes are worth it


The state budget could run into the red because of the ongoing US economic crisis, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned yesterday. DiNapoli fussbudget(NYP)






Reelected A Criminal Defendant For City Council  

Charges Upend Council Race Hours before City Council Member Ruben Wills cast votes at a council meeting Wednesday, he appeared before a Manhattan judge as a criminal defendant accused of stealing. (WSJ) * City Council: “He has no regard for the law, and this is a person who wants to be a lawmaker,” challenger Allan Jennings said of Councilman Ruben Wills. [Michael Saul / WSJ]


Weprin Hurt Himself in the Gay Community for Supporting A Lawsuit That Aims to Make Last Month Albany Gay Marriage Vote Illegal
Weprin could be the first casualty of the same-sex marriage bill’s passage in NYS, Brooklyn Democrats are rushing to shore him up. 

David Weprin's support for same-sex marriage hurts his chances among Orthodox Jews in his race for Congress(CHN)  * Pol's hapless appeal on mosque No public money for a mosque near Ground Zero has become a rallying cry for Bob Turner - but the outfit isn't eligible for government cash anyway (NYDN) * GZ mosque boss slams GOP candidate(NYP) * Republican billionaire John Catsimatidis, a rumored 2013 candidate for mayor, is holding a high-dollar fundraiser for congressional candidate Bob Turner on Aug. 23 at the Harvard Club. Catsimatidis has donated to both Democratic and Republican candidates in the past, but writes in an email to invitees that he opposes Democratic candidate David Weprin because President Barack ObamaJuan Reyes as the Republican nominee instead of Turner. Queens GOP vice-chair Vince Tabone is in-house counsel at the Red Apple Group, Castimatidis' supermarket company * NYC Councilman Peter Koo (a Republican), hosts Assemblyman David Weprin, Democratic NY-9 candidate, for a “special event” with Queens Asian Business leaders in Flushing at 12:30 p.m. * Weprin: Turner Would Close Hospitals(NYO)  * Dueling GOP Endorsements In NY-9(YNN) * NY-9: “A source close to Weprin pointed out that the clip [in Turner's ad] cuts off Weprin’s next line, which was that he would like to see the project moved further from Ground Zero.” [Anna Gustafson / Queens Chronicle] * 9/11: “We’re not going to have an Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr moment,” said Christie. [Ginger Gibson /] * Sen. Joe Lieberman and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will help NY-9 candidate David Weprin raise campaign cash on Aug. 31.

Congressman Towns’ contacts, out-of-state donors fill Deidra Towns’ war chest(WNYC) * rep on big % of out of state donors: "Who cares. People respect her father and her and want to be helpful." * Brooklyn GOP: Graves back on the ballot. [The Brooklyn Politics]

Pandering to Unions John Liu You Got to Be kidding

The Daily News says Liu is wrong to take sides in the Verizon strike by seeking to postpone a $120 million city contract with the company  Controller John Liu should not use power of city purse to take sides in private-sector labor dispute (NYDN Ed) * Verizon Contract: 8 to 4, Panel for Education policy approves the deal.

Comptroller Stringer?
The Post says Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer may run for comptroller if his mayoral campaign doesn't work out, assuming Comptroller John Liu makes his own bid for mayor:

Pols Flock to Sharpton: It About the Extortion Not the Votes
Decoding Sharpton: “Most of the candidates who pay tribute to him aren’t nearly as concerned with the support of a man who has never drawn even 150,000 votes in four losing runs for office, as with defending themselves from the negative attention he can summon.” [Harry Siegel / Village Voice]

Incumbents Can Use the June Primaries to Pressure Groups Who Seek Member Item Funding
Conventional wisdom holds New York will move up its primary date to June next year to comply with absentee voting rules. That would come right at the end of the legislative session, though, forcing state pols to choose between their government responsibilities and their campaigns. In response, some are talking about a split legislative session - an early one to pass a budget, and a later one for everything else. One advantage of that scenario: If they go into the primary with important business unfinished, they have leverage with potential donors, supporters and allies. City pols, however, see nothing good in the scenario: They'd face the 2013 elections at the height of budget season. * NYS campaign contribution limits crossed the six-figure threshold; individuals or legal partnerships may now give $102,300 to a party committee, up from $94,200.

 Will Fort Hamilton Fall to the Budget Cutters?

Military officials at Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton hope to lure federal security agencies like the FBI, the Secret Service and the U.S. Marshals to their base to keep it open in the face of federal budget cuts, the Daily News says

Fury over Sharpton speaking at Crown Heights riot-anniversary forum

Sharpton invitation to Crown Heights riot panel sparks outrage in Jewish community The Rev. Al Sharpton may skip a panel discussion in the Hamptons on the 1991 Crown Heights riots after Jewish leaders blasted the organizer for inviting him. (NYDN)

Lessons in Austerity: How City Principals Make Budgets Work(NYT)School Panel, Over Protests, Backs a Deal With Verizon(NYT) * 'Toxic school' parents to meet with Dennis Walcott (NYDN)

 Bloomberg played it safe and promoted from within when he picked a new DEP commissioner.

FDNY, NYPD ask Congress for emergency network Commissioners urged Congress to approve a national emergency radio network before 9/11 anniversary (NYDN)





Cuomo Pressure the Unions With No Contract Agreement with layoffs 

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration has focused his layoff threat on two unions working without contracts, representing 20,000 state prison guards and 35,000 SUNY employees, the Times Union reports *  Unhappy state worker takes on contract in TU, says there's too many bosses and low-ranking workers get screwed.  Cuomo's promise coming up empty



Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan Hid Data 

Transportation Commish Janette Sadik-Kahn's highhanded ways displayed in Brooklyn bike-lane suit (NYDN Ed) * Transportation: [A judge] made clear that he believes Sadik-Khan made a mockery of her responsibilities to provide the public with full access to city records as required by the Freedom of Information Law.” [Daily News]

Sanit rig goes off the wall(NYP)


Lifeguard, 58, sues city for firing him after he refused to wear Speedo(NYDN)

The Mets' owners took multimillion-dollar drubbing in appeals court decision on Madoff Ponzi scheme (NYDN) * Madoff trustee Irving Picard drills deep to recover money(NYP)




Brooklyn Park Eyes Addition Brooklyn Bridge Park is in talks with Con Edison to acquire a three-acre parcel of vacant land near the Manhattan Bridge, a key component needed to complete the 85-acre waterfront park. (WSJ)

New York Moves to Crack Down on Abuse of Disabled(NYT)


Judge No Case For Class Action Lawsuits, Individual Case Could Continue

Discrimination Suit Against Bloomberg L.P. Is Rejected(NYT) * Judge Dismisses Discrimination Suit Against Bloomberg LP(WSJ)

Internet jihadist calls on Muslims to cut off David Letterman's tongue(NYP)* Threat to David Letterman on Muslim forum(WSJ)





Couple's Quiet Stroll Turns Deadly(WSJ) * NY suspect in parents' killing due in court(WSJ) * NJ couple shot by assassins may have been involved in love triangle(NYP) * Cops questioning husband after murder of his wife in NJ: source(NYP)

Hero who saved girl from kidnapper flooded with offers of gifts, donations for kids(NYDN)


No Cause for Marijuana Case, but Enough for Child Neglect Parents caught with marijuana, even amounts too small to lead to criminal charges, are finding themselves scrutinized by child welfare officials. (NYT) * Council Members Call for Change to Marijuana Possession Law(NYT)


Law and Order

Psychic busted in a $40 million scam preyed on naive tourists: neighbors(NYDN)* Generous souls respond in BIG way to charity cash theft (NYDN) * Car thief drops off the kids(NYP) * Bible-thieving thugs left man holy devastated (NYP) * Four MTA Employees Among Dozens Nabbed In License Bust(NY1)



 More hydrofracking-related subpoenas from AG Eric Schneiderman. 


Jon Stewart Defends Rick Perry From Ed Schultz’s Race-Baiting Charges




Stephen Colbert: ‘Rick Perry Is Taking Sloppy Seconds On My Treasurer’




New York Press -30-

Calling alt weeklies 'vestiges of the past,' New York Press to close (AMNY)