Monday, June 13, 2011

Albany End Game: Lets Make A Deal

Albany Crunch Time
A  “Mega Deal” on Rent Regulations, Tax Cap and Gay Marriage is the Buzz As Albany Ends It Session  

There Legislature is back in town with six scheduled days (five of which are all this week) before the end of the 2011 session and a long to-do list. It’s possible some very unrelated issues get lumped together in the end: Property tax cap, rent regulations and same-sex marriage. Five days of crunch time(TU)*The governor's cards(NYP)



Cuomo reportedly told GOP that Dems have 28 votes for Gay Marriage
 3 Democrats and 5 Republicans will determine the bill’s fate
Gay Marriage Issue Burden for Senate’s Undecided(NYP) * Late Push for Gay Marriage (WSJ) * GOP swings both ways on gay-marriage bill(NYP)* Asmblym O'Donnell has historic 65 bill sponsors - w 3 GOPers - but unlikely to move w out Senate vote.* NYT EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Cuomo is summoning advocates, lawmakers and labor groups to Albany for crucial strategy session on gay marriage today. Michael Barbaro (Twitter) * Seven Senate Republicans have reportedly signaled to Gov. Andrew Cuomo a willingness to vote “yes” on gay marriage, but an administration source puts the likelihood of passage at 60-40 against. * The target potential “yes” voters on both sides of the aisle are under a lot of pressure.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo is telling Republicans he has flipped two of the undecided Democratic senators to vote in favor of same-sex marriage. (WSJ) * Strategy Session Called on Gay Marriage Bill (NYT)
 Special Interests $$$ Now Buy the News On Your TV
Spending on advertising has fueled the increase in lobbying costs. Well-funded special interests funnel millions to lobbyists for public campaigns to sway lawmakers on hot-button issues (TU)

NYP Drops Markowitz Interested In Running for Mayor

Marty eyes mayor run(NYP) * 2013: Manhattan backlash; next mayor from outer borough * 'Outer-boro' Hizzoner (NYP)


Last Minute Deal To Save Teachers Between UFT and City

Massive teacher layoffs could be avoided by moving funds from obscure health care fund: officials(NYDN) * Report: Union Health Fund Money May Prevent Teacher Layoffs, FDNY Closings (NY1)





Haggerty Vs. Bloomberg: The Battle for the Queens GOP

 GOP: Ognibene to challenge Ragusa for control of Queens * Bloomberg Cash At Center Of Queens GOP Battle (CHN) * With the backing of the controversial GOP consultant John Haggerty, former Bloomberg opponent Tom Ognibene plans to challenge Queens County Republican Chairman Phil Ragusa for selling out the party line too cheaply to the billionaire mayor in 2009.

Obama Suggests That Weiner Step Down(NYT)



 Weiner aides don’t say where he is or when he’ll return

Despite Plan to Enter Rehab, Weiner Still Faces Calls to Resign (NYT) * Democrats Insist Weiner Must Quit(WSJ) * Protesters demand Weiner's resignation outside his office(NYDN) * Weiner finally considering resigning amid sexting scandal, source says(NYDN) * Video: Weiner scandal a big loss for progressives (Morning Joe) * While Weiner is away, his fellow House Democrats might vote to oust him from their ranks.  * Behind the selective Weinergate outrage of Democrats (Salon) * Rep. McCarthy: Weiner Should Resign | PolitickerNY * White House: Weiner A 'Distraction' To Obama Agenda (NYP) *Trump: Instead Of Palin Witch Hunt, ‘How About Going Through Anthony Weiner’s Emails?’

The Online Looking Glass The Anthony Weiner story is really about narcissism(NYT) *  The naked truth is that Weiner won't be last pol embroiled in a sex scandal* White House Spokesman Carney calls actions``inappropriate'' and a ``distraction.''


Wasserman Schultz: We’ve Made It Clear Weiner ‘Needs To Resign’ But It’s His Decision


New Weiner photos taken in House gym could be an ethics breach(NYP)

Hillary Anger?

 Weiner is reportedly worried what kind of advice Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is giving his wife, Huma Abedin.





 Residents demand Weiner resign, some counter protesters disagree

Queens Voters Rally For, Against Weiner's Resignation(NY1) * Sex scandals at either end of the state will likely play a role in redistricting.



 Cuomo quietly put 11 major donors onto 22-person judicial screening panel

 Newsday's Janison on an impending Cuomo record: Fewest bills signed into law. Admin trying to keep focus on core items.








NY Congressman Loot the Piggy Bank As They Leave Washington 

Bonuses: Maffei, Arcuri, McMahon and Murphy gave huge bonuses to staff before leaving congress.

Rally to save Brooklyn fire company (WABC)


Restaurants Hid Poor Report Card

Restaurants Hide Poor Health Inspection Grades(NBC)



Brooklyn Census: Undercounted

Making Census Of It: Brooklyn Officials Claim 2010 Census Undercounted Borough




Rx black market bleeds Medicaid(NYP)



 Vallone legislation would require future mayors inform City Clerk of their departures from the city

Councilman Wants Mayors to Disclose Long-Distance Trips(NYT)


East River Ferry service kicks off its maiden voyage, easing commute from Brooklyn and Queens(NYDN)


Sweepers May Help in Scanning Parked Cars(NYT)




Buyers Rough It in Condo Tower Left Unfinished(WSJ)



Casino 'site' a beauty Ex-cosmetics facility(NYP) * East River Ferry launches today (WABC)




Former officer acquitted of rape wants more child support(NYP)



 Law and Order

Breaking UPDATE: Arrest Made in Brighton Boardwalk Shooting(NBC)

 Teen shot in head at Bx. party(NYP) *Teen girl shot for challenging gunmen (NYDN) * Teen girl shot in the Bronx; in critical (WABC) * Bronx Teenage Girl Shot in Head(NBC)

 3 Sex Assaults in 3 Days in Upper Manhattan(NBC) * 3 weekend sex attacks jolt Inwood & Wash. Hts.(NYP) * Sex assault suspects sought in Manhattan(NYDN) * Sex Assaults In Upper Manhattan (Fox 5) * 3 sex attacks in Washington Heights since Friday(WABC) * 3 Sex Assaults in 3 Days in Upper Manhattan (NBC) * Police Investigate Three Separate Upper Manhattan Assaults(NY1) * Woman Sexually Assaulted in Inwood Hill Park, Police Say(NYT) * Man in deadly shelter struggle identified as 62-year-old man(NYDN)

Terrorism  'Bomb' cover-up(NYP) *  Convicted Qaeda Agent Seeks Retrial in ’95 Case (NYT) * Port Authority 'Bomb' Report Cover-Up?(Fox 5)




First photos of Rep. Giffords show her bouncing back(NYP)






AG Eric Schendierman is pushing on with his investigation into the mortgage crisis, joined by his counterpart in Delaware.  * Schneiderman has targeted Bank of America in the probe. * Research Links Financial Crisis To Revolving-Door Lobbyists(Huff Post)



 NBC and, particularly ABC, haven't been shy lately about (sort of) paying for interviews. NY Times: 




Pentagon Papers Released 40 Years After New York Times Began Publishing Them(Huff Post)


5 Things To Watch For At Tonight's Republican Debate In New Hampshire(Huff Papers)