Monday, June 27, 2011

Lobbyist Pumping Money into Albany to Open Las Vagas-Style Casinos

Gambling In NY?
Genting, the Malaysian company building a racino at Aqueduct Racetrack, is spending $1 million a year on lobbying to change the state constitution so it can open a full-fledged, Las Vegas-style casino in Queens, the Times-Union says

The Times thinks the religious carve-outs in the #samesexmarriage bill are discriminator

 The NYT Does two editorials on gay marriage today. One that the bill passed even with divided state government the other demands to know why Obama is not leading on gay rights which faces greater opposition nationwide than it did in NY. Cuomo tell staff not to celebrate and brag. Cuomo has ordered his staff not to speculate about a presidential run in 2016, says the Post, which finally put gay marriage on the cover today

Cheering a Gay Marriage Law, and Its Champions(NYT) * For Council Speaker, Enjoying a Run of Good Fortune(NYT) * Gay Marriage: A Milestone New York shows it is possible to expand fundamental rights even with divided government. (NYT Ed) *  Gay Marriage: Where’s Mr. Obama? The rest of the nation waits for the president to “evolve.”



Ecstatic revelers were moved to tears upon seeing Cuomo march down Fifth Avenue 

Gay Pride Parade Turns Into a Victory Lap(WSJ) * Gay Pride parade marches through NYC; Cuomo cheered for historic law(NYDN) * Same-sex couples rejoicing over gay marriage law - and so are divorce lawyers (NYDN)Cheers for Gov. at gay pride parade(NYP) * Beyond New York, Gay Marriage Faces Hurdles(NYT) * Gay Marriage Vote Alters Political Battle Lines(WSJ) * Divorce lawyers cheering, too(NYP) * Cuomo's prez-rumor warning to staff: Don't 'run' off at the mouth(NYP) * Winners & Losers, Special Marriage edition(CHN) * After Same-Sex Marriage, Same-Sex Divorce (NYT) * Same-Sex Marriage: Celebrity tweet reactions. * Cuomo takes victory lap, won’t talk 2016 (Ganette Albany) * says she was "blocked" from marching with Cuomo yesterday: Gov. Cuomo won't rule out 2016 White House bid(NYP) * Cuomo and Saland Share Generous Contributor (YNN) * Spotted along yesterday’s Gay Pride Parade route: “Homo for Cuomo 2016.” * Beating California: “New York! Fuck yeah!!”* Style: Reminiscent of LBJ. “It’s also a brand of leadership that many Democrats I speak with feel is lacking in President Obama.” Obama Remains in Spotlight on Gay Marriage (WSJ) *  Money Was The Key Ingredient In New York's Gay Marriage Bill (Huff Post)


Did Gay Leaders Have A Smoking Gun Against Passive Archbishop?

Eliminating the statute of limitations for sexual abuse has bankrupted the Catholic Church in a few states.  It was killed last year by Albany.  Was there a behind the scenes warning to the church and other religious leaders that if they objected strongly on gay marriage the bill to eliminate the statute of limitations would pass? Dolan's lack of anger yesterday demands more investigation. Or was it a profoundly changing power dynamic, where Wall Street donors and gay-rights advocates demonstrated more might and muscle than a Roman Catholic hierarchy and an ineffective opposition At Mass, N.Y. Archbishop Is Silent on Gay Marriage(NYT) * Archbishop Dolan feeling 'down' following New York State's historic gay marriage vote (NYDN) * Brooklyn bishop says that churches should refuse to allow NY state lawmakers opportunity to speak to their congregants (CHN)

Legislature using taxpayer dollars to tout ethics reform in Albany. 

NYP Not Impressed With Bloomberg's Givebacks from the Unions . . . “Mayor Mouse”
On Sabbatical

"Bloomberg: Nothing but theater this year, to no discernible good effect."NYP

The Post says Cuomo wrung real savings out of state employee unions while Bloomberg failed to do the same in the city, after unions called his bluff on massive teacher layoffs Bloomberg's big bluff Just call him Mayor Blowhard.  Cuomo got the principal state-employees union to agree to a contract that could save taxpayers billions in coming years. Bloomberg got the teachers union to give up a year of paid study sabbaticals. Big whoop.(NYP Ed) * Judge in teachers union suit must let state education commissioner rule first(NYDN Ed) * NAACP should have been trying to stop last in, first out layoffs; not attacking charter schools(NYDN) * NAACP's charter hypocrite Boss' kid in posh prep(NYP) * The Council expects to vote tomorrow on the NYC budget deal. * Bloomberg isn’t thrilled by the comparisons of his leadership abilities to Cuomo’s.* Even Without Teacher Layoffs, City Schools Will Still Feel Pain(NYT)



By Testing Bike Lanes and Plazas the City Leaves the Public With No Say

Bloomberg's administration labels major changes like bike lanes and pedestrian plazas "pilot projects" to exempt them from the usual reviews, says NYT

‘Pilot’ Label Lets Mayor’s Projects Skip City Review The administration has made unprecedented use of initiatives labeled experimental to test ideas quickly and efficiently — and, critics say, undemocratically. Dozens of marquee administration projects, as broad as transforming the city streetscape with pedestrian plazas and bright green bike lanes have started as so-called pilot programs, ostensible experiments that are often exempt from the usual forms of city review.


NYP Continues to Attack Liu: John Liu's puppet strings

Liu's been in lockstep with the unions at least since he got the backing of the labor-puppet Working Families Party in his run for comptroller two years ago. The latest example: Liu announced an audit of the Central Park Boathouse restaurant -- barely six weeks after he appeared at a union rally demanding "fair treatment, good wages and decency and dignity for the [Boathouse] workers."

 NYP Vs. John Liu (True News)


 Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is probing whether bribes have been paid to speed up honorary street renamings in Harlem 'Crooked' street names in Harlem(NYP)

Bridges crumble as MTA tolls soar(NYP)

Rent Guidelines Board To Hold Final Vote On Rent Increases(NY1)



 Boehner and Cantor come to town for Michael Grimm

 GOP big guns are blazing for Staten Island pol Michael Grimm(NYDN)


Parks Smoking Ban Reportedly Resulted In One Ticket: Only one ticket has been reportedly issued since the ban Started

City's Ban on Smoking Called 'an Absolute Joke' In the first month of New York City's new smoking ban in 1,700 parks and along 14 miles of beaches, the city has issued a grand total of one ticket. (WSJ)



NYT Does Damage Control for Tacopina on the Day A Juror Comes Out and Says Rape Cops are Guilty and A Day Before Sentencing

Lawyer Takes Opposing Roles in Two Rape Cases Joseph Tacopina, who defended two police officers accused of rape, has also represented victims and their families in court. (NYT)

Law and Order

One Killed, Three Hit By Gunfire(WSJ) * Lawyer arrested for trying to help client who was arrested, he claims (NYDN) * NYPD cop's big yap leads to gun, DWI raps (NYDN) * Queens man nabbed after alleged rape in park(NYDN) * One Teen Killed, Three Injured In Queens Shooting(NY1) * LI copycat Rx crook(NYP) * 'Sopranos' kin ripped off Mafia gambling dens(NYP) * Foxy duo in 300G 'sweetheart scam' on gullible geezer(NYP) * Opting out of the fingerprint-sharing portion of Secure Communities is not an option for state and local law enforcement agencies, according to the feds.* Brooklyn Teen Allegedly Molests Boy Inside Synagogue(NY1) * Queens woman faces down accused stabber's bizarre questioning in court (NYDN) *Man accused of stabbing 3 cruelly cross-examines woman he allegedly attacked *Sentencing Delay Likely in Police Rape Case(NYT) * Police Sergeant to Get Jail Term for Perjury and Illegal Searches(NYT)


Bernie Sanders
Today, the top one percent owns more wealth than the bottom 90 percen(Twitter)