Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cuomo: It is the NYS Economy Stupid

Phase II: The Economy

Cuomo Says for Next 6 Months, He Will Focus on Creating Jobs(NYT)

I Love NY Also

NYS Economy: "extensive marketing campaign" in the works. [Jon Campbell / Gannett] *  NYS Economy: Ad campaign seeks to "recapture the effectiveness of the 1970s iconic 'I Love New York' campaign." [Fred Dicker / NY Post] * Cuomo is launching a $10 million international ad campaign to let the world know “New York is Open for Business.” (Unlike ex-Gov. George Pataki, he won’t appear in the ads).

 Even after negotiating zero-raise contracts with the state's two largest public employee unions, Gov. Andrew Cuomo still needs to find another $302 million in workforce savings to meet his target, the Times-Union notes:



Previewing the Special Elections (Gotham Gazette)


 NYT Urges Cuomo To Sign Outer Boroughs Taxi Bill

Taxis Beyond Manhattan Governor Cuomo should sign a bill that would serve taxi passengers in the outer boroughs, reduce illegal pickups and generate more money. (NYT Ed)

 Cops Stop Writing Tickets Because of Ticket Fixing Scandal
Furious over the department's embarrassing ticket-fixing scandal -- mandated that cops would be docked 10 vacation days if any of their cases fell apart because of a procedural flub. Cops having ticket jitters(NYP) * EXCLUSIVE! Staten Island cop busted for writing 'fake' tickets to pad his OT: police(NYP)


 Are Port Authority Contracts As Corrupt and Wasteful as CityTime

DiNapoli says the Port Authority can't justify more than $1 billion the agency pays to outside contractors for services each year - and he's setting his sights on similar contracts at 20 other agencies

P.A. dim 'bulb' pacts Outsource outrage(NYP) * DiNapoli Calls For Greater Transparency & Accountability …(WCBS) * Tom DiNapoli plans to audit outsourcing costs at 20 agencies(CHN)



de Blasio is Outsourcing Also

 About 60 percent of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's campaign spending over the past six months went to two out-of-state fundraising consultants, which is a big part of why he exceeded the pre-2013 spending cap for the mayor's race. De Blasio finance director Rafi Jafri's firm pulled in more than $62,000 over the past six months. Jafri is a former Illinois finance director for Hillary Clinton 2008, briefly served as finance co-director for former Gov. David Paterson's re-election campaign, raised for former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's losing 2009 campaign and is a senior consultant at the communications firm MWW Group. Meanwhile, the de Blasio campaign has also poured more than $30,000, or over $7,500 a month, into Berger Strategies, a D.C.-based firm. Jafri did not return an e-mail seeking comment about whether fundraising fees would be cut going forward.


Stringer Tell Quinn to End Member Items Now

Stringer Calls for End to Member Items, Criticizes Council Spending Under Quinn(NYO) * Borough President Stringer Takes On City Council Pork Distribution (NY1)


M.T.A., Facing Shortfall, Finds Its Inner Suze Orman(NYT)

License Revoked for Contractor in Fatal Crane Accident(NYT)






For Day 1 of Gay Marriage, City Sets a Cap of 764(NYT) *  Wedding Day Lottery Is Set(WSJ) *  Gay wedding applications flood NYC; many may have to wait(NYDN) * Lottery System In Place For Same-Sex Marriages Sunday(NY1) * Two top Bloomberg aides don’t have to worry about the lottery. They’re getting married at Gracie Mansion, with the mayor officiating.




Greenfield on the Non Profit Pad - But for How Much?
Council's checks & balances Double-dips & debts  Councilman Greenfield, according to his 2010 disclosure form, reported earning between $100,000 and $250,000 from the Sephardic Community Federation -- even though he left his post as executive vice president of the organization before taking his council seat. Greenfield's report for 2009 -- when he also claimed his income from the nonprofit was in the same $100,000-to-$250,000 range -- doesn't add up with the group's IRS forms for that year, showing him pulling in $299,000.* New financial disclosure forms show Queens Councilman Peter Koo earned the most outside income in the Council, making at least $560,000 from five pharmacies he owns

The Bloomberg administration helped write a bill offering job protections for laid-off school bus drivers, but changed its mind and now wants the Cuomo administration to veto it, the New York Times says:




City Starts Race for Campus(WSJ)* Mayor Bloomberg calls for high-tech university campus in NYC(NYDN) * Bloomberg's Plan To Beat Out Silicon Valley(Huff Post)






The Bloomberg Chapter is A Mystery 

Harry Siegel tackles Bloomberg’s legacy and writes: “The mayor’s legacy is remarkably uncertain – largely because he’s done his best to keep New Yorkers in the dark about what it is he’s really set out to do in office.”


Sundays with Schumer.” "It burns me up," a Brooklyn congressman said yesterday, calling on the Justice Department to probe the big four cereal makers for what he said was outrageous price gouging.  "People look at those prices and let out a silent scream," said Rep. Charles Schumer. (Daily Freeman)




Goldman Plans To Cut 1,000 Jobs(Huff Post)



Wendi Deng leaps to Murdoch's defense -- literally(NYDN) *Murdoch scandal: why the British press is making terrible puns about humble pie | (Time)* British Leader Defends His Actions in Hacking Case(NYT) * Phone Hacking: "If the head of the company isn't responsible, who is?" [Juan Gonzalez / Daily News] * The  Daily News , which is very much enjoying the Murdoch story. The Post, not so much.

Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News For Belittling ‘Epic’ Murdoch Scandal




High Line on a Roll For those who like to roll and rock, an 8,000-square-foot roller-skating rink, complete with nighttime deejays and "old-school" wheeled rental skates, is opening next week beneath the northernmost end of the High Line.(WSJ)




Inside Brooklyn's Net gain(NYP)




As Grand Central Changes, Longtime Tenants Are Left Behind(NYT)




Making Census Of It: Dominican Dominance In Washington Heights Slowly Changes(NY1)


Kelly: We Cannot Cut the Level of Cops Any Lower Without A Rise in Crime

Crime-fighting ain't free(NYP)

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly yesterday issued a stern warning about what any funding cut would mean for the city's continued safety. "We have to maintain the level of police officers that we're at now," Kelly said. "I don't think we can go any lower. We need those boots on the ground."

After Budget Cuts, Defendants’ Wait to See a Judge Often Exceeds 24 Hours(NYT)


Kid-safety plans after Leiby slay(NYP) * Brooklyn District Attorney Meets With Leiby Kletzky's Mourning …(NY1) *  Family of dead Brooklyn boy end traditional grieving period, leave apartment(NYP)



Randy DSK had sexual 'relations'(NYP) * Mom of alleged DSK vic: I had 'brutal' sex with accused rapist(NYDN) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuser's lawyer meets prosecuto …(SI Advnce) * Maid's Lawyer Meets With Prosecutors in DSK Case(NBC)




Law and Order

Schwinndlers in mass theft(NYP) * Beau in iPhone 'attack'(NYP) * Gallery rogue a weekend jailbird(NYP) * Feds raid B'klyn, LI homes in cyber crackdown(NYP) * Columbia Student Admits Selling Cocaine on Campus(NYT) * Columbia student pleads guilty to selling cocaine to undercover cops(NYDN) * Lawyer Is Convicted of Larceny in a $100 Million Stock Swindle(NYT) * Indictment in Drugstore Case(WSJ) * Junkie wife in pharmacy shooting dodges murder charges(NYDN) * Exclusive: Ride-By Serial Groper Assaulting Women In Qu …(WCBS) * Cop-shop escapee(NYP) * Bikes stolen from non-profit in Queens(WABC) * Rent Scams(NBC) * Teacher's Aide Allegedly Rapes 13-Year-Old Student(NY1)

Terrorism  2nd Relative Says Man Planned to Destroy Evidence of Subway Terror Plot(NYT) * Terror fiend's uncle testifies(NYP)