Tuesday, June 14, 2011

History: Cuomo Political Skills Removes Long Shot From Gay Marriage Passage

History: Owens Finishes 1st in Berlin, 1936
Passing Finish Line for Gay Marriage

Update 4PM Second GOP senator for marriage: Mcdonald. Cuomo needs one more vote to get to 32, plus at least one for cushion. Senator Roy McDonald, R-Saratoga (TU) * Cuomo Introduces Same-Sex Marriage Bill, With More Specifics On Religious Exclusions * The memo accompanying Cuomo’s same-sex marriage legislation has some important protections for religious groups and benevolent organizations * Governor Cuomo put forward his same-sex marriage legislation * Conference Unmoved By Exemptions For Faith-Based Institutions In Bill * Same-Sex Marriage Within One Vote of Passage in Albany (NYT) Sen. James Alesi's (R-Rochester) stunning change of heart came with a shocking confession that his anguished vote against gay-marriage legislation two years ago was motivated purely by politics as his party battled to retake control of the narrowly divided state Senate that year GOPer's switch a huge boost to gay marriage(NYP) 

A matter of conscience(NYP Ed) *  Once Against Gay Marriage, 4 Senators Say They Will Back It(NYT) * They Need to Stand Up for Equality There is less than a week left for the New York State Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage. * Tide Turning on Gay Marriage(WSJ) * Four Albany pols flip stance, back same-sex marriage(NYDN)Gov. Cuomo in tough stretch as state Senate tackles gay marriage, rent bill and property tax cap (NYDN) * Cuomo: State Senate Will Hold Gay Marriage Vote(NY1) * Same-Sex Marriage: “tide may have turned dramatically.” Alesi hinges support on religious carve outs; Ball needs to see the language. * Same-Sex Marriage: “I’m not going to make it a party vote, a conference vote,” said Dean Skelos. * Same-Sex Marriage: Archbishop Dolan expected to call “certain” state senators. * Gay Marriage Opponents Pledge To Take ‘Pound Of Flesh’ From Senate GOP(YNN) * State Conservative Chairman Mike Long accused Alesi of “breaking a trust” and said the senator has lost his “moral compass.”* New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms warned the Senate GOP it will risk “challenges in 2012 that will not end at the September primary” if it contributes to the legalization of gay marriage in New York.* Sen. Alesi predicts gay marriage bill will get 35 votes(NYP) * Cynthia Nixon talking to Sen. John Flanagan, a possible "yes" vote on same sex marriage 

A Mayor Question About the Mayor's Daughters and Anthony Weiner is Worth A Thousands Words 
City Hall blogging reporter  Rafael Martinez Alequin asked the mayor at a press conference the other day a question that Bill O'Reilly Factor's Body Language Expert Tonya Reiman would say trip up the mayor and brought intense reactions from the officials behind Bloomberg.  Of cause the question Alequin asked was about Anthony Weiner, but it was a very cleaver one designed to trap.  Alequin's Question: Would you be happy if one of your daughters become a Facebook or Twitter friend of Anthony Weiner?  You could see the media savvy mayor think as he avoided the yes or no answer with a little hesitation and add on's that he would let his daughters make up their own mind and added that he did not think they knew Weiner. Unsure if his answer was complete the mayor added a warning to other to be aware that anything posted on the Internet would be seen with a lot of eyes. The most intense reaction to Alequin question was by City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito who jump and touch Harlem RBI school leader Richard Berlin mouthing something like OMG. They both put their hands over their face like they were trying to hide.  Chancellor Walcott and other VIPs behind the mayor could been seen leaning back and looking at others for their reaction after Alequin finished his Weiner question.  You can watch the mayor and the at the :47 mark on Alequin blog Your Free Press

$7.4 billion in contracts for clients of lawfirms that employee legislators

Show Me the Money

Albany Money Flows to Clients of Legislators’ Firms A new ethics law will require disclosures on outside work by New York State lawmakers who also work as lawyers.(NYT)







Unless Weiner Resigns Before July 7th Corrupt Queens Democratic Boss Crowley Will Pick and Control the Next Congressman 

Tammany Hall Boss

Weiner must choose quickly. He has had plenty of time to come to terms with his demons and defects, and, even more important, a resignation clock is running on his constituents.  According to the New York State election calendar, they would get to choose a successor in an open primary if, and only if, Weiner resigned by July 7. All interested Democratic and Republican contenders would then have the opportunity to gather petition signatures to get on a September primary ballot. * Anthony Weiner must decide his future soon or political bosses, not his constituents, will choose(NYDN)


Next Weiner Weather and Sports

Exposed Weiner Accounted for 17 Percent of News Coverage Last Week(FishbowlNY)

Update 5PM  New York Dem: Weiner may resign soon (Wash Post)

Prez calls sexts 'highly inappropriate'(NYP) * Obama Suggests That Weiner Step Down (NYT) * Obama Suggests Weiner Should Quit (WSJ) * Obama On Weiner Scandal: "If It Was Me, I Would Resign"(NY1) * Weiner Chorus: Menendez doesn’t call for Weiner’s resignation. [Sergio Bichao / Home News Tribune] * Weiner Woman's Problems: “Weiner’s predicament has rocked the Democratic Party, particularly the women who hold leadership posts.” [AP] * Rehab: Editors call Weiner’s two-week treatment stint “a PR cover to let an embattled member buy time.” Granting him the leave “is a gross abuse.” * The full House Democratic Caucus will meet today to consider what to do about Weiner. All options – including booting him from their ranks – are on the table.* Rachel Maddow: Rep. Weiner's 'Magic Wand' Of Resignation Won't Improve Anything (video) * Anthony Weiner's Fair Weather Friends(Huff Post) * A techno-history of congressional polarization — and of Anthony Weiner (Wash Post) * The House Democrats discussed Weinergate, but took no action to punish the scandal-scarred congressman.  * Resignation May Hurt Weiner's Pension (Fox News)

Weiner A Test of Pelosi Authority

Weiner is a test of Pelosi’s clout; aides say Pelosi spoke with Weiner regularly throughout the week, urging him to leave 

Pelosi Is Back in Limelight Over Standoff(NYT) * Democrats wrestle with how to end Weiner scandal (WSJ)

Breaking House Speaker John Boehner calls for Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation

I See Nothing

New York Dems Want Nothing More Than To Not Talk About Weiner-Gate(WCBS)






Should He Copy Write His Pictures?


Play with your own li'l Weiner(NYP) * Weiner's Predicament Inspires Entrepreneurs (WSJ)* Memorable moment? Retailers quick to cash in on Weiner's scandal(NYDN)

Chris Matthews: It’s ‘Ludicrous’ That Eliot Spitzer Is On CNN Talking About Rep. Weiner


Cuomo’s pick to head the Thruway Authority, campaign contributor Howard Milstein, owns a company that played a role in the mortgage crisis.(NYT)

State agencies layoff lists were due in the Budget Division’s hands yesterday. 

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Continues to Leak

Cop unfairly punished for busting assistant DA for DWI, sources say(NYDN)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip(True News)


DN Joins the NYP to Demand Liu Pay His Poster Fine

Controller John Liu should stop weaseling and pay the reissued citations for illegal campaign signs(NYDN Ed)

City: Liu Should Pay His Campaign Post Fines, What About Thompson and de Blasio?

Liu's so 're-fined' City reissues 500G+ in poster tickets(NYP)

In an unprecedented move, the Sanitation Department has reissued more than $500,000 worth of summonses for illegal posters that city Comptroller John Liu's 2009 campaign got dismissed on technicalities a few months ago.(NYP)





UFT Bloomberg Deal In the Works To Avoid Layoffs

Unions Weigh New Plan To Avert Teacher Layoffs  Leaders of New York City’s most powerful municipal labor unions are discussing a plan to save 4,100 teaching jobs by giving the Bloomberg administration hundreds of millions of dollars from a health care reserve fund established 25 years ago. (NYT) * Strategy Mulled to Avoid Layoffs (WSJ) * $85 million, 13-story building that will house a charter school and affordable-housing units(WSJ)

The Short Straw Which two of New York’s congressional districts are on the redistricting chopping block?(CHN)

Passing Finish Line for Gay Marriage * $7.4 billion in contracts for clients of lawfirms that employee legislators * Unless Weiner Resigns Before July 7th Corrupt Queens Democratic Boss Crowley Will Pick and Control the Next Congressman * Exposed Weiner Accounted for 17 Percent of News Coverage Last Week * DN Joins the NYP to Demand Liu Pay His Poster Fine * Rent Regulations Expire Tomorrow

Rent Regulations Expire Tomorrow
Time is Up
Next focus in Albany: A deal on the rent laws that are scheduled to expire tomorrow. The Senate GOP has introduced a temporary extender, which the Assembly Democrats oppose, but the Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he’d be willing to sign. If the laws lapse for a few days, there will be no immediate impact. (This occurred in 1997, and, as tenant advocate Mike McKee recalls, the “sky did not fall”).  






The great $10 apartment sale Ten dollars buys two cold Budweisers at the Mars Bar. For those who live above the graffiti-scarred East Village dive, it's the price of a new, luxury apartment.(CrainsNY)


NYC restaurants face fines for not posting grade(NYP)



Just Learned She is Going to Summer School

City Will Have 50% Increase in Summer School Students(NYT) * Thousands more NYC students have to take summer school this year(NYDN)Good news: NYC HS grad rate up BUT students not ready for college





Big Apple drops from first to fifth in rankings of dirtiest cities in America


Closings to start in NY toxic tower fire trial (WSJ) *  Closing Arguments Begin In Deutsche Bank Fire Trial (NY1) *  Closing arguments set to start in Deutsche Bank building trial (NYP) * Fire Death Trial Closings (NYT)




East River Ferry Service, With 7 Stops, Starts Run (NYT) * City-Aided East River Ferry Service Hits Water (WSJ)





 120 million Randalls Island ballfields unusued by neighborhood kids(NYDN)


Progress Claimed in Reporting Abuse at Group Homes (NYT)




Future Brooklyn Trailer Park?

Expanded campsites at Brooklyn park make an urban wilderness in NYC  * Feds Plan Huge Campground - in Brooklyn(NBC)






Law and Order

Undercover Police?

'Cop' looking for pizza the action 'Papa John's' undercover car probed(NYP)





Daly: War against guns is Plaxico's new game, and he seems sincere(NYDN)

State AG pushes database of patient prescriptions to curb drug addiction(NYDN)

GOP Debate

GOP Hopefuls Run Against Regulation(WSJ) * Bachmann Launches Candidacy(WSJ) *  GOP presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann shine in debate(NYDN) * Mitt Romney’s New Ad Presents Unemployed Americans As Obama’s RoadkillMichele Bachmann Vows To 'Repeal Obamacare' But Refuses To Criticize Mitt Romney Or Romneycare (video) * 7 in G.O.P., Civil to Each Other, Hit at Obama Instead(NYT)


Jon Stewart Blasts Media For ‘Wasting Our Time’ With Palin Emails




U.S. Scores Insider Convictions Three hedge-fund traders were convicted Monday on all charges of fraud and conspiracy, in the latest victory for prosecutors cracking down on insider trading in corporate America.(WSJ) * Dodd-Frank Delays Bring ‘Temporary Relief’ for Banks 



WSJ's NY section wins more ads than readers(WSJ) * Report: Digital Growth Will Lead to More Tight Years for Mags(FishbowlNY)