Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Than Three Blind Mice: City Leaders and Pols Use Silence, No Shame No Morality

Publishers Party on LI the Rest of Us Face A Summer of Crime

NYT, NYP, Daily News Editorials Have Remained Silent On the Corruption and Other Problems of the Third Term Mayor They Sold Us

Silence #1: Newspaper Publishers

When the three editorial boards of the city leading newspapers asked for and got a change in the term limits law to reelect a mayor who served their interests and their wealthy friends needs.  The leaders of the NYT, NYP and Daily News told us that Bloomberg knew how to run the city better than anyone.  Now after the 8 arrests of city contractors in connection with the Citytime contract scandal there is not a single city official in charge of that project indicted.  We are left clueless why the mayor's people and comptroller Thompson did not know about a kick back scam funneling millions to the consults in charge of the project.  In fact we are told by the mayor that the CityTime contract is Mission Accomplished. The publishers of the papers have said nothing about the mayor's wasted city funds as teachers are laid off, firehouses closed and cops cuts so deep that that a summer crime was is a real possibility. New revelations arise in CityTime scandal leading prosecutors to charge second ring of consultants

Technodyne Out of Business

Corrupt CityTime Subcontractor Going Out of Business

CityTime consulting company Technodyne goes bust, terminates over 200 employees in wake of scandal (NYDN)


Not One 2013 Mayoral Candidate Has Asked for An Independent Investigation of the NYPD Ticket Scandal

Interest Group Politics Only

Silence #2: Mayoral Candidates

Cop asked two to make his DWI bust go away(NYDN)

Ticket? Fix my DWI! Court officer got sgt., union rep to intervene in Turkey Day arrest

Silence #3: Of the Weiner

"I'm not going to allow this to be what I talk about all week," Weiner told reporters in the Capitol. "That's the idea of a distraction. I'm not going to let it be successful."

Weiner's Tweet-Hearts Babes revealed amid his cranky non-denial on pic

Do U Twitter?

Is That Your picture?  No Answer 

Train Wreck Press Conference

Babes revealed amid cranky non-denial  Rep. Anthony Weiner follows only a select 198 of his nearly 49,000 Twitter fans -- and a surprising number of them are total babes.(NYP) * Anthony Weiner, college student at center of latest Tweet controversy(Washington Post) * Weiner gets testy, snaps at reporters over lewd Twitpic(NYDN) * The Weiner weirdness (NYP Ed) * Lawmaker in Twitter Case Assails Reporters(NYT) *   

Son It is Never the Crime It Is Always the Coverup That Gets You


Porn star Ginger Lee, who once tweeted, "You know it's a good day when you wake up to a [direct message] from @RepWeiner."

Weiner follows just 198 of the 40,000-some people following him on Twitter, and a number of those are good looking younger women. The Post wants the congressman to get law enforcement involved in the alleged hacking of his account.* Weiner’s prolific Tweeting has slowed considerably.* Anthony Weiner: Editors say “The volatile Weiner’s many quirks have already raised serious questions about his fitness to run City Hall. [NY Post] * Tax Cap: Despite announced agreement, it’s not a done deal.(TU) * Weiner snaps at reporter asking about lewd picture(NYDN) * Jon Stewart Goes To Bat For Rep. Anthony Weiner: ‘His D*ck Is Just Not That Big’ * VIDEO: Weiner Wigs Out on Reporters Over Twitter Incident(NBC) * The First Dumb Weiner Song * Weiner-gate Update: He Also Followed a Pornstar and Told Her He Liked Her Blog * From New York Democrats, 'schadenfreude' (Politico) * The techie take: “(T)he case of the crotch controversy seems easy to dismiss as an instance of user error.” * Rep. Weiner To Wolf Blitzer: ‘I Hope My Marriage Survives Our First Anniversary’ * Anthony Weiner: He says, “I have four separate emails from a New York Post reporter saying if you just answer this one question it will be over.” * Weiner: "I Probably Made A Mistake, Not Doing More Interviews" On Twitter Incident 

NBC Luke Russert asks Weiner if the picture was of him: "I can't say with certitude," he answers

Will Weiner Find the Hacker Before OJ Finds the Killer of His Wife?
Weiner Calls Twitter Hack A "Distraction," Launches Probe (NY1)

Silence #4: Hotels

Hotel maids in NYC react to arrests: 'We've been dealing with this for a long time'(NYDN)

Egyptian Man Held in Alleged Assault on Hotel Maid(WSJ) * Egyptian exec accused of groping maid is arraigned, but does not enter plea * Pierre boss suspended for burying gal's sex-attack claim (NYP) * In New Case, Boss Is Suspended for Not Reporting Housekeeper’s Abuse Claim(NYT) * After Hotel Attacks: Panic Buttons (WSJ)

Silence #5: Albany 20 Days Left

 No Ethic Bill. No Rent Regulations Bill.  No Gay Marriage Bill.  No LIFO.

Minority lawmakers are pressuring Cuomo to “step it up” on strengthening the rent regulations.* Will Cuomo do a deal with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos that trades redistricting for gay marriage?* The Buffalo News calls for passage of the cap deal *  Ditto, says Newsday – and on ethics reform and gay marriage, too.

Silence #6: Wall Street Corruption

S.E.C. Case Stands Out Because It Stands Alone How just one employee of Goldman Sachs came to represent mortgage-securities fraud has raised questions about the government’s investigation of Wall Street (NYT)* Wall Street: Editors criticize Schumer for complaining about a bill they say he supported.





Silence #7: Pols Talk and Do Nothing on Dangers of Chinatown Buses

Bus Safety Chorus II

Chinatown cheep bus dangerous services have been around since the early 90's without a government crackdown.  All we get is like we got yesterday after an accident that causes death is a chorus of the same pols singing to the press for new regulations Lawmakers Renew Push for Bus Regulation After Latest Crash(NYT) * 'Chinatown' bus tragedy (NYP)4 Killed in Bus Bound for N.Y.(WSJ) * Queens man charged with reckless driving in Virginia bus crash(NYDN) * NY Lawmakers Calling For Better Regulation After Deadly Bus Crash Kills 4(WCBS)


Workers Lose Benefits While Pol Pays to Play A Hospital

CYA: State Ethic Board Acts Only After Feds Indict

Brookdale Hospital Workers Protest Loss of Health Care while boyland violated state ethics laws by being on the payroll of Brookdale Hospital while also seeking to win them state money. * Indicted B'klyn pol hit with ethics rap(NYP) * The Legislative Ethics Commission’s timing was questioned.


Cuomo: One Way Or The Other, Albany Will Be Cleaned Up(YNN)

 The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick

When Investigations Collide(YNN)


NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn proposed $75 million worth of education cuts to avert teacher layoffs. * The number of teachers who have to get laid off might be smaller than originally believed due to retirements.   * Dennis Walcott: “We have little choice but to reduce the size of our workforce.”

Brooklyn Bridge, three other New York spans, are still rated as 'poor'(NYDN)

Says verdict 'brought me to my knees'(NYP) * Officers’ Accuser Says She Was Devastated by Verdict (NYT) * Woman who accused cops of rape breaks silence: 'My heart broke'(NYDN) * Accuser In NYPD Rape Trial Releases Statement (NY1)



Clock Ticks for a Key Homeless Program(NYT)

Chancellor Dennis Walcott must put an end to the career of underperforming principal Andrew Buck(NYDN ED)


 Fake NY1 Claim of Exclusive Story

No Exclusive

Politics on the Hudson, BP News,  LGBTQ Nation, and others had NY1 exclusive before them

NY1 Exclusive: Eight Undecided State Senators Would Cast Deciding Votes On Gay Marriage


Poll: Cuomo Popular, Accessible Enough to Reporters

Chris Christie's Helicopter Ride to Home Plate (WSJ)

City Brownfield Program Cleans Sites, But Who Benefits?(Gotham Gazette)

Secure Communities: Cuomo to withdraw from federal program

Law and Order Officer Shoots an Unarmed Suspect in Brooklyn(NYT) * Officer Shoots Alleged Robber Suspect (WSJ) * Cop shoots, wounds career criminal who was reaching into waistband(NYDN)'Stop and Frisk' on the Rise (WSJ) * Civil liberties groups fuming as stop-&-frisk three-month record set(NYDN)My father the killer 'Gorgeous' snapshots in mercy plea(NYP) * 77 Laptops Stolen From Bronx Elementary School (WCBS) * NYPD's Stop and Frisk activity on the rise (WABC) *  Queens man admits killing wife & son while they slept(NYP) * Woman claims she was nearly raped on the Upper East Side 

 Vinny Gorgeous Spared Death Penalty After Turning Hearing Into "High Noon" 



Surveillance Video of Suspect in Sex Attack on Elderly Woman(NYT) * Sex fiend who attacked 85-year-old woman on upper East Side might be from N.J., cops say(NYDN)


De-Kline and fall of art thief(NYP)