Thursday, May 5, 2011

The President Honors the WTC Fallen


Mission Accomplished

Obama visits Ground Zero for 9/11 remembrance ceremony

President Obama will visit Ground Zero today. He’ll lay a wreath in memory of the 9/11 victims and meet with about 50 of their family members. He will also meet FDNY and NYPD members at a local firehouse, but will not make any public comments. Obama giving NY its moment of justice on bin Laden Obama visits Ground Zero * Live Update: President Meets With Sept. 11 Families * Obama lays wreath at Ground Zero: President Obama laid a wreath at the foot of the survivor tree in Ground Zero and...  * Obama to NY: We Didn't Forget  (WNBC) * Obama Pays Tribute To 9/11 Victims At WTC Site (NY1) * Video: Obama: "We mean what we say"(CNN) * Photos from President Obama’s Ground Zero visit.* Obama will meet privately tomorrow with the SEAL team members who killed bin Laden.*  Meets Victims’ Families at Ground Zero (NYT)


Obama to lay wreath at Ground Zero; meet with first responders and 9/11 kin (NYP) * President to Travel to Ground Zero to Honor Lives Lost (NYT) * 9/11 Kin Want Trials Now(WSJ) * Obama to Visit Trade Center Site (WSJ) * President Obama's visit to Ground Zero marks great moment of national unity in a resurgent New York (NYDN Ed) *  Reuters Releases Gruesome Photos Of Bin Laden Raid Aftermath * Jim Riches, Father Of Fallen 9/11 Firefighter, To Meet President Obama At Ground Zero (WCBS)* High Emotions, Tight Security for Obama Visit (WNBC) * President Finalizes Plans To Visit WTC Site, Won't Release Bin Laden Photo (NY1) * The Obama administration is stressing that this trip is not a “victory lap.”

Shot to Kill Mission From the Start

Bush Upset

Former President Bush declined Obama’s invite to attend, in part because his team reportedly feels he’s not getting enough credit for bin Laden’s capture and death. *  George W. Bush feels President Obama is 'claiming all the credit' for Bin Laden's death(NYDN)



 New Yorkers Feel Safer . .  . Are We?

 New Yorkers Feel Slightly Safer Following Killing Of Bin Laden (NY1)

NYPD should control anti-terror funds, say city boss (NYDN)




The WTC phoenix 'Ground Zero' is no more (NYP)






 The List of the WTC Dead

Names for 9/11 memorial arranged (NYP) * Constructing a Story, With 2,982 Names(NYT) *  9/11 dead listed on memorial to emphasize ties(WSJ) * 9/11 memorial planners announce names' arrangement (WABC)




Bin Laden Raid Discovery Prompts Train Advisory

Breaking: Terror alert issued based on cache from bin Laden compound...







Pakistan: We Knew Nothing

Signs Point to Pakistan Link to bin Laden(WSJ)




 Tail of Two New York's: Rich Connect Buy Justice 

Why is Jeffrey Smiling

Pakistan and Law Enforcement Know Nothings

 Remember Steve Ratner and a dozen Wall Street companies paid a fine to get out of jail in the pension corruption scandal.  Jeffrey Lazar is smiling because he believes his family business Lehr Construction Corporation can buy it way out of jail time like it did a decade ago the last time there was an investigation of inflated padding in the Manhattan construction industry.  Yesterday Jeffrey and three other members of the family business were indicted for routinely inflated mechanical, electrical and other subcontractors’ costs by 10 percent to 13 percent on office projects they supervised.  Lazar's father, Gerald, and uncle, Howard, both Lehr execs at the time, were busted in 1998 on bid-rigging charges. Lehr Construction owners pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with the case. But the plea agreement allowed the firm to avoid any charges.  The Merry-Go-Round of corruption and mob control of the construction industry is allow to continue because the the DA's allow them to.  Lehr has been padding for 30 years and the law has allowed them to continue in business after catching them red handed at least two times in the past. Howard Lazar, who pleaded guilty in the 1970s to attempted bribery of city construction inspectors, served a short prison sentence and was forced to leave the industry. In a plea deal, Gerald Lazar was allowed to continue running Lehr. Fraud Charged In Overbilling By Contractor(WSJ) * Builders' $30M 'pad' (NYP) * Four Construction Executives Are Charged With Fraud (NYT) * Vance expands Lehr Construction case by nabbing 6 subcontractors (NYP)


   Who Does Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano Know. . .  Who is Protecting Her?

"a spokesman for Bronx DA Robert Johnson, said the office does not discipline employees based solely on arrests."

ADA case 'loaded' in Bronx Has 75 jobs despite DWI rap & probe (NYP)NYPD Officer Salvador Duran's text message trying to fix ticket may derail attempted murder probe(NYDN) * Busts by tix-fix cops no ticket outta jail (NYP)  *  Asst. DA busted for DWI twice has 73 cases Jennifer Troiano, an assistant district attorney, is staying on as lead prosecutor in 73 cases despite her August 2010 arrest for DWI. (NYDN)

State Lobbying Soars Passed $200M






Firefighter gives poignant testimony in Deutsche Bank fire trial(NYP)

Vivid Testimony by Firefighter in Bank Blaze Trial(NYT)




 What Happened to Linking Outer Borough Taxi Service to A Fair Increase?

Under plan, cab fare could rival flight cost (NYDN) NYC Taxi Drivers Call for Fare Hike(Fox 5)*  Cab Drivers Rally, Submit Petition For Fare Hike (NY1)




Middle Class Being Pushed Out of the City 

Tenants furious over proposed gas surcharge (WABC)










Albany Another Water Down Fake Ethics Law 

Legislator complains Cuomo may get too much power to probe the legislature. 

A sticking point in the ethics reform talks: Should the governor get a “seat at the table” in policing the Legislature?




Straphangers group names R train MTA's dirtiest ride * R Line Is 'Schmutziest,' Survey Says * Subway Watchdog Releases Annual "Schmutz" Report (NY1)




Cuomo Agenda For the Remainder of the Albany Session 

Gov. Cuomo hitting road in gay marriage push(NYDN) * Gov's road show (NYP)

Cuomo's Agenda

Cuomo's Agenda: Statewide tour pushes same-sex marriage, ethics. * Cuomo's Agenda: Also pushing property tax cap. *  Assembly Mulling Sunset For Tax Cap (YNN)

The state court system will announce another round of layoffs on May 18.* Expect services by the court system to be slower. 







The NYT Says Raising SUNY Tuition is Rational Budgeting

A Chance to Rebuild SUNY Unless all of the state universities have a more rational budgeting process, the system will continue its decline, and New York’s students will suffer. (NYT Ed)



Firemen's searing suit Their hands were seared instead of safeguarded -- and now two of New York's Bravest are suing the city for issuing them defective protective gloves.... (NYP)




Like Times Square plaza? More to come (NYDN)




New York, Now The Most Diverse City In America


Landmark Ruled Out for Forest Hills Stadium(WSJ)

Queens Tennis Stadium Denied Landmark Status) (NY1)


Audit Finds Long Waits for Breast Exams (NYT) * Audit Faults Wait for Mammograms (WSJ) * City audit shows long waits for mammograms, in some cases up to 50 days.

NYC Schools Official Tapped to Head Newark Schools (WNYC) *  Body blow to Staten Island's St. Peter's Girls High School (SI Advance)

Law and Order

A Suspect’s Surrender, Eased by a Clergy Program to Curtail Black-on-Black Violence (NYT) * Robbery Defendant, Uncuffed, Scuffles With Officers (NYT) * Accused killer lying wounded on floor asked man who shot him to light his cigarette (NYDN) * Mob rat: Vinny Gorgeous bragged about murder (NYDN) * Three held without bail in iPhone robbery-slay (NYDN) * Cops curb car theft ring, nab tow drivers (NYDN) * Rabbi accused of groping Army officer on plane (NYDN) * Acquitted of charge, shot to death (NYDN)Woman killed after blow to the head: cops (NYDN) * Teen Arrested In Death Of 9-Month-Old Boy At Marble Hill Houses (WCBS)Police Seek Suspect Wanted In 8 Upper East Side Robberies (WCBS) * Smoking gunman nic fit (NYP)Teen held in baby's death (NYP) * Pastor convinces fugitive to surrender (WABC) *  Brooklyn Teen Charged With Murdering Bronx Baby (NY1) * Police Say UES Burglar Has Attacked Eight Apartments (NY1)Ginned-up gun cop Vid shows 'drunk' pulling pistol on barkeep (NYP) *  ACS woman: Drop slay rap (NYP) * Back in the Ring After a Detour Through a Jail Cell (NYT) * Joel Steinberg adoption shocker shakes up Manhattan 'Rape Cops' trial(NYP) * Brooklyn Man Charged In Mother's Stabbing Death(NY1)


US jobless claims at eight-month high *   The Jobless Claims Get Ugly, Foreshadowing Gloomy Unemployment Data





News Corp. Will Begin Posting Political Contributions On Its Website



The Real Housewives of Osama bin Laden(Jimmy Kimmel)




LOOK: Can You Name All 91 Films On This 'New York Movie Map'?


TV on the iPad Walt Mossberg's quick guide on how to use a variety of apps to get network and cable TV shows sent to your iPad.(WSJ) *  Facebook and Google in Talks for a Deal with Skype * The Daily Lost $10 Million in the First Quarter * Katie Couric to sign $20M ABC deal (NYP)



Reporters Made Most Incredibly Awful Flub Video: Obama / Osama Compilation


Wall Street Journal Launches Its Own WikiLeaks