Monday, July 11, 2011

Liu, Markowitzzz, Thompson & Quinn Governing for Advancement

  Campaigning On Your Dime

NYP Accuses Again Liu Making Decisions To Win Support from the Unions to Support Him for Mayor

The NYP slaps Comptroller John Liu for ignoring a judge's ruling to re-evaluate his office's assessment of union prevailing wages, after turning in a figure twice the amount paid by the federal government and the private sector The Liu-nacy continues  Liu is appealing a court ruling that said he set the city's prevailing wages as two high.(NYP Ed)
Quinn Member Items Slush Fund, Thompson Pension $$$ 
True News Has Shown How Speaker Quinn Has Used the Member Item Slush Fund to set up her mayoral campaign Quinn Tries to Buy the Brooklyn Boss Support For Mayor With Another $4.4 Million City Council Dollar Slush Fund   William Thompson received a third of his campaign contributions from investors looking for pension fund business from his office  Pension middlemen gave $158K to Bill Thompson's campaigns and got $2.2B in city business(NYDN)

Walmart Finds Markowitz Sweet Spot 4 $150,000

Just call him Wal-Marty Markowitz The retail giant -- angling to open in a planned East New York development -- has now cozied up to Markowitz by becoming a corporate sponsor of his summer Martin Luther King Jr. concert series. 


Independent Redistricting Not Enough Reform

The NYP has a better understanding than the Daily News the control the political mob has over New York's election process. "From the peoples' perspective, the size, shape and demographic texture of a legislative or congressional district are irrelevant -- so long as it's virtually impossible for anyone other than the bosses' choice to get on a ballot in the first place. . .    And nobody -- not Cuomo, not the so-called good-government groups and most especially not the political bosses -- wants that to change." (NYP) NYP Redistricting Not Enough * 2012: Presidential primary in NY moved to April 24.Goo-Goos Give Incomplete To Cuomo(YNN)

Dialing for $$$ & Selling Yourself to Special Interests
MAYORAL CANDIDATES PUSH TOWARD DEADLINE: Today we report that prospective 2013 mayoral candidates are furiously dialing for dollars before tonight's campaign finance deadline. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is expected to lead the pack with $1 million raised in the last six months: 
Teddy Roosevelt Turner
Republican, Conservative and Libertarian Party NY-9 candidate Bob Turner officially launches his campaign for ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s seat at 10 a.m. at Station Square in Forest Hills, the same spot where TR gave his “One Hundred Percent American” speech in 1916. Commentator in Orthodox Jewish paper Hamodia says Assemblyman David Weprin paid a steep price for the Democratic nod to replace Weiner: “His very soul.” (The upset is over the observant Jew’s outspoken support and “yes” vote for same-sex marriage).  Turner Website * Hamodia runs scathing anti-Weprin op-ed * Bob Turner Meets the Press [Video](NYO)  *  Op-Ed: How Should A Jewish Legislator Legislate? (YW) *  Koch Won’t Endorse Weprin, Says Turner Could be the New Scott Brown: [1]Ed Koch said electing a Republican to th...  *Koch won't endorse Weprin.  * Could the GOP turn NY-09 into a real fight? (Hot Air) * NY9: Video of David and Mark Weprin from last year's campaign. [Adam Dickter / Jewish Week]
With All the Minor parties Picking GOP and Dem Boss Picked Candidate Its Time to Rethink NY's Ballot Access Laws
Source: WFP for Weprin: The labor-backed Working Families Party is endorsing Democrat David Weprin for the NY-9 ...
Ex-congressman, wife celebrate anniversary with romantic weekend in Miami(NYP)  * Anthony and Huma: "Weiner made himself invaluable. Huma had no time. Traveling. Busy. Always needed. Always on the go. She required what every busy professional lady could use -- a wife. He became her wife. She relied on him. He made things easy." [Cindy Adams / NY Post]
Pols Want Small Turnouts To Guarantee Their Loyal Supporters Are Enough to Reelect Them 
The state Board of Elections is supposed to weigh in today on how to move New York's 2012 state and federal primaries earlier to comply with overseas military ballot rules. Pols don't want a June date because they'd be in session when they'd rather be campaigning, but voting expert Jerry Skurnick of Prime New York expects it would lead to higher turnout. "I'm old enough to remember when they did have June primaries," he said. "And at the time, people felt that the turnout was better in June than it was in September."

The MTA is at the top of the heap with the most high-paid executives

Nearly 5,500 employees spanning more than three dozen state public authorities raked in six-figure salaries last year

Abuse of authority: New York State has 6-figure salaries galore(NYDN) * PA boss' Err Force One furor(NYP)


 Cuomo's carrots vs. Christie's sticks(NYP)





 Is Cuomo Buying Loyalty With AEG Pick?

Probers cry, 'WTF?' at gov's top-aide pick Cuomo's choice of senior adviser Lawrence Schwartz, onetime top aide to bumbling Gov. David Paterson, as his new chief-of-staff has stunned some investigators because of Schwartz's role in the explosive AEG-Aqueduct casino bid-rigging scandal.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly nicknamed new Cuomo secretary Larry Schwartz “BB” – as in big balls” – for the way he deals with the Legislature.* Moody’s report on the Cuomo tax cap: “New restriction on the taxing powers of local entities only adds to their weakened finances.” * Now that the session is over, Cuomo is turning his attention to filling patronage posts. He has shown a willingness to oust holdovers (although not Schwartz) from previous administrations.* Albany: State Senate may return to Capital once Cuomo settles negotiations with unions. * School Funding: A borrowing plan to skirt the tax cap has been sent to Cuomo's desk. He's already said he'd veto it. [Cara Matthews / LoHud] * Dana Rubinstein on the rent laws extension: “No one is happy, because no one, aside from perhaps Andrew Cuomo, who can now claim he’s marginally more tenant-friendly than his predecessors, got precisely what they wanted.”

Daily News Asks Cuomo to Offer His Vision On Independent Redistricting 

The News says there is too much "uncertainty" in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's recent comments about vetoing a partisan redistricting plan, arguing that the governor needs to clarify what kind of lines he ultimately wants

Gov. Cuomo must stand firm against Legislature's moves toward the same old partisan redistricting (NYDN Ed)


 The Times slams Senate Republicans in Albany for failing to set up a state health insurance exchange despite a looming federal deadline, concerned that tens of millions of dollars could be lost in the process

Dropping the Ball on Health Exchanges If the State Senate doesn’t stop blocking the exchanges, New York may lose out on millions of dollars in federal support. (NYT Ed)


Votes Against Gay Marriage and May Rake In Gay Marriage Cash

State Senator who voted against gay marriage may rake in gay cash — hosting gay marriage receptions.

* Adoption lawyers are getting ready for a baby boom they believe could follow the enactment of NY’s same-sex marriage law.


 Gov. Cuomo makes good on his pledge to close prisons, some question his decision to shut a facility on Staten Island(Gotham Gazette)

Andrew Stein Ticket Out of Jail is Reading. Gabbing and Relaxing
 Ex-pol Andrew Stein's 'community service': reading, gabbing, relaxing(NYDN)

A year after the MTA cut buses and subways, the Wall Street Journal says bus ridership is down, but the Times says weekend subway ridership is surging.
Subway Crush No Longer Gets Weekends Off(NYT) * After MTA Cuts, Altered Routines (WSJ)
Downstate prison advocates aren’t happy with Cuomo’s prison closing announcement because it won’t likely result in more NYC residents being incarcerated closer to home.
Charter Schools Cherry-Pick Students

Message From a Charter School: Thrive or Transfer(NYT) *

Some Teachers Left Jobless Despite Bloomberg Budget Deal(Huff Post)

New Era Set for 9/11 Site(WSJ)

Judge Rules Ex-Firefighter Cannot Sue Over Mosque(NYT)

Swank NYC restaurants with many Health Department violations still open(NYP)


Fan Who Returned Jeter’s 3,000th Hit May Face a Tax Hit, Too(NYT)




After MTA Cuts, Altered Routines(WSJ)



Patrolling Coney Island’s Piers, but No Longer the 2-Ply(NYT)







New York Post prostitution story gets shakier (Wash Post)

Dominique Straus-Kahn’s court date has been pushed off until August.

Manhattan DA With Weak Witnesses and Protests Is Back Into A Corner

A Vigorous Prosecution of Strauss-Kahn Is Urged(NYT) * Cases Often Rest on Shaky Witnesses(WSJ) * Pol, women's groups urge DA not to drop case against Strauss-Kahn (NYDN)




Accused ex-PTAer to face embezzling charge, parents' wrath(NYDN)

NYPD cop docked pay for sign-in scam (NYDN)

Smashing Entrance at 'Late Show'(WSJ) * Suspect in trashing of David Letterman studio haunted by personal demons, relatives say (NYDN)



Deficit Negotiators Hit Reset(WSJ) * Boehner’s Lofty Budget Goals Checked by Reality(NYT)





  Murdoch Feeling the Heat

Phone hacking: 9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters'(Mirror)Britain Scrutinizes Murdoch Satellite Bid(NYT) * Cozy Ties Mark Newspaper’s Dealings With Scotland Yard(NYT) * U.K. Seeks 'Advice' on BSkyB Bid(WSJ) * Rupert Murdoch closes News of the World for greed, not journalistic integrity (NYDN)Tina Brown on Rupert Murdoch and how he always seems to outfox British politicians and his rivals. * Prince Charles and Camilla warned by police their phones may have been hacked by the News of the World - Guardian* Former British PM Gordon Brown to announce he was a victim of phone hacking - The Independent Breaking HIS IS HUGE - News Corp withdraws bid to takeover UK broadcaster BSkyB * Murdochgate Moves to New York, Focus on Dow Jones CEO Hinton(ADWEEK) * New post: Will News Corp. leave the news business?  *Phone Hacking Scandal Widens: News International Targeted Gordon Brown, BSkyB Bid Delayed (LIVE UPDATES)- Huff Post