Sunday, June 5, 2011

True News Sunday Update

When It Comes to Firetraps City Agencies Have the Same Problem that the Intelligent Services Had Before 911 - Disconnected

Where is the Mayor or City Council Oversight On Firetraps?

Critical gaps that can spark disaster: City agencies often don't unite to fight firetraps(NYDN)

The Buildings, Fire and Housing Preservation departments have different missions that can work at cross purposes in the fight to eliminate deadly chopped-up apartments.  Records show that at times, all three agencies cross paths at the same building, yet somehow the suspected illegal apartments stay in place.

9 Days After Report That Stated Verizon Conspired to Steal $3.6 Million From the City, It Got A $175 Million Contract
Yes We are Corrupt

Can you hire me now? Verizon hit in $175M tech 'fraud'(NYP)

The city awarded a $175 million contract to Verizon, just nine days before the communications giant was cited by special schools investigator Richard Condon for "facilitating" a $3.6 million fraud by a technology consultant. On April 28, Condon issued a scathing report that accused both Verizon and IBM of playing roles in an alleged six-year swindle by consultant Willard Lanham, who was accused of shielding his thievery through layers of contractors and subcontractors in a project to wire public schools for the Internet.   Condon charged that Lanham was able to pull off his scheme by hiding the consultants as workers for Verizon and IBM, which billed the Education Department for their services at marked-up rates.

Will Cuomo Who Already Has Struck A Blow to Corrupt Pols With the New Ethic Bill Go After the Bookies

 With OTB gone, bookies riding high as Belmont Stakes looms(NYDN)

Special-ed delays could cost the city millions Education officials are weeks behind schedule in a scramble to find seats for about 15,500 kindergartners with special needs.(NYDN)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Editorial: The Mets' Madoff mess(NYDN Ed)

B'klyn amputee on handicap suing spree(NYP)




2013 Mayoral Campaign: Live From the Streets of NY

Now pols are using social media to show them marching in parades during the parade.  This 2013 Campaign is going to be interesting. We many know they how they are going to solve New York's budget problems but we will see them everywhere. 

The unemployment rate in this country is at 9.1%. Only 9.1%!

Breslin: The truth of unemployment is on the streets(NYDN)

Brochure pledging to pay rent a goof: Homeless Services(NYDN)

Empathy and $$ for Rangel(NYP)



No Radios by the Fountain, Please! Or Cellos! (NYT)


If the New Ethics Law Passes Expect to See Retirements of Albany Crooks
Adios Vito

Who Will Vito Lopez Run for His Assembly Seat?

Requires lawmakers for the first time to disclose their outside income will lead to the retirement of the old bulls like Lopez who do business with so many companies that do business with the city that even he can't  remember them all. He will stay Brooklyn Democratic Leader where he will continue all his dirty work.

Cuomo's Moreland Act Probe Threat Worked

Crooked pols will be running for the exits (Dicker NYP)

The measure will end the age-old practice of "rainmaking," the ability of powerful lawmakers to get rich from their posts with what many on the inside believe are virtual no-show private-sector jobs at law firms or businesses where they're paid to buy access to their power. The measure will also end -- at last -- the ability of private-sector interests to get their hooks into the state's most powerful lawmakers by rewarding them with high paying business deals. The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick(True News)

The new ethics law also requires legislators and their firms to reveal clients who have business with the state. A new database will be created listing any individuals or firms that lobby before a state agency. The centerpiece of the deal is the creation of a new 14-member commission that will have the power to police the Legislature, lobbying industry and the executive branch. The governor will appoint six members to the commission while legislative leaders will name the other eight. It will take a majority vote of the panel - including at least two members from each party - to launch a probe. The agreement also will give judges the discretion to strip or reduce the pensions of lawmakers convicted of felonies related to their office. * Cuomo, State Lawmakers Reach Deal On Ethics Reform(NY1)NY leaders propose sweeping ethics law changes (TU) * Cuomo, lawmakers agree on ‘Clean Up Albany Act’(TU) * The TU editorial board finds the ethics deal lacking.* Ethics enforcement is a growth industry in Albany.* Assuming it passes, the new ethics law won’t impact the currently seated Legislature.*  Pension Forfeiture Would Not Apply To Current Lawmakers Who Commit Crimes (CHN)

Cuomo's top donors cashing in with plum appointments(NYDN)


SUNY Big Out For Bruno's Daughter No-Show 

Under Scrutiny, Official at State University Resigns The official, John J. O’Connor, was accused of giving a no-show job to the daughter of the former Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. (NYT) * 'Brunogate' SUNY big out(NYP)

Cuomo, legislators agree on package forcing lawmakers to disclose outside incomes(NYP) * Cuomo cleans up (NYP Ed) * Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Strike Ethics Deal (NYT) * Legislators Face New Ethics Law (WSJ) * This will clean up Albany, pols say after ethics reform passes(NYDN)

Reporter Ask in Weiner Laundromat If They Recognize the Underwear With Certitude
Marcia Kramer goes to Anthony Weiner's laundromat in Queens to ask them if they recognize the underwear(WCBS) * Anthony Weiner violated the cardinal rule of Washington crisis management Weiner should have known better: If you don't have anything to hide, don't behave like you do.*  I'm sure Weiner's lying — with certitude(NYP) * Weiner's wife puts on brave face amidst Twitter-photo scandal(NYP) * Rep. Weiner 's Twitter Stops Chirping(NBC) * Anthony Weiner’s Big Ego Problem (NY Magazine) * witter Mess Bad News for Weiner’s '13 Mayoral Hopes(NY Magazine) * Ambitious Weiner sees media strategy backfire(Albany6News) * Weiner's Defense Over Crotch Photo Backfires (NPR) * Anthony Weiner's bulging controversy a classic example of abysmal damage control (NYDN) *  Eat up! Brooklyn sausage joint Der Kommisser serves Anthony's Weiners, skewers Rep. with special (NYDN) * Why the Press Doesn't Even Pretend To Be Above Sex Scandals Anymore(Slate)  

Hosted by His Own Petard

Anthony' Weiner's stimulating week: How a lewd Twitter photo may have derailed politician's future (NYDN)

  Rep. Weiner's playboy past(NYP) * Weiner's 20-year-old SUV is registered but turns out it's way out of date No sign of an inspection sticker in the windshield and what appeared to be an expired July 2007 registration sticker. * A few holes in skeevy skivvy story(NYP) * Weiner's Wife Deals With Photo Scandal(Fox 5) * WEINER'S TALE UNRAVELING (The Daily) * Anthony Weiner's Use Of TweetDeck: What Does It Mean For The Hacking Alibi?(Village Voice)  No Show* Weiner a no-show at Israel Day parade: Rep. Anthony Weiner ditched the Israel Day parade for the first time in ...(NYDN) * “The impact on the congressman and what it means to people, we’ll wait and see,” Cuomo said. “It’s going to be up to the congressman how he handles it and then people will have an opinion when they actually have the facts.” * Questioning Weiner: “it does not appear Weiner was locked out of his account, because he continued to post to Facebook and Twitter.” * Embattled Weiner ducks big parades (NYP) *  Weiner’s Vanishing Act Highlights Lack Of Comeback Plan (CHN)

Weiner Will Have Trouble Cutting A Safe District for Himself in 2012
Over the years Weiner's Congressional District has become unsafe for a Democratic which is very unusually for Brooklyn. His GOP opponent last years received 41%. Weiner almost did not win the Brooklyn section of his district (52% to 48%). The question for the congressman is where does he move his district to find more voters who he can depend on to vote down the democratic line.  He cannot go into the increasing growing Jewish orthodox sections of Brooklyn because their tendency even before Obama dust up with the Israel leader was to vote GOP.  He cannot expect to pick up any black voters because they have been decreased by 5% in Brooklyn and the two black congressman will need every one of them for their reelection.  Weiner can even pick up the growing Asian voters in Brooklyn because they also are easily moved to the GOP as the Peter Koo election in 2009 demonstrated. GOP foe weighs rematch Bob Turner, the Republican candidate who garnered an impressive 41 percent of the vote against Rep. Anthony Weiner in a heavily Democratic district in last fall's election, said he'd consider a rematch against the incumbent in light of Weinergate.(NYP).  Will the Democratic Party ask Weiner not to run to avoid losing a safe seat.


A pig in the dock (NYP ed) *  Edwards Prosecutors Face Complex Case(NYT) * INDICTED: Disgraced ex-Sen. John Edwards charged in affair cover-up(NYDN) * John Edwards, A Cautionary Tale The self-destruction of former Senator John Edwards is yet another cautionary tale of hubris when honesty is the only acceptable option. (NYT Ed) * Deal Breaker  Possible prison term a deal breaker in Edwards plea: report(NYP)






 Halloran Guilty Contempt of the People . . .  Was it A Crime?

It Not Snow Dan is Shoveling

City Councilman Dan Halloran of Queens faces a contempt of court charge for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury investigation of his claim that the city's sanitation workers engaged in an organized slowdown during the post-Christmas blizzard of 2010.  Halloran trumpeted in the NYP headline after headline that Sanitation supervisors had told him the workers' union had bollixed the cleanup to take revenge over Mayor Bloomberg's labor policies. After a January NYT story which stated Evidence Is Elusive on Charge of a Blizzard Slowdown

DOI charges Halloran attempted to badger sanitation supervisors into supporting the slowdown fable

City Report Finds No Work Slowdown in Blizzard Cleanup(NYT) *  Report: No Organized Slowdown During December Storm(WSJ) *  Bounce Councilman Dan Halloran for bogus charge of snowstorm slowdown by sanitation workers(NTDN Ed) * Report Buries Claims Of Worker Slowdown During Blizzard (NY1) * Drinking Sanit guys 'exposed'Beer-photo history (NYP)



Bit late chasing deadbeat pol




Serving up 'bribes' Three Queens and Bronx restaurant owners were arrested last week for offering cash to undercover city investigators posing as health inspectors(NYP)




City Council may block Bloomberg's plan to open 10 new mega-senior centers, it makes little sense when the mayor is seeking more than $40 million in cuts to existing centers and senior services.  Bloomberg's Senior Centers Plan Resisted * NAACP calls NYC charter schools form of "segregation"(NYDN) * The Mayor Who Says: My Way or No Way (NBC)


Bloomberg Uses His Media Editorial to Go After His Education Critic 

Michael Bloomberg's opinion page goes after a Michael Bloomberg critic Jonathan Alter attacks Diane Ravitch on school reform, a pet issue of the billionaire mayor paying Alter's salary(Salon) * Stand on 'principal'(NYP)

* Janitor's field of '$chemes'(NYP)




Officials Call for Holding the Line on Contracts(Gotham Gazette)






Firefighters Cross Brooklyn Bridge In Protest Of Budget Cuts(NY1) * S.I. Residents Rally Behind Engine 161(NY1)





In Rally, N.A.A.C.P. Defends Suit to Stop School Closings(NYT) * NAACP Leader Lashes Out at Critics of School Lawsuit -







London Bike Share

Before Bike-Share Effort Starts, Concerns Are Raised About How It Will Work(NYT) * YC Bike Share Program Faces Questions(WCBS)


 Fast-Tracking Governors To cram in their many obligations—and for safety reasons—New Jersey, New York and Connecticut's chief executives get all sorts of travel benefits not available to the voters who elected them.(WSJ) * Christie Holds Back on Helicopter Travel Records (WSJ)




NTSB Examines Driver's Actions In Fatal Tour Bus Crash(NY1)





‘Miracle’ Plane To Begin Journey To NC Museum From NJ(WCBS)




Law and Order

Bronx Cop pleads guilty to unprovoked attack with baton(NYDN)East Side perv not considered a suspect in 2nd attack(NYDN) * Author and admitted 'dirty old man' guilty in sex rap(NYDN) * Egyptian man makes bail in maid assault, checks out of Rikers Island(NYDN) * Doctor prescribed HIV meds to patients without deadly virus(NYDN) * Doctor, patients charged with fraud(WABC)  Man Gets 44 Years in Prison for Killing a Yale Student (NYT) * Man sentenced to 44 years in prison for Yale research lab murder(NYDN) * Gun Buy-Back Program Returns To The Bronx This Weekend(NY1) * Gun buy-back program in the Bronx (WABC)  *  2 Staten Islanders chaged with multiple counts of robbery(SI Advance)Correction officer shoots 'madman' in leg(NYP) *** Sunday Off-duty corrections officer shoots McDonald's customer during dispute(NYDN) * Hundreds of guns surrendered in Bronx buyback program(NYDN)* Uzi does it at Bx. gun buyback(NYP) * Three decades later, officer's only daughter visits building where he was slain(NYP) * Off-Duty Rikers Island Correction Officer Shoots Attacker In Brooklyn(WCBS) * Kelly, Officials Hold Buy-Back Program(Fox 5) * Off-duty corrections officer opens fire in McDonald's(Fox 5)Surveillance released of livery cab robbery suspect(WABC) * NYPD, Bronx Churches Team Up For Gun Buyback(NY1) * Latest NYPD Gun Buyback Program Collects 354 Weapons (NY1) * In Hasidic Village, Attempted Murder Arrest Is Linked to Schism(NYT)


The devils' advocate Joe Tacopina defends the indefensible (NYP)


Terrorism  'American Al Qaeda' urging terrorist sympathizers in U.S. to launch attacks(NYDN) * American Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn's chilling video shows how the gun lobby hampers the war on terror(NYDN Ed) * Bin Laden's possible successor smoked in drone attack