Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Page Six Say Bloomberg Aide Extorted Kinky Weiner Out Of 2009 Race

Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor Kevin Sheekey has been boasting in political circles that he's been onto Anthony Weiner's kinky ways since he was a City Council member. Insiders said Sheekey claims he used the intel to discourage Weiner, who was elected to the Council in 1991, before he became a congressman, from running for the Democratic mayoral nomination in 2009. One said, "He told Weiner he knew about him and if he ran he would make it public." Early warning (NYP)



Disgraced pols Kruger, Weiner share Brooklyn neighborhoods(NYDN)


The BIG UGLY Screws Tenants

Cuomo calls this the "Swiss Watch" of Legislative Sessions

Cuomo: "cautiously optimistic" on . still (6:30PM)

Rent-control deal leaves one fight -- gay marriage(NYP) *A tax cap, if it works(NYP Ed) * Albany Reaches Deal on Tax Cap and Rent Rules(NYT) * Tax-Cap Deal in Albany(WSJ) * Deal Extends City's Rent Laws, With Boost for Tenants (WSJ) * Opposition: Conservative Party chairman calling Republican State Senators * Marriage: “I don’t know how you stop a vote from happening,” said one Republican State Senator. (BN) * “The rent deal appeared to fall well short of what many Democrats and tenant activists had hoped for.” This is not real rent reform — this is crumbs,” said one tenant advocate. * Rent Deal: Editors note rent protections extend to people making $200,000 annually, same income level thought would have triggered the millionaire’s tax.(NYP) 

* “The days of pushing are over,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said of the rent regs deal. “The alternative is expiration or enhancement, and I think it’s a significant enhancement.” Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous said he believed the GOP would caucus this morning to decide whether to actually vote on gay marriage, but the general consensus seems to be that issue will be left until the absolute last minute.* Long No Longer Wants A Same-Sex Marriage Vote(YNN)* Black And Latino Lawmakers At Odds With Cuomo on Tenant Bill (YNN) * GOP Senators Key to Gay Marriage Meet Privately (NBC) * Cuomo and CSEA make a "tentative" deal to avert layoffs, union announces (CHN) * Skelos: SUNY Vote Could Come This Afternoon, Rent And Mandate Relief Still An Issue* Amendments to Marriage Bill Taking Shape, Vote Uncertain *Rent Regs "Framework" Deal Not Winning Accolades From Minority Lawmakers(NYDN) * New York State Catholic League Says It Feels Left In Dark On Details Of Gay Marriage Debate(NYDN) *Tenant activist michael mckee calls cuomo view of rent deal "a total load of crap. U can try to spin it anyway,it's a lousy deal." *EJ McMahon thinks CSEA bested Cuomo in the contract talks.* Here's complete video from Cuomo's Wednesday-evening Q&A with reporters, courtesy Kyle Hughes of NYSNYS(TU) * Cuomo: What's This Rent Deal, Chopped Liver? 


State Senate to Outer Boroughs: Off Duty?
Bloomberg's effort to radically overhaul the city's taxi system by putting 30,000 more cabs on the streets of the outer boroughs was in doubt last night as the GOP-controlled Senate considered killing the measure. Taxi overhaul bill is stalling(NYP) * Bloomberg Move Exploits Taxi Industry’s Limited Reach(NYT) The industry, though powerful in New York City politics, is more limited in Albany, which is considering changes in some traditional roles of yellow taxis and livery cabs. * Mayor Bloomberg's Manhattan livery plan stalls in State Senate(NYDN) * Taxi Bill Has Potential Foe in Cuomo. Mario Cuomo (NYT)


Daily News Calls Bronx BP Fool For Killing Jobs

Bronx Borough Pres. Ruben Diaz made a fool of himself claiming he'd find use for Kingsbridge Armory (NYDN Ed)

Covert Talks About Using Unions' Rainy Day Fund To Avert Potential Layoffs Implode(NYDN)




Many Black New Yorkers Are Moving to the South(NYP)





Both Sides Square Off at Hearing on Charter School Suit(NYT)


 H&H Bagel Lox Its Door
Last Whiff of Bagels, Mixed With Despair(NYT) * Upper West Side heartbreak as H&H Bagels plans to shutter store(NYDN)



Parking placard loophole: bogus pass allows free parking around city(NYDN)




  'Underwater' Mortgages Sink New Yorkers New York state homeowners whose properties are worth less than their mortgage balances tend to be more underwater than borrowers in any other state.(WSJ)

Expanded Boundaries Likely to Make More Eligible for 9/11 Compensation(NYT) * More Eligible For 9/11 Fund(WSJ)

Arrest in Drug Shooting 

BREAKING: Sources say police have made an arrest in the pharmacy shooting in Medford |  * Cops arrest suspect in Long Island drug store killings(NYP) *Two In Custody In Haven Pharmacy Massacre Investigation


UWS prof ran hooker Web site: cops(NYP)




Legendary federal judge presiding over neighbors' property feud (NYDN)

Law and Order

NYPD Crime Stats: Half The Year Over, Neighborhoods Seeing Spikes in Burglaries (Village Voice)
Grief and Vigilance After 4 Are Killed on Long Island (NYT) * Drugstore Killings Rattle Long Island(WSJ) *  Father's Day favor put Ray Ferguson in line of fire on day of Long Island pharmacy massacre(NYDN) * Suicide Notes Left by Man Shot by Police (WSJ) *Judge allowed my daughter's rapist to go free and savagely attack her again, mom says *  Rx-slay mother's horror (NYP) * Perv EMT copped a feel: cops(NYP* Columbia U. drug plea (NYP) * Defendants in Drug Case at Columbia Reject Pleas (NYT) * Pizza-'slice' case closed (NYP) * All Charges Are Dropped in an Attack in Brooklyn(NYT) *Charges dropped in NYC pizzeria owner fight(WSJ) * Vid kill horror (NYP) * Bus driver beaten up (NYP) * Bus driver beaten by 17-year-old for not allowing dog on board (NYDN * Mounted cop lawsuit over 2008 Times Square injury tossed from court(NYDN) * Tub-slay deal due 'Oscar composer' son looks to plead out (NYP) * NYPD(NBC) *Video Released of Child Sex Assault Suspect(NBC) *
Sources: Ex-NARAL President Pleading Guilty(NY1) * Bus Driver Talks About Her Assault By A Bronx Passenger 

NYT NEWS ALERT: Obama to Order 30,000 Troops to Leave Afghanistan by Summer 2012. 10,000 out this year and another 20,000 by end of next summer. (NYT)

Here's the full text of Obama's speech on withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan




Jon Stewart Apologizes To PolitiFact, Reads List Of PolitiFact Fox News Corrections