Monday, July 18, 2011

Silver Vs Koch on the Weiner Replacement

A Jewish Congressional Election is Always About Israel

Silver: No Obama Message

Sheldon Silver to Jews: Stick with Democrats Assembly Speaker Silver said electing a Republican to fill Anthony Weiner's seat is not the answer.  Silver told the Daily News former mayor Ed Koch "is totally out of line" for saying Jews should send a President Barack Obama a message about Israel by voting for the Republican in the special election for former Rep. Anthony Weiner's  (NYDN)

Koch: Send Obama A Message

Ed Koch hopes GOP will capture Weiner's seat Expressing outrage over President Barack Obama's views on Israel, Koch warned in an interview that the Sept. 13 special election to replace Weiner could become a bellwether on the president's recent calls for Israel to return to its 1967 borders with land swaps. (CNN)

Dicker: Cuomo May Have A  GOP Secret

 This story will by denied by gov by 10 AM . . .  But it was put out there by Cuomo inside journalist Fred Dicker

Why Andy may secretly root for GOP in 2012  Will Gov. Cuomo be backing the Republican candidate for president next year? Certainly not openly. But privately, that could be another matter...(Dicker, NYP)

Many city agencies flout law by withholding public info from press (AM NY) * Transparency: How transparent should Cuomo and Sandra Lee, be?(TU)



Now We Know What Kruger is Going to Do With His Campaign Account. . . Pay His Lawyer

$710,000 paid out to Brafman & Associates P.C. largely in $200-$300k increments to his lawyer Benjamin Brafman




The Redistricting Battle is Not Over Yet

Democrats' independent redistricting push Senate Minority Leader John Sampson says the current partisan process is a nonstarter.(NYDN)


Pay to Play Barbara Clark Land Deal Under Investigation
Two high-powered investigations are now under way into the suspicious below-market-value sale of state-owned land in Queens to a politically juiced cultural group. For the past three weeks, The Post's Heather Haddon has been disclosing the dubious details of the 2009 sale of several acres on the grounds of Creedmoor Psychiatric Center to the Indian Cultural and Community Center. The group managed to buy the land for just $1.8 million -- though city property-tax documents put its actual market value at $7.3 million. Queens mystery deal (NYP)

Senate Election 2012
 Tony Avella is pushing the Creedmoor sale corruption to weaken Frank Padavan the man who had his senate seat before him, It is expected that Padavan will run again in 2012.  With Obama on the top of the ticket the Queens GOP think Padavan would have a shot at recapturing his former seat.

City Council speaker Christine Quinn's director of community outreach Tony Simone gets abrasive (NYDN)

Fearing-Life-After-Bloomberg-New-Yorks-Business-Establishment-Settle on Former Radical Quinn (Capital)

Media Cheerleading For Quinn

Quinn talks about Monday's cyberbullying summit with WNYC's Brian Lehrer while 16% of the black in the city are out of work and Gang shooting all over Brooklyn. * Murder Of 15-Year-Old In Brooklyn Playground May Have Been Gang-Related (Gothamist)

CityTime Fraud Spread to the Pentagon
The Pentagon has fired a shot across the bow of the giant contractor at the center of the CityTime payroll scandal -- issuing a scathing audit saying $480 million worth of its federal contracts could lead to fraud or waste. CityTime firm hit in audit


Cuomo: Taxi Outer Borough Deal or No Deal

Large taxi fleet owners hope Cuomo can be convinced to veto a bill creating new outer-borough taxi medallions, after it passed the Legislature with support from the Bloomberg administration. His father, ex-Gov. Mario Cuomo, serves on the board of Medallion Financial, which has a major stake in many of the city’s taxis and has opposed the bill. Cuomo, Under Pressure, Is Still Silent on Intentions for Bill to Expand Taxi Service(NYT)


Cuomo Signs Law To Require Special Truck Mirrors

Gov. Cuomo Signs Law Requiring Truck Mirrors That Reduce Blind Spots(YNN)





Union Gives its Members An Offer They Can't Refuse

NY Spooked by Connecticut

State’s Unions Press Members to Accept Deal(NYT)

The state is paying consultants from Accenture up to $340 an hour in an $8.4 million contract to find ways to save money, the Times-Union reports, but expects to save at least $18 million as a result:


Liu's No Bid Contract: Is It Conclusion Scripted?

City Comptroller John Liu's office has paid two groups $144,000 in no-bid contracts for research on the cost and performance of city pensions, the Post says

Another Failed Bloomberg Education Program

How Deal to Avert Teacher Layoffs Unfolded, and What Challenges Lie Ahead(NYT) * New York City Abandons Teacher Bonus Program(NYT)


Higher Muni-Meter Rates Take Effect(NY1)








No city police commissioner has ever gone on to be mayor

  It the Daily News Sending A Message:  There is some buzz that Obama ask Bloomberg to replace Geithner once a budget deficit deal is in place.  That would mean a special none partisan election in the late fall where Kelly running against several liberal democrats can win.   Ray Kelly should be mayor after making NYC safer, better as top cop(NYDN)




Breaking CNBC: Rupert Murdoch 'Considering' Stepping Down As News Corp. CEO

An Arrest and Scotland Yard Resignation Roil Britain(NYT) * Troubles That Money Can’t Dispel(NYT) * Scandal Grows at News Corp.(WSJ) * News Corp. Scrambles to Contain Damage in U.S.(WSJ) * U.K. Leader's Ties to Editor Embolden Rivals(WSJ) * Rebekah Brooks to appear before parliamentary committee investigating phone hacking scandal - Brooks spokesman tells Sky Update: ***Update  Another Top Police Official Resigns in British Scandal(NYT) * News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead (Guardian UK) * Murdoch Aides Long Tried to Blunt Scandal Over Hacking(NYT) * DealBook: News Corp. Braces for Legal Trouble in the U.S.(NYT) * Rupert Murdoch Hacked: LulzSec Claims Media Mogul Dead in The Sun Website Takeover (Village Voice) *MSNBC & CNN parent companies also caught in scandal , , ,




 Bloomberg: “There aren’t very many panhandlers left on the Subway

 930 panhandlers arrested so far this year

Arrests for panhandling and peddling in the subway are up 76 percent from three years ago, despite Bloomberg's claim that "there aren't very many panhandlers left."

Subway panhandling arrests up despite Mayor Bloomberg's claims(NYDN)

 Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's 2010 campaign account has finally been drawn down to zero, three years after he resigned in disgrace and two months after City Hall newspaper first reported it was actively paying consultants ( A close look at Spitzer 2010's filing shows the campaign stopped making regular payments to the two consultants it had been paying on a biweekly basis for years on May 12, two days after the Spitzer CHN story was published. Ironically, Spitzer once sponsored a bill to force candidates to shut down their campaign accounts six months after they stop running. Spitzer donated his remaining $180,000 to three places that helped shape his life: prep school Horace Mann, Harvard Law School and a foundation at law firm Skadden Arps.


What middle class?! Bronx residences fall into disrepair and tenants blame non-profits Parkway Towers was once considered luxury housing, today, residents say the landlord is turning it into a hellhole.(NYDN)



The state and federal governments are cracking down on sales tax collections for Indian-sold – but not yet Indian-made – cigarettes on Indian land

Gov. Cuomo's crackdown on crooked Indian cigarette dealers off to good start; he must keep it up(NYDN Ed)



N.Y.C. subway's anti-terror steps the new normal(CBS) * Post-9/11, Biggest NYC Terror Threat Is Underground(Huff Post)




 Show the Judges the Money

Commission to Set Raises for Judges in New York State Is Flooded With Suggestions(NYT) * Breaking Down The Senate Fundraising(YNN)



Fire Commissioner Visits Black Church to Seek Recruits(NYT)









 Walmart in Brooklyn High Noon

Talks Intensify for Wal-Mart Lease The Related Cos. is in advanced lease negotiations with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. about anchoring a mall in southeast Brooklyn, according to people familiar with the matter. (WSJ)


 Dem Senate Leaders Walmart Game

Controversy erupted in the labor world last year when the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee took a $15,000 donation from Wal-Mart. And it appears from the campaign finance records released Friday that the DSCC was not exactly passive about securing the funds. In April 2010, then-Senate President Malcolm Smith used campaign cash to fly to Bentonville, Ark. for a meeting with Wal-Mart officials. Three months later, the company quietly put a check into the DSCC's housekeeping account. Ultimately, the Senate Democrats were forced to return the funds after RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum called the donation "blood money."


 The Church's Dilemma 

Looks like the church made a deal to save $$$

The Catholic Church spent very little on lobbying to oppose same-sex marriage in New York, focusing instead on bills extending the statute of limitations for bringing civil lawsuits or criminal cases against pedophiles.  * Same-Sex Marriage: Lobbying Albany cost $1.8 million. 




Feds Give the City A $1.6 Billion Dollar Concrete Shoe

Feds' scheme to force the city to put $1.6 billion concrete cover on a reservoir doesn't hold water(NYDN Ed)

 Should Have Converted It into A Compost Store

Cops purge foul Chinatown food market(NYP)




Last Drinks At Coney Island Ruby's Bar and Grill

At Summer’s End, 7 Shops Will Vanish From Coney Island’s Boardwalk(NYT)

President might accept GOP-backed debt-limit plan(NYP) * Across Nation, Budget Talks Stir Pessimism(NYT) * Few Signs of Progress In Debt Talks(WSJ) * CBS News poll shows 66% think debt limit deal probably will be reached by Aug 2 deadline. 31% think not. 58% disapprove of congressional Dems handling of deficit/debit limit. 31% approve. And GOP in Congress: 71% disapprove, 21% approve. CBS News poll out this morning shows 48% disapprove of Pres Obama's handing of the deficit/debt limit talks. 43% approve.

Cops focus on evidence from Levi Aron's living room in Leiby slay case(NYP) * After Brooklyn Boy's Murder, Father of Etan Patz Has a Suggestion(NYT) * Singer Writing Song in Brooklyn Boy's Memory (NBC)

I was beaten, robbed for being white, Bronx man claims after subway attack(NYDN)

 Law and Order

Letting Bankers Walk The two principal arguments being made for letting the banks off easy don’t make much sense.(NYT)






How Foreign Money Can Find Its Way Into Political Campaigns(Huff Post)