Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running Mates: Queens DA Brown and A Sexual Assaulter Councilman Dennis Gallagher He Prosecuted and Drove From Office

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DA Brown and the Former Councilman He Convicted of Sexual Assaulting A Woman

Only in Queens can and disgraced council member who after he pleas guilty of sexual assaulting a woman run for a political party position in Queens.  With the media not covering the undemocratic political parties of NY, anything goes.  Gallagher was allowed to plea bargained to a misdemeanor by the Queens' DA.  DA's tend to go lightly on corrupt pols, mostly giving them a pass by overlooking corruption because the pols and county parties they represent are important to their reelection.  Queens DA Brown has be embarrass by the NYP today because he did not expect Gallagher to come back as a party official/political consultant.  Where are the women's and good government groups to protest Gallagher?  Until today's article they did not even know he was running.

Red-faced and whispering, City Councilman Dennis Gallagher angrily pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sex charges for assaulting a woman in his campaign office. As part of his plea deal, Gallagher, 43, will not serve jail time for forcible touching and sexual abuse. He agreed to resign from office by April 18 and undergo alcohol counseling. (March 17, 2008, NYDN) *  Elect'-ile dysfunction in Queens Queens DA Richard Brown, who once prosecuted former City Councilman Dennis Gallagher on charges of sexually abusing a woman in his office, now finds himself joined with the former lawmaker again -- on election petitions for the Sept. 13 GOP primary.(NYP) * Councilman Dennis Gallagher pleads guilty to sex abuse - New York ... (NYDN)

Under Indictment Haggerty Still is Trying to Control the Queens GOP
Officials from the warring factions of the Queens Republican Party have been stationed at the Board of Elections all week analyzing each others' county committee member petitions. One wild card: indicted Queens GOP operative John Haggerty, who has been doing line-by-line reviews of petitions for candidates supported by his rival, Queens GOP chairman Phil Ragusa. Haggerty learned the art of kicking candidates off the ballot at the knee of masters like Stanley Schlein and the now deceased Robert Muir. And despite his legal troubles, Haggerty's prowess in the area is such that he still gets brought in for petition challenge and recount work around the state. Petition challenges for the Queens elections begin next week.

New York's Corrupt Political Parties (True News)



Kruger Pays for His Lawyer With Campaign Funds - $1 Million

State Sen. Carl Kruger's campaign dollars fund defense in $1 million bribery charge (NYDN)





 Markowitz Wants the Prospect Park Bike Lane Yanked

Marty boosts Slope bike foes The hated Prospect Park West bike lane was only a "trial" project that was supposed to be yanked if it caused safety problems, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz claims in court papers made public yesterday.(NYP)


 Another Bloomberg Eduction Flop: Bonuses

Teach boo$t a bust Bonuses to raise scores produce zilch (NYP) *  Teacher Rating Schools chancellor and union chief must not lose momentum toward momentum teacher evaluations(NYDN Ed)


Liu's campaign insulted when asked how "checkout workers" at "Great Wall Supermarket in Flushing" paid for $800 contribution

 Major John Liu Contributor

.'s campaign insulted when asked how "checkout workers" @ a Flushing supermarket afforded $800 contributions

Daily News Wants Bloomberg to Demand the Same Givebacks As Cuomo Already Achieved on the State Level

Don't go wobbly, Mike The mayor's office says it will push for city contracts that mirror the deals made by the state. But City Hall's "pushes" have fallen flat lately: Despite the mayor's warnings of looming teacher layoffs, for example, his team failed to wrest any major givebacks from their union.(NYP) * Cuomo Still Needs A Union Vote Leaders of the state's two largest public employee unions have to bridge a generation gap to convince older, higher-paid workers to accept wage freezes to save the jobs of their younger colleagues, the Times-Union says * 

The Cuomo administration has begun reaching out to other, smaller public employee unions in the state to bargain labor deals similar to the no-raise, no-layoff deals negotiated by the Civil Service Employees Association and the Public Employees Federation. A state official said those deals have "set a clear pattern" for the rest of the state's unions to follow. * The tentative contract deals Cuomo has struck with the two largest public employees unions are a mixed mag when it comes to his next top priority: pension reform.* The PEF deal means the Legislature will have to return to Albany, although no immediate plans are in the offing.* The PEF and CSEA contract concessions don’t go as far as the failed Council 82 deal did. 


Gov. Cuomo says jobs, economy will be focus(NYT)


Lights! Cams! Roll 'em! $1.6M traffic tech set to unlock Midtown's grid(NYP) * A New High-Tech Assault on Midtown Traffic Jams(NYT) * Sensors to Drive Midtown Traffic(WSJ) * City Unveils "Midtown In Motion" Traffic System(NY1)






Nets' Rattner's Promises Unkepted

Atlantic Yards Arena Takes Shape, but Protests Carry On  Only 430 construction workers are employed at the Atlantic Yards construction site, just a fraction of what developer Forest City Ratner promised, the New York Times notes in a snapshot of the downsized project. A fraction of what the developer promised and far from the 10,000 jobs that Senator Charles E. Schumer promoted." (NYT)



 Cuomo Looking Good

The governor dropped $1,383 worth of campaign cash on a Chicago-based stylist who does hair and make-up for his girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee. The stylist prepped him for campaign ads and a debate.  For Cuomo, Hairstyling and Makeup Fit for a Star(NYT)


 Israel and A Congressional Election

 NY-9: "If elected, I would fight for no cuts and cost of living increases for Social Security,” Weprin said * NY-9: Weprin said "I have personally taken nine trips to Israel." * There’s a lot to read from this NY1 report on the role of Israel in the special election to replace Anthony Weiner.





Giff Trying to build a $400 million, 10-building complex near the Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx

What Happen to the Slush Fund Investigation Under Speaker Miller?  Is DOI Waiting Until the Statute of Limitations Runs Out for the Giff's Involvement in the Slush Fund? You want to bet his co-conspirators in the slush fund council give his subsides or a tax break for his building.

Gifford Miller's Next Step After a bruising run for mayor ended in a humiliating loss and a self-imposed retreat from the public stage, Gifford Miller is emerging again to try his hand at another rough-and-tumble industry: real estate development.(WSJ)


Bloomberg Poverty Policies Cut the Public, Boost the Private(Gotham Gazette)





One Spender Races Ahead Prior to 2013  Mr. de Blasio, the city's public advocate and a former City Council member from Brooklyn, has spent $318,558 during the past 18 months, exceeding the $303,000 spending cap placed on citywide candidates by the Campaign Finance Board for all of 2010, 2011 and 2012. (WSJ)

Transit advocates hope Cuomo will back congestion pricing to pay for MTA's long-term costs(CHN)

Silicon Alley: Bloomberg's plans for new college is "a shot across the bow of Silicon Valley." [Samantha Gross / AP] * Silicon Alley: New school could create 30,000 temp and permanent jobs [Patrick McGeehan / New York Times]

Sen. Tony Avella took on the Bloomberg administration (again) over its zeal to plant trees, but not provide them with follow-up care.

 NY1 Exclusive: MTA To Install Hundreds Of Bus Barriers By Year's End(NY1)



Up in the air: future of Skyride helicopter tour uncertain(NYDN)





Murdoch Hit With A Pie During Hearing

Rupert Murdoch's humble pie(Guardian)

Murdochs Say Top Executives Didn’t Know of Phone Hacking(NYT) * Rupert Murdoch blames ‘people I trusted’ * Here's video of incident that interrupted Murdoch hearings at Parliament


Memo to NYT: By Not Covering Local Politics You Also Lowering Journalism Standards

"His tabloids have lowered the standards of journalism on 3 continents" (NYT)




 NY Times, CNN, Daily News websites all leading with Murdoch hacking scandal testimony. NY Post website not even running the story...

Murdoch Faces Questions, but Gains Vocal Support(NYT) * Tabloid Scandal a Fresh Threat to Cameron’s Survival(NYT) * The Tables Are Turned on Murdoch Is this payback for a media empire that took glee in the misery of others? (NYT) * Showdown Time Comes for Murdoch(WSJ) * News Corp. executives reportedly considering replacing Murdoch as CEO(NYDN) 


9/11 families want info on phone hacking probe(SI Advance)






Stephen Colbert Calls Fox and Friends ‘Hacks’ For Coverage Of News Corp. Hacking Scandal

Lawrence O’Donnell: Jailed NY Police Chief Kerik May Hold Keys To Murdoch Scandal * Piers Morgan, On News Of The World: ‘No Story We Published Was Ever Gained In An Unlawful Manner’




 Disappearing New York: Filmmakers capture reel side of Coney Island(NYDN)

Rikers jailer wanted to serve 65,000 lbs of rotten meat to prisoners(NYDN)


Legal team for accused butcher of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky preparing insanity defense (NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg Visits Mourning Kletzky Family(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly Visit Kletzky Home In …(WCBS) * Bloomberg Sits Shiva with Slain Boy's Family(NBC)


Law and Order

Guilty Plea in Attack on Woman in Bar(NYT) * He stabbed his wife to death, but a judge says the reformed killer deserves to be citizen(NYDN) * Rikers Island jailers let meat rot - and one talked of serving it to inmates(NYDN) * Parents to sue Dept. of Education, claim daughter, 13, was raped(NYDN) * Accuser's Mom Admits Affair With DSK(Fox 5) * 14-year-old boy shot in Brooklyn(WABC) * Staten Island judge orders suspected killer Baydr Taylor …(SI Advance) * Blood relatives(NYP) * Ja Rule gets 2+ yrs. for tax rap(NYP) * Man, 54, busted in 'race' beat(NYP) * Violent Bronx rapist sentenced to 60 years in prison(NYP)

NYPD Continues Hunt For Upper East Side Serial Groper(WCBS)

Terrorism  Nephew Testifies Against Man in Terror Plot(NYT) * Father Of Self-Confessed Terrorist Lied To Grand Jury, Nephew Says(NY1)