Monday, June 27, 2011

Mayor Takes Partial Blame For CityTime Scandal. What About the Cover-Up?

I Am Sorry CityTime Investigation Over

Mayor Takes Partial Blame For CityTime Scandal

 "Hopefully we learn and don't make the same mistake again."Bloomberg

Can you imagine if Nixon told the Washington Post after the first Watergate Story that he is sorry and should have paid more attention to what his staff was doing and the Post never continued its investigation, because he said it would not happen again.  The dumbing down of reporters and the changing culture of the press from watch dogs for the average Joe to corporate owners of the media who use their papers to make money for themselves.  The mayor has reason to optimistic  that the press will not push him to come up with answers to who in his administration was in on the corruption.  We already know DOI looked the other way when the former head of the Office of Payroll Richard Valcich sent a letter in 2003 to DOI outlining the corruption that was going on.   
We also know from the reporting Juan Gonzalez that a whistleblowers wrote a letters to DOI in 2008 to warn them of fake times sheets and hours claims where being made my CityTime.  If Quinn wanted to get to the bottom of who in the city was involved in the CityTime scandal she would call Gia Morris was the Inspector General at the City Finance Dept who job was to investigate CityTime.  Quinn can find her working at the Dept. of Corrections where she was quietly transferred a few months ago.  

Forgetabout the press getting to the bottom of city workers involvement in the CityTime scandal that job if let to the U.S. Attorney and Comptroller Liu who have uncovered what the head of the southern district Preet Bharara called the largest corruption scandal in the city's history. If you watch the infrocommerical for Deprtment of Investigations Commissioner Rose Gill Hear in which the reporter never asked her about the Valcichset 2003 letter or the whistleblowers that went to her with proof of corruption at CityTime in 2008,  you would see the need for many reforms in how the city investigates corruption. * Mayor Bloomberg's CityTime Mea Culpa(NYDN)

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