Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloomberg's Budget; Obama’s low-key victory lap

Bloomberg Budget 
Layoff 600 Techers 
Close 20 Firehouses 
29% Library Cut

"As difficult as this budget is, next year will be much worse * .@ points a lot of fingers at state cuts, before announcing layoff numbers in education department.* 5000 less cops when he came into office * .@ points a lot of fingers at state cuts, before announcing layoff numbers in education department. * If NYS paid fair share of education cuts, we'd be ok. "But sadly, that's not the case *  says deficit in FY13 is already 5 billion * City using 2/3s of cash reserves to balance this year's budget, Bloomberg sez, making next year's ...* "State and Federal Disinvestment in NYC" * "We are now using two-thirds of all of the reserves to balance the budget." * Taking aim at special interests and electeds, @ says he didn't have much company when fighting for more money in Albany. * Mayor stresses when he took office, state funded 50% of city education. This year, state funding just 39%. He says, blame layoffs on Albany. * City using 2/3s of cash reserves to balance this year's budget, Bloomberg sez, making next year's budget more difficult to balance

.@ aims at state lawmakers; notes they closed their budget by "stop sending money to the counties" * special interests & electeds, bloomberg says he didn't have much [budget help] * Outside aid, state and federal, reduced to 27% from 36%, Bloomberg sez. * City's $5.4B in savings, combined with growing economy, prevented more cuts caused by State & Federal reductions.* .@ says of state/city budgeting: "what is the benefit of saving money if they're just going to cut you back?" *  "we could hit 50 million visitors this year" says @, calling it a bright spot for * Education spending up 108% since 2002, pension costs up 519%, Bloomberg sez * "1/2 the expenses of the police department are in pensions and benefits" says @ * "There is no surplus. Period," Bloomberg sez. (The state would beg to differ.)* LIFO -- "we need it and we need it right now," Bloomberg sez. (Albany doesn't have the same urgency) * City will lose a total of 23,000 employees this year, or 7.4% of workforce, Bloomberg sez *  On @'s privitazation plans, mayor sez may not "sound sexy," but has potential to save millions * Mike Bloomberg on the former assumed pension fund return: "The only one I know who’s made 8% year in and year out was Bernie Madoff.” * .@ says salary increase are not the reason why pension costs go up; it's sweeteners granted by state lawmakers, he says * "Unless unions can come up with savings, we can't keep paying more," Bloomberg sez * although killed, "nobody thinks the threat…has gone away" and protection "costs money" says @. * City needs to use outside contractors because lacks expertise in-house, Bloomberg sez *  "I'm worried about everything," @ says about budget cuts. * Bloomberg LP asks @ is he'll point finger at GOP lawmakers and push them to fund programs he, as mayor, is fighting to protect * @ says 7 line subway extension project is on time and within budget *  NYC Council Members Decry ‘Shell Game’ As Mayor Proposes $50 Million Cut To Child Care(YW) * On mayor's budget, @ says "Make no mistake, we will do everything in our power to prevent teacher layoffs." (CHN) * Bill de Blasio  Bloomberg stands by plan to lay off 4600 teachrs but saves $ for tech consultants? These are wrong choices for our kids * Mayor restores day care, not teachers
Michael Bloomberg's revised budget proposal looks much like his February plan, save for restorations in city-funded day-care slots. Large teacher layoffs remain, but negotiations could yet change that.(CrainsNY) * NYC Budget: AP headline says "NYC mayor's budget would cut 1 out of 12 teachers."* NYC Budget: Liu moans about lack of oversight; de Blasio threatens to organize parents.* Cuomo spokesman response to the Bloomberg budget: The governor “looks forward” to working with the mayor to rebuild the NYC economy.

Budget overload!! NYS budget division releases its 11-12 financial plan, aka "the other budget book" (CHN)

With Cuts From Albany and An End of the Stimulus Funds from Washington NYC Budget Will Be Hard Hit

Teacher and Fire Cuts 

Mayor to Pull Back on Child Care Cuts and Trim $400 Million More From Agencies(NYT) * Budget Plan Protects Day-Care Slots (WSJ) * Mayor's New Budget To Restore Funds For Child Care (NY1) * Child care $aved (NYP)

NYP Editorial:   Better cover your ears today: When Mayor Bloomberg formally presents his $66 billion budget, the air will quickly fill with groans, gripes and grumbles. And no doubt some drunken-sailor City Council members, as usual, will be looking to stop him in his tracks -- imbalances be damned. Oh, woe is Gotham (NYP)



 Unions Cut Corrupt Consultants to Save Job


Cut New York consultants to save $300 million: union As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and public-employee unions negotiate over his threat to lay off 9,800 state workers, one union on Thursday said that the state could save $300 million alone by using fewer private consultants. (WSJ) * While deep in contract negotiations with the Cuomo administration, PEF has reprised its call for more “insourcing” and less outside consultants. * Albany: "Cuomo will be with Silver on rent control. An says Jimmy Vielkind.


As New Yorkers Lose Jobs and Government Services Albany Lobbyists Make More Money

The state’s budget crisis has been good for the lobbying industry, which raked in a record $213 million last year

 With the indictment of lobbyist Richard Lipsky why is the media and good government groups ignoring the very real probability that elected officials are tapping into some of the record sums paid on lobbying.  We already know they get some of that money in the form of campaign contributions Richard Lipsky, Powerful Lobbyist, Faces Corruption Charges ...

Lobbyists Win In Budget Crisis  The state's budget crisis proved to be a lucrative opportunity for the lobbying industry, which spent a record $213 million last year to influence Albany, according to a new report by the state's lobbying regulator. (WSJ) *  Even in a slow lobbying year, Forest City Ratner spent some $345,000 on array of lobbying firms, including Lipsky (Atlantic Yard Reports)

Obama visits Ground Zero for 9/11 remembrance ceremony(NYP) * Obama Honors Victims of Bin Laden at Ground Zero (NYT) * At Firehouse in Midtown, a V.I.P. Stops By for Lunch(NYT) * Obama Honors 9/11 Victims (WSJ) * 9/11 Families Want Trials Now | Video (WSJ) * Survivors get quality time with Obama (NYDN) * Obama's Ground Zero visit fittingly ends wrenching phase of war on terror, but there is more to do (NYDN Ed) * The president seemed to enjoy his firefighter-prepared eggplant parm, not so much the shrimp and scallops.

 More on Obama’s low-key victory lap

NJ teen who lost father on 9/11 gets letter and prayers answered by Obama (NYP) * Forget-me-nots' The wreath that President Obama placed at Memorial Plaza yesterday came from a flower shop that had been at the World Trade Center on 9/11(NYP) * Obama NYC: " His silence was the best way to honor the victims." [NY Times]


Bin Laden’s personal files indicated he wanted to attack trains on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11


Osama Bin Laden's wife says they didn't leave Pakistani compound once in five years (NYDN) * CIA watched bin Laden from nearby safe house inside Pakistan




Jon Stewart Ridicules Media For Constant Speculation Of Obama’s ‘Defining Moments’

 There will always be conspiracy nuts. The internet doesn't make them famous. Media does. All TV is a tabloid today.   Jeff Jarvis (Twitter)


 Deutsche Bank Fire Trial Update

Waiting for Water, Running Out of Air (NYT)




Bet the Farm: These Records Will Be Missing  

Hopeless Attempt For Info On NYPD Parking Ticket Scandal

Tow pound bosses told to rat on NYPD cops in ticket-fixing scandal (NYDN) Bosses at tow pounds across the city were told to draw up a list of cops who had their personal vehicles towed and got them back without paying fines (NYDN)

Is It A Prerequisite That Met Owners Be Wall Street Crooks

U.S. Examines Trades by Fund Titan Prosecutors are examining trades made in an account overseen by hedge-fund manager Steven Cohen that were suggested by two former SAC Capital fund managers who have pleaded guilty to insider trading. (WSJ) *  Hedge funder Steve Cohen frontrunner to buy minority stake in team (NYP)





Are New York Subways Getting More Grimy?(WSJ) * Subway Watchdog Releases Annual "Schmutz" Report (NY1)

amNewYork to the : Please do something about the stench of urine on the E train platform.

State Senators said it isn’t their job to fund transit. (second Avenue Sagas)


New York’s School Choice Maze(NYT)


Bill Clinton Urges Albany to Legalize Gay Marriage(NYT) * Former President Bill Clinton helping push for gay marriage in New York State (NYDN) * Faith Groups Campaign to Block Gay Marriage (NYT)Gov. Cuomo hitting road in gay marriage push (NYDN) * Chelsea Clinton Makes Calls For State Campaign For Same-Sex Marriage (NY1)Bill's switch on gay nups (NYP) * The anti-gay marriage lobby – led by members of the religious community – is mobilizing. Sen. Joe Addabbo, who is under pressure to switch his “no” vote, received 400 calls and emails over the past two weeks, most expressing opposition.


Hilfiger Has Plan to Convert MetLife Clock Tower to Hotel(NYT) * Hilfiger Has Hotel Designs (WSJ) * Oak Room Is Set to Close After Rent Fight With Plaza Hotel (NYT)

Con Ed hike makes Apple 'power' mad (NYP)










 Planned Failure and Corruption in Housing

Self-certification is blamed for bulked-up buildings

Now the City Wants Contractors to Employ Inspectors

On-Site Safety-Inspector Rule Gets a Second Look The rule requires owners of buildings over a certain size to hire full-time site safety inspectors when major facade work is done. But to the surprise of some property owners, the Department of Buildings recently said that inspectors could be employees of the contracting companies performing the actual work.(WSJ)


Subcontractors Charged in Scheme Six subcontractors and their owners were charged with allegedly participating in a scheme that overcharged business clients for interior construction projects. (WSJ)

Medicare Shakes Up Upstate House Race Jane L. Corwin, left, looked likely to win an open House seat in suburban Buffalo, but the G.O.P.’s Medicare proposal has been a boon to Democrat Kathy Hochul.(NYT) *  G.O.P. Rethinking Bid to Overhaul Medicare Rules(NYT) * Could It Have Been the Polls? Republicans are backing away from their plan to privatize Medicare after it proved to be wildly unpopular among core groups. (NYT Ed)

Law and Order

Neighborhood Crime Watch Goes Digital(WNBC)

Cops searching for thug preying on elderly women(NYDN) * 17-year-old baby-killing suspect 'really lost it' after bust (NYDN) * Mob investigator bought home across street from Gorgeous' mistress (NYDN)* Cops in road rage case to be retried, judge rules (NYDN) * 'Twisted' rapist gets 21 years for Queens attacks(NYDN) * Slay janitor flips over 90-yr. term (NYP) * Rx-abuse cop slapped (NYP) * Police: Bronx Robber Targeting Seniors * Alleged Lookout Takes Stand In NYPD Rape Trial (NY1) *Cop accused in rape of drunk woman: I watched TV and took a nap on her couch Officer who is accused of being the lookout while partner allegedly raped woman delivers bizarre alibi.(NYDN) *  McDonald's security guard stabbed in Midtown; bloody brawl spills onto sidewalk(NYDN)


The Forgotten Unemployed 

The Return of ‘McJobs’: Latest Job Report Shows Increase Thanks To McDonalds

Fears and Failure Washington looks for trouble in all the wrong places while the unemployed are left to suffer.(Krugman, NYT)

The good news: 244K jobs created, the bad: unemployment rate rises to 9%

Schumer Tilts Toward German Offer for NYSE Sen. Schumer hasn't taken a public position on the competing bids for NYSE Euronext. But behind the scenes, he is leaning toward a surprising choice: the Germans. (WSJ)





TV Loves Twitter

Village Voice Media Editor Sends Enraged Email to New York Observer over Escort Ads Story

Matthews Rips Hillary Clinton For Explanation Of Photo

Agent: Arthur Laurents, playwright behind the musicals "West Side Story" and "Gypsy," has died(WSJ) * Broadway legend who wrote 'West Side Story' and 'Gypsy' dies at 93 (NYDN) * Broadway Playwright-Director Arthur Laurents Dies At 93 (NY1) * Arthur Laurents, man who wrote 'West Side Story,' dies at 93 (NYP)