Sunday, August 7, 2011

True News Sunday Update; Hugh Carey has Died

Former Gov Hugh Carey has died at 92
Turned NYC around from bankruptcy in the 1970's * RIP Hugh Carey(TU) * Cuomo, Tip O'Neill and Molloy's legacy(BU) * Former New York Governor Hugh Carey Dies(Newsday) * Former NY governor Hugh Carey dead at 92(NYP) * Hugh Carey, 51st Governor Of New York, Dead At 92 (NY1) * Remembering Carey: “Now the times of plenty, the days of wine and roses, are over.” [Joseph Spector / Poughkeepsie Journal] * Remembering Carey: Slide show. [Democrat and Chronicle] * Downgrade Illustrates Washington's Dysfunction (NPR) * New York’s 1970s ‘saviour’ Carey dies - * The man who saved NY Hugh Carey’s greatness(NYP)

The Man Who Saved New York
Carey campaigned successfully for merit selection of top state judges, and the well-known "I Love New York" campaign started during his years in office.  He opposed capital punishment and six times vetoed bills restoring the death penalty.  A staunch Roman Catholic, Carey personally opposed abortion but nonetheless led the fight for Medicaid funding so poor women wouldn't be denied access to abortions. Years later, he voiced regret over that role.  Before he became governor, Carey spent 14 years in Congress representing his Brooklyn district. Now-Sen. Charles Schumer took up his seat when Carey left
First I Love NY Commercial from Carey's Dept of Commerce

"The Days of Wine & Roses R Over" Hugh Carey 1975

Gov. Hugh Carey, who bailed out New York City during troubled 1970s, dead at 9

Jeff Greenfield(Twitter)

Michael Powell

Hugh Carey, eccentric, intelligent man who in New York City's moment of
 need rose spectacularly to the occasion:(Twitter)

In this new century, our enemies are not Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. They are those whose wish us harm.

Daly: Don't forget to honor Navy SEALS(NYDN) * Ex-Navy SEAL on death of 31 in NATO helicopter crash: 'as bad as it gets'(NYDN) * Copter Downed by Taliban Fire; Elite U.S. Unit Killed(NYT) * 22 Osama-unit Navy SEALs killed by Taliban(NYP)


Largest 1 Day Toll in the War
31 U.S. troops killed in NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan, officials say. (CNN) * Obama mourns U.S. chopper deaths in Afghanistan, sign of `extraordinary sacrifices'(AP) * AP Sources: More than 20 Navy SEALS from unit that killed Osama bin Laden among dead in Afghanistan crash:* Copter Downed by Taliban Fire; Elite U.S. Unit Among Dead Among the dead were elite Navy Seal commandos from the broader unit that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, though none were involved in that raid.  

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post


CBS’ Bob Schieffer To David Axelrod On Obama: ‘Is This A One Term Presidency?’

Bob Schieffer To David Axelrod On Downgrade: ‘Are You Saying The President Bears No Responsibility?’

Tim Geithner In April: ‘No Risk’ Of S&P Downgrading America’s Credit

Chris Wallace Challenges Paul Ryan On Whether ‘Failing To Compromise’ Led To S&P Downgrade

S&P exec says it could take 9 to 18 years to restore credit rating 


S&P are the hypocrite bastards who gave us toxic assets

President Obama's downgrade blues(Dowd, NYC) *  Amid Criticism on Downgrade, S.&P. Hits Back With Warnings(NYT) * U.S. credit downgrade will likely raise the cost of borrowing for Americans(NYDN)* Anger Over Credit Rating Resurfaces in Washington(NYT) * Downgrade 'doer' was no biz wiz(NYP) * Wall Street Predictions Mixed In Wake Of S&P Downgrade(NY1) * George Will: S&P’s Reputation Is So Bad, Their Opinion ‘Isn’t Entitled To Any Respect’ * Downgrading: “The Wall Street bean counter who trashed America’s global credit reputation is a New Yorker who never studied economics, majored in literature and philosophy, and has a master’s in English lit. *  Europe to Intervene in Markets (The Daily Beast) * Dow futures point to 272-point loss (about 2.5%) at market open.(Bloomberg) * A Second Recession Could Cut Into Bone(NYT)


 'No risk' the US will lose its top credit rating, says Treasury's Geithner (The Hill April 19, 2011)

S.&P. Downgrades U.S. Long-Term Debt(NYT) * Group of 7 Will Meet to Address Debt Issue(NYT) * S&P Strips U.S. of Top Credit Rating(WSJ) * Treasury: Decision Is 'Flawed'(WSJ) * U.S. credit rating drops to AA+ from AAA; Investors on edge after stocks plunge(NYDN) * America's top-notch AAA credit rating downgraded for first time ever(NYP) * Warren Buffett to Fox Business: U.S. Didn’t Deserve S&P Downgrade

Paul Krugman: 'S&P Is Just Making Stuff Up'..(Huff Post) * Obama calls for bipartisan efforts to spur job growth (The Hill) * The Hostage Crisis Continues: Why Obama Can't Pivot to Jobs and Growth | By Robert Reich * Downgraded. Who's to blame? (TPM) * The U.S. Unemployment Numbers Are Ghastly - Mort Zuckerman, US News * China bluntly tells U.S. to end its ‘addiction to debts’(Wash Post)

Jeff Greenfield(Twitter)

 Nixon Was Born That Way

The Madman Theory It’s a pity that President Obama isn’t more like Richard Nixon, who always comes to mind on the anniversary of his resignation (Anderson, NYT)






Port Authority Floats Hefty Toll, Fare Hikes

Pols pooh-pooh 'absurd' Port Authority scheme demanding $15 tolls at Hudson River crossings(NYDN) * We weren't 'tolled' of PA $hocker: govs(NYP)

Steep Increases Proposed for PATH Fares and Tolls at Hudson Crossings(NYT) * Port Authority Seeks Big Increases(WSJ) * For whom the hike tolls: commuting to NYC may hit $15(NYDN) * Port Authority Floats Hefty Toll, Fare Hikes(NY1) * Silver rips tolls, bridge hikes (NYDN)

Michael Barbaro(Twitter)


Queens plumbers for Quinn?

4 people from a “plumbing company” in Astoria, Queens, gave almost $20,000 to Quinn, including a “mechanic.” (Queens Crap)



Turner Dings Weprin For Council Slush Fund Flap Accuses former councilman of complicity in 2008 scandal involving city funds. (Forest Hills Patch)



The NYP Calls the Owners of the Millenium Hotel Jerks - Suing WTC Over Noise 

Millenium morons The Millenium Hilton Hotel on Church Street across from Ground Zero insists on its Web site that it’s “proud to be part of the World Trade Center Rebuild.” Huh? You’d be hard-pressed to know that from the lawsuit it’s just filed against the Port Authority and developer Larry Silverstein -- complaining about all the construction noise. * Lower Manhattan Hotel Files Suit Over WTC Construction Noise(NY1)

Subway Noise Also E. Siders blast MTA night blasting(NYP)


Meeks Loan Investigation Continues

Loan to Congressman Is Investigated(WSJ) * Rep. Meeks Faces Ethics Probe Over 'Loan' (WSJ) *Probers eye Meeks rap over 40G 'loan'(NYP * Investigations: “Meeks refused to cooperate with investigators and refused to turn over loan documents.” [Geoff Earle / NY Post]




Rivera and Seabrook Head List of Absentee Council Members(Bronx Political Chatter)



Pol David Greenfield raked in 300G salary as nonprofit boss(NYP)


Cuomo Orders Investigation Of Nonprofit Exec Pay(Huff Post)




The Education Mayor?

A legacy on the line  Enthusiasm for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's education reforms wanes as test scores, college readiness sag.





Peter is Back? 

Community Gardens Find Theft Is a Fact of Life(NYT)






Why Do the Crooks In Albany Spend More Than Everyone Else?

 Are the So Called Reformer Sleeping?

Pedro $uper payout to staff Espada spent more state taxpayer cash on his employees in the last three months of 2010 -- an as tounding $749,803 -- than any other senator spent over the entire six-month reporting period, from October 2010 through March 2011, Senate records released yesterday show. The second top spender in the Senate, Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn), who faces criminal charges of his own, doled out $558,840 to his staff for six months of work.* Espada’s last $ fling and other Senate details(TU)

NYPD cops rack up $1 million in unpaid parking tickets(NYDN) 

Redistricting: Assembly Dems can probably live with whatever a judge does to their districts; Senate Republicans probably cannot. [Casey Seiler / Times Union]

Ground Zero Lawyers Rip Offs

Ground Zero 'cleanup' 9/11 att'ys pocketing over $400M(NYP)

 Sports Stadiums Never Pay Their Own Way

The inconsistency of the New York Times editorial page: Islanders owner should build new arena on his own, but 2005 request that Ratner "pay his own way" since forgotten (Atlantic Yards Report)

A Tale of Two Times When it Comes to The Times' Editorials on Publicly Financed Arenas (Develop Don't Destroy)


Mr. Mayor, tear down these boobs!(NYP)






Pols say: Rudy Guiliani pal is harassing tenants for campaign contributions - again!(NYDN)






Murdoch At War With the UFT and Both Sides Are Shooting 

UFT Attacks Murdoch NYC Education Contract

Murdoch madness: Teachers urge officials to nix contract with News Corp.(NYDN) * Murdoch-Owned Wireless Generation's $27M Contract Should Be Scratched, Teachers' Union Leaders Write(Huff Post)

 Murdoch Attacks UFT Secret Policies

Accidental honesty American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten had to scramble in embarrassment this week after a presentation at a recent conference was posted on the Web. Because the PowerPoint lecture, delivered by an AFT “legislative advocate” -- that means “lobbyist,” in plain English -- turns out to underscore the sharp disparity between the union’s public posture and its actual policies. It detailed how the union successfully rebuffed efforts by Connecticut education reformers to enact a “trigger law” -- under which parents can reconstitute a consistently failing school into a charter school. (NYP Ed) *  Private money should not be funding New York State public school exams(NYDN Ed)


CNN’s Reliable Sources Guest Prefers MSNBC Hire A Black Journalist, Not Al Sharpton



Working Deep in Shit

Deep in Slop, Trying to Stop Bigger Disaster in the Hudson(NYT)




Peninsula Hospital closure draws outraged calls for a state investigation from pols, protestors (NYDN) * How Congress corrupted patent reform: (ProPublica)







 How Former Congressman Get Around Lobby Restrictions 

Ex-Lawmaker Still a Friend of Hospitals Former Representative Earl Pomeroy’s partnership with an aide helps him avoid restrictions on lobbying after leaving Congress.  (NYT)



 City Lobbyist Still Taking Larger

Commission to Call for New Rules on Lobbying in the City(Gotham Gazette)


US firms sitting on $2T on balance sheets(NYP)



Man Drives Van Into Central Park Lake, Suffers Minor Injuries(NY1)




Firefighters find 10 POUNDS of marijuana in Rolling Stone photographer's apartment(NYDN) * Fotog pushed pot from pad: DA(NYP)









Pal: Levi obsessed with singing, 'borderline retarded'(NYDN) * Leiby fiend a karaoke loony-tune(NYP) * Shomrim shanda Police Commissioner Kelly has said that the Shomrim’s failure to immediately notify police when members get reports has been a “longstanding” issue.

Groper Expanses Central Park

Perv attacks in Central Park, fought off(NYP) * Police: Latest Sex Assaults Match Pattern Of East Side Groper(NY1)

Law and Order 

Cyberstalker obsessed with mayor's daughter arrested in Queens home(NYDN) * Botched Queens murder case cost teen 5 years in jail(NYDN)* Rolling Stone photographer cops to side-gig as SoHo pot dealer: DA(NYDN) * London's NOT calling: ex-NYPD top cop denies Scotland Yard rumors(NYDN) * Lady dognappers trick cops, swipe doctor's pooch(NYDN) *Angel Alvarez Sues NYPD Over Police Gunfire At Harlem Block …(WCBS) * Cop sarge DWI bust(NYP)* Man Shot 15 Times By Police Files Suit Against NYPD (NY1) * A Police Force Just for Ground Zero  (NBC) *  Two NYPD Officers Acquitted Of Rape Back In Court (My Fox)

Saturday  This is a stick-up! Man tries robbing store using tree branch(NYDN) * Brooklyn punk 'sorry' for robbing woman in wheelchair(NYDN) * Cops corner river rat(NYP) * Central Park sex assault(NYP) * Wii problem - House Breakin (NYP) * Police 'bag' heist suspect(NYP) *  Casino-Loving Bank Robber Sought in Upper West Side Heists, FBI Says(DNAInfo) * Alphabet City Teen Murdered in Staten Island For Costume Jewelry, Family Says(DNAINFO) * Family speaks out after teen killed for bracelet(WABC) * NYC teacher accused of having sex with student(WABC) * UES Groper Suspected in 2 More Attacks(NBC)

Police Seek Pair Of Manhattan Armed Robbers (NY1) 

Terrorism Kelly: NYPD remains dedicated to fighting terrorism (NYDN) 




Bank of America Crime Scene 

NY Attorney General goes after BoNY(NYP)



Photos, Video: Pre-Triathlon Underwear Run In Central Park(Gothamist)




Blogger Report  Markowitz's concert program: ads from the Barclays Center/Nets (the Dodgers connection!), Forest City Ratner, Turkish restaurants, and many more (Atlantic Yards) * Brooklyn gains some population for redistricting(The Brooklyn Politics) * Was It Love That Turned Leslie Stahl into Al Sharpton's PR Person? Or Is She Just Not a Serious Journalist? (Brooklyn Ron) *  Herman Denny Farrell on THE PEREZ NOTES * Peninsula Hospital Closing Protest (The Devil Wears Marshalls) * The Deficit and Depression(Soho Journal) * Obama’s Wrong on Independents And reporters shouldn’t be saying he’s right(Columbia Journalism Review) * Another NYS Bad Election Law(The Independent View) * Congress and male socialisation(The Brooklyn Politics)