Thursday, June 16, 2011

Representative Anthony D. Weiner Steps Down From Congress

"I'm here today to again apologise for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused," he said reading from a brief statement in New York City's Brooklyn borough. "I make this apology to my neighbours and my constituents, but I make it particularly to my wife, Huma."

Rep. quits amid intense pressure after 'sexting' scandal(NYP)

* Says ‘Distraction’ He Created Made Staying ‘Impossible’(NYT)

May 31 News Conference

For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status

Weiner Resigns Ends Congressional Career Over "Sexting" Scandal (NY1)  * Video of the Resignation * Weiner heckled again at press conference announcing resignation: (Slate) * AP source: House Democratic leaders plan to meet Thursday to consider next step in Weiner case(Wash Post) * Why Weiner’s Folly Is New York’s Loss (NY Mag)*  Weiner Resigns, Heckled At Announcement(Fox News) * Schumer: "We should not forget that Anthony Weiner was an effective & passionate advocate for the people he represented in Brooklyn & Qns" * Leaving Weiner: His staffers locked up the office before the press conference. * Trends: Weiner is “the third member of the US Congress this year to step down over a sex scandal.” * For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status(NYT) * Weiner Resigns in Chaotic Final Scene(NYT)* For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status(NYT)

Press outside for Weiner presser
WCBS  has confirmed that Rep. Anthony Weiner will announce his resignation at an afternoon press conference 2PM in Sheephead Bay Brooklyn. Will resign at the Senior Center in Sheepshead Bay where he announced city council "Council Center for Seniors 1001 Quentin Road, between Coney Island Avenue and East 10th St.

Weiner's Cooked

Pressure From Democrats Forced His Decision(NYT) * Randy rep tells members of Congress that he will quit(NYP) * Anthony Weiner to resign: The congressman's rise and fall resembles Shakespearean tragedy(NYDN) * Did pro-Israel community throw #AnthonyWeiner under a bus? (Jewish Week)


Before the Announcement  Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin discuss whether congressman will resign(NYP) * AP source: House Dems to meet about Weiner case (WSJ) * Rev. Sharpton on Weiner: 'It's Obviously Tragic'(WSJ) * Daly: How's this for irony - State Sen. Diaz Sr. is for Weiner, but against gay nups(NYDN) * Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, returns to U.S. for 1st time since scandal broke(NYDN)* Sen. Chuck Schumer isn’t publicly calling for his protege’s resignation, but he’s not stopping fellow Democrats from doing so.  

Sophomore year at SUNY Plattsburgh

 Porn Star says congressman asked her to lie

Things just keep getting worse for Weiner as pics of him bra & pantyhose emerge(NYDN) * Weiner Scandal Heats Up As Former Porn Star Steps Forward(NY1)* At Friars Club, Exotic Dancer Roasts a Congressman (NYT)Porno pal's down on Weiner Denies sending sexts & says he should quit (NYP) * Sexy Fake Weiner Support Site

The Daily News Has Joined the NYP in Attacking John Liu
NYP & DN Supported Yassky for Comptroller
When Rich Publishers Fight

"Who's auditing the auditor?" the Daily News asks in an editorial taking Comptroller John Liu to task for blunders like revealing an ongoing part of investigators' CityTime probe.  The DN does not talk about how the mayor has said the contractor has done a good job or the 1000% increase in the cost from the original contract agreement. Or the fact that 7 people have been indicted for stealing money with more arrests expected.  Why is the Daily News interested in why no city official has been arrested in the CityTime scandal.  Both the NYP and Daily News have attacked Liu in recent days for not paying campaign poster fines. Liu has gone after the NYP by canceling a contract between the Department of Education and Murdoch new education company headed by Joe Klein. The Daily News Zuckerman who with his Boston Properties builds office building with pension funds.  We wonder what is going on with the city's pension funds and Zuckerman.

Payoff to Murduch Stopped

For Police in the Bronx, a Ticket-Fixing Investigation Stirs Up Fear and Anger

For Police in the Bronx, a Ticket-Fixing Investigation Stirs Up Fear and Anger(NYT)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News Background)


 NYT Says Albany Must Finish Its Job Before It Goes on Its 6 Month Vacation

7 Big Issues Unfinished  Nice Work if You Can Get It  The New York State Legislature plans to start its usual six-month vacation on Monday, but it hasn’t finished its job.(NYT Ed)


Failure to renew it was a “betrayal” said Cuomo
Rent Laws Expire
News says the Dems "lost a high-stakes game of political chicken"

Assembly Dems Decry ‘Totally Irresponsible’ Senate Rent Regs Inaction(NY1)

Some Democratic senators joined Republicans to shoot down a temporary extension of rent regulation last night, holding out for a full-fledged expansion of the laws but infuriating the GOP. The Daily  Legislature Lets Rent Laws Expire, for Now(WSJ) * Cuomo Gives Lawmakers Ultimatum on Rent Laws (NYT)

 Gay Marriage: One Vote Short in the Senate

The Assembly passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage for the fourth time last night. The vote was closer than in years past – 80 to 63 – in part due to the four vacant seats in the Democratic conference and increases on the GOP side of the aisle.  Republicans unsure whether it’ll come up for a vote. Cuomo spokesman changes sought by Republican Greg Ball will not be made. Passed Assembly by narrowest margin ever


BREAKING A rare, unannounced trip to Albany for Bloomberg, who is making a last-minute presentation to the Republican Conference.  * In Gay Marriage Debate, a Republican Is Pivotal(NYT)

 G.O.P. Senators Are Stalled in Talks on Marriage Bill(NYT) * N.Y. GOP Wrestles With Gay Marriage Vote(WSJ) * Gay Marriage Bill Passes Assembly For Fourth Time(NY1) * Dems' gay-nups OK boosts heat on GOP(NYP) * Christie rules out gay marriage in New Jersey(NYP) * Jon Stewart got into the gay marriage mix Staten Island Sen. Andrew Lanza, who is considered a potential key vote. 




War Over Top City Elections Job Could Fuel Revolt in Queens GOP(CHN)

 What happen to the DOI investigation of BOE?

Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play(CHN)



Ethics bill has troublesome exceptions, legal experts say Experts said that key loopholes could significantly weaken the law's effectiveness * Campaign Finance Reform in Albany(Citizens Action)

Should Bruno Be Retried

Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s appeal will be heard Friday






Hiring Slows, but City's Jobless Rate Remains 8.6% (NYT) * NYS unemployment in May same as April -- 7.9% -- according to state labor dept.





Bloomberg's dream of forever being remembered as the savior of NY's schools is in dange

Bloomberg’s legacy threatened by poor student performance

The Post says Mayor Michael Bloomberg has lost interest in making lasting school reforms, and is letting unions stifle his modest education progress.  They leave out his pick of Black to head the schools. Mayor's fading legacy(NYP Ed) * In 'Bloombergville,' Budget Protesters Sleep In (NYT) * Police Called Out To Control Downtown Labor Union Rally(NY1)

Unions and the City Agreement Would Stop Teacher Layoffs

Labor Coalition Is Divided Over Financial Rescue Plan (NYT) * Unions Balk at Using Fund for Bailout (WSJ) * Two Unions Backing Cuts(WSJ) * Municipal labor leaders have to step up to save members from layoffs; the city from financial ruin (NYDN Ed) Dirty Schools? City Plans $10 Million in Cuts to School Cleaning(NYT) Less Homework  New Recruit in Homework Revolt: The Principal(NYT)


Concern for Money, Not Safety, Was Behind Deutsche Fire, Prosecutor Says(NYT) * Jury Deliberation Begins In Deutsche Bank Trial(NY1)






Will Barclays Center be a game changer on the arena scene?(AM NEW YORK)






Cooked Goose

 NYC Geese to Feed Needy in Pennsylvania(NBC) * New Plan To Battle Geese: Feed Them To Hungry Pennsylvanians(Huff Post)

Farmworkers asking for their deserved equal labor rights are shown the door at the state Senate (NYDN Ed)




MTA driver suspended for the 15th time after using express bus as private meeting room with gal pal (NYDN)





Terrorism Most Serious Charges Are Rejected in Terror Case(NYT) * Queens Men Dodge Charge of Conspiracy (WSJ) * Al Qaeda has new terror leader that U.S. can set its sights on: Ayman al-Zawahri (NYDN) * Government needs to keep closer tabs on rogue jailhouse clerics, experts say(NYDN) * Synagogue Bomb Plot Suspects Avoid Top Charge (NY1) * Exclusive: Possible Al-Qaida Hit List Targets Specific Americans(NBC)


Law and Order

I shot Tupac Shakur in 1994 on orders of rap mogul, claims convicted killer(NYDN) *Con: Agent hired me to shoot Tupac(NYP) * Tattoed thug confesses to gunning down mom and young son(NYDN) * Court drops charges against soprano in Trader Joe's smackdown(NYDN) * Three City Residents Arrested In Major Drug Bust (NY1)*East Harlem Teen Killed in Shooting (WSJ) * Cop's car-stop sex rap(NYP)* Queens man fatally stabbed in the chest after heated argument  * Elderly man dies after mugging on UWS(WABC)

New Video Shows Upper Manhattan Sexual Assault Suspect(NY1)


Colbert Uses Interview To Remind Keith Olbermann That He ‘Lost To Bill O’Reilly’



WATCH: 'Battle For Brooklyn' Documents Atlantic Yards Fight(Huff Post)