Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily News Says Dozens of Cops Will Be Arrested for Fixing Tickets

Who Will Attend Bernie Kerik 2011 Cop Reunion?

Tix-fix scandal: Dozens of Bronx NYPD cop indictements expected from DA 


Mayor Tries to Take Pressure Off of CityTime Scandal By Accepting Blame and Saying He Do Better Next Time

Mike: I share blame in CityTime fiasco(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg Defends Record(WSJ) *  Bloomberg: My Bad About That Whole $740 Million CityTime Mess(Gothamist) * Corruption: Accused crook in CityTime scandal can’t afford lawyer. [Bruce Golding / NY Post]

CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal(True News)

DOI: CityTime Cover Up (True News)

NYC Budget Cuts Not Impressed

NYC Budget: Bloomberg defends his credibility. Gelinas says unions, not Bloomberg, have taken control. * NYC Budget: Not impressed with Bloomberg’s rhetoric or tinkering. [Michael Powell / New York Times]




Quinnipiac Poll: New York Supports Same Sex Marriage 54 to 40 

New York voters support the same-sex marriage law 54 percent to 40 percent, a new Quinnipiac University state poll finds, with divisions along age and religious lines. Voters under 35 support it 70-26 percent, but those over 65 oppose it 57-37 percent. White Catholics are split 48-48 percent, white Protestants oppose it 54-40 percent, and Jews support it 67-30 percent.



BREAKING: Deutsche Bank Building Foreman Not Guilty in Deadly Fire * Just In: One Of Three Deutsche Bank Fire Trial Defendants Acquitted Of All ChargesSupervisor cleared on all charges in inferno that killed 2 firefighters(NYP)





Cuomo and High Expectations

The TU hopes the Legislature’s burst of productivity wasn’t an aberration

The Legislature deserves credit for a good session this year, despite unfinished Senate business like independent redistricting and health insurance exchanges, so they've set high expectations for next year, the Times-Union saysThe Legislature’s comeback?(TU) * Skelos and the @NYSenate will return to Albany in the next few weeks to take up unfinished business(CHN) *  SenatorSkelos predicts Senate back in Albany in next few weeks to address health care exchange, other unfinished bizz.  * Bill Hammond calls Cuomo a champion for the “sensible center” and thinks he defies pigeonholing.* 2016: “Silly” said Cuomo* .: intro'd less program bills than his predecessors, but had higher % passed* Cuomo in 2016? How about Cuomo in NY - Greg David on New York | Crain’s New York Business * Marriage, New York Style: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About Andrew Cuomo (NY Magazine) *  Andrew Cuomo is on Quite the Roll(NBC) * has "singlehandedly resurrected the concept of an agenda-setting chief executive in Albany"--Robert Ward, Rockefeller Institute

 Sen. Mark Grisanti, under fire from Republicans and Conservatives for his “yes” vote on same-sex marriage, won’t rule out running as a Democrat in 2012. (He switched from D to R in 2010 after failing in a Democratic primary against his ousted 2010 foe, ex-Sen. Antoine Thompson).* Clerks are awaiting direction on same-sex marriage licenses. The current applications read “bride” and “groom.”* The gay marriage law goes into effect on a Sunday, July 24, which complicates things. * The first legal same-sex wedding has been booked at the Four Seasons.* The Times chides NJ Gov. Chris Christie for not being more like Cuomo.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo mixes liberal identity politics and conservative economics(Brodsky) * Sen. Joseph Addabbo explains his vote on Bloomberg's livery bill.(Gotham Gazette) * The Gay Bar  Why the gay rights movement was born in one (Slate) * Bishops' message blunted in NY gay marriage vote (SI Advance)


With Quinn Break Her Own Slush Fund Ethic Rule? 

Breaking No budget vote tonight after all! Tentatively scheduled for 10 am tomorrow.

  The council is set to hand out $50 million in member items this year, which will go to local community organizations ranging from little leagues to senior centers. The council released the document early this morning and is scheduled to vote on the budget tonight. However, in its rush to pass the budget, the council could be breaking ethics rules set by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. City Council Releases Pork Barrel Spending Ahead Of Budget Vote(NY1) * Police Arrest 13 Opponents Of City Council Budget At Lower Manhattan Sit-In(NY1)

Pork: Government Funds Councilmembers Used to Get Re-Elected

2011 City Council Slush Fund - Schedule C

What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

 Vito Lopez's Ridegwood Bushwick Sr. Cit. Council to get at least $607,000 in member item $ from NYC Council members Crowley, Dilan, Levin. * Councilmembers Ply Vito Lopez With Pork(NYDN)



June or August Primaries Smaller Turnouts. How About Early Voting and Mail In Voting?

 New York City already has very low voter turnouts in the primaries. In the runoff primary that gave the democratic nomination to John Liu for comptroller he received just 2% of the votes from registered voter in the city.  If we make the primary during the summer the turnout will be even lower.

Summer in the City: Beaches, Barbecues -- and Ballots?(Gotham Gazette)


 Silver's Iron Fist Rules

Follow The LeaderThe average majority members in both houses voted with their respective leaders between 97.41 percent (Assembly Democrats) and 98.87 percent (Senate Republicans) of the time. But Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is the only leader who can boast 100 percent loyalty from members of his conference – 10 to be exact, including the speaker himself. 

 Voting With Klein

Who Do Democrats Vote With More Often: Jeff Klein or John Sampson?(NYO)



Kruger: None of His Bills Passed This Year

For embattled Sen. Carl Kruger, D-Brooklyn, that meant none of the 372 bills he introduced during the legislative session this year were passed by both houses of the Legislature, according to a review by NYPIRG.



Who Controls the Senate Up to Where Prisoners Live 

Prisoners now counted as residents back home, not in upstate prisons

Districts Held Hostage by Prisoners A battle to redraw the political lines that will affect the makeup of New York state's Legislature is revolving around an unlikely group of nonvoters: the state's prisoners.(WSJ




New Taxi Sales to Save 20 Firehouse This Year

Firefighters union head Steve Cassidy has no love for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration, which keeps trying to close fire companies, but he knows how to make a deal. When he went up to Albany to lobby for the mayor's outer-borough livery cab plan, sources say he made clear to City Hall that more than $1 billion worth of new medallion sales ought to be enough to keep firehouses open. The final budget saved Cassidy's fire companies for this year, though all deals are off next year.




Elected Judges Barred From Presiding Over Cases Involving Campaign Donors(NY1)


 New York City’s campaign-finance system could face fresh legal challenges as a result of a Supreme Court decision Monday

w/ 5-4 vote, Supreme Court struck dwn matching-funds in AZ elections-another ruling tht violates values of our democracy 

Such a challenger would likely argue that by giving money to others based on a wealthy candidate’s spending, the law is unfair to deep-pocketed candidates. After Supreme Court Ruling, NYC's Campaign-Finance Law at Risk(WSJ)Where to Now on Public Financing? How will the Supreme Court's rejection of an Arizona matching-funds law affect the political landscape? (NYT)

 3.75 percent for one-year leases and 7.25 percent for two-year lease

Highest increase since 2008
Limits Raised on New York City Rent Increases(NYT) * Board Raises Caps on Rent Increases, to the Usual Jeers(NYT) * Rent hike: Board approves nearly 4% hike for rent-stabilized apartments(NYDN) * New Rent Laws Disappoint Tenant Groups, Annoy Owners (WNYC) * Lease Renewal Rates Increase After Heated Rent Guidelines Board Meeting(NY1)
NY'S Higher Bridge Toll Resulted In Less Users

MTA Loses $6.4 Million In 1st Quarter Thanks To Cheap Drivers 

MTA hike drives off motorists Motorists are steering clear of MTA bridges and tunnels following a series of massive toll hikes.

How Will Cuomo Stop MTA Budget Cuts? 
One bill waiting for Cuomo's signature that he didn't brag about: A measure to block administrations from balancing the budget by sweeping cash from the MTA into state coffers. The Senate and Assembly both passed the Transit Funding Lockbox Act, but Cuomo's spokesman says the governor's staff is still reviewing it. Advocates say the state has siphoned $260 million from the MTA in the last three years, forcing grievous cuts to subways and buses. Cuomo hasn't said how he'd fund the MTA capital plan, so nervous transit watchdogs hope union and public pressure will convince him to sign it.


NY to address troubled Brooklyn hospitals(CrainNY)

Stephen Berger, former chair of a panel that ordered the closure of several failing New York City hospitals, will lead efforts to determine a prognosis for ailing Brooklyn hospitals.

Liu cleared to rock the Boathouse
The city's ethics panel has cleared Comptroller John Liu to move ahead with an audit of the Central Park Boathouse, even though he delivered a blistering attack against the owner at a rally staged by a powerful union.


Driver Dies In Crash Involving City-Bound Tour Bus(NY1)

Saying so long to the Empire State's high taxes, stagnant economy and problematic schools isn't just for rich white folks anymore

As the Times reports, about 17 percent of the African-Americans who headed to Atlanta and other southern destinations over the last decade came from New York -- the most of any state. Georgia on my mind(NYP)


No one who truly cares about kids -- or innocent teachers, for that matter -- could possibly want to keep Harlem's MS 344 open 

"5 years ago, 400 third-grade classes had more than 30 students. This year, there are 4,000 such overcrowded classes." 

Who loves a hellhole? Yet the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP have actually sued to keep MS 344 (and 21 other rotten schools) alive. * Even Without Teacher Layoffs, City Schools Will Still Feel Pain(NYY) * NYC Arabic school to re-open as high school(WSJ) * NYSUT sued the Board of Regents and state Education Commissioner John King over the new teacher regulation system, which the union says exceeded their authority.* Last Day of School, and They Do Take Attendance(NYT)*  New York City's budget deal is no panacea: School budgets will be cut 2.4 percent on average, Education Department offices will be cut 13.5 percent and 1,000 workers from five other agencies will be laid off, the Times says* Public School Students Attend Last Day Of Class(NY1)

NAACP: Charters Threaten Public Schools

NAACP New York head Hazel Dukes pushed the head of a Brooklyn charter school and accused him of going to Harvard "on her back." Dukes acknowledged saying it to Cliff Thomas, founder of Invictus Prep in East New York, telling the Daily News, "Wouldn't he be intelligent enough graduating from Harvard that he would want quality schools for all children?" NAACP head Hazel Dukes accuses charter founder of attending Harvard 'on her back'(NYDN) * State Teachers Union Files Suit Over New Evaluations(NY1)*Union Challenges State on Use of Tests in Teacher Evaluations(NYT)


This is the 10 NYP Wood of Weiner This Month

 Even After He is Politically Dead He Says Papers

Now eyeing role as kingmaker in successor race(NYP) * Anthony Weiner is seeking to play a role in choosing his successor:  * Anthony Weiner Just Wants to Help!(Vanity Fair)




Racy call cards used to advertise prostitutes facing ban from State legislature(NYDN)



City Signs to Help Pedestrians (They Aren’t Just for Tourists)(NYT) * Can Signs Save New York's Confused Pedestrians? (WSJ) * DOT helps out lost New Yorkers with new 'wayfinder' maps(NYDN)


Law and Order 

Ex-Cops Acquitted of Rape Want Misconduct Conviction Tossed

Brooklyn Hasid charged with hate crime after attacking 'Arab terrorist' next door(NYDN)



Perp, 17, returns a changed woman(NYP) * 'Mean Girl' accused of beating rival changes outfits and gets no-jail sentence (NYDN)



$19M bank 'robbery'$19M bank 'robbery' * Hazing killed my son(NYP) * I remember 'those evil eyes,' victim tells bicycle stabber(NYP) * LI cop chase turns deadly(NYP) * Pace-slay cop sues shop for 'booze sale' to student (NYP) * Cornell Fraternity Sued Over Student’s Drinking Death(NYT) *Suit filed against fraternity in NY hazing death(WSJ) * Mobster who named names kept in jail by judge so he can keep testifying(NYDN)

Teach busted for kiddie porn sentenced (NYDN) * Threats Prompt Motion to Close Trial in Bronx(NYT) * Guilty Verdicts in Attack on a Crown Heights Family(NYT) * Police Sergeant to Get Jail Term for Perjury and Illegal Searches(NYT) * Sentencing Delay Likely in Police Rape Case(NYT) * Driver found guilty in 2010 hit-run that left mayor's aide in coma(NYDN) * New NYPD stop and frisk forms ask cops to explain use of force(NYDN)9-Year-Old Shot In Face(Fox5) * Guilty Verdicts in Attack on a Crown Heights Family(NYT) * Judge Explains 150-Year Sentence for Madoff(NYT) * 15% fewer complaints filed against NYPD: New Yorkers filed 15% fewer complaints against the NYPD last year -- b... * Woman Found Murdered on Stanton Street(Village Voice) * NYPD Beefs Up Hotel Security In Wake Of Kabul Attack(NY1)

Brooklyn man climbs traffic pole in Times Sq. months after 'Today' show incident(NYP)


An al-Qaeda member makes a cameo appearance in a new ad from Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-illegal guns group that calls on Congress to close the so-called “terror gap.”


NYPD Sergeant Admits Cover Up  A New York City police sergeant has pleaded guilty to lying to cover up unjustified street stops and seizure 


Jon Stewart Uses Chris Wallace’s Own Words To Call Fox News ‘Crybabies’

 Media Critic: Murdoch declines to participate in Bloomberg TV profile.



Lobbyists Take Pay Cuts To Return To Capitol Hill, Probably Because They Love Their Country Sooooooo Much!






Bush Man Gets Blow Job by Press Tart Who Can’t Stop Blabbing About it (FishbowlDC)