Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The GOP Medicare Meltdown Election

GOP Hit Third Rail

 NY26: The Medicare Revolution

Hochul: We Are All Future Seniors (Video)

NY26: Hochul-47, Corwin-43, Davis-9. [AP

 “The results marked a stunning defeat for the GOP in a contest that garnered intense national attention as the first competitive race following the Republican takeover of the House in last November's elections.” She said in her victory speech: "We had the issues on our side. We can balance the budget the right way and not on the backs of our seniors.” the Buffalo News

Dem upstate upset House win over GOP in 'Medicare referendum' (NYP) *  Democrat Captures House Seat (WSJ) * Democrat Wins G.O.P. Seat; Rebuke Seen to Medicare Plan (NYT)For Democrats, Some Hopeful Signs (NYT) * Democrat Hochul grabs crucial upstate congressional seat (NYDN) * The Buffalo News on Hochul’s “odds-defying” victory. * Hochul, who doesn’t live in the district, carried Erie County in a big way, but she was competitive everywhere else and also eked out a win in Niagara County.*  NY 26: Democrats should thank Paul Ryan (Wash Post) * NRCC chairman says “To predict the future based on the results of this unusual race is naive and risky.” * NY-26: Some winners & losers (TU) * Newt Gingrich, vindicated? * DCCC Chairman Steve Israel on the lesson from NY-26: Medicare, Medicare, Medicare is the key to success in 2012 House races.

Albany Leaders Wait for Last Minute to Finalize Agreement For Political Cover

End of Tunnel

Tax Cap, Rent Regulations and Ethics Reform

The only way to make a deal in Albany is to wait for the last day of the session before making compromises. That waiting gives the pols cover with their interest groups to say they tried the hardest they could to meet there demands but just could not.  So NYC tenants will get new regulations just not as good as they wanted.  There will be an ethic bill that will be full of enough holes to allow the pols to continue their corrupt ways.  And so on. That deal is not quite soup yet.* Tax Cap: Sunset provision is a “deal killer” says EJ McMahon.* Ethics: Silver won’t leave town without “doing a meaningful ethics reform bill.” * Deals: “If Skelos was left out of the negotiations with Silver, it could make negotiations for an ethics overhaul that much harder.”


What Happen to Outrage of Three Men in A Room?

Cuomo said the cap will “change the trajectory of the state for good.” Andy & Shelly in deal for property-tax cap(NYP) * Property-Tax Cap Pact Takes Shape (WSJ) * Deal Reached in Albany to Cap Property Taxes (NYT) * Property tax cap may fly but only if rent regulation is renewed (NYDN) * Teachers Lead Opposition To Tax Cap Deal(CHN) * A deal would give Cuomo his first political victory since the on-time budget deal and solidifies his reputation as a fiscal conservative. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver warned there will be no cap without the extension/strengthening of rent regulations, calling the two “inextricably linked”. * Property Tax Cap: Critics say poorer schools will struggle; wealthy ones won’t.

Protesters Erect Makeshift Tent City In Support Of Rent Laws




Under Bloomberg New York Has Developed A Protect Class . . .  It is Not Just Ticket Fixing

Tickets and Atlantic Yards Fixed
Who are the 3 Council Members Who Had Their Tickets Fixed?
 As the average New Yorkers get blitzed with tickets to help raise funds for a budget in red ink, those connected not only get their tickets fix but as in the case of Jay-Z get government money and tax breaks to make money off of a new Brooklyn Arena. Welcome to Mike's New York where bankers and developers flow with cash as the young are force to flee the city because of no jobs.
Alex Rodriquez Get Cameron Diaz, Does Not Pay NYC Taxes and Gets His Ticket Fixed
 A-Rod Moves Into a TIF District, Pays No Property Taxes - Show-Me ...Big-time celebs had their tickets fixed by NYPD cops Star-struck officers have fixed tickets for Alex Rodriguez, Jay-Z's driver and late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, sources say. (NYDN) *  Report: Celebs Benefited From NYPD Ticket Fixes(NY1)

The Cover Up Mayor
No Shame

Report: Tickets ‘Fixed’ for Council Members; ‘Really Disgraceful’ Says Mayor(NYO)

Like All Cover Ups the True Trickles Out


 Bike Riders Are Not Part of the Ticket Fixers Special Class

DOE HQ in the Treed Court House Has Kept To the Corrupt Tradition

From Boss Tweed to Computer Consultans

Consultants Gone Wild 

It was the third contractor-related scandal to hit the DOE in recent weeks

A group of consultants billed taxpayers for full-time, six-figure salaries while spending big chunks of their time devising - along with their school system boss - plans for a new business enterprise, Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon reported Tuesday.   The boss, George Raab, the DOE's chief financial officer was paid 196,000 and left after 11 months after allegations that he misused city money, resources and time emerged.  Condon said Raab "engaged in prohibited private business relationships" with the consultants.  Rabb was appointed by former Chancellor Joel Klein.


Joel Klein Like Raab Also Set Up A Job for Himself Using the DOE 

Klein To Big to Get Caught?

News Corporation just happened to invest in an educational software company recently! right after he hired Klein as his education director. Murdoch invested in Wireless Generation a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.  Did Klein give the contract to wireless to help pave the way for his new job with New Corporation?  Isn’t it funny how Murdoch hire Klein and invested in a major contractor hired by Klein's DOE to kick start his education technologies company.  Murdoch signals News Corp will make significant push into education technology market



Why Was financial oversight by the Mayor Comptroller Thompson and the City Council Over Private Consultant? 

Why did Kline and Thompson allow a consultants, William Howatt to received $374,000 for less than a year's work while working mostly from home in Nova Scotia?

DOE's discretionary spending on consultants has increased by 331% since 2004

The Education Mayor?

 Did Bloomberg Hire his Friend Black because he know the ongoing investigations would uncover corruption in DOE.  The mayor did not want an independent educator who would blame him for the corruption.

Report Finds Schools Official Misused TimeThe former chief financial officer of the city school system and several consultants he had recommended used their time and the Department of Education’s e-mail system inappropriately. (NYT) *  Report Stings Ex-DOE CFO A former Department of Education chief financial officer inappropriately lined himself up for his next job in the private sector while he was still at the DOE, and he was aided by consultants who were supposed to be working on DOE business, according to the special commissioner of investigation, Richard Condon.(WSJ) * Gonzalez: Outrageous consultant scandal rocks Dept. of Ed (NYDN) * Scott Stringer Wants Freeze On Non-Essential Dept. Of Education Contracts




After a Fire, a Tension Between Two Schools (NYT) * Wrestling to Make Education Council Polling Work (NYT) * Harlem's Rice High School for boys will be missed by New Yorkers who care about quality education * School Admissions: Specialized high schools not admitting enough minority students.*  Teacher Termination Hearings Cost State $213K PER CASE (Huff Post) * New York Was No. 1 in Per Pupil Spending Last Year (WNYC) * NYSUT Withdraws From Teacher Evaluation Confab(YNN)




Mayor Calls 84 M Enough Money to Stop the Teacher layoffs A Drop in the Budget . . .  Do You think the Teachers Be Cut Agree?

$84M boon a bust in projected city ledger hike (NYP)  * IBO Predicts 2012 Budget Surplus, Mayor Calls It "Drop In The Bucket"(NY1)






In The New Issue of City Hall: City's fight with teachers signals larger labor troubles


Measuring the Panhandlers in the Subway 

M.T.A. Chief Says Panhandlers Exist, but in Smaller Numbers(NYT)

Bloomberg: "There Aren't Very Many Panhandlers Left" On The MTA ...


City Hospital System Faces New Cuts (WSJ)


Democrat Michael Ryan poised for rematch with D.A. Donovan (SI Advance)


MTA admits to failures at turnstiles with MetroCards happen 20% of the time The odds of having to swipe a MetroCard more than once to get through the turnstile are one in five, Metropolitan Transportation Authority records show. (NYDN) * The MTA needs to improve service, not hold metaphysical discussions of the ways to measure it (NYDN Ed) * Transit: “Farebox operating ratio” is getting steeper.

Bloomberg Signs Bill Toughening Cab Drivers' Penalties(NY1)





Smokers Rebellion? Still Puffing in Times Square and the Parks

Blowing smoke (NYP) * Smoking Leisurely, and Illegally, in the Park(NYT)


NYers are off E-Z street (NYP)


Elected Lawmakers Aim To Evenly Distribute Unwanted City Facilities(NY1)



 Stuck: Nobody Wants DSK In Their Building 

Strauss-Kahn accuser kin say they can't be bought(NYP) * DSK wife: Au revoir, blog fans (NYP) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn's neighbors in city tired of all the fuss (NYDN) * Strauss-Kahn stuck in NYC as owners refuse to rent to him * Excuse Our French: The Dominique Strauss-Kahn Affair and NYC's Dirty French Laundry


Vaccaro: A 'good man' would say he was sorry to them, too(NYP) * Wilpon Apologizes To Mets' Star Players(Fox 5)

* The Mets' Suitcase Warriors  Eight of the 25 players on the Mets' active roster began the season in the minors. (WSJ) *  Mets discuss owner's comments before 11-1 loss(WSJ)



 Law and Order

 'Rape' cop defendant brings self-help book to court as he waits on jury(NYDN) * Vinny Gorgeous eyed hit on prosecutor, turncoat mobster testifies (NYDN) * Man sprung from prison after 4-1/2 years due to trial snafu(NYDN)Diplo daughter's 'keyed' up Suing over false arrest(NYP)*  Injustice is undone (NYP) *  Shotgun-brandishing man robs Staten Island delis (WABC) * Serial Burglar Busted in 10 S.I. Robberies (NBC) * 'Rape cops' delibs drag on with wacky jury note(NYP)


Reopen NYC OTB And Let the Bookies Arrested Run It

 OTB bettor off with us bookies(NYP)





As Housing Goes, So Goes the Economy The ailing market is not going to heal itself. The Obama administration should champion a government fix, and Congress and regulators should act on it.  (NYT Ed)


Prosecutors will seek John Edwards indictment...







 NYC TV Production Increasing

TV Shows Channel City  Eight Programs Set to Begin Filming in New York; From Cops to 20-Somethings (WSJ)

Daytime's Changing Faces



LIVE BLOG: Oprah Winfrey's Last Show(ABC)

Goodbye, Oprah. We'll Always Have Paris (WSJ)