Friday, June 24, 2011

same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes NYS Senate

Marriage Equality Act passed with 33-29 vote

N.Y. Senate to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) *

State Senate sends bill to floor(NYP)

Senators seem in no rush to get to . Plenty of folks explaining their votes on bill to raise SUNY and CUNY tuition. * Senate approves SUNY 2020 51-11.

Teachers, Fire Companies To Be Spared In Budget Cuts(NY1)

Deal Will Avert Plan to Lay Off City Teachers(NYT)

In Lean Times, Schools Squeeze Out Librarians (NYT)

CityTime Contractor Repays Nearly $2.5M To City(NY1)

Senate passes taxi bill, recesses for a GOP majority conference.

Foiled Again: Senate Adjourns Without Debate On Major Bills
The longest night of the legislative year ended up being abruptly cut short

NY GOP "lawmakers" huddle all day in secret on budget, marriage and do exactly nothing

Two issues reportedly caused last night’s blowup: Mandate relief, which the Assembly didn’t start conferencing until late; and the health care exchange bill, which the Senate balked at passing.  * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos declined to keep his members at the Capitol through the night out of concern for the “Tully effect” and blowback from angry gay marriage protesters. 




Sen Sergeant in Arms will lock protesters out of the Senate hallway. They'll be relegated to the Million Dollar staircase

Common Cause NY

Lawmakers Adjourn Without Same-Sex Marriage Vote(NYT) * No Senate Decision Yet on Holding Gay Marriage Vote(NYT) * Politicians Who Fear the Public Light Secret talks on the same-sex marriage bill in Albany are an example of a cowardly way to conduct the public’s business. (NYT Ed) * Senate Republicans Divided Over Bringing Gay Marriage Bill to a Vote(WSJ) * Gay marriage battle lives on for another day as lawmakers adjourn without voting(NYDN) * Foiled Again: Senate Adjourns Without Debate On Major Bills (CHN) * State Senate Adjourns With Same-Sex Marriage, Rent Regulations Unresolved(NY1) * 5 openly gay lawmakers refused to tell DN what they'd do if they win the right to marry, didn't want to jinx the bill (NYDN) * In Albany, divided Republicans are still undecided on whether to bring a gay-marriage bill to the floor for a vote:


Obama: "Gay Couples Deserve Same Legal Rights

He stopped short of endorsing marriage outright

Obama Speech Is Interrupted by Gay Marriage Supporters(NYT) * Obama Steps Into Same-Sex Marriage Debate(WSJ) * Obama says gay couples deserve same rights as all(WSJ) * Bam's in the money: President's NYC blitz expected to rake in $4M in cash(NYDN) * Cold $houlder for O Snubbed by biz titans on Apple fund-raising visit (NYP) * GOP nixes vote on same-sex marriage( NYP) * The Times doesn’t see the need for religious exemptions in the marriage bill. * The NYS Catholic Conference has blocked some Facebook users from posting on its page during the same-sex marriage debate.* Deep-pocketed donors took a pass on attending high-dollar events for Obama, who doesn’t have the same enthusiasm quotient he did in 2008. * Obama Expected to Rake in $4 Million From NY Visit



Bloomberg's "cautiously optimistic" about passage of his taxi plan in Albany. Golden and Lanza "have been helpful" Bloomberg 

State Sens. Marty Golden and Andy Lanza must push for Mayor Bloomberg's taxi street-hail bill(NYDN Ed) * Livery hail compromise? (TU)

Bloomberg's Got to Be jealous OF Cuomo Relationship With the Unions

Budget Alternative To City Teacher Layoffs Falls Apart(NY1)




 Councilwoman Dickens shouted, "My constituents don't care about this issue!"

On March 16, The News contacted Dickens about more than $100,000 the city listed as outstanding property taxes on four buildings she owns with her sister, Delores, in Harlem. As the exchange escalated, another Council member in the elevator, Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), began singing the famed "Mister Rogers" theme, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Harlem Councilwoman Inez Dickens pays more than $40,000 in back taxes after News grilling (NYDN)

Bronx prosecutor accused of DWI fix to face colleagues in court as witnesses(NYDN)



 Bronx Gateway Center Mall has turned out to be a great deal -- for developers(NYDN)




Hunts Point Says No to Walmart in the Bronx

The Hunts Point produce market says it doesn't want Walmart in New York because it will decimate the small businesses that buy its fresh fruits and vegetables, the Daily News says. Walmart had offered to buy 5 percent of its produce sold in New York from Hunts Point *  Walmart debate draws input from Hunts Point Market and Christine Quinn (NYDN)


UFT-NAACP child abuse(NYP Ed) The Post tells the city to stand strong in the face of a lawsuit by the teachers union and the NAACP challenging its ability to close failing schools and put charters in their locations




9/11 first-responder stricken with cancer tells story through video spanning ten years(NYDN)


Asian New Yorkers Seek Power to Match Numbers(NYT)



Hundreds of Geese to Be Killed in Coming Weeks, City Says(NYT) * Geese in Park Duck Fate(WSJ)

NYP Says Cheap Flower?
Bodega bouquets for Huma(NYP)

Weiner's Resignation Read In Congress (NY1)


 Law and Order

 Pharmacy victims' kin rage at 'killer' as he pleads not guilty in court(NYP) * Wild Scene as Pharmacy Shooting Suspect Is Arraigned(WSJ) * Judge Denies Bail to Suspect in Drugstore Killings(NYT) * YOU'RE A COWARD: Accused L.I. killer faces victims' families(NYDN) * Massacre victim's classmates honor her at high school graduation (NYDN) * Family, Friends Gather To Lay Jennifer Mejia To Rest Friday Following Haven Pharmacy Murders(WCBS) * Teen Pharmacy Victim to Be Buried in Prom Dress(NBC) * Alleged Pharmacy Killer's Wife Shopped for Pills(NBC)

How the FBI's 'beauty' tips finally bagged mob legend(NYP) * MANHUNT OVER: Feds finally nab Whitey Bulger -- bad breath and all(NYDN)


Six Teens Accused Of Queens Killing Now Face Hate Crime Charges(NY1)


Man Is Arrested in Fatal Shooting at a House Party(NYT) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Fatal House Party Shooting(NY1)


Accused child-porn suspect found dead of unspecified causes in Mexico (NYDN) * Why didn't police search for rape suspect? NYPD launches probe(NYDN) * Cops' dirty trick: suit(NYP) * DSK maid on a troll for 'vics'(NYP) * Nurse bust in drug ring(NYP) * Masseuse: Cops made me clean toilet(NYDN) * Deadly house party shooting arrest in Brooklyn(WABC) * Police search for suspect in Harlem robbery(WABC)



U.S. Budget

Dysfunctional D.C. back to square one, as GOP pulls out of talks to cut budget, raise debt limit

Jon Stewart: Obama’s Afghanistan Speech ‘Has Touched America’s Anti G-Spot’