Sunday, June 26, 2011

True News Sunday Update

NYP: Cuomo's Albany Revolution . . . Will It Be Enough to Solve the State Problems?
 Will the Changes Reach Those That Need Help?

A revolutionary redefinition of marriage, closing a $10 billion budget deficit without new taxes, a game-changing local property-tax cap, and sweeping ethics reform.  Even after these changes and euphoria the state still has a failing education system, high unemployment and is bad place to start a business because of high taxes, energy and labor costs. * MoDo: "odd that the first black prez is letting Cuomo...[be] the leader on the front lines of the civil rights issue" * "I am more of an asset than the vote will be a liability" reportedly told GOP lawmakers. via . * Cuomo staff pushed for limited debate to ensure vote made 11pm newscasts. (Gotham Gazette) * Final scores from the legislative session (CrainsNY)


Cuomo's grand slam How governor orchestrated most productive session in 50 years (Dicker, NYP) *  Gov. Cuomo has many good reasons to be proud of the first legislative session of his administration(NYDN Ed)* Analysis: Cuomo has a pension problem.* Analysis: “[O]dd that the first black president is letting Andrew Cuomo, who pushed through a gay-marriage bill in Albany on Friday night, go down in history as the leader on the front lines of the civil rights issue of our time.”(Dowd, NYT) * Analysis: “He got what he wanted this winter and spring in Albany, and now he owns the near-future of the state like no other governor in recent memory.” (NY Mag) * Reform: “The only solution will be to radically reinvent government, and on that, the early Cuomo record is disappointing.” [Greg David / Crains] *   Cuomo Wants NY Marriage Victory to ‘Resonate All Across the Country Now’ (NYO) * Archbishop Silent on Gay Marriage(NYT)

Brooklyn Homeless Problem
Shelter shock in B'klyn nabe The homeless are swamping Ocean Hill, Brooklyn(NYP)

The closing of St. Martin of Tours in the Bronx reflects a crisis facing the Roman Catholic educational system in NY           School’s Out, Forever(NYT)

UFT and Mayor Blink

Mayor Bloomberg holds on until foes fold on his budget goals(NYDN) * The school from hell Teachers fear for lives as students run amok(NYP) * Behind UFT deal'Empty' threat of layoffs(NYP)


The long fight to rebuild our Bravest(NYDN)







Pay to Play Mayoral Candidate Adolfo Carrion

Architect admits gift to ex-White House urban czar Carrion(NYDN)

Pols 'give away' land for donations(NYP)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

 New York Says: We Do!

Sunday Update

The Victory Lap Parade

Popular support paved way - Far easier than expected (Dicker, NYP) * Behind N.Y. Gay Marriage, Unlikely Mix of Forces(NYT) * Sudden Inspection at Gay Bar Mars Victory Celebration for Some (NYT) * Vote to legalize gay marriage in New York State may have ripple effect across country * All eyes were on state Sen. Stephen Saland's wife for the final vote on gay marriage (NYDN) * Religious leader: Gay nuptials is another 'nail in the coffin' of marriage(NYDN) * Daly: 40 years of actions by gay advocates led to 'yes' vote (NYDN) * Quartet of women don't wait long to pop question following gay nups vote(NYDN) * New York is the latest and largest state to extend marriage equality to its citizens(NYDN Ed) * Apple gays' altar egos(NYP) * Giddy Quinn eyeing spring nups(NYP) * Half a million people expected for Gay Pride Parade(WABC) * NYC Gay Pride Parade to be Victory Celebration(NBC) * Pride Run Takes On Added Meaning In Central Park(NY1) * Gay Marriage’s Unlikely Hero With New York's historic vote, the leader of Bush’s GOP emerged as a key advocate for equality. (The Daily Beast) *  Grisanti on gay marriage vote: hero or villain? (BH) *  Rush of weddings expected when same-sex law becomes official (Gannett Albany) *  Will New York's vote to legalize same-sex marriage be a national tipping point?(Newsday) * On Gay Marriage, It’s O.K. To Waffle (New Yorker) * Why Sen. Kevin Parker Got Mad (Gotham Gazette)


Cuomo Signs Measure Into Law After Senate Votes 33-29(NY1) 

Signs bill into Law 11:55 - Marriage starts July 24

Cuomo Signs Bill as 4 G.O.P. Senators Join 29 Democrats(NYT)  * N.Y. Legalizes Gay Marriage(WSJ) * New York legalizes same-sex marriage as cheers ring out in city(NYP)  *NY Gov. Cuomo signs gay marriage law(WSJ) * Historic Speeches From The Senate Floor(NBC) * Assembly vote for amendments was 82-47 * Some celebrity quotes on NY's new gay marriage law(WSJ) * Cuomo Turned Gay Marriage Into Personal Mission (Newser)

 Stonewall Inn Riot June 28, 1969

Stonewall Inn reacts to decision(NYDN) * N.Y. Legalizes Gay Marriage, 42 Years After Stonewall (NPR) *A Night of Celebration for New York's Gay Community(NBC) * Hundreds celebrate at Stonewall site (Wash Post) * Joyful Revelers Flock to Christopher Street After Gay Marriage Passes (Village Voice)


Cuomo: "This state, when it's at its finest, is a beacon for social justice" 

Passage of gay marriage bill tops Cuomo's 

Legislative Session Delivers Major Budget Reforms(NY1)

Video: Cuomo, advocates hail SSM passage



N.Y. Allows Same-Sex Marriage, Recharging Gay-Rights Movement(NYT)N.Y. Becomes 6th State To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Legislation(WCBS)A Sense of Euphoria Settles on the West Village *N.Y. Lawmakers Set Religious Exemptions in Gay Marriage Bill (WSJ)* Will the approval of the gay marriage bill in New York create momentum in the rest of the country? (Slate) *  Historic Speeches From The Senate Floor (NBC) * Gay Marriage Bill Has National Resonance (NBC) * Gay marriage looms larger in 2012 White House race after NY law (The Hill) * Obama still not advocating for gay marriage (CBS) * NY gay marriage vote bolsters French backers(NYP)

The four Republicans who voted with the Democrats for marriage equality: Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Stephen Saland and Mark Grisanti. 
Gay Lobbyist Played A Key Role
Last year, the Gill Action Fund, a powerful gay-rights group led by Tim Gill, a libertarian-leaning philanthropist from Denver pumped in nearly $1 million into a political action committee called Fight Back NY, which financed attack ads against three vulnerable senators—Democrats Hiram Monserrate and Bill Stachowski and Republican Frank Padavan—who voted against the bill in 2009. They lost their seats to gay-marriage friendly candidates. * NYT EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo's two most trusted advisers met with Republican donors to encourage them to support the gay marriage push in New York. 
Gay marriage bill passes in New York: marriage bureau gears up for incoming applications (NYDN)
NYP: No Weiner?


The NY Post did *11* covers on Anthony Weiner (). But buried story on same-sex marriage vote. ()  Last night, New York became the biggest state in the country to approve gay marriage. For a paper with “New York” in its name, you might think this would be big news, whatever its stance on the issue. But this morning, the New York Post stood alone among New York papers in choosing not to blast the vote across its front page – preferring only a small strip across the bottom. Some at the Post say they are shocked and appalled at the decision. NY Post downplays NY gay marriage vote(POLITICO)*** Police officer grabs LES jumper(NYP) ***Weiner, Huma spotted out for lunch (NYDN)

Texting again, Anthony?(NYP)





A Senator That Steals From Hospitals Talks About Integrity . . . The Seals Applaud
"The rights and the freedoms that this Empire State has built its integrity and reputation on should live forever. I vote yes." - Carl Kruger
Carl Kruger switched vote after the angry gay nephew of his companion cut off contact with them.(NYT)
A Taxi Grows in Brooklyn , Queens Staten Island and the Bronx
Plan Approved to Allow Hails of Livery Cabs(NYT) * Hands up! Street hails OKd for livery cabs in boroughs(NYDN) * Open road for boro-only cabs(NYP) * Passage of Taxi Plan Legalizes Street Hails of Livery Cars (WNYC)

Rent Regs and Tax Cap Were Linked

 Rent, Tax-Cap Deal Reached(WSJ)





UFT Blinks Gives Back suspend sabbaticals for a year and by allowing teachers in a reserve pool who don't have full-time assignments to substitute

UFT Light Givebacks

Deal Will Avert Plan to Lay Off City Teachers(NYT) * NYC Budget Deal Avoids Teacher Layoffs(WSJ) * 4,100 teach jobs saved in Bloomberg's budget deal with unions(NYDN) *NYC, UFT Deal Averts Teacher Layoffs(Fox 5) *Deal spares teachers & firehouses (NTP) *  Political Allies Turn on Unions in NJ (WSJ)



CityTime payback(NYP) * CityTime Contractor Repays Nearly $2.5M To City(NY1)


 CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal(True News)







 Will Another Councilman Be Locked Up?

Councilman Ruben Wills facing jail time over 1996 larceny(NYDN)




With H & H Bagels’ Closing, So Goes the Upper West Side?(NYT)




In Lean Times, Schools Squeeze Out Librarians(NYT)
EXCLUSIVE: Memo reveals Flushing High students get 50 just for showing up, teachers outraged by policy(NYDN)






 New York Presidential Primary

New York is planning to hold the state's presidential primary on April 24. Spokesman Josh Vlasto says Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration consulted with both major parties, as is customary before determining the primary date. (Newsday)

City plugs pothole record(NYP)

 Newtown Creek

Proposal for Superfund Site(WSJ)





Second-Class Parks

Despite hiring freeze, privately funded parks get more attention(CHN)


Law and Order 


Brazen Bulger toured Alcatraz while on the lam(NYP)

Accused pharmacy killer David Laffer on 24-hour suicide watch in Long Island jail(NYDN) * Infamous 'Moustache' graffiti bandit is clean-shaven(NYDN) * DWI driver wrecks wife's Cadillac, kills mistress, cops say(NYDN) * Cop busted for harassing woman(NYP) * Cash For Guns Event In Brooklyn(NYP)  * Driver in deadly Brooklyn crash charged(WABC) * Manhattan man shot and killed in the Bronx(WABC) * Police Investigate Fatal Bronx Shooting(NY1) * Brooklyn Driver Faces DWI, Homicide Charges  * One Teen Killed, Three Injured In Queens Shooting: Authorities are investigating a shooting in South Jamaica, Queens...  * 4 Teens Shot, 1 Fatally as They Leave Party in Queens(NBC)

 100 years ago on Tuesday, Samuel Jesse Battle became Greater New York's first African-American police officer Recalling First Black Named to City’s Police Dept.(NYT) 

Banker Makes Guilty Plea as Sex Charge Is Reduced(NYT) * Egyptian Man Pleads Guilty in Hotel Assault(WSJ)


Police Turn To Social Networking Sites To Anticipate Crime(NY1) * Cops to crash house parties (NYP) * Rapist convicted(NYP) * Bus driver beaten over dog may lose sight in her right eye(NYDN)Woman Pleads Not Guilty in Attack on Long Island That Left 4 Dead(NYT) * Defendant Details L.I. Drugstore Plot(WSJ) * Families of Long Island pharmacy murder victims bonded by grief(NYDN) *Pill-kill wife ducks slay rap(NYP) *The Politics of the State's DNA Database (Who's In It, Who Can See It)(NYT)  * Mysterious 'Moustache Man' subway tagger clipped by police(NYDN) * One hail of a jerk: TLC nabs wild livery driver(NYP) * Suspect wanted in 10 Manhattan muggings(WABC)


Bill Maher’s Panel Rips Obama: “Not A Leader,” “Sucking Up To The People He Should Be Fighting”


House rejects Obama’s Libya policy(Wash Post) 70 Dems Voted Against

What Would Nixon Do? Obama would do well to look at the complex way Nixon withdrew from Vietnam. Were it not for the domestic politics that complicated matters, it would have been successful.(NYT Ed)

Obama to step in on debt talks(Wash Post)




Michele Bachmann's Holy War  The Tea Party contender may seem like a goofball, but be warned: Her presidential campaign is no laughing matter (Taibbi, Rolling Stone)




CNN Investigation Reveals Congressional Staffers Received $6.1 Million In Bonuses



Chris Wallace Sums Up Stewart Interview: ‘I Guess The Joke Is On Jon Stewart’


Citizen Kushner(NYT)


Weekend Blog Report Weiner, Kruger and the "Corridor of Shame"(Bay Ridge Journal) * Celebrating A Giant Plumbing Device: Last Night's Gowanus Canal Flushing Tunnel Centennial Parade(Pardon Me For Asking) * Nets Owner Prokhorov to lead new Russian political party, Right Cause, seen as Kremlin creation; he claims capitalism is only for risk-takers (Atlantic Yards Report) * Coney Maven Signs Copies Of His Newest Book (Sheephead Bites) * Floating Pool Scheme for Brooklyn Bridge Park Gaining Traction (Brooklyn Height Blog) * Borough Park Body Shop Blamed For Embellished Bills(Bensonhurst Bean) * Diaz Releases Ideas for Kingsbridge Armory (Bronx Political Chatter) * Add this to the long list of vanishing New York institutions: Jeffrey’s Meat Market'(Ev Grieve) * Andrew Friedman on THE PEREZ NOTES * Mayersohn, 86, retires after decades in Albany(Queens Campaigner) * Tenant Calls DOB in Attempt to Take House from Landlord (BushwickBK) *  More Disrespect for Anthony Weiner's Former District (Queens Crap) * Cliffside Park Inferno (Harlem Hybrid) * Italian American Activists to Protest Rejection of Pier A...(DNAINFO) * Are They Coming for the Canada Geese in your New York City Park?(Washington Square Park Blog) * Pier 15 to open in the fall; new ferry for East River (Downtown Express) * Base of black political power shifts from Harlem (CrainsNY)