Sunday, June 12, 2011

True News Sunday Update

Weiner Off to Happy Dale

The Medicalization of the Weiner Scandal 
Breaking 6:26PM
Weiner considering resigning: source (NYDN) * Regarding Weiner, Schumer Says "This is Heartbreaking"; Cuomo, "It's a Federal Matter, My Involvement Not Relevant"(NBC) * More photos surface of Rep. Weiner (Washington Post) * Anthony Weiner Is a Man Who Likes to See Himself In the Mirror at the Gym(NY Magazine)

Mental Illness?
Or Buying Time?
Is there any humiliation Rep. Anthony Weiner won’t inflict on himself before he resigns the office that he has so spectacularly disgraced? (NYP)


The Mayor Attempt to Contain and Control Information on the CityTime Contract Scandal has Lead to a Drip Drip Never Ending News Cycle of the Scanadal 
Reason Mayor's Poll Going South

NY contractor fraud case scandal a thorn for mayor Drip, drip of news on NYC contractor fraud case a thorn for Bloomberg(



The Internet is Putting Crisis Consultants Out of Business 

While the national party leaders have asked Weiner to resign the NY press has accepted press release from local pols. No questions about what they think Weiner did.  Many of the press are giving us what the Weiner's consultants want them to report. Which brings up a much larger problem of many of the news reporters do not understand politics and count on the lobbyists and consultants to give them their info. In the old media days the crisis consultants controlled new coverage today with the growing power of the Internet they don't. * Tactics: “Even in trying to come clean, Weiner’s communication strategy was seriously flawed…broken so many basic professional communication rules, it’s mindboggling.”

The Growing Power of Blogers

A look at the growing clout of bloggers (via

If the president thinks the Internet can cause revolution against dictators why not use it to overthrow the political dictators in NY?

Internet Revolution: Obama wants to help dissidents access the internet to undermine repressive regimes


First photos of Gabrielle Giffords released(NYP)







NYP Says Pol Insiders Say Quinn in the Lead . . . Who Are These Insiders

All the Political Insiders the NYP Quotes are Anonymous 

All the Post's Murdoch cares about is that the Dept of Education keep giving Dept of Ed contracts to Klein the head of his new education company

Quinn now leading in mayor race The humiliating melt down of Rep. Anthony Weiner has reshuffled the 2013 mayoral race, with political insiders nominating City Council Speaker...  



With Independent Redistricting There Would Be No Need for NY Congressional Members to Hiring Consultants to Lobby Albany

Congressman Hiring Lobbyists: Eliot Engel gets Spano, Brian Higgins hired Lynch, and Joe Crowley gets Meara. All working on redistricting. [Jon Campbell / Democrat and Chronicle] First reported by Maggie Haberman at Politico.

Pork Pig Fidler Games the Campaign Finance System Again and Again


Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler gamed the campaign finance system for $88,550 in taxpayer money(NYDN)

 Fidler did the same thing in 2003

Fidler Campaign Paid Brandford Almost 70,000 in 2003 When He got 87% of the vote and $82,500 from the CFB

Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him





Councilman to Propose Bill Requiring Mayors to Disclose Long-Distance Trips(NYT)




Gov. Cuomo forced by ethics-challenged lawmakers to use indirect ways of tracking private incomes(NYDN Ed)


Leading marriage opponents have $13 million sources say; funders unknown 

Powerful enemy set to oppose Cuomo, Bloomberg in gay marriage fight(NYDN)




NYDN Rips Off Street Blog: Sexy Bike Rider 


Saudi Arabia on the Hudson: NYPD Officer Stopped Cyclist For Wearing Skirt(Street Blog)


Biker pulled over by NYPD cop for sexy outfit(NYDN) Skirted Cycling the Latest NYC Biking 'Crime'(Gawker) 


Our students need this test: For low-income kids' sake, save the January Regents(NYDN Ed) * Daycares displaced by Brooklyn charter school may get new homes(NYDN)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Housing: Silver could benefit financially by loosening rules at building where lives

Sunset: Vito Fossella influence on GOP comes to an end.

Walmart eyes Bensonhurst (NYP)



City official blames Newport maker for supplying bootleggers by oversupplying Indian reservations

City blames Big Tobacco for cigarette black market (NYP)

NYP disappointed “Cuomo bowed to special-interest pressure” by withdrawing from Secure Communities federal program

Cuomo’s illegal immigration pander(NYP Ed)

Saturday Weiner and other News

Saturday Weiner and other News

Saturday Weiner and other News

Breaking: Fat Lady Sings for Weiner 

Celebrity Rehab: Washington D.C.

Joining Britney?

Update BREAKING: Anthony Weiner headed to check himself into a treatment center, according to two senior Democratic officials.* Weiner Checks In to ‘Treatment Center’ as Pelosi, Top Democrats Call for Resignation (Gawker) *

Ben Smith
Congressional Leave of Absence Form
Other members of Congress who have taken leaves of absence: John Ensign in 2002 and John Sullivan in 2009.

Just Like Britney: First the Undies, Now the Rehab

DNC chair debbie wasserman schultz just released a statement calling on to resign

Pelosi, Israel tell Weiner he should resign  Pelosi, cont'd: "I urge Congressman Weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a Member of Congress.” * Three top Dems say it's time for Weiner to resign (The Hill) * Pelosi Calls on Weiner to Resign(NYT) * Top Democrats urge Weiner to resign (Politico) *  Pelosi, DNC Chair: Weiner Should Quit(The Daily Beast) * Anthony Weiner must resign: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi calls for perv pol to quit(NYDN) * Dem leaders' calls for Weiner to resign are part of a coordinated effort to convince him to go (The Hill) * Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz And Israel Call On Weiner To Resign (read the statements here) via * Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats increase pressure on Anthony Weiner to quit(LA Times) * Weiner on David Paterson from 2010: "He should step down" (video)


Sen. Schumer on : “I am heartbroken... It’s clear he needs professional help and I am glad he is seeking it.” * Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who called on Weiner to resign, was born in Forest Hills, N.Y., which Weiner represents

The backstory on Weiner's implosion(Washington Post)

Forget Mayor Can Weiner Beat Berlusconi For Prime Minister of Italy?

WeinerGate: The News 24/7 Begins on the Internet, A Media Interactive News Revolution

It is clear that online bloggers are become the main source of news for old media journalist

Much of the news in the morning papers is available on the Internet from many sources not only the night before but in many cases days before it is printed in the daily papers. The Weiner Sex Scandal Story has not only mostly broken on the Internet but the face pace of breaking developments published on internet sites has given it extra energy and made it a interactive story with the media and the internet racing to break new angles. *  All Together Now: NYT, HuffPo, Observer, Gawker, Newsweek/Daily Beast, and Facebook It's the future of media!(Ad Week)

“Please understand i am a very important man. I'm always busy, but I promise i will make time for you soon!” Weiner wrote to Nobles in an email dated May 6, 2011.
“Don't the pictures i send keep you satisfied? Weiner text to Nobles

Pol's raunchy e-mail exchanges with teacher released(NYP)

This dirty e-mail story broke on last evening at 5:31PM 

Weinergate: New Dirty Email Exchange Between Rep. Anthony Weiner & Cyber Mistress Traci Nobles (

 Weiner Has Set Up A Rapid Response War Room . . .  A Crisis Management Team

 The Weiner Text to a 17th Year Old Broke on Fox Friday 6PM

Exclusive: Weiner's Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware Draw Police Attention (Fox News) * Cops looking into online communications with 17-year-old girl(NYP)

Weiner War Room Response 7:36


Weiner Confirms Contact with 17 Year-Old, Denies ‘Explicit’ Messages(NYO) Risa Heller, a Weiner communications strategist, released a statement to FOX News Channel on Friday saying, "According to Congressman Weiner, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent." * Weiner Confirms He Sent Messages to Girl, 17 (NYT) * Weiner's Messages to Teen Are Probed(WSJ) * Weiner Says He Sent Messages To 17-Year-Old, But They Were Not Indecent(NYDN) * Weinergate: The twit tweeted a teen! (NYDN) * Weiner Acknowledges Messaging H.S. Student (NBC) * Weiner's exchanges between teacher, teen revealed (NYP) * Anthony Weiner takes out his dirty laundry, gets cheers from onlookers amid sext scandal(NYDN) * 'Nothing explicit': Weiner denies X-rated contact with teen(NYDN) * Andrew Breitbart: Obama And Clinton Told Rep. Weiner To ‘Get The Hell Out Of Here’

Weiner: "I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape

Weiner Tweet

Cops question teen girl to whom Weiner tweeted bizarre superhero joke Congressman described himself to her as a superhero: "I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape."(NYDN)






"I Want to Bang the Future Mayor of New York City"

A Weiner Reading

Bill Maher And Jane Lynch Give A Dramatic Reading Of Anthony Weiner’s Sexts





Top 11 Political Sex Scandal Apologies Other Than Weinergate [VIDEO] (Mother Jones)




NBC New York Investigation: Personal Investments of Congress(NBC)



 Media Spins Light Stories From the Mayor and Gov as Major Issues Go Uncovered

Distracting A Willing Press

Mayor Spin: Each day the mayor's team has stories ready for the accepting media that have nothing to do with the major issues facing the city. Today's mayor's spin is about high-calorie beverages.   Corruption in the CityTime contracts, the NYPD ticket scandal, rising crime and cutbacks are not covered aggressively by the press if at all. Can you imagine what would happen if the Washington Post did not investigate the Watergate break in.  There is never an effort to blame the mayor for rising crime like the media blamed Mayor Dinkins. Without an aggressive press the pols can get away with anything. Like a 9+% unemployment rate.

Blind rage at city drink stink Bloomberg's grand vision to improve New Yorkers' health by severely limiting the sale of high-calorie beverages on city property is bad news for the little guy, say blind vendors who operate stands in city-owned buildings.(NYP) * Vendors sour on NYC's crackdown on high-sugar drinks(NYDN)

Gov Spin: With the Tax cap, rent regulations, gay marriage and ethics issues still to be acted upon the media today blacked out those important stories to cover a spin by the gov to crack down on texting while driving Gov: Thumbs down! Pushes harder slap on driver texting(NYP) *  Cuomo Seeks Tougher Texting While Driving Laws (NYT) * Cuomo Moves to Ban BlackBerry Drivers (WSJ)* Cuomo Bill Would Create "Unprecedented Penalties" For Distracted Drivers(NY1)
* Local Leaders Demand Rent Protection(Fox 5)

 Ethics and Reform

Ethics Reform Is Good, But NY Needs Campaign Reform Too(NBC) * "We'll deal with re-districting next year," .


City: Liu Should Pay His Campaign Post Fines, What About Thompson and de Blasio?

Liu's so 're-fined' City reissues 500G+ in poster tickets

In an unprecedented move, the Sanitation Department has reissued more than $500,000 worth of summonses for illegal posters that city Comptroller John Liu's 2009 campaign got dismissed on technicalities a few months ago.(NYP) * Bill Thompson Enters Mayor's Race (Fox 5)

Well, It’s a Start A proposed public campaign financing system for the state comptroller’s job should be passed, and expanded to other offices.(NYT Ed)


High Line Has Cameras What About Subways?

The Park Is Elevated. Its Crime Rate Is Anything But(NYT) An abundance of cameras are among the factors responsible for the absence of serious crimes at the High Line park in Manhattan since its opening two years ago.

MTA Broken Cameras After this weekends murders in March of 2010 that were not caught on video because of broken cameras.  With a failure rate of 50% for the cameras already installed maybe the MTA would gain a little creditable if they said 450 new cameras on the way? 900 new subway surveillance cameras on the way * Lack of Video Slows Hunt for a Killer in the Subway * About half of New York subway security cameras don't work * Investigators in double subway murder hampered by lack of cameras * No video after subway stabbing highlights MTA issue * MTA Vows To Fix Subway Surveillance Cameras *** Insecurity Cams? About Half in the City Don't Work


Sweepers May Help in Scanning Parked Cars(NYT)


The Joel Klein-Wireless Generation-No-Bid Contract-New Deal (Rubber Roo





N.A.A.C.P. on Defensive as Suit on Charter Schools Splits Group’s Supporters(NYT)


Education News

Big Kindergarten Wait List Limits City’s Pre-K Slots(NYT) * Top School in Fight Over Future Alumni and Administrators Split at Bronx Alma Mater of Scorsese, Mashburn (WSJ)


A Slaughterhouse in Brooklyn, and Misery Next Door (NYT)






 Court ruling: Lap dances not art-sy enough to avoid sales tax(NYDN)

Sunday Law and Order 

Jeffrey Ritter's first rape victim speaks out: 'He needs to be put away for life'(NYDN)

Cops have eye on man in B'klyn slay(NYP) * DA probes 'sick kid' scam(NYP) * Breslin: Death at Brighton Beach boardwalk part of life for man on street(NYDN)* Man, 70, gets throat slashed in East Harlem grocery(NYDN) * Kin of dead Craigslist hookers mourn victims during emotional L.I. vigil(NYDN) * Police: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Washington Heights Apartment(WCBS) * Mixed Reaction To Rep. Weiner’s Rehab Decision In NYC(WCBS) * Behind cyber-sex 'cure'(WCBS) * Police search for Bronx stabbing suspect(WCBS) * Man, 70, gets throat slashed in East Harlem grocery(NYDN)* Police Investigate Three Separate Upper Manhattan Assaults (NY1) * Bronx girl tries to stop maniac, gunned down from behind(NYP) *Woman Sexually Assaulted in Inwood Hill Park, Police Say(NYT)


Law and Order

Teen's plea deal nixed after wearing sexy outfit to court(NYP)






Boardwalk Shooting

A Teen's Plea, a Mom's Regret Tysha Jones, the teenager who was shot on Brighton Beach Thursday, argued with her mother to go to the beach that day. It was a school holiday, her friends were all going and it was nearly 100 degrees, so Cynthia Jones eventually gave in. (WSJ) * A Family Mourns as Bathers Return to a Beach (NYT) * Brighton Beach shooting victim dies just months after close friend shot dead(NYDN) * Earlier fight believed to have sparked Brighton Beach boardwalk shooting(NYDN) * Worst friend ever! Man will be caged for killing buddy's two pet doves(NYDN) * New York public school students have far too much time off, often for no good reason(NYDN Ed) * Police Tracking Down Leads In Fatal Boardwalk Shooting (NY1)

Man Charged in 1998 Rape on DNA Evidence (WSJ) * DA Cy Vance's case against suspect in 1998 rape shows need for DNA samples from all criminals(NYDN Ed)



Stray shot hits Bx. kid (NYP) * 5-year-old boy shot by stray bullet as Bronx street erupts in gunfire(NYDN) * 3 shot in the Bronx, including 5-year-old(WABC) * Suspect nabbed in stray shooting of 5-year-old Bronx girl(NYDN) * Cops: Teens firing guns, not fireworks in Queens chase(NYDN) * Bx. woman beaten dead (NYP) * Toddler Among Three Injured In Bronx Shooting (NY1)

Busted ex-Knick a wiz (NYP) * Would-be rapist is pounded (NYP) * Stupid court trick: Bans humans from being buried with their beloved pets(NYDN) * Jury rejects crazed thug's $40 million police brutality suit(NYDN) * Gal slashed by mugger(NYP)


 Police Investigate Manhattan Sexual Assault(NYDN) * Police Release Sketch Of Suspect Wanted In Upper West Side Sex Assault(WCBS)

* Police: Man In Critical Condition After Being Beaten (WCBS) * Rich old gal $cammed (NYP)* Police Investigate Man's Attack In Flatiron District

 Terrorism Security Checks on Boaters Disrupt Idyllic Life on the Hudson(NYT) *  Somali gov't: 1998 US Embassy blasts suspect dead(MSNBC)




Blog Report  Bruce Ratner's 2 Billion Dollar Subsidy Has Produced Seven (7) Local Jobs (Develop Don't Destroy) * Rally to Extend Hydrofracking Moratorium at Marty Golden's Office (Bay Ridge Journal *LICH/SUNY Merger Now Official (Cobble Hill Blog) * Great News! Funds Restored For Kathleen, Carroll Park's Playground Associate (Pardon Me for Asking) * New videos from Tracy Collins; One Minute Voices from Dean Street (Atlantic Yard Report) * Second Rally to Save Engine Company 205 in Brooklyn Heights (Mcbrooklyn) *  Second Rally to Save Engine Company 205 in Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn Heights Blog) * Anti-Weiner protest set for Sunday (Queens Crap) * Ed Towns on THE PEREZ NOTES * Residents Take on DEP at Reservoir Access Hearing Called by Diaz (Bronx News Network) * Big Apple BBQ Pitmasters Ready To Grill This Weekend (DNAInfo) * City Unveils Master Plan for Northern Manhattan Parks(Inwood Daily) *  Carl Kruger exists, but not everyone appreciates that, apparently (The Brooklyn Blog)


Videos by the Hundreds, as City Agencies Ride a Wave The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment is using Internet Week to promote its newest offering, which features several hundred videos about New York.(NYT)



Twitter is the new Facebook(CNN)



When Failing Campaigns Blame the Wife(NY Mag)



Report: Elizabeth Edwards Left Behind Video Testimony Against Her Husband


 Is there any humiliation Rep. Anthony Weiner won’t inflict on himself before he resigns the office that he has so spectacularly disgraced? (NYP)

New York Times Blog The Local East Village Names New Editor


Tear Down This Wall" 24 years ago today Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall. VIDEO (CBS)