Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Koch Plays the Israel Card In Race to Replace Weiner

 Koch Tries to Tap Into Jewish Concerns About Obama

What will become clear in a few days is we will see more and hear more from the candidate surrogates in the 9th congressional district race to elect a lame-duck congressman.  Is is not Koch that is making Israel the top issue in this campaign.  It the population of elderly Jewish and newly arrived Russian Immigrants. We can now expect a parade of Jewish leaders tightly connected to the Democratic Party to prop up Queens' Boss Crowley's sock puppet Weprin. The manufactures of Israel flags are going to be the big winners in this race.

Never Again: Koch Supported  Obama in 2008
Now want 9th district residents to vote for Turner in hopes of getting the president to “change his hostile position on the state of Israel.”

Former Mayor Ed Koch is urging voters in Anthony Weiner's old district to vote for Republican Bob Turner, not Democrat David Weprin, to protest the Obama administration's policy toward Israel Blow against O in Weiner race(NYP) * Weiner's former Brooklyn constituents worry candidates will forget boroNY1 Exclusive: Bob Turner Launches Congressional Campaign * Ironically, Assemblyman David Weprin, now running for Weiner’s seat, marched with the ex-congressman in a Memorial Day parade during the weekend the Twitter scandal that made this campaign possible broke.* “I think Mr. Weprin has a track record: tax and spend liberal Democrat,” said Turner. “He’s hooked into the Obama administration and party lines and in philosophy. I don’t think there’s any getting away from it.” * NY9: Turner paid $16,000 in fines for bad bookkeeping. * NY9: Weprin always loved politics. "Politics is his life," said Dromm. Would be only Orthodox Jew in the House. * NY9: Local races in Queens, where Weprin and Turner are running. * Hikind: ‘I Do Have a Problem With David Weprin’(NYO) * Saul Weprin was one of the only outer-borough Jewish Assembly members to endorse Mario Cuomo over Koch * Silver For Weprin(YNN)

Who Are the Councilmembers Who Had Tickets Fixed?

Bronx prosecutor Jennifer Troiano spent night in rec lounge, not jail cell, after DWI bust: sources(NYDN)




Who is On FBI's Carl Kruger Wiretap List?

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has fired off a batch of letters to people caught on his 18-month wiretaps of Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger and lobbyist Richard Lipsky. Kruger's lawyer Benjamin Brafman said he received around 15 calls Monday from people who received the letters (including the managing editor of City Hall). The federal government is obligated under the law to inform persons identified on a wiretap that they were being taped within 90 days of ending the surveillance, he said, adding, "Everybody's been getting these letters." Brafman and Gerald Lefcourt, Lipsky's lawyer, have requested more details on the indictment, which the feds intend to supply by September. Brafman also refuted a Post story that Kruger was planning on retirement. "I don't know how they get away with this," he said. A trial is set for January.

The Carl Kruger Scandal (True News)





 Is Do Nothing Boyland Waiting For A None Jail Plea?


Indicted Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland absent 33% of time, has launched zero initiatives The absences and lack of bill production did not stop Boyland from collecting $11,845 in per diems for more than 70 days that he claimed to be in Albany, the state controller's office said. (NYDN)



Rent is Not to Dam High for the Lt. Gov 

$2,000/month in campaign funds on housing costs in Albany, records show 

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy taps war chest for Albany housing costs (NYDN) * Housing Duffy: Cuomo's spokesman defends Lt. Governor's use of campaign money for Albany housing costs.

Special Interests Pour Money Into 2013 Mayoral Candidates War Chests . . .

 How Much Came in After We Saw Weiner Underware?

Raising Money for 2013(Gotham Gazette)

Bill de Blasio: Up $675K This Fundraising Period(NYDN)

Eying 2013 Mayoral Race, Stringer Raises $655,000(NYT) * Scott Stringer Has $2 M. in the Bank(NYO)

City Council speaker Quinn raised $1.32M in 6 months for 2013 mayoral race(NYP)



Fewer Employees Cost More at MTA (Manhattan institute)



Paterson Knew He Was Not Up to the Job

Books: David Paterson's wife is writing a book. "It's about getting thrown into being first lady. How the press treated us…He didn't think he was up to it." * David Paterson on Becoming New York Governor: 'I Think I'll Kill Myself' (Village Voice)





Disagreement in the Bloomberg administration over whether Central Park should be completely closed to cars 

City Hall Resists a Proposal to Ban Cars on Some Roads in Central Park(NYT)







CITY STUDIES RISKS AND REWARDS OF PARKING DEAL: Today we report that New York City officials hope new technology will bring street parking spaces into the 21st century, and hope a private company will shoulder the cost of doing it. Private investors would install new systems with their own money instead of city funds, and reap a share of the rewards for their own coffers


Long harm of the law Wait to be arraigned 'inhumane'(NYP)


Police pension shocker The Police Pension Fund refused yesterday to formally yank a $52,365-a-year disability pension from a cop who retired with a shoulder injury, was caught on a construction job and ordered back to work -- only to be disqualified for NYPD duty when cocaine was discovered in his system. The city's representatives on the board favored the pullback; all the police union representatives rejected it, resulting in a tie vote.(NYP)


Judges: Overreach Slapdown and Higher Pay
In a rare and unanimous blow for sanity, all four members of an appellate division panel ruled that Judge Alice Schlesinger was out of line when she tried to block the city from laying off 144 Health and Hospitals Corp. employees last September. Appeals court slapdown(NYP) * New York’s Lagging Judicial Pay New York’s judges have gone without a raise for a dozen years. Apart from the unfairness, inadequate pay deters talented lawyers from seeking judicial office. The Times says New York judges should be paid the same as federal judges, so as to avoid high turnover rates  (NYT Ed) * New York’s judges could be poised to receive a “substantial” pay hike after 12 years of no salary bumps.


Andrew Stein's 'community service' to be probedAndrew Stein's 'community service' to be probed(NYDN) * Former City Council President Andy Stein is a knucklehead for goofing off during community service (NYDN Ed)


WTC memorial's online tix blitz(NYP) * 9/11 Memorial Sees Reservation Rush in First Day (WSJ) * 9/11 memorial reservations swamp online ticket system(NYDN) * Over 24,000 WTC Memorial Reservations Made In First Day(NY1)

Wants tough choices by Congress(NYP)* Bam: give peas a chance

Bam: give peas a chance(NYP) * Obama Grasps Centrist Stance in Impasse Over Debt(NYT)



Westchester Developer Envisions a Jackpot in Catskills(WSJ)







Food Truck Quits Tavern on the GreenThe Ladle of Love food truck, one of four that opened in the fall outside he shuttered Tavern on the Green restaurant, is terminating its contract with the Parks Department.(WSJ)





 Colbert Fracking NY

 Stephen Colbert takes on NY fracking debate(Albany Watch)





Solar Panels Still Rare, Despite Glow of $7 Power Bills(NYT)





Out-of-Staters Handed Tax Setback(WSJ)

Getting your car towed in NYC is now even more expensive, thanks to Bloomberg. 

Hospitals Seek to Derail 911 Fee(WSJ)

Deficit Plan Would Reduce Aid to Teaching Hospitals(NYT)




Sisters discover mother buried in wrong gravesite after 20 years of visiting stranger's headstone(NYDN)


 Law and Order

New York Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud in Art Swindle(NYT) * Ex-PTA Treasurer Ordered to Pay Back About $82,000(NYT) * 2 arrested for climbing on Williamsburg Bridge(WSJ) * Two Bronx cops accused of beating teen outside stationhouse(NYDN) * DA gets more time to build case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn(NYDN)'Mob hit' is poorly executed(NYP) * He's in the 'criminal' record biz(NYP) * Bridge-stunt arrests(NYP) * Airport stun-gun shocker 2(NYP)*Dave's vandal a wreck(NYP) * After a String of High-Profile Cases, DA Cy Vance Takes a Turn in the Searing Spotlight (WNYC) * A former top aide to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly charged with impersonating city officials and prank calling top NYPD brass and politicians – including ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani – is in early plea talks with prosecutors. * Qns. judge steps down from accused hubby-killer Sheehan case(NYP)* Two NYC woman plead guilty in $7M food stamp fraud(NYP)


 Say Hay Willie

Absent All-Stars Can Learn From Willie Vacation? Injury? Giants great Willie Mays went to each of the 24 All-Star games he made. (WSJ)

Christian Lopez, fan who handed over Derek Jeter's historic 3,000th-hit ball, will owe IRS thousands (NYDN)


 News of the World Drags News Corp. Market Value Down 15 Percent

Hung by His Own Petard

British Tabloid Sought Phone Data of Investigators(NYT) * Murdoch Tabloids’ Targets Included Downing Street and the Crown(NYT) * In Defense of Murdoch Warning: This column is a defense of Rupert Murdoch. He's been good for newspapers over the past several decades, keeping them alive and vigorous and noisy and relevant. (NYT Op-Ed) *  Gordon Brown Says Newspaper Hired ‘Known Criminals’(NYT) * What Tom Allon Told Employees About Running for Mayor(NYO) * Lawmakers to Call Murdoch to Testify in Hacking Case(NYT)



Jon Stewart Feels Better About America After News Of The World Fiasco Recap




WATCH: 'Daily Show' Compares Casey Anthony, 'News Of The World'





Letterman Pokes Fun Of Theater Break-In(NY1)




How Tom Allon’s Newspaper Covers Tom Allon’s Candidacy: Skeptically

 The field of mayoral candidates may get a little bigger as Tom Allon, president and CEO of Manhattan Media, considers a run for the office. What seems like a vanity run to push his pet issue of improving city schools is a long shot at best, and it complicates matters for us as he's the head of our parent company. We're putting up a wall between Allon's aspirations and our coverage of New York politics, and we'll cover him like any other candidate - which means we'll wait to see if he's taken seriously before we do. (CHN)*2013: Publisher running for mayor. "I know it's an enormous leap…I'm a Cuomo Democrat." *  Is Rupert Murdoch Preparing to Sell Out of Fleet Street? (New Yorker)


G.O.P. Plan Could Give Obama Power to Raise Debt(NYT)