Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cuomo Proposes to Limit Pension Includes the City This Time

No Retirement Changes NYPD & NYFD
Cuomo’s proposal escalates a battle between the first-term Democrat and a major Democratic Party constituency: public-sector labor unions.
A previously disclosed version of the plan covered only state and non-city public employees including suburban and upstate school districts. But the bill introduced yesterday added the city's workforce -- a move welcomed by Mayor Bloomberg. Career police and firefighters would still be able to retire at any age after 20 years on the job under the plan. Cuomo Urges Broad Limits to N.Y. Public Pensions(NYT) * Pension Deals Elusive in N.J., N.Y. (WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo pushes reform of state and city pensions(NYDN) * Editorial: Open the pension books * Gov bares retirement plan to save city $30B(NYP) * Opposition to the governor’s pension bill has caused a strange coalition of labor unions and fiscal conservatives.* According to Gov. Cuomo, a Tier 6 pension plan could save NYS $93 billion over the next 30 years 


Fixing Tickets and Now Court Cases All In Secret

Ticket-fixing probe: Retired union official charged with drunken driving spared trip to jail(NYDN) * Ticket-fixing corrupts our courts (NYDN ed)

 State Layoffs Begin
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing ahead with plans to lay off up to 9,800 workers by setting a date for the first wave of terminations: July 15.* PEF ‘Appalled’ By Layoff Memo (YNN)* Donohue: Layoff Plan ‘Obscene(YNN)

Councilman Who Attacks Weak Inspection Laws of Firetrap Buildings Uses the Broken System for His Own Advantage
He Did It

Buildings Dept. probed apartment owned by pol Jumaane Williams in '08(NYDN)

What he didn't mention was that on May 30, 2008, someone called the city to claim there was an "illegal conversion of basement apartment" in a two-family Williams owned on E. 98th St. Inspectors showed up July 11, 2008, to find no one home. They slapped a notice on the door, demanding that the owner contact them immediately to arrange an inspection. The visit came three days after Williams filed papers saying he planned to run for Council. Records show Williams ignored the inspectors' request. Inspectors showed up again in September 2008 and left a second note. There's no record Williams responded.(NYDN)

Guilty: Law partner of Assemblyman Peter Rivera admits wrongdoing; no promise to cooperate with US Attorney.

Weiner recklessly transformed chats about politics into sexually-charged exchanges 
Heat's on to quit as penis pic hits the 'Net
“A real man would quit,” says the Post* Admirers Became Weiner’s Online Pursuits(NYT) * Has Tony no decency?(NYP) * Weiner's wiener hits the web as full-frontal and fully exposed photo is leaked(NYDN) * Weiner's swan schlong(NYP) *  Perv takes a 'hit' from his blackjack dealer(NYP) * A Conversation About Scandal Turns Slightly Scandalous(NYT) * Anthony Weiner 'Replica Underwear' For Sale on EBay (Village Voice)
Controlling Ballot
Rules of the Special Election to Replace Weiner (If it happens)
New York's Tammany Hall Era Special Election Law will give the power to the Democrat and GOP leaders in Queens and Brooklyn to pick the next congressman of the 9th district.  The Queens party leaders will have more power because they control 3/4 of the district and county committee of the two main parties which will vote on who to pick as their party nominees.  The WFP and Conservative Parties would have a shot in this conservative district which Weiner never received 60% of the vote in, if they pick more middle of the road candidates who would appeal to more than their parties voters.  The minor parties will most likely play or threaten to play spoiler to cut a deal for themselves.  Good government groups taking credit for the new Swiss cheese ethic law never get involved in this type of election law that keeps the corrupt political system we have that not only controls who runs in special elections but also controls who runs as judge. This might be a good time to push for a recall system in New York and the Congress. On ethics: limited but necessary(NYP) * An Ethics Bill at Last (Fingers Crossed) * Challengers: Joe Addabbo and Noach Dear added to the list. *  Weiner "Has been distracting to all of us" says Rep. Crowley

Can the Baby News Drop in the NYT Save Him?

Wife is pregnant as DC Democrats desert congressman(NYP) * Anthony Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant (NYT)  * Having a kid is not one of the 12 steps(NYP) * Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, had been trying to sell their Queens condo, asking $449,000, but took it off the market in the wake of the scandal.* Huma Quickly Becomes Paparrazzi Target(NYO) * Jennifer Senior questions the timing of the news leak about Huma Abedin’s pregnancy.

 Weiner abides despite new photo, baby on the way(WSJ) * Pregnancy of Anthony Weiner's wife could not have come at more awkward time(NYDN)* US Secretary of State reportedly hates seeing her long-time staffer and virtual second daughter “humiliated.” * Huma: She’s committed to Weiner, says a friend.(Wash Post) * Fifth woman and Weiner exchanged messages like 'sexy' and 'sugar' in Facebook chat(NYP) * Hillary Clinton furious at 'stupid' Weiner for mistreating wife, handling of sexting scandal: report (NYP)

Weiner Chop Chop District

Talk Builds on Challengers and a District Vulnerable to Elimination (NYT) * Weiner's conduct gives pols a reason to cut his district(NYDN)

In the Name of Decency and More Importantly the 2012 Election Go 

Update 1 PM  Weiner says he has no plans to resign following sexting scandal (NYP)

House Democrats Step Up Calls for Weiner to Quit (NYT) * Democrats Push Weiner to Go (WSJ) * Weiner Hunts for Crisis Advice (WSJ) * Dems pushing for 'dead man walking' Weiner to quit(NYDN) * Weiner's unspeakable behavior has made it impossible for him to represent the people properly(NYDN Ed) * 'Tweet' sorrow (NYP) * Cold, hard cash (NYP) * Democratic Congresswoman Calls For Anthony Weiner's Resignation(NY1) * Names Emerge as Weiner’s Replacement (NYO) 

Staying In the House Protection

Six House Democrats – Reps. Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania), Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Mike Michaud (Maine) Niki Tsongas (Massachusetts), Larry Kissell (North Carolina) and Joe Donnelly (Indiana) – called for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign as an X-rated photo of his genitals was leaked.* Two former Democratic National Committee chairmen, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and former Virginia governor and current Senate candidate Tim Kaine, also say it’s time for Weiner to go. So far, he is resisting the calls for him to step down. * Pressure: “an orchestrated effort” to get Weiner to resign * Pressure Builds On Weiner To Resign As Explicit Photo Surfaces On Internet(WCBS) * John Liu on Anthony Weiner * King on Weiner: ‘I Don’t See How He Stays On’(NYO) * Barbara Walters thinks the photo of Weiner’s genitals is flattering.* Rock Hackshaw makes the case for why Weiner is right to hang on to his seat. * Chris Matthews: If Weiner Stays, Democrats 'Never Get Leadership Back' In The House (VIDEO) 


Housing Weiner: Inside the apartment where Weiner took his famous photos. [Jen Chung / Gothamist] * House Dems: Tuesday is their first meeting since Weiner scandal. 

FF Exclusive: Did Weiner Lie to President Obama? (Frum Forum) * Exclusive Interview: Kirsten Powers Points Out ‘Predator’ Anthony Weiner’s Misogynist Hypocrisy


Mark Weprin Builds the Local Politicians Blue Wall of Silence Around Weiner

Democrat: ‘Anthony Weiner Could Ride This Out’(NYO)

Not one word to the press was issued to the press by any of the pols about any of the 9 elected officials in the last few years that when to jail. No moral leadership.  Most local pols are not using the talking points that include let the voters decide. Not one comment about what they feel about Weiner's actions.  It is like the bad old days of the police department's "Blue Wall of Silence," before the Rev. Sharpton and others caused at least some good cops to speak out against the bad cops. To this date there been no pressure by the press who was lied to to force to ask other city pols what they think about Weiner. In the 70's Rev. Sharpton said the fact that cops did not go after their lawless partners was the leading cause of corruption in the Police Department. No less can be said about the pols who fail to speak out against their corrupt or colleagues who lie.

Pols Blue Wall of Silence Enabled By the Media (True News) 

Stephen Colbert Skeeves Out Over Weiner’s Sexts That Refer To The Colbert Report


Weiner's Lies Gives Legitimacy to A Right Wing Blogger 

Opinion: Left-wing talking heads wrongly bash Breitbart, help spread Weiner's lies It has been astounding to watch certain members of the mainstream media defend Anthony Weiner.(NYDN) * One of his exes, Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers, said Weiner lied to her in an email about the initial crotch photo. She initially defended him as a result, but now thinks he should resign.* Conservative bloggers sought help from House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa in exposing Weiner. His office insists he did not respond to their inquiries.*  Maddow's Sex Expert? Larry Flynt(MSNBC) * Ed Schultz: Andrew Breitbart Let Opie And Anthony Do His ‘Dirty Work’ * Barbara Walters Found X-Rated Photo Of Rep. Weiner’s Genitals ‘Flattering’ * Anthony Weiner’s Debut Featured Dirty Tactics, Quick Apology(NYO) * Mayor Bloomberg On Weinergate: No, I've Never Sent Junk Mail. Can We Move On Now?


No Philharmonic Concerts This Summer in the City's Parks

New York Philharmonic should not stiff city music lovers on free summer concerts in the parks(NYDN Ed)

 New York Philharmonic Cancels Concerts In The Parks (NY1)


64 percent of NYC apartments are rent-stabilized, subsidized or taxpayer owned, according to DiNapoli report

Rents on the Rise Again (WSJ) * The rent is damn low, too(NYP) * The clock is ticking on rent control. 








Tribe Wins Stay In Tobacco Case(YNN)





 Edwards' Legal and PR Team At Work Spinning the Media

For Cate Edwards, a Role as Family’s Glue (NYT)






Schools report: Smarten up or shut down(NYP) * Year After a Drowning, New York Schools Chief Tightens Rules for Field Trips(NYT) * Chancellor Asks NYC Teachers, Principals to Stay Patient on Layoffs News(WNYC) *New York State Dept. of Education Awards $27M No-Bid Contract to Murdoch-Owned Wireless Generation(WNYC)



McDonald's pulls controversial subway ads that made fun of Far Rockaway(NYDN) * Mac Attack: Pol Upset About Subway Ad (NBC) 

Loopholes: ‘Grassroots lobbying’ helps hide names of donors, in Albany.

Casey Neistat: New York Man Gets Ticket For Not Riding In Bike Lane (VIDEO)

Law and Order

Ja Rule Sentenced to 2 Years on Gun Violation (WSJ) * Bx. girl shot leaving school(NYP) * Civil claim of thug who stabbed hero cop in brain is thrown out by judge(NYDN) * Judge hits cop-stab thug's suit (NYP) * Email ridiculing fellow jurors leads to mistrial in rape case(NYDN) * Accused rapist threatened to cut women with razor in brutal attacks(NYDN) * Marriott maid's terror(NYP) *  'Rapist' jailed on his wedding day(NYP) * Jurors took less than 45 minutes to convict a Brooklyn man accused of threatening to kill former Gov. David Paterson in an email.*  Accused rapist threatened to cut women (NYDN) * Qns. mental institution workers savagely beaten by ex-con killer suing state (NYP) * Police lieutenant shoots and kills 17-year-old son after teen attacks him  * Man busted after taking pictures up woman's dress in Park Slope store * NYPD: Millions paid “every year on police misconduct cases.” * 4 Shot During Brighton Beach Melee - WPIX  * Five People Shot on Boardwalk in Brighton Beach(NYT)

Malcolm X's Daughter Pleads Guilty In NYC To Identity Theft(Huff Post)

'We feared for our lives': Five people shot in mayhem at Brighton Beach boardwalk(NYDN)


Government Joins Suit Over Hospital Pension  The government's pension guarantee program has joined a lawsuit against Morgan Stanley over the firm's handling of investments for a now-defunct New York hospital system, opening a new front in the government's efforts to pursue Wall Street for its role in the 2008 market meltdown. (WSJ)


Regretting Move, Bank May Return to Manhattan(NYT)




20 city parks to get free Wi-Fi (NYP)


Goldman Sachs fined $10 million and agrees to stop "trading huddles"


FCC finds gap in local reporting

How Online News Is Destroying Local Reporting(Fishbowl)

New Report Highlights Disturbing Journalism Trend (Huff Post)




Top Aides to Gingrich Quit As Campaign’s Woes Deepen(NYT)

2012: April 24 eyes as new presidential primary date; same as CT and PA.