Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After Bin Laden Unplugged

 Mission Accomplished Ground Zero

'Zero' hour at long last President Obama's arrival at Ground Zero tomorrow will be the biggest event at the World Trade Center since former President George W. Bush stood on the rubble of the Twin Towers three days after the terror attacks and vowed to bring those responsible to justice.(NYP) * Obama to Observe 9/11 Anniversary in New York (NYT) * Obama to Mark 9/11 Anniversary at Ground Zero (WSJ) * Obama will return to Ground Zero after keeping his promise (NYDN) * President Obama's Ground Zero visit Thursday shrouded in secrecy(NYDN) * According to Mayor Bloomberg, Obama will also be at Ground Zero for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks – a move the mayor called “terribly important.”* President Finalizes Plans To Visit WTC Site (NY1)* NYC preps for Obama Ground Zero visit (CBS)


Bush Declines Obama's Invitation to Ground Zero

A spokesman said Bush prefers to remain out of the spotlight, but “continues to celebrate with Americans this important victory in the war on terror.”

Bush Declines Obama’s Invitation to Ground Zero (NYT) * Bush declines Obama invitation to ground zero (WSJ) * Rudy Giuliani got an invite, too.*  Bagpipes at Ground Zero(NYDN)



Obama's poll numbers "shot up 9 points just one day

Osama slay sends poll numbers soaring (NYP)

2012: Editors say killing bin Laden also killed chatter about Obama's skills, loyalties. Now talk economy they encourage GOP. [NYT]



Navy Seals America's Heroes

Cool Hand Barack President Obama pulls off an execution of the execrable Osama that would make Mario Puzo proud, with plenty of room for a sequel.(NYT Dowd)Navy SEAL sharpshooters who nailed Osama Bin Laden always tackle toughest jobs (NYDN) * Navy SEAL candidates must undergo six months of pure hell (NYDN) * Father Of a Navy SEAL Who Died in Combat Speaks Out(WNBC) * Inside Navy SEALs' shadowy world (CBS)







The Mission Was Always Shoot To Kill 

White House corrects the record; he was unarmed and resisting

BREAKING: President Obama will not release bin Laden photos -

In New Account, Bin Laden Was Unarmed During Raid (NYT) 


"We don't trot out this stuff as trophies" " …We don’t need to spike the football.” Obama"

Bin Laden: Killed after, not during, asaault on his compound. * Prosecutors are expected to dismiss charges against bin Laden stemming from a 1998 indictment. *  Debate of releasing Osama bin Laden death photos rages on(SI advance) * CIA Chief Explains Why Bin Laden Was Shot... Even While Unarmed * Ready to run, bin Laden had cash, phone numbers hidden in his clothes  * Bloomberg: ‘We’re All A Target’ * Eighty-six percent of American adults approve of Obama’s decision to kill bin Laden. *  Reuters Releases Gruesome Photos Of Bin Laden Raid Aftermath





 Google Map Shows Bin Laden Had Hundreds of Neighbors

US camp a mere mile from fiend's lairn (NYP) * Pakistan Claims It Warned About Compound (Fox 5) * Inside Osama bin Laden's Pakistan hideout (CBS)

Jon Stewart: Osama Bin Laden Wasn’t Hiding In Pakistan, He Was Chilling There





Massive Intelligence Haul and Torture Role Debate

 Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture(NYT) * 'Mother lode' of Al Qaeda info inside Bin Laden's compound (NYDN) * Raid Produced Massive Intelligence Haul(WSJ)

U.S. intelligence agencies believe al Qaeda leaders may try to accelerate plots currently in the works (WSJ) *  A.M. News Links: bin Laden raid revives debate on value of torture and more




Bin Laden Got A Better Burial Than Those He Killed 

Concerns raised over shooting of unarmed bin Laden, burial * Muslim Judicial Council questions Bin Laden killing * South Africa's Islamic Body Condemns Bin Laden Killing, Obama Admin's ... * There's nothing immoral about cheering a victory in war, and Osama Bin Laden died an enemy combatant (NYDN Ed)

Farewell to Geronimo The U.S. killed Osama bin Laden. Now will the Arab and Muslim people kill off Bin Ladenism?(NYT, Friedman) * Opinion: With Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda is desperate to show they are still in the fight(NYDN)



9/11 Museum Shifts Bin Laden's Story (WNBC)


NYC sees spike in suspicious packages reports after death of Osama bin Laden



Newsweek Prods Bush with Latest Cover



The Rent is Too Damn High and Getting Higher

Sticking tenants with oil charges (NYP) * Rent board is eying jump of up to 9% for some leases (NYDN) * NYC Rent Guidelines Board Approves Preliminary Hikes (WNBC) *  Rent Board votes for prelim. rent increases (WABC) * Rent Guidelines Board Approves Preliminary Range Of Rent Hikes(NY1)

Health care premiums for state employees could rise as much as 17.9 percent next year

NY Post Wants Cuomo To Push Against the UFT to Force Albany to Pass the 2% Tax Cap

Campaign Button

The Post questions Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s dedication to the property tax cap fight. 

Cuomo's push back of Bloomberg of LIFO has repaired the governors relationship with the UFT now he has to deal with the 2% tax cap.  Speaker Silver is putting in his own bill more friendly to the UFT than the senate bill.

Andrew's empty promise Gov. Cuomo says he wants a property-tax cap for New York. Now it's time for him to prove it. So far, his "push" for a 2 percent-a-year cap has gone nowhere, courtesy of the teachers unions and the power they wield over lawmakers.(NYP) * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says Cuomo should “compel” the Assembly Democrats to pass his tax cap bill.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver plans to pass his own cap bill. 


 Cuomo Plans to Bring Capitol Restoration in Under Budget and Early

2 years earl and $2.3 million under budget

The governor announced plans to fast-track the state Capitol restoration, ending the project two years early and $2.3 million under budget. Cuomo called the new, streamlined Capitol project a “metaphor” to his entire approach to governing.


Pay to Play Department of Education 

Top DOE official under investigation for conflict of interest with owners of computer contractor





BBP Markowitz Pushing Jobs Surprise Not Bloomberg - Taxi

City’s Next Taxi: A Nissan Van Short on Looks, Perhaps, but Full of Comforts (NYT) * Hail to the New Yellow Cab (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg Never Takes Taxis, But Citizen Bloomberg Will (WSJ) * Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz slammed the selection of Nissan, saying it cost his borough jobs. *  Hail no! New taxi cabs called yellow soccer-mom minivans (AMNY)

Compromise coming in five-borough taxi plan  (WABC)








The Senate passed a bill that would make texting while driving a primary offense. 

Riding Horses Will Soon Return to Central Park 

Central Park, Built for and With the Help of Horses, Will Again Offer Them a Home(NYT) * Central Park Riders Back in the Saddle(WSJ) * Horseriding Returns To Central Park (Fox 5)




Smaller Buildings Plow Ahead A new wave of residential development is coming to the brownstone neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Clinton Hill. (WSJ) * Growth Cause for Concern in Staten Island(WSJ) * Staten Island Population Grows (Fox 5)


Manhattan DA announces indictment of Lehr Construction Corp.(NYP) * Four Construction Executives Are Charged With Fraud (NYT)

HHC denies audit that women are forced to wait up to 50 days for mammograms at Elmhurst Hospital(NYP)

Law and Order

B'klyn vid-slay 'killer' nabbed upstate (NYP) * Cops nab killer who was caught on tape shooting man to death (NYDN)Mafia 'shot' clock 'Hit' hoops alibi (NYP) *  Gangster killed contractor for botching home repairs: rat(NYDN) * Botched work on mob house doomed Vinny Gorgeous' victim * Judge is Russian beauty off to Rikers (NYP) * Former Miss Russia Jailed In New York (Fox 5) * Teenager Questioned in Death of Baby (NYT) *Death Of Bronx Baby Under Investigation(NY1) * Police Probe Infant Death (WSJ) * No jail for former cop in beating of officer wife(NYDN) * Civil Liberties Union concerned with fingerprints of stop-and-frisks (NYDN) * Young father shot dead in dispute over an iPhone inside lobby of apartment(NYDN) * Arrest Made In Deadly Brooklyn Shooting (NYDN) * Brooklyn man charged with murdering his mother (NYP) * 'Cry rape' weather gal was not read her Miranda rights: DA (NYP) * Passenger testifies against rabbi accused of groping her on NY-bound flight (NYP) * Death Of Bronx Baby Ruled A Homicide (NY1)


Terrorism Judge Upholds Verdicts in Synagogue Bomb Plot (NYT)Judge Refuses To Throw Out Bronx Bomb Plot Convictions (WCBS)




New circulation numbers: NYPost +1.2%, Daily News -1.3, NYT -3.4. 80 largest papers saw circ drop by 2.6% over past 3 months

Wall St. Journal, Post buck falling circulation trends(NYP)







Not One Person Has Gone to Jail For Bank Mortgage Fraud Which Caused the Economic Meltdown 

Feds accuse Deutsche Bank of mortgage fraud (NYP) *  Patrolling Wall Street on the Cheap(NYT) * Feds sue Deutsche Bank, alleging mortgage fraud(WSJ)



ICE, Nasdaq have 'flexibility' to improve NYSE deal terms, CEO says (NYP)

 AG Eric Schneiderman announced a $90.8 million settlement with UBS.