Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crazy Weiner Sucking the Air Out of News Coverage Just Like Charlie Sheen

 Stop Tiger Blood Weiner

The NYPD Ticket Scandal, CityTime and ethic, rent regulations, tax cap, LIFO and  issues in Albany have all taken a back seat to a congressman who keeps changing his story and cannot identify his own private part. WE Don't even know what this weeks Wall Street crash will have on the city's economy.  Curtis Sliwa on his radio show today called to Schumer to set up an intervention to stop New York's Charlie Sheen and the enabling press who gives him over and over again rope to hang himself. On a man very sick would answer the Daily News like this "Asked by editors if he possessed “similar photos,” congressman responded, “I can’t answer a question that broad. I don’t know.”  

Press Waiting Today for Weiner

Weiner Shuts Up
Update 11AM * Rep. Anthony Weiner says he won't talk about his Twitter pic (NYP) * Anthony Weiner: I’m not answering any more questions(Wash Post)

Ed Koch: To Save His Career Weiner Must Go to the Capital Police Now And Let Them Investigate

WeinerGate Day 6

Weiner's mayoral hopes dim as Twit hits the fan(NYP)Podhoretz: Congressman's not being honest about crotch pic(NYP) * Probe could give Weiner more headaches: expert * Analysts Weigh In on Weiner's Future (NYT) * Is Weiner making his Twitter troubles worse? (Wash Post)

So the man who would be mayor "can't say with certitude" whether or not the world's most famous Twitter crotch shot is of him? Could Tony Weiner's contempt for the people of New York City be any more, well, certain? Mr. Skeevy's skivvies
Weiner Denies Sending Photo; Is Less Sure of Origin(NYT) * Weiner Can’t Rule Out That Twitter Photo Is Him(NYT) * Weiner Fails to Quell Photo Controversy (WSJ) * Weiner Uncertain If Lewd Twitter Photo Is of Him * Rep. Weiner Tells Maddow Twitter Photo ‘Maybe Started Out Being A Photo Of Mine’

Complicated issues a breeze for Anthony Weiner but he zips up about the bulge(NYDN)

 The brief on Wein Rep. Anthony Weiner has done a bangup job convincing New Yorkers he knows more about the "prank" photo of bulging briefs that someone tweeted to a college student Saturday night. (NYDN Ed)

Rep. Weiner Admits In Interview Lewd Twitter Photo ‘Could Be’ Him

Weiner: "I Probably Made A Mistake, Not Doing More Interviews" On Twitter Incident (NY1)

Jon Stewart Raises Eyebrow At Rep. Weiner: ‘I Know What My Erect Penis Looks Like’(Mediaite)

Finally, Donald Trump Weighs In On ‘Weinergate’: ‘He Obviously Knows It’s Him’

Weiner kerfuffle may hurt politically(Newsda

21 Years-Mom Mad

Stop 'pic'-ing on her The furious mom of the Seattle college coed at the center of Weinergate yesterday demanded that the cocky congressman come clean about the lewd photo. "I'm really upset. I feel like he's a person of power and influence, who can make a statement and make all this go away," Carol Mizuguchi said, blasting Rep. Anthony Weiner for his continued snarky sidestepping.*  Porn pal craved pol

Weiner's Wife On Twittergate(NYP)

Anderson Cooper To Paul Begala: If Weiner Was Republican Would You Still Say 'So What, Who Cares?' (VIDEO) * Giuliani to Weiner: ‘Call the FBI!’(NYO) * Exclusive: Brooklyn Hasidic News Site Yanks Posts About Weinergate * Without Weiner: It’s “hardly a foregone conclusion that Democrats will be a lock to hold onto the seat.” * Advice: “until Weiner answers whether it’s his shorts in the picture (even if the answer is yes), this story is likely to stay in the news.”(Wash Post) * Weiner’s handling of this incident only perpetuates questions about his maturity (NY Mag) * Weiner Twitter photo scandal and how he could’ve prevented it (Video Cartoon) * A "Weinergate" timeline  Did who send what? A chronology of the alleged crotch-shot Twitter scandal the right is going bonkers over Video (Salon)*  Weiner Has Done Himself No Favors – Gotham (NYT) * Anothony Weiner's Talkathon isn't saying much - Ben Smith(Politico) * Weiner Has Done Himself No Favors - Gotham *Some Question a Congressman’s Uncertainty, but Others Take It in Stride(NYT) * Jon Stewart's 9-Min. Skewering Shows He Has Pretty Much Lost Faith In Rep. Weiner (video) 


Weiner won't call police over hacking, but will call them on Reporter Marcia Kramer? 

Weiner’s Office Calls The Police After CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview (WCBS) * Rep. Weiner’s Office Calls Police On CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer For Requesting Interview




Anthony Weiner story about to get overshadowed by John Edwards

John Edwards charges appear likely Friday






The trial in State Supreme Court in the Bronx was one of the first to gauge the degree to which jurors care about the sweeping police ticket-fixing scandal that may involve as many as 300 officers

Breaking   Acquittal in D.W.I. Case That Was Test of Ticket-Fixing Issue(NYT)

Another juror, Gifty Teye, 64, a home health aide, said, “They have to prove that he was drunk, and they didn’t.” She added that the ticket-fixing played a smaller role in her thinking, but said, “how can you trust such people?” 

City Council Makes Teach Cuts Into Campaign Literature 
The council want to cut special education, technology, teacher recruiting and other areas of education not related to teacher layoffs.  In the 70's we striped education the same way to save teachers and found that the failure rate of the schools and graduation rates drop sharply.  Council leaders who are planning to run for higher office understands that preventing teacher layoffs makes good headlines and campaign literature even if stripping other parts of the education leads to worst schools.

New York’s Korean Grocers Dwindle(NYT)





Bus Crash Victims Named(WSJ)* Asleep at the wheel(NYDN Ed) * Feds Delayed Shutting Down Bus Company Linked to Fatal Crash(WNYC)







With No Negative Press And Millions Spent on TV Ads by Big Business Supporting Cuomo Agenda His Poll Numbers are Up

 Pro Cuomo Ads Helpful

Poll shows Gov. Cuomo has sky-high approval rating(NYD * Governor, pols near deal on major Albany ethics reform(NYDN)

Breaking AP exclusive: Gov Cuomo, legislative leaders have tentative deal on ethics reform, announcement expected as early as Friday. (Twitter)



Cuomo Ends State’s Role in Checking Immigrants(NYT) * Immigration Backers Cheer Cuomo Action (WSJ)

 The administration left the door open for coming back to the program, saying “until the numerous questions and controversies regarding the program can be resolved…”

Ethics Bill: “Still being discussed is a Senate GOP push to have the state compile a list of all law firms that have clients with state business, whether they employ a legislator or not.” * Ethics Bill: Joint panel to oversee legislature and executive brach; will require sign-off from commissioner in same party as the accused; more financial disclosure.


YC pension costs will peak in 2016, and then steadily decline, according to new report from Comptroller * DiNapoli Wants Placement Agents Ban Permanent (YNN)

Cuomo Vs AG + Comptroller

Both the Comptroller and IG Ellen Biben are now looking into alleged wrongdoing at the SUNY Research Foundation.* Contracts: DiNapoli holds up approval for $70 million contract Cuomo staff steered to union workers, who were not the lowest bidders.


Independent Democrats: What’s the point of the IDC, if they’re not causing trouble? 

Bloomberg’s bleak poll numbers don’t have to stay that way (Amsterdam News

“The truth of the matter is that Bloomberg’s image is suffering from a number of things. He seems, to many New Yorkers, to be an out-of-touch, corporate-friendly, real estate industry-loving, Manhattan-centric mayor who has overstayed his welcome.”

Deutsche Bank: Prosecution rests its case.  Defense lawyers in Deutsche Bank trial argue that water wouldn't have helped doomed firefighters(NYP)





Quiet? In New York City? Central Park is not a public library. It’s a place for singing songs at Strawberry Fields and playing the sax at Bethesda Fountain. (NYT ED)


 Using Internet Outside? In Part of Brooklyn, Free Wireless Access Arrives(NYT)



The site of a Lowe's home improvement store is still leaking pollution into the canal even though a state-monitored cleanup was supposedly finished before the store opened seven years ago (NYDN)


WATCH: Jon Stewart Blasts Trump Over Palin Pizza Date



Let's get ready to rumble!

Sarah Palin to take bus tour to New Hampshire as Mitt Romney makes bid for president in same state  * Sarah Palin: Romney has tea party 'challenge' (Politico)


Law and Order 

85 Year Old's Mugger Caught

Suspect being questioned in sexual assault of 85-year-old woman on Upper East Side(NYP)Brooklyn man arrested in sexual assault of 85-year-old woman on Upper East Side(NYP)

For Mobster, a Life Term, Not His First, Offers Relief(NYT *  Newly revealed East Side attack could be work of same sicko(NYDN) *Police Investigate Two Upper East Side Sexual Attacks * Three Sean Bell detectives to face NYPD trial room(NYDN) * Cop texted racy photos but year after complaint probe drags on(NYDN) * Defense turns tables on cop witnesses at DWI trial(NYDN) *S.I. District Attorney Reports For Jury Duty(WCBS) *  Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan reports for jury duty(SI Advance) * Accused perv tries to kill self again(NYP) * Police search for two in Williamsburg robberies (WABC) * Attempted sex assault on UES, residents concerned(WABC) * Father-to-be resorts to thefts for his expected son, cops say (SI Advance) * Cops Hunt Robber Targeting TriBeCa Eateries *Frog gilds the lily pad (NYP)*Pierre maid's fear(NYP) * District Attorneys are stepping up efforts to reform no-fault insurance. * 14-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot in Brooklyn  * Cops looking for brazen mugger who has been robbing women across Manhattan (NYP) * Cops, Firefighters Arrested in Gambling Bust (NBC)* Arrests in Staten Island Gambling Operation  * Despite Cutbacks, Night Court’s Small Dramas Go On(NYT) * Arrests in Staten Island Gambling Operation(NYT)

Police Say Suspect In Lower Manhattan Robbery Spree Targets Women





Bill Keller Steps Down as New York Times Editor

 Newspaper revenue drops almost 10 percent in Q1(FBNY)





Goldman Sachs has been subpoenaed by the Manhattan D.A. in credit-crisis investigation (Stock is down 2%.) * Wall Street: Has to prove “criminal intent,” not just wrongdoing




China denied that its government had a role in recent hacking attacks against Google email users (Wash Post)


Vanishing giants in a sharply divided U.S. Congress