Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Shame are the Americans Who Have Died in Wars, Not Weiner's Narcissism

 The Real Shame is Our War Dead

 The real shame is that America has lost 4,442 Operation Iraqi Freedom and 1584 Operation Enduring Freedom during the years Weiner serviced in Congress.  Not some bum who hit the wrong button on his Twitter while playing with himself.

Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,442 * Operation Enduring Freedom: 1,584* Most Recent Casualties (Wash Post)


 Reality Bites Weiner

Weiner steps down following sexting scandal(NYP) * Weiner Resigns in Chaotic Final Scene(NYT) * Anthony Weiner Resigns At last, there was a dignified moment in the decline and fall of the New York congressman(NYT Ed) * Weiner Joins Jobless Ranks(WSJ) * Parties Prepare for Special Election (WSJ) * Lawmakers Say Resignation Is the Right Step (WSJ) * * Graceless to the end (NYP Ed) * Weiner Won't Speak at High School Commencement(NYT) * Hecklers disrupt Weiner's somber resignation in NY(WSJ)


Weiner’s final decision to step down was his, but his wife Huma Abedin had also decided that he should resign

Will Corrupt Queens Boss Crowley Pick the Next Congressman? . . . A lame duck

The DN argues against a special election, which would enable major party bosses to pick the candidates. 

The State's Tammany Hall election law is never included in the media or good government groups reform agenda.  Even with several special election scheduled this year besides the Weiner seat.  Over the years many of the state's elected officials were chosen by party bosses, including Carl Kruger who has $2 million in his election account and never has faced a democratic challenger or serious race.

For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status (NYT) * Place Holder for Seat Young and ambitious Democrats may not get a chance to run for Weiner's seat, as Queens Dems look for a placeholder who could give up the seat in redistricting next year. Queens Republicans, however, want a strong challenger who could win it and hold it *  Anthony Weiner's resignation put onus on Gov. Cuomo to insure voters, not bosses, pick his successor(NYDN Ed) 

Several options for filling Weiner's seat(Newsday) * Replacements: David Weprin, Jim Gennaro, Elizabeth Crowley, Rory Lancman, Peter Vallone Jr., Melinda Katz, Eric Gioia, Cody McCone, Bob Turner, Eric Ulrich, Andrew Sullivan * Replacing Weiner: Instant lame-duck status. “Maybe this is finally Alec Baldwin’s opportunity.” * The Rise And Fall Of A Middle-Class Hero(Huff Post)









Stalled one vote shy of Senate passage - and wondering when a vote might come
One Yard Line
2 PM Update  Skelos Says No Marriage Vote Today: Walking into a meeting with Governor Cuomo on the second floor of the Capito... (NYO) ; session will resume Monday
Cuomo Is Urged to Alter Same-Sex Marriage Bill(NYT) * Bill’s Opponents Frustrated in Lobbying(NYT) * Gay Wedding Law Hits Hurdle (WSJ) * NY gov lobbying senators in gay marriage fight(WSJ) * State Senate GOP Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Bill For Second Day(NY1) * Mike hold$ hammer over GOP on gay nups(NYP) * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos must let the gay marriage bill come to the floor for a vote on the merits, rather than use it as leverage for the property tax cap and rent laws, the Times-Union declares: * Senate Democrats say the Republican majority is refusing to bring the marriage bill to the floor for political reasons, as they fear they could lose their slim majority in the upper house, the Times-Union reports * Deciding Same-Sex Marriage: Lanza, Saland and Hanon met with Cuomo.(TU) * Influencing Same-Sex Marriage: Conservative tells GOP Grisanti it’ll be “difficult” to get party’s line if he supports marriage. * Gov. Cuomo Meets With GOP Senators Over Same-Sex Marriage Bill (NY1)

 New governor, but same end of session gridlock in Albany

 Update 5:55PM Senate back in session just passed the Governor's rent extension until Monday

How to not pass rent regs, step-by-step(TU) * Did Twitter Nearly Ruin Our Weekend?(YNN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly upped the rent regs ante threatened to essentially return the power to control rents to the NYC City Council.

Will the Gov Extend the Session?
Gov. Cuomo accuses state leg of betraying voters over rent-regulation(NYDN) * Cuomo Calls For Renewal Of Rent Regulation Laws(NY1) * The Post tells Albany not to renew rent regulations unless it approves the tax cap as well * Overtime: Not leaving Albany until tax cap, rent ergs, are done.  * So far, this year's NY legislature has passed fewer bills than the coup-year crowd.

 Koch A Loser But Still Has His Bridge

This week’s City Hall winners and losers.

No Pol or Newspaper is Talking About Solving the Unemployment Problem
The Forgotten Problem

New York City and state's unemployment rates stayed steady last month — at 8.6 and 7.9 percent, respectively * N.Y. Jobless Rate Steady in MayWall Street Braces for New Layoffs as Profits Wane * Wall Street Set To Cut Spending, Staffing Due To New Regulations(Huff Post)

CityTime SAIC Media Cover-ups + SAIC Share Holder Meeting today! Ssshhhh 

Media SAIC Conspiracy Theories Welcomed
SAIC has a shareholder meetings and lucky for the shareholders the NY Press has not reported any news or scandals including the cancellation of a 50 million dollar contract by SAIC fan Mike Bloomberg...Ssshhh, hush hush...why?

CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal(True News)

Visiting Ground Zero? Better bring $25, 9/11 Memorial Museum considers entry fee(NYDN)



City Reduces Chronic Absenteeism in Schools(NYT)
EJ McMahon says both Bloomberg and the unions have a point in the ongoing NYC budget battle.

Bruno Argues He Should Be Spared a New Trial(NYT)


At Bronx High School, Field Is 20 Yards Short of Being a Home The renovation of a multipurpose athletic complex at a Bronx high school is set to leave hard feelings and a field 20 yards short of regulation. (NYT)

NY lawmakers vote to protect seahorses(WSJ)

Digital Upgrade for Aging Subway Cars Is Weighed The upgrade, if put into effect, would bring automated station announcements and digital route displays to more than 1,700 aging subway cars. (NYT)  
 MTA hired bungling bus driver following DWI conviction(NYDN)

Diplomatic Immunity?

Court Papers Detail Strauss-Kahn’s Statements After Arrest (NYT) * Narrative of Strauss-Kahn's Arrest (WSJ) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn falsely declared diplomatic immunity(NYDN)





Just like during prohibition alcohol was a nexus with crime was a mythical story. And what’s with 90% of those arrested are black and Hispanic? Joseph Mercurio(Twitter) * Push for Marijuana Arrests in N.Y. Has Side Effects(NYT)




* Narcotics Detective Faces Perjury Charges (NYT) * Exuberant' Life Ends Following Attack (WSJ) * Brooklyn man, 91, killed in hit-and-run by callous driver(NYDN) * Man, 91, dies in hit-run(NYP) * 50-year sentence for slay of friend outside Kennedy Fried Chicken(NYDN) * We'll build broadband network for first responders: Biden(NYDN) * Teacher arrested after whipping students with belt during hallway scuffle(NYDN)* Manhattan Drug Bust Ends In 22 Arrests (NY1)

 The story told in a new book about Fannie Mae exposes the biggest Washington scandal since Watergate(NYT)