Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The People's Budget Vs the 3rd Term Fiscal Expert Mayor

Critics of the Mayor’s Budget Put Forth Their Own Ideas(NYT)

Reducing Spending for Outside Consultants * Aggressively Seek Reimbursements From the Feds * Raise Some Taxes * Collect All Existing Taxes * Tax Plastic Bags * Third Terms: Doesn’t seem like Bloomberg knows what to do with it * Budgets: $84 million surplus for NYC. * NYC labor unions aren’t looking to make contract deals with Mayor Bloomberg.





City Hall Flacks Celebrate the CityTime Contract

 In A Preemptive Attempt to Defend Against Demands to Cut Outside Consultants Before Firehouse and Teachers

Long-delayed, over-priced & criminal computer system is operational 

CityTime Finally Clocks In The city's long-delayed, over-budget computerized payroll system—a project at the center of a major criminal probe that Mayor Bloomberg once described as a "disaster"—is "essentially" fully operational.(WSJ) * Bloomberg SAIC Rudy FDNY Schools Tech(Video)





Top Monkey Over Firehouse

Even the NYP Says No Fire House Cut Non Profit CEOs $$$

Keep the firehouses, lose the brie The Wildlife Conservation Society's (runs the city's zoos) top dog, Steven Sanderson, "conserved" some $1.6 million of the group's cash in 2009 -- by placing it in his own pocket. NY Botanical Garden boss Gregory Long saw his pay blossom to nearly $1 million. Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Thomas Campbell got more than $900-grand. Lincoln Center head Reynold Levy is bellowing a happy aria after pulling down nearly $2 million.(NYP) * City Council Debates Mayor Bloomberg's Proposed Arts Cuts 






Daily News Defends Mayor by Whacking de Blasio Again on Posters

 de Blasio is Whacking Bloomberg for cutting teachers the NYDN defends their man

 Public Advocate Bill de Blasio won't quit trying to weasel out of fines for illegal campaign posters(NYDN Ed) Editors want de Blasio to pay $303,750 fine for illegal posturing. * rips proposed teacher layoffs & fire companies closings

Other poster bums Liu and Thompson(True News)


Rape Kit

NYC & Budget Cuts: Special Victims Unit

The unit helps counsel rape victims and collects forensic evidence within one hour of their arrival at city hospitals.


For First Time NYP Calls NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Cover Up

Info on the cover up comes out because of court cases not the work of the DA or NYPD Internal Affairs

Cop's tix-fix ’fess in DWI trial Glimpse into coverup(NYP) *  In Testimony, an Officer Admits She Fixed Tickets(NYT) * High-tech boot to get scofflaws off the hook (NYP) * Tuckahoe Cop Who Allegedly Let Off Drunk NYC Cop Is Son Of Westchester Anti-DWI Chief -

NYC To Test New Tire-Locking Clamp(WCBS) * Parking Ticket Evaders To Get New Boot (NY1)







NY Can't Count
Survey Hints at Undercount in New York City(NYT)


New York's Lost Under 30 Generation

 Fred Siegel thinks a property tax cap isn’t going to stop the migration of young talent out of New York

“We can expect New York to lead the country in outmigration for the near future.”

Why New York's future is fleeing Nowhere near enough jobs for the younger generation(NYP)



If NY is Hit With A Nuclear Bomb All That Will Be Left Are Roaches and Lobbyists 

Teflon Man

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara accused Lipsky of funneling $252,000 from clients as bribes into the pockets of Brooklyn Democratic Sen. Carl Kruger, who was charged with a wide range of corrupt activities.

The Slow And Quiet Return Of Richard Lipsky(CHN)

Lobbying reports on file with the city and state show Lipsky billed at least $28,500 to three clients in March and April.  Even if Lipsky is convicted, he may still be able to fall back on his connections: While felons are barred from voting in New York state, they are free to work as registered lobbyists. Former Bronx Sen. Guy Velella worked as a lobbyist after he was released from prison on corruption charges.


Time to Rat Carl Kruger to Limit Jail Time

One corruption trial for Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger: judge(NYP)



DOE Boss Walcott Wants Bad Teachers Whacked

Tests for Pupils, But the Grades Go to Teachers(NYT) * Schools Chancellor Walcott fired up over bad teachers(NYDN) * Catholic School in Harlem Is Closing Over Financial Woes (NYP) * Charter School Apps Soar While Waitlists Grow (NY1) * The debate over teacher evaluations raged on at the Capitol on Monday. * Reform: What will jolt state lawmakers to action? * New Tests Aim To Grade City Teachers (NY1)



Pay Days: “Lawmakers who moonlight as attorneys” push a bill to boost lawyers fee’s on malpractice lawsuits


 Defeated in the Village the NYU the Evil Empire Looks to Attack Brooklyn and the East Sid

NYU Expands Outside Village New York University's efforts to expand its main campus in Greenwich Village have been curtailed by local opposition, but the school is forging ahead with growth plans in Brooklyn and Manhattan's East Side.(WSJ)





 NYS Budget Negotiations Behind Closed Doors - Not Even An Announcement of 3 Men Meeting

Proposal to Loosen Tax Cap Advances (WSJ)  * Albany out to boo$t malpractice lawyers (NYP) * Speaker Silver briefed his conference on their tax cap proposal Monday * The yet unseen ethics bill will reportedly not contain campaign finance reform * Cuomo is getting mixed reviews on his rent regulation message.





 Watch the Albany Budget Play As the Players Negotiate With Each Other Thru the Media

 Cuomo on campaign finance (TU) * The Assembly’s tax cap (TU) * Cuomo, Assembly Democrats Near Deal On Property-Tax Cap (Gannette Albany) * Tax-Cap Plan Endorsed By NYC Business Group * "this is a very good plan, it really is" says on Assembly Speaker Silver's tax cap plan. "would make a dramatic difference..." Azi Paybarah (Twitter) * Tax cap sunset linked to rent regs - both will sunset together * Before going into SUNY presentation, Senate Leader Dean Skelos calls Assembly cap proposal "a good, workable plan." * Gov. Cuomo and Speaker Silver will appear at joint presser at p.m. * just told reporters the won't pass property tax cap unless action on "inextricably linked" rent control laws. *  Silver nod gives Cuomo tax-cap breakthroughSilver nod gives Cuomo tax-cap breakthrough (NYP Loves to Give Cuomo Credit) * Cuomo Backs Assembly Plan to Cap Property Taxes(NYT) * Silver: Rent Regs, Tax Cap "Inextricably" Linked(NYDN) *Skelos: ‘Three Way Agreeement’ On Cap, But…(YNN)* Tax Cap: Teachers union opposes it. * Deal Reached in Albany to Cap Property Taxes(NYT)

Skelos notes his objections to the sunset provision “and minor technical issues.”  

 “[B]y the end of this legislative session…there will be a property tax cap and there will be an extension of rent regulations,” said Skelos.


Number Of Delayed Subway Trains Higher Than Last Year(NY1)

An Outcry in Chelsea Over a 12-Story Shelter (NYT)



NYC may be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing better handicap access to taxis

US Attorney in Manhattan reportedly probes why new city cabs aren’t wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair Access in Taxis Is Focus of U.S. Investigation (NYT) * Lack Of Taxi Wheelchair Access Probed (Fox 5)

The Wilpons Will Be Gone by the World Series

Little chance to be viable owner again(NYP) * Leave It to the Mets to Make the Worst Possible PR Move (WSJ) * Mets Bidder In Team Stake Deal: The owners of the New York Mets have chosen a preferred bidder (MY Fox Five)

 Mets owner apologizes to Reyes, Beltran by phone(NYP)

Almost LEGALIZED (Huff Post)




The Medicare Special Election in NY26th

AP Calls NY-26 For Hochul

Democrat Wins G.O.P. Seat; Rebuke Seen to Medicare Plan(NYT)

Republican Candidate in House Race Acknowledges Missteps(NYT) * Politico will be watching for 5 things in the race tonight. * You can bet a lot of members of Congress will be watching the results closely tonight.  Turnout in Erie County was 11% as of 11 a.m. That's on par with the usual turnout for primaries and high for a special election, I'm told. Thomas Kaplan NYT



Obama: Drinks Guinness in Ireland








They Still Huff and Puff to Blow the Ban Down

They huff & they puff The city's nonsmoking section just grew by 29,000 acres -- an area roughly the size of The Bronx (NYP)*  Hot Air Over New Smoke Ban(WSJ)  * Outdoor Smoking Ban Takes Effect – But Residents Will Have To Police Themselves

Smoking: No fines for smoking in the park, yet.

Closed OTB
Head of Staten Island-based gambling ring boasted he should run OTB, authorities allege | SILive.com 

DSK: Payoffs? Semen Evidence, Libido and Tourist Attraction

DSK's pals bid to pay off woman's kin(NYP) * Evidence Said to Tie Ex-I.M.F. Chief to Housekeeper (NYT)DNA Said to Link Strauss-Kahn to Maid (WSJ) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn's libido was big running joke in France(NYDN) * Former IMF Chief's Residence Now Attracting Tourists (NY1) *  Report: Maid Family Offered Money(Fox 5) * DNA evidence said to link ex-IMF leader to NYC maid (WABC)


 Law and Order

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Young suspects who trashed Dunkin' Donuts hunted by police(NYDN)


* VIDEO: Clueless robber continues to drop ball, elude cops(NYDN)

* Rape-cop jury asks to check accuser's tale during deliberations(NYDN) * Foodie 'perv's' saucy defense(NYP)

Gay-suicide plea (NYP) * Roommate Is Arraigned in Rutgers Suicide Case (NYT)Not-Guilty Plea in Rutgers Suicide (WSJ) *  10-Year-Old Girl Survives Throat Slash (Fox 5) * More than 20 people arrested across 3 states in alleged multimillon dollar gambling ring based on Staten Island(SI Advance) * Jurors Ask to Review Rape Accuser's Testimony (NBC)* Man with bad hat mugs deliman 

 Crime: Man said he spent two nights in jail after police stop him for drinking Snapple(NYDN)

Bad ID clears HS hoops star (NYP) * 'Mr. Mom' mobster gets break (NYP) * Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts (NYT) * NY health commissioner bans sale of 'bath salts' (WSJ) *  Police hunt for serial robber in Manhattan (WABC) *  Feds tell jury mobster 'Vinny Gorgeous' has 'earned' death penalty (NYP)


Teen mom accused of tossing baby kept pregnancy to herself(NYDN) * Doctor: Brooklyn Woman Had Options Before Garbage Chute Incident (NY1) * You've got the wrong guy, hate crime suspect claims(NYDN) * Another Day, No Verdict in NYPD Rape Case Trial (NBC) * Queens iPhone Snatcher At Large (NY1) * Police smash multi-million dollar SI gambling ring(NYP)

 Terrorism  Colombia link in NJ 'terror'(NYP) * NYPD commish tells transit, law enforcement officials to remain vigilant on train lines.(NBC)


NY Charges Town to Honor Dead War Hero

Fees: LIPA charging locals $5 per pole to hang American flags for parade.

 Israel has 'no better friend than America,' Netanyahu tells Congress (NYP)




 Fix Mixing Politics With Non Profits and Now With Media Editorials 

Good to Be King Bloomberg

Bloomberg View to Launch on Wednesday New opinion site is part of Bloomberg.com(Adweek)





...and now back to the Beltway's regularly scheduled moral muddle and lack of clarity about global jihadi threat... 

The Federal Reserve's Role In The Financial Collapse

Matt Taibbi: Wall St. Has No Incentive Not To Commit Crimes (VIDEO) 



Chris Matthews: I Don't Want To! (Buzz 60)





Murdoch Sucks Off the Tit of the City for His New Education Start Up    

Rupert Murdoch Says U.S. Schools Need New Technologies

News Corporation just happened to invest in an educational software company recently! Isn’t it funny how Murdoch is telling people how much we need to improve educational technologies when his company has a stake in that exact same market? Murdoch invested in Wireless Generation with a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.