Monday, June 20, 2011

A compromise on religious exemptions Could Pass Gay Marriage Bill Today

Last Minute Decisions Provide Cover For All
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* Silver: I haven’t seen any marriage amendments

The most expensive Legislator should end it session in January.  It seems that Albany needs to make the final mega deal on the last day or the term.  Unions do this to prove to its members that they held off to make the best deal for its members. Albany works the same way.  Today or during an extended session this week decisions will be made on Gay Marriage, Rent Regulation and the 2% Tax Cap.  Expect interest groups to move off they long held positions today. 

GOP Center Stage on Gay Marriage Vote
As Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans negotiate religious protections to allow gay marriage in New York, Assemblyman Nelson Castro said new faith exemptions convinced him and two Assembly colleagues to change their "no" votes to "yes" 

 OK for gay marriage is 'rite' around the corner(NYP) * Awaiting a Big Day, and Recalling One in New Paltz(NYT) * Clock Ticking on Gay Marriage as Tensions Mount (NBC) * Expanded religious protections won three gay-marriage votes in Assembly, could win votes in Senate as well (CHN) * Some LGBT WNYers see passage of the gay marriage bill as inevitable. Sen. Mark Grisanti was still undecided as of yesterday.* Sen. Greg Ball, thought to be a solid “no” at this point, sought input on Twitter as to how he should vote.

Rent Regulations Solution See the Light 

Just In  Gov. Cuomo is introducing a one-day extender tonight for rent-control laws. They expire Tuesday at 12:01 a.m.

Lawmakers passed another extension of the current laws.

“We’re at the stage of the session where nothing will happen until everything happens,” said tenant advocate Michael McKee.  "There's no deal. I don't know who Fred Dicker is negotiating with."

Strong new rent deal in the home stretch Apartments can be decontrolled to about $2,500 a month -- up from $2,000 -- and boost the maximum annual income for tenants in regulated apartments from $175,000 to about $200,000(NYP) * New Movement in Stalled Rent Talks(WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo fights to protect tenants with rent reg laws(NYDN) *The RSA’s reported decision to move off its long-held position that the laws must only be extended in their current form and not strengthened at all.

NYC Mayor Vs Governor: Its Part of Our History
Pataki Vs. Giuliani, Lindsay vs Rockerfeller

“‘They’ve never had a powerful governor here’ said a Cuomo official. ‘They want their way and they’re used to having their way. And that’s not how it is anymore.’”  Clash of the titans Mike & Andy revive gov-mayor feud

City Council Paralyzed by Taxi Lobbyist $$$ Bloomberg Tries Albany
Council Bypass

 Drivers and owners from all sides of the industry are outrage

 Just In: Cab Drivers, City Officials Reach Deal To Allow For Outer Borough Taxis (NY1)

30,000 permits for street hails in outer boroughs Bloomberg, Bypassing City Council, Asks Legislature to Allow Street Hails of Livery Cabs(NYT) * A Deal to Put More Taxis in Boroughs(WSJ) * Taxi Deal: Bloomberg puts a bill through Albany; critic says it’s “life and death for the yellow taxi industry.” *  Yellow Cab Drivers To Protest Livery Use(Fox 5) * Taxi protest planned after Bloomy skirts City Council(WABC) * Cab drivers rallied against a bill proposed in Albany by the Bloomberg administration that would let some livery drivers pick up passengers in the outer boroughs and north of Central Park.


Some top non-profit association heads who lobby for their organizations on a host of issues – including pension reform – make more than the governor and have big public pensions.

Five former NY congressmen gave big payouts to staffers before leaving office last January.

"We have developed evidence that the corruption on the CityTime project was epic in duration, magnitude and scope," U.S. Attorney Bharara 

Part II: Bloomberg
11 CityTime Workers Have Been Indicted So Far

“Today’s announcement unfortunately sheds more light on just how flawed the management of the CityTime project was,” said Comptroller John C. Liu. “According to the indictment ‘virtually the entirety of the more than $600 million that was paid to SAIC was tainted directly or indirectly, by fraud.’ New Yorker’s can hope that this will eventually lead to restitution for the hundreds of millions of dollars paid on an out-of-control project, years overdue and, ten-fold over budget.” Two Executives Are Charged in Payroll Scandal * Carl Bell, was the chief systems engineer for the New York office of the contractor, Science Applications International Corporation or S.A.I.C. pleaded guilty to charges including two counts of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy. 2 CityTime Fraud Suspects Flee Overseas: Authorities(NBC) * Mayor Mike Bloomberg Technodyne Arrests CityTime SAIC ScandalTax Payers Want Full Refund! * Liu Crows as CityTime Investigation Widens(NYO)

Containment Journalism On CityTime/NYPD Ticket Scandal
The Press is limiting itself to reporting on the CityTime Scandal only when the U.S. Attorney indicts someone.  We do not know what role the city officials Mark Page or resigned Joel Bondy who he supervised as head of Office of Payroll Administration.  Both men knew there were problems with the CityTime contract as the cost went up over 1000% ($63 million to $700 Million).  This is not the only corruption story the press is covering passively.  We still do not know which city official and or council members had there tickets fixed by the NYPD.

City Officals All Knew About CityTime Corruption

Where Are the Reporters Demanding Answers From These Guys?

Page, Bondy, Bloomberg, DOI all knew about CityTime in 2003, when the former head of the city's Office of Payroll Administration Richard Valcich wrote a letter to SAIC complaining of waste and bloat in the main contract.  In 2003 Valcich wrote: the city had spent "approximately $35 million on CityTime and does not have a tangible system to show for it.* Ex-payroll boss blew whistle on CityTime in scathing 2003 letter and nothing was done(NYDN) " Letter found by Liu reveals shady CityTime job offer pitch in '02 from main contractor to Valcich.(NYDN) A second reason why the city knew was a CNN IRerort in 2009 by an anonymous city worker who said that the project was corrupt. 2 of the three people mentioned in the report have been indicted

City Council
Why at a City Council oversight hearings about CityTime the past few years, no one at OPA or City Hall ever mentioned the Valcich letter?

Broome 'ranks' as city's most malodorous(NYP)




Private School Tuition Bill Tops $40,000(WSJ)




Parents of special-needs kids furious at bus rides without A/C(NYDN)

* Stanley Crouch says it’s “high noon” between Bloomberg and the UFT.


The Times-Union says SUNY needs to do more than get rid of Research Foundation head John O'Connor to clean house and improve the system: 


New czar$ are Russian to East End(NYP)










“Every day Weiner puts off his official departure date enlarges his congressional pension.”

Weiner's resignation later to Gov. Cuomo: It's "effective ...midnight, June 21." CC'd to Pelosi, Boehner. Resignation letter

Hold it! Weiner not gone(NYP)

Andrew Breitbart: I Saved Anthony Weiner From Blackmail (VIDEO) * NY GOP Calls On Weiner to Return Campaign Funds(NYO)


DN Joins True News And Says Political Boss(es) Should Not Be Allowed to Pick Weiner's Replacement

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman(True News)


Queens city councilman Ruben Wills acknowledges outstanding arrest warrants

Ruben Doing Great Politically 

Primary challengers are starting to emerge for City Councilman Ruben Wills, who won a special election last year but must run for re-election this fall. Clifton Stanley Diaz, president of the Rochdale Village Civic Association, created a Council campaign committee June 13; former Councilman Allan Jennings, a longtime Wills nemesis, created an account May 25. But neither is likely to have the formal support of Rep. Greg Meeks, who strongly backed Wills' opponent Nicole Paultre-Bell in 2010. Sources who were at the April 28 meeting of the Guy R. Brewer Democratic Club say Meeks buried the hatchet and endorsed Wills there


Bloomberg's mother passes at 102(NYP) * Charlotte R. Bloomberg, Mayor’s Mother, Is Dead at 102(NYT) * Bloomberg's Mother Dies at Age 102(WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg's mother dies at 102, was a 'charming lady'(NYDN)

Christine Quinn pushes for Walmart to buy local produce(NYDN)

History Bronx building, Kingsbridge Armory, may become cycling center and BMX course(NYDN)


New York City residents complain about NYCHA's lax take on necessary home and city repairs(NYDN)

Village apts. for 10 bucks Developer's incredible deal to zap buildings(NYP) 

New Website Alerts Users To Fire Company Service Changes (NY1)

Man pans for riches on New York City sidewalks(NYP)

Where's the Beef? Steak Makes a Long Journey(WSJ)




Law And Order

Union Sq. Park tamed by NYPD

Seven Killed Over Weekend(WSJ) * Young Queens dad gunned down in Father's Day horror(NYDN) * Second Brooklyn House Party Shooting Leaves Five Wounded(NY1)

Robber Kills 4 in L.I. Pharmacy; One Victim Is a 17-Year-Old Girl(NYT) * Shocked cops find four bodies at pharmacy, including 18-year-old aspiring doctor(NYDN) * Mass murderer on the loose after shooting, killing 4 in L.I. pharmacy(NYDN)




Dad fires rifle at teen thugs: cops(NYP) * Two Teenagers Shot With Rifle in Brooklyn (NYT) * NY Man fires rifle at teens outside home, wounds 2(WSJ)* Man pulls out rifle, fires at teens outside home for loitering on lawn(NYDN) * Hearing-Aid Ban Forcing Out N.Y.C. Police Officers(NYT) Mother of bystander injured by gunman who shot at 'dangerous' Brooklyn teens hails shooter as hero(NYDN)

Qns. dad gunned down in Father's Day horrorRx snafu killed my boy: suit(NYP) * Qns. doc sued over deadly dose for kid psychiatric patient(NYDN) * Stylist rips 'beat' cops' barber-ity(NYP) * Mother Charged in Death of 5-Year-Old Boy in Bronx(NYT) * Mother Charged With Murder After Son's Death(WSJ) * For a Couple, Strauss-Kahn Is a Case for Silence(NYT) *Ban on Hearing Aids Is Forcing Out Veteran New York City Police Officers(NYT)*  Bronx Mom Arrested As ACS Investigates Death Of Young Son(WCBS) * Mom charged with killing kid says, 'God knows ... I didn't do this'(NYP) * Three Stabbed By Queens Grocery Store: Sources tell NY1 a man stabbed the mother of his child and another man by a * Police Shoot and Kill Gunman in East New York(NBC)


Pushing back start of 2012 presidential primaries could mean more Republican power to unseat Obama(NYDN)


It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

How would Bill Clinton get fourteen million Americans back to work? Let him count the ways(Time)

Unemployment among African Americans is at Great Depression levels  Black Unemployment Soars (Political Wire)

Jon Stewart Angrily Tells Chris Wallace: Fox News Has the Most Misinformed Viewers

Chris Matthews On Jon Stewart, Chris Wallace Showdown: Stewart Is 'So Friggin Smart' (VIDEO)