Monday, August 8, 2011

Carey is Still Honored in Memories With Saving the City, Not On Monumen

Hugh Carey Engineering University?

A gov tough enough to learn  The irony of Hugh Carey's brilliant success as New York's 51st governor is that he came into office hoping to govern as a traditional liberal Democrat but then transformed himself into a national model of fiscal conservatism as he sought to clean up a massive Republican mess. Not only did Carey have the guts, tenacity and intelligence in 1975 to quickly recognize the imminent danger to the state left by the profligate tenures of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and Mayor John Lindsay, he had the wisdom to assemble the last great team of fiscal and government managers at the Capitol to tackle the enormous problems. (NYP) *  Hugh L. Carey, 1919-2011(NYP) * New York Still Waits To Set Hugh Carey’s Name In Stone (CHN) * Hugh Carey Is Dead at 92(WSJ) * Farewell to a legend(NYP)

Clueless MTA Flack Was Unaware Tunnel Was Recently Name After Carey

MTA spokesman was unaware the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel was renamed for Carey during former Gov. David Paterson’s tenure, and could not comment on a timetable for implementation. * Bickering pols could learn from Carey(NYDN)*Remembering Hugh Carey, the governor of New York who saved the City of New York(NYDN Ed)

 Wall Street and Unions Worked As One Under Carey

Felix Rohatyn, the financier who helped Hugh Carey save NYC in the 1970s, thinks today’s elected officials – especially down in D.C. – could learn a lot from the recently deceased governor. * He succeeded thanks to “straight shooting and the pragmatic wisdom to do what the facts demanded even if his decisions ran counter to his liberal Democratic leanings,” declares the DN. * Dan Janison recalls one thing Carey was not: Boring.  * Hugh Carey, the Man Who Saved New York Gabe Pressman, NBC) *Streetsblog gives Carey props for saving NYC’s transit system, too.


Bloody Monday Wall Street Down 635

Investors flee stocks after S&P downgrade of US debt(NYP) * Dow Plunges More Than 600 in Sell-Off (NYT)* Obama Defends U.S. Credit as Investors React to S.&P. Move(NYT) * Downgrading: “Bloomberg said Standard & Poor’s got it ‘right to the nose” when it condemned dysfunction in Washington and downgraded the U.S. credit rating.” [Gail Robinson / Gotham Gazette]



Cause of Death: Bad Leaders and the Clueless Voters Who Put Them in Office


 From the WWII Greatest Generation to Today's Worse Generation of Leaders
 America at its best during World War II, at its worst now thanks to lightweight leaders(NYDN) * Why the U.S. downgrade is a turning poin(TIME)  * Voters Want a Change Politicians Can't Deliver The bad news for President Obama and incumbents in both parties is that voters expect a return to the postwar economic conditions that cannot be repeated.  (NYT)

As Millions of Americans Remain Jobless and Without Rent Money . . .   You Just Had to Know That Congress Would Have No Trouble Racking in the $$$

 Rep. Israel having fundraising success at DCCC with "bagel diplomacy," committtee's debt down from $20 m to $5 m.(NYDN) *  DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s “bagel diplomacy” is seeing success. He has won two special elections and whittled the committee’s debt from $20 million to $5 million.


McLaughlin Still Stiffing the Little Leagures and Others $$$

Feds yet to dole out cash to victims jailed pol Brian McLaughlin promised to repay(NYDN) * Disgraced former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin still owes some $845,000 in court-ordered restitution to the people whose taxpayer-funded member items he stole.

Cuomo Demands NYRA Stop Outsourcing NY OTB Jobs to Oregon

 Under pressure from the Cuomo administration, NYRA is moving its phone-betting operation from Oregon back to NY. 

 GOP Gives Cuomo A Victory

Albany: “Cuomo has good reason to be happy with the Senate GOP, they gave him nearly everything he wanted.” [Karen DeWeitt / WNYC]




The End of the Line for Espada Health Biz

$10M Medicaid slap for Espada health biz(NYP)





 MTA Outlaws Who Will Lead?

Many on track to jail as two MTA workers plead guilty to taking bribes from unqualified work-seekers(NYDN) * Cuomo to form search committee for new MTA head(NYP) * Transit: About 70 days to find a replacement. [Ben Fried / Streetsblog] * Transit: “Strangely, the shortest biography in the official press release belongs to the person who may have the most influence with the governor: Mary Ann Crotty, a close aide to former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo who handled Albany’s transportation policy in the 1980s and 1990s.” [Michael Grynbaum / New York Times]

'Kids run wild, teachers are scared' at Brooklyn high school founded by borough president(NYDN) *  When Glee goes bad: High school girls accused of beating up talent show rival (Mail Online)

NY1 Has A Count Down Clock Which Says It Is 1678 Since Has Been Cuomo Been On Their Channel 

Cuomo takes to the virtual stump Uses email, Facebook, Twitter to rally support, skirt media(BN) *  Cuomo 2.0: "The governor's Facebook and Twitter pages are mostly used to announce upcoming speeches or point to news releases on various topics." [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]




 State lawmakers spent $2.9 million on travel and expenses during the 2011 legislative session, down from $3.4 million last year.





 Chinese Move Into Harlem

Chinese population up 200% in Harlem and East Harlem(NYDN) The 2010 Census shows Harlem and East Harlem's Asian populations more than doubled over the last decade, growing 239% in East Harlem- from 520 residents in 2000 to 1,766 in 2010.(NYDN) *Grad made neighborhood translator for uptown Chinese(NYDN)


Local Pols Do A 180 on Park Housing

You don't have to love the condos that are making fabulous Brooklyn Bridge Park possible(NYDN Ed)

Could the deal for another apartment building in Brooklyn Bridge Park spell trouble for politicians there? A coalition of neighborhood civic groups led by Judi Francis accuse Sen. and Councilmen Steve Levin and Brad Lander of betraying a campaign promise to block new housing in the park. Squadron, Levin and Lander all call the new building a difficult but necessary deal with strong neighborhood support. "It's a lot better compromise than the debt ceiling compromise," Lander said. Cobble Hill activist Dorothy Siegel agreed: "We got almost everything we wanted." * Pols have sold us out to Bloomy (Brooklyn Paper)

 About that NYT gentrification story…(The Brooklyn Politics)



Councilman Who? Covering Up a Name From the Not-So Distant Past . . .  Vandalizing?





New survey says City Housing Authority fails at public housing upkeep; leaks, pests persist(NYDN)

705G for cab medallions(NYP)




670-Person Police Force To Protect Ground Zero(Huff Post)



No postcards from Brooklyn? Five U.S. post offices in Brooklyn could be closed forever as part of federal cost-cutting, officials said. Another 3,600 stations across the country are on the chopping block.(NYDN)





Feds may be pressing a RICO investigation against Organized Crime News Corp

 Brooks Still on the Payroll

Rebekah Brooks still on Rupert Murdoch's payroll despite hacking scandal: report(NYDN) *ADWEEK The Organization: Do News Corp's many crimes make it a criminal enterprise?The News Corporation division has twice come under significant civil and criminal investigations in the United States. Both cases involve News America Marketing, an obscure but lucrative division of the News Corporation that is a big player in the business of retail marketing, including newspaper coupon inserts and in-store promotions. The company has come under scrutiny for a pattern of conduct that includes below-cost pricing, paying customers not to do business with competitors and accusations of computer hacking. Both cases went nowhere.  News Corp.’s Soft Power in the U.S.(NYT)


More Consulting Work for Klein and Murduch?

 The city's plan to spend millions in Race to the Top education grant money calls for the hiring of dozens of bureaucratic positions at a cost of $28 million, including $6 million for external consultants, the Post reports: * Teachers Unions: News Corp. Wireless Contract Raises Concerns (YNN)


In NYC: 43.9% of 3-8th graders scored proficient in English; 57.3% scored proficient in math * City Students' Test Results In State English, Math Tests Slightly Improve (NY1) * City Students Improve Slightly on Statewide Tests(NYT) * Schools: “[C]ity and state scores both remain far below where they were two years ago.” [Sharon Otterman / New York Times] * chools: “For the mayor to ensure his education legacy, observers said, college readiness must improve.” [Jeremy Smerd / Crains]

Elite Force Died in Bid to Save Comrades(WSJ) * Doomed soldiers were racing to save Army Rangers in Afghanistan (NYDN)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Costing the City $$$

Traffic-tix drop costs city a mint(NYP)* NYPD traffic cops, protesting a plan to take away vacation days if they botch traffic ticket cases, are writing thousands fewer tickets, which the New York Post says is costing the city nearly a $1 million-a-week:



Peninsula Hospital Closure Met With Resistance(NY1)






Stella D'oro Cookie Factor Jobs but Lower Paying . . .  Will the Bronx Borough President Object?

From a Cookie Factory to a Shopping Center Riverdale's shuttered Stella D'oro cookie factory, which infused its Bronx neighborhood with the scent of vanilla for decades, is set to be sold to developers who will raze the site and build a shopping center. (WSJ)

 Leiby slay suspect moved to Rikers Island, on 24/7 suicide watch(NYDN) *Levi Aron has been moved to Rikers Island & is on suicide watch.(NBC)
Law and Order

In Sentencing, Just What Did the Judge Say: 3 Years, or 2?(NYT) * 'Cleared' in rape - & facing deport(NYP) * Police report 5 people stabbed outside Brooklyn karaoke bar.(NBC) * Serial Gropings Set Neighborhoods on Alert(WSJ)Judges Acquit More Often Than Juries(WSJ) * Jewish woman who scammed thousands from fund for Holocaust victims gets year in jail (NYDN) * Dog Helps Young Rape Victim Testify(NYT)

Judge blasts driver for striking woman with car, gives her 1 1/3 to 4 years(NYT)



Ex-NYPD Cop Cleared Of Rape Gets Jail Time for 'Misconduct'

Two NYPD cops acquitted of rape still facing two years in jail(NYDN) * Wrongly convicted, freed teen eager to get on with life(NYDN) * Hey, no victim, say cops(NYP) * Two Police Officers Acquitted Of Rape To Be Sentenced For Official Misconduct(NY1)

Crime is soaring at Kennedy Airport(NYP)

Terrorism    A public safety communications network is unlikely by 9/11 anniversary. (NBC)

Newsweek's Michele Bachmann Cover Raises Eyebrows (PHOTO, POLL)