Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Praise the City's DOI Make It An Elected Office

 DOI: Investigations are Political

The Daily News' Juan Gonzalez award winning investigation of the corrupt CityTime contract is a hero of journalism. Gonzalez along with the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and Controller Liu are responsible for saving the city millions.  Yet for some reason Gonzalez praises the Deprtment of Investigations Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn for here work in uncovering CityTime.  After the NYT won the release of the former head of the city's Office of Payroll Richard Valcich letter that blew the whistle on CityTime corruption in 2003 it hard to see how the reporter said DOI did a good job. DOI has traditional been a political arm of the mayor why up till two months ago said CityTime was doing a good job.  U.S. Attorneys like Bharara and Giuliani uncovered corruption in government and with elected officials.  With DOI it not just CityTime.  

Corrupt BOE and Council Slush Fund?
Last year DOI said it was investigating the city's Board of Elections for fired Commissioner Gonzalez's attempt to fix a ballot in a Queens special election.  The BOE whose Tammany Hall structure and corruption helps incumbents win elections would be cleaned up with one serious investigation. Can you imagine if investigators got Gonzalez to rat on his fellow board commissioners. The city would need to expand Rikers Island.  Over three years ago DOI said they were conducting an investigation of Speaker Quinn City Council slush fund scandal.  I wonder if Quinn puppet like support for the mayor's agenda has something to do with the long stalled DOI Slush Fund Investigation? Does DOI know the names of the City Council Members and mayoral aides that got their tickets fixed by the NYPD? 'CityTime' out State to nix contractor's new pacts(NYP)*  New York City's $720 Million CityTime Project a Vehicle for Unprecedented Fraud Says US Prosecutor * CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal (True News) * City Council Slush Fund (True News)


NYP: "no one should confuse anything that has happened in Albany since Jan 1 w/ truly transformative reform"
Legislators in Late Scramble(WSJ) “I’d much rather get it right than rush it,” Cuomo told reporters. “If it takes a few more days to get it right that’s fine by me, I’m in no rush.”
None of the interests with a stake in the rent laws are very happy about the deal hammered out by the governor and legislative leaders. * s Cuomo Losing His Democratic Base?: With deals in place on rent regulation and other issues, some black and La... (Gothman Gazette)

Vacancy Decontrol Deal Will Make It Harder to Use Renovation to Free Apartments From Rent Regulation(NYT) * Albany Lawmakers Inch Toward Rent Regulations Deal(NY1)

 Breaking 11 PM  Just In: State Senate Adjourns Until Friday Morning; No Votes Yet On Same-Sex Marriage Or Rent Regulations (NY1)

Rent regs will expired at midnight

 Republican pols move closer to 'I do' on gay marriage bill(NYDN) * Senate shakes as gay marriage vote looms(NYP) * Gay-nups vote stalled(NYP) * Gay City News Editor Paul Schindler thinks the Senate GOP’s dithering is an acknowledgement that the right has lost the gay marriage battle, because “otherwise they would have grabbed their victory already.” * State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long has a different view: “If it were a slam dunk it would have happened.” * Sen. Andrew Lanza says the Senate Republicans are close to signing off on bill language that “satisfactorily addresses” the religious exemption issue. * Cuomo sees “no obstacles” blocking the Senate from voting. Marriage: “An earlier declaration that lawmakers were ‘on the cusp of historic progress’ drowned in the muck of details Wednesday”(TU) * Marriage: Some GOP quietly concede they can’t put off a vote on the bill.*  Cuomo Makes Major Push for Gay Marriage(NBC) *  Díaz Family Values(Village Voice) * Mike Long on Talk1300am right now... says 8he hopes he doesn't see the bill hit the floor.. * Skelos meets with gov, says GOP will meetb to discuss today. Could decide whether bill should be brought to the floor. *  State Senate G.O.P. to Decide on Gay Marriage Vote(NYT) * 7PM It’s going to be a very, VERY long night (and morning) at the Capitol as we await: 1) Conference, debate and voting on the big ugly in both houses, and 2) Conference, debate and voting on same-sex marriage in the Senate. In the meantime, some headlines to keep you busy…* Gov. Andrew Cuomo (who has left the Capitol for a family event, but is coming back) on a potential SSM vote in the Senate: “I’m cautiously optimistic. Let me just say that. I don’t want to get into private conversations that I’ve had. * 7:23 PM State Senate Tally On Same-Sex Marriage Shifts(NY1)


For SUNY and CUNY, Top Lawmakers Support Plan to Raise Tuition $300 a Year(NYT) 

Cuomo, NY Legislature close to power plant deal The legislation also included green jobs and solar energy components. 





Former NYC OTB workers are getting health insurance and other benefits, compliments of the Legislature. 

The fate of a transit funding lockbox hangs in the balance in Albany.

The Taxi Industry's Push Back in Response to Bloomberg's Albany End Run 

New York City taxi and livery drivers were slapped with 6,000 tickets in a blitz aimed at forcing them to accept Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan for outer-borough street hails, the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers tells the Daily New * 5:30PM Sen Golden aide on Taxi bill: "The Senate v. strongly wants to leave Albany with this issue addressed." But GOP leaders say no decision yet

Taxi Bill Has Potential Foe in Cuomo. Mario Cuomo(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg really 'tix' off livery cab drivers(NYDN)




The Cuomo Union Deal Template to Avoid Layoffs 

NYP Cuomo has earned a victory lap for a competent first session and the CSEA agreemen

Cuomo Secures Big Givebacks In Union Deal(NYT) * A Reasonable Public Union Deal Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s agreement with the biggest public employee union saved money and jobs. Other unions should begin negotiating for similar deals quickly. (NYT) * Cuomo Reaches Tentative Deal With State Workers(WSJ) * Cuomo reaches tentative deal with CSEA union Workers will receive $1G bonus in the third year of the deal that doesn't count toward their base pay.(NYDN) * Cuomo's breakthrough with state's biggest union on health coverage costs should set pattern for city(NYDN Ed * If CSEA members don’t vote to ratify the contract deal, they’ll face up to 4,500 layoffs.* Labor: Savings are $166 million over two years.(TU)

Albany Out of Clothes

Overtime at the Capitol Leaves Legislators Rummaging for Clothes(NYT)



Jimmy Meng   1st Asian Elected to Assembly
Asian New Yorkers Seek Power to Match Numbers(NYT)

City officials wave flag of surrender in face of bogus parking placards(NYDN)

 Bloomberg Administration Rejects Most Of City Council’s Attempt To Make Parking Regulations Fair(WCBS)




End of an era as 150-year-old St. Augustine's Parish school closes forever(NYDN)



It's official - Weiner out(NYP) *  NY1 Online: Elections Attorney Jerry Goldfeder On the Election to Replace Weiner

Anthony Weiner Bought a $22.97 Bouquet of Flowers Yesterday (Village Voice)

Law and Order

Man charged in LI pharmacy slay was allegedly trying to get painkillers for wife(NYP) * Focus on Prescription Records Leads to Arrest in 4 Killings(NYT) * On Day of Prom, Friends Mourn a Classmate, 17(NYT) * Arrest in Pharmacy Killings(WSJ) * Wife of accused pharmacy killer: 'He was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick'(NYDN) * Losing health insurance really set off accused pharmacy killer(NYDN) *Victims of pharmacy massacre say they won't be satisfied until murderer suffers(NYP)

Cousin of brute recounts stab attack that left 17-year-old girl paralyzed from the waist down (NYDN)


Mafia file found in Manhattan taxi sold for $10,980 at auction(NYP) * Crime pays: Cop pays more than $10K for Mafia files at auction(NYDN)

'The Departed' Mob Boss Caught: James Whitey Bulger Caught By FBI (Boston Herold)

Beaten bus driver says she never had a chance(NYP) * NY police probing death of Broadway carpenter(WSJ) * Jail check-in after hotel con(NYP)* Man Sought in Forcible Touching Incident in Queens(NBC) * Ex-NARAL Pro-Choice New York Chief Kelli Conlin Admits Phony Expenses * Park-garage gun terror(NYP)* Jogger robbed by two men in Central Park(WABC)

I never tried to kill you, Vinny Gorgeous told judge during secret sit-down(NYDN)

 Hip-hop mogul quietly settles civil suits stemming from 1999 Club New York shooting(NYP)

 Delivered to authorities: Busted for FedEx ID theft scam(NYDN)


Mission Accomplished II

Obama: 30000-plus surge troops leaving Afghan(CBS) * Was last night's speech Obama's 'mission accomplished'? (Newser)


Democrats Disappointed With Obama's Afghanistan Speech(Huff Post)

Stephen Colbert: Obama Should End The Afghanistan War…By Calling It Something Else