Friday, June 3, 2011

NYC Needs A Congressional Budget Office and A Press That Asks If We Fund What You Want What Do We Cut

Pleads Not Guilty

John Edwards Indicted Huff Post  

Indictment: John Edwards spent $925K to keep mistress, their baby in hiding during 2008 White House bid

Former senator charged with conspiracy; arrested warrant issued(NYP) * Edwards admits mistakes, but says he didn't break the law (NYP) * John Edwards pleads not guilty to charges he spent some $925K to hide mistress, child during campaign:(AP

Breaking: Jobs  U.S. Jobless Rate Rises as Hiring Slows The U.S. added 54,000 jobs in May, well below expectations, while the unemployment rate unexpectedly rose to 9.1%.(WSJ)

 Today's Leaders Spend Whats Left Of Economy Built By A Previous Generation

To prevent pols, unions and interest groups from using budget data to fit their political agenda NYC needs as office modeled after the Congressional Budget Office.  The Citizen Budget Commission needs to be redesigned and given additional powers so it can give New Yorkers a realistic view of how much the city has and how much can it spend.  With today's jobs report it is clear that job and budget cuts will continue in the coming years.

For A Healthy City We Need Leader Who Can Do More Than Cut Budget Deals and Demand More Funds

We need to know how our city's leaders will grow businesses and increase Jobs.   Right now we hear demands by pols unions and interests groups to find $$$ to keep their favored service alive without looking at what must be cut to fund what they want. 44  City Council Members Share Their Objections To Child Care Cuts 40 Council Members marched In front of City Hall today demanding that no fire house be cuts.  Budget cuts from Washington and Albany means the city will have to cut some services.

Is Anyone Responsible for Growing the NYC Economy?
Pols who demand services not be cut should be required to present ways to increase revenue.  The press must play its role by demanding that anyone who is trying to save jobs or services tell us what they will cut.  Taxing millionaires and cutting outsourced contracts is good for the short term but even if it happens will not fund the long term needs of the city.  The press must start asking pols what they are doing to grow New Yorkers job market and businesses. Solving the state’s problems will require lawmakers to do things that “may not get them re-elected,” says ex-LG Richard Ravitch.

Education Cuts

As Mayor Holds Firm on Teacher Layoffs, Some See Reasons Beyond Money  Instead of embracing alternative proposals, the mayor and his schools chancellor have only reiterated their belief that as many as 6,100 teachers will have to go.(NYT)* The fight over teacher evaluations could cost the state millions in Race to the Top cash.*  In Rally, N.A.A.C.P. Defends Involvement in Suit to Stop School Closings(NYT) * The Mayor Who Says: My Way or No...WNBC)


Fire Cuts

Firefighters To Cross Brooklyn Bridge To Try To Save 20 Companies(NY1)

Thousands rally against proposed firehouse closings(WABC)


Bloomberg Calls Liu Pension Outlook Rosy, The Citizen Budget Commission Calls It Flawed. . .  Is Liu Trying to Get Union Support to Run for Something 

One thinks they’ll bankrupt the city, the other says they should drop is five years

Mayor Bloomberg fumes at Liu's rosy pension outlook While some economic analysts, including those at the Citizens Budget Commission, wondered about the accuracy of a study that looks so far into the future, the mayor's staff did not mince words. They ripped the report as "flawed." Mayor's spokesman "We've got major problems - rosy scenarios aren't going to solve them."(NYDN)

Liu Stakes Claim on City Pensions New York City taxpayer contributions to employee pension funds will peak in fiscal year 2016 at roughly $8.3 billion, after which they will decline as a percentage of the city's expenditures and revenues, according to a report from Comptroller John Liu. (WSJ

Bronx Juries Have A Long History of Not Believing Police

Acquittal in Case That Tested Ticket-Fixing Issue(NYT) The Bronx trial was one of the first to gauge the degree to which jurors care about a sweeping police scandal, which may involve as many as 300 officers.(NYT)


Lewd-pic recipient worn out by Weiner scandal(NYP)

The Seattle woman at the center of Weinergate shoots a hole in the congressman’s theory of how she received a lewd picture from his Twitter account, saying: “I never mentioned anything about a hacking.”  Flashback: 2001 Vanity Fair Article Shows Rep. Weiner Courting A 22-Year-Old Staffer

Weiner’s Constituents Puzzled by His Uncertainty(NYT) * Silence, vagueness from Democrats on Weiner photo(WSJ) * Wife keeps her  cool(NYP) *
NYP Wants Congress To Do Its Own Investigation of WeinerGate  Take it out of Tony's hands * Weiner hired the law firm Baker Hostetler to investigate the alleged hacking of his accounts. *Weiner’s biggest obstacle here? His “perpetual juvenile” self, says Michael Powell. * Theories: Recipient of lewd picture says she never floated the hack theory; suggests Weiner may have intended to send picture to another follower with similar name. *  Police Could Easily Prove Weiner's Innocence...Or Guilt(Huff Post) * Sharpton to Weiner: ‘Either Fully Explain or Shut Up’(Huff Post) * Weiner’s Constituents Speak: Congressman, Just Come Clean (WCBS) * In Weiner's District, Both Shock...(WNBC) * Joann, the real housewife of Bensonhurst, rants Anthony Weiner (Fox 5)

Weiner's constituents. “I would think everybody knows their undergarments," said one

Jon Stewart’s 9-Min. Skewering Shows He Has Pretty Much Lost Faith In Rep. Weiner


Weiner Future Hanging in the Wind . . . He Has Less Political Friends This Week

An Obstacle to City Hall Hopes(WSJ) * Weiner hung out to dry(NYP) * Weiner Has Done Himself No Favors(NYT) * Twitter photo flap won't sink Anthony Weiner's career - unless the other shoe (underwear) drops(NYDN)

* Hoyer to Weiner: “I told him that he needs to handle this and he needed to give the facts accurately to the public.” * Dan Halloran: Was “upset” when worker told him he had no evidence of a slowdown * Dan Halloran: May have broached some legal boundaries in claiming attorney-client privilege. * Snow Job: “The report also raised questions about the credibility of the City Council member who helped ignite a public furor over the rumored work stoppag.” * Snow Job: Despite no evidence of a slowdown, some still aren’t happy with workers’ cleanup. 


Weiner won't call police over hacking, but will call them on Reporter Marcia Kramer? 

Weiner’s Office Calls The Police After CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview (WCBS) * Rep. Weiner’s Office Calls Police On CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer For Requesting Interview

Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold makes City Hall’s loser’s list for this week.* Was Arnold the one who called the cops on CBS/Channel 2′s Marcia Kramer? * Footage of Marcia Kramer getting threatened by the Capitol Police for crashing Weiner’s office.

Congressman cancels Wisconsin speech following lewd photo scandal

You Did Not Expect DOI Picked by the Mayor To Find A Sanitation Slowdown

Sanitation workers bought beer, slacked off during Dec. 26 snowstorm: city report(NYP) * No Evidence of Blizzard Slowdown: DOI (NBC) * Report Buries Claims Of Worker Slowdown During Blizzard(NY1) * After being criticized in DOI report for his claims about a worker slowdown, Councilman Halloran declines to be interviewed(Azi Twitter) *  Halloran Spokesman Disputes ‘Disgruntled’ Quote (NYO) * Here’s the DOI report in full * Report Downplays Allegations Of December Blizzard Response Slowdown(WCBS) * City Report Finds No Work Slowdown in Blizzard Cleanup (NYT)


Cuomo, lawmakers agree on ethics bill
There’s a tentative deal on overhauling ethics in Albany, which could be announced as early as today (in NYC).  The last sticking point: The make-up of the Joint Public Commission on Ethics (JCOPE), which will have the power to investigate legislators.* Ethics: No deal in Albany, yet. (TU) * Ethics: Cuomo “may deliver” the deal “today.” [Fred Dicker / NY Post] * Ethics Deal: Replaces Commission on Public Integrity.* State Lawmakers Reach Deal On Ethics Reform NY1) * Legislators and Cuomo Reach Deal on Ethics Overhaul (NYT)


Fighting Litter in Brooklyn by Getting Rid of the Litter Baskets Removing baskets at three intersections has supporters, but some merchants complain people are tossing soda cans on the sidewalk near them. (NYT)




City Builds Bike Lanes Many Do Not Want, But Cannot Fill Its' Potholes?

 DOT head takes heat over city's slow pothole repair(NYDN)



Court orders city to fund homeless rent subsidies(NYDN)

Bloomberg administration trying to force grocery stores to make costly electrical upgrades Legislation introduced in Albany at Bloomberg's request would require the stores and big gas stations to rewire their buildings so they could quickly switch to an "alternative power source" when main electrical service fails (NYDN) *Albany must get rid of scores of unnecessary mandates that do nothing but waste taxpayer money(NYDN Ed)

NYT Says Christie Is Asking for Sacrifices While Using Helicopter for Non State Business

Writes the Check

 Hit the NJ Gov After He Repays for Ride . . .  Is the NYT Worried that Christie Who Has High Poll Numbers Will Run for President?

Taking New Jersey for a Ride After asking sacrifices from the citizens of New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie was using a State Police helicopter for nonstate business. (NYT Ed) * Christie and G.O.P. Repay State for Helicopter Flights(NYT)





Growing Chinatown Cheep Bus Service Still Very Dangerous

Crash Shows Growth of Chinatown Buses(WSJ)Senate OKs background checks for bus drivers(NYDN)

Driver in fatal Chinatown-bound bus crash charged with involuntary manslaughter(NYP)



Terrorism Mayor Bloomberg rips House bill slashing terror aid(NYDN) 

Twin brother's message to accused sex fiend Jeffrey Ritter: 'You have issues and you need help'(NYDN)

Despite Cutbacks, Night Court’s Small Dramas Go On(NYT)



Teen Charged With Shooting Other Teen In Crown Heights(NY1)  Teen Killed in Brooklyn Shooting(WSJ)


Arrests in Staten Island Gambling Operation(NYT) * Thugs commit brutal double murder, then use blood money to buy Range Rover, feds say(NYDN)

* NYPD youth officer charged with sexting 15-year-old girl(NYDN)

* VIDEO: 20-year-old man charged in wild Dunkin' Donuts melee(NYDN)

* Two charged in Queens drag race that injured family of four(NYDN)

* Daughter of victim: Vinny 'Gorgeous' should die (NYDN)

* Crazed patient kills doc and self(NYP)

* HS big attacks guard: cops (NYP)

* Pinheads strike it rich in 80G bowling-alley heist (NYP)

* Cop 'teen liaison' bust (NYP)


Kenneth Moreno, Not Guilty NYPD Officer, Harassed Again in Poster Campaign (Village Voice)

Cops looking for man wanted in Queens livery cab robbery (VIDEO)


Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

Goldman Slapped With a Subpoena Goldman Sachs received a civil subpoena from the Manhattan district attorney requesting information related to a U.S. Senate report on its business dealings.(WSJ)


Another Bad Quarter For Newspapers (Huff Post)





Jill Abramson Tells CNN: ‘I Don’t Want To Be In A War With Arianna Huffington’



Blog Report Why is bus ridership declining. SheepsheadBites followup on report in WSJ.