Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bronx deputy inspector in charge of the NYPD's in ternal-affairs ticket-fixing probe has been ensnared in the scandal himself

Told Knapp About NYPD Corrupt Culture
The Culture of NYPD Ticket Fixing is A Deep Web

The Officer In Charge of the Investigation Had A Ticket Fix

NYPD's prober in a 'fix'Accused of nixing ticket The Bronx deputy inspector in charge of the NYPD's in ternal-affairs ticket-fixing probe has been ensnared in the scandal himself -- after allegedly having a highway cop fix a speeding ticket for an apparent relative. The NYPD has angrily denied the accusation. The bombshell allegation surfaced two weeks ago, when a Bronx highway cop was questioned in front of a grand jury and later by IAB investigators. * Local cop admits to fixing traffic summonses in ticket-fixing scandal Bronx officer discredits herself by admitting to fixing a ticket for her mother and a second summons for her boyfriend's cousin. * In Testimony, an Officer Admits She Fixed Tickets (NYT)

How Can the NYPD Investigate Itself?

The Knapp Commission (officially known as the Commission to Investigate Alleged Police Corruption) stemmed from a five-member panel initially formed in April 1970 by Mayor John V. Lindsay to investigate corruption within the New York City Police Department. The creation of the commission was largely a result of the publicity generated by the public revelations of police corruption made by Patrolman Frank Serpico and Sergeant David Durk.

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scadal Reporting So Far (True News)



Schneiderman and DiNapoli New Sheriffs in Town

 Under the agreement, the comptroller and the attorney general will establish a joint task force on public integrity. Mr. Schneiderman’s prosecutors will work with Mr. DiNapoli’s investigators and auditors looking into legislative earmarks, state pensions and government contracts.  Accord With Comptroller Will Help Attorney General Pursue Corruption Cases(NYT) * Ethics: Cuomo keeps pressure on lawmakers to disclose their outside sources of income, and clients.

Cuomo is Not Part of this Deal

Is Cuomo Being Back Into A Moreland Commission






Cuomo Does All His Serious Deals Behind Closed Doors

Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo working on sweeping reform affecting all pensioned state, city workers(NYDN)

The Post says the absence of “real relief” provided by a strong property tax cap would be “a stunning defeat for the rookie governor.”



Time is Running Out to Pass Gay Marriage: Gov Lobbies Lawmakers 

Gay Marriage Gets a Push Gov. Andrew Cuomo is intensifying his push for gay marriage, speaking directly to lawmakers who have left the door open for supporting a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry. (WSJ) * City Room: Cuomo Releases Video Supporting Same-Sex Marriage (NYT)








Cuts to Affordable Housing Threatens Goal of 165,000 Units by 2014

Budget Threatens 'Affordable' Goal The Bloomberg administration is proposing to cut $285 million from its housing department's capital budget, raising questions over whether the city will be able to meet the goals of a signature program to create or preserve 165,000 "affordable" units by 2014. (WSJ)

Pol rips Mayor Bloomberg's plan to shut down 20 FDNY companies (NYDN) * News gets action on deadly firetraps as inspectors cite illegal apartments (NYDN)

Critics of the Mayor’s Budget Put Forth Their Own Ideas (NYT)

 Big Blow to City's Economy. Jobs and Tax Base If Bronx Produce Market Moves to NJ

New Jersey woos huge Bronx produce market (NYDN)

Hunts Point produce co-op reaches deadline City hammers out lease extension to keep market in the Bronx, but more vendors eye New Jersey move. (CrainsNY)




Brooklyn condo just one of hundreds of stalled projects around the city (NYDN)

Blue-Collar Jobs 

Big Brooklyn project gets go-ahead A massive, federally owned building, vacant for 11 years, finally gets a builder to redevelop it. Advocates predict it will bring blue-collar jobs to the Sunset Park waterfront. (CrainsNY)

Rent Law Battle Widens Fissures On Both Sides Real estate and tenant groups grapple with internal divisions

Continuing contempt of court(NYP Ed)

Behind The Working Families Field Operation: Candidates Pay Salaried WFP Employees As Independent Contractors, In Addition To Data & Field Services (CHN)

Leftist Parties in New York Have New Appeal(NYT)



New York's Corrupt Political Parties(True News)


 City Counting On Public Enforcement: Would You Ask This Guy To Stop Smoking?

Ban is On

Shrugs and Objections as Park Smoking Ban Nears(NYT) * Kiss our ashes! Many smokers plan to ignore sweeping ban in New York City parks (NYDN) * Outdoor Smoking Ban Effective Today(NBC)* Smokers To Soon Butt Out Of City Parks (NY1)


Bloomberg administration wants extended hours for day care(NYDN)


Gay Marriage Needs GOP Votes or Votes From Dems From in Anti-Gay Districts 

Cuomo now calling legislators; agrees with GOP St. Senator Ball the bill needs to protect religious institutions

Gay Marriage Gets a Push Gov. Andrew Cuomo is intensifying his push for gay marriage, speaking directly to lawmakers who have left the door open for supporting a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry. (WSJ) * GOPer's visit raises gay-marriage hopes (Dicker, NYP) * Same-Sex Marriage: GOP Alesi downplays his attendance at LGBT event.



Will the GOP's Medicare Plan Sink the GOP in the 26th?

“The race has unsettled Republicans in Washington, who say a defeat in the special election could doom any future attempts to overhaul entitlements and spell trouble for the party’s House candidates in 2012.” NYT

As House Race Narrows, Interest Nationally Widens(NYT) * It’s all about GOTV now, and both the Democrats and Republicans sent in reinforcements over the weekend from outside NY-26.* A Public Policy Polling survey shows Hochul up 6 percentage points.* The make-up of NY-26: Overwhelmingly white and middle-class, 70 percent of residents are of German, Irish or Italian heritage, jobs tend to be in education, health care, human services and manufacturing, and median income is $55,028. * Poll: Medicare tilts 26th Congressional District race as Democrat holds slight edge (TU) * Special Election Warrants Caution for Forecasters — and for Republicans (FiveThirtyEight)


Study: Americans Don't Know Much About History There's an epidemic of historical and political ignorance

Teaching Beyond the Test, to Make Room Again for Current Events(NYT) A teacher in Connecticut includes a course on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars after his students complete the Advanced Placement exam. (NYT)

Tests for Pupils, But the Grades Go to Teachers(NYT) * Catholic School in Harlem Is Closing Over Financial Woes(NYT)



The F Line Stinks

That's why it's the F! line Yes, it can get worse for F-train riders. The troubled line, already plagued by frequent delays during a massive rehab project, will now see a crucial Carroll Gardens station shuttered for a year(NYP) *  Mayor Bloomberg in danger of being deadbeat dad when it comes to mass transit (NYDN)

The Subway Beatles

 The woman soon to be known as “Lady McCartney” might appear at an MTA Board meeting today


Livery Drivers Upset Over Bloomberg Plan to Add 6,000 Taxis to the Outer Boroughs 

Taxi Federation demands fairness to livery drivers There is growing concern over Mayor Bloomberg's plan to add 6,000 outer borough taxis.  (WABC) * Livery Cab Drivers Push Back Against Borough-Only Medallions (WNYC)




Taxpayers sink 100's of millions into Yankees garage local baseball team loses field, garage fails (Transport Nation)


Tired, Testy, Even Rumpled: French Reporters on the Big Story(NYT) * Building Manager Looks to Reassure 71 Broadway's Residents (WSJ) * Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis says her ABC interview about IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was cut (NYDN) *  Wife's millions keeping accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn out of jail(NYDN) * Crowds Gather Outside DSK High-Rise: Curious onlookers and a throng of reporters desperate for a glimpse into Do... (Fox 5)*  Sight of ex-IMF head's wife rewards eager NYC crowd (WABC) *  Ex-IMF big tells staffers of his 'profound sadness' over sex-assault allegation(NYP) * Former IMF Chief Reportedly Denies Sexual Assault In Company Email (NY1) *Strauss-Kahn's sperm found on maid's clothes: report(NYP) * Source: There Is DNA Evidence Against Former IMF Chief (NY1) *  Evidence Said to Tie Ex-I.M.F. Chief to Housekeeper(NYT)



Mets Owners Set to Turn Over Property The real-estate investment management business controlled by besieged Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz is giving up a struggling Long Island office- building complex to its creditors. (WSJ) *  Mets owner rips stars Reyes, Beltran and Wright(NYP) * Wilpon's negative comments come at terrible time (NYP)

* Mets owner tells Sports Illustrated team could lose as much as $70 mil. this year(NYDN)

* Madoff’s Curveball  Will Fred Wilpon be forced to sell the Mets?(New Yorker)

 More About the Mets $$$ Problems(True News)




Sicko songwriter, accused rapist Joseph Brooks kills self(NYP)






Songwriter, an Oscar Winner, Is Found Dead(NYT) * Song Composer Awaiting Trial Is Found Dead (WSJ) * Oscar winner Joseph Brooks had 'nothing to live for'(NYDN) * Police: Songwriter Joseph Brooks Commits Suicide (NY1)



Law and Order

Baby Found in Trash(WSJ) * Newborn Found In Trash Compactor At Brooklyn Housing Project (NY1) * Relatives of slain student suing bar where fight began(NYDN) * Body in 'poor state of decomposition' found on Hamptons beach (NYDN) * Headless body washes up on LI (NYP) * Sliced and heist (NYP) *  Not Guilty Plea Entered For Dharun Ravi In Rutgers Suicide Case (WABC) * Jury deliberations head to day 4 in NYPD rape trial (WABC) * 

Charged dismissed, but still in jail(WABC)


 Grand Central Apple Store Seed Planted The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is looking for new tenants for a marquee space in Grand Central Terminal, and computer giant Apple Inc. has expressed interest in putting a store there. (WSJ)



Sample The Best Food Trucks Have To Offer At Food Truck Frenzy(WABC)




NY senators bat with banks on rule change New York lawmakers are coming to the rescue of some major US Banks




Roger Ailes Thinks ‘Palin Is An Idiot’? So Suggests New York Magazine Profile(Mediaite)

The Five Most Interesting Revelations From Roger Ailes Feature In New York Magazine(Mediaite)


UK Uproar: 'Secret' Scandals Revealed By Media, Twitter




'Reckless Endangerment': An Exclusive Excerpt From Gretchen Morgenson And Joshua Rosner's New Book(Huff Post)



Michael Steele Joins MSNBC As Political Analyst(Mediaite)



Newsday bosses get raises after union members accept pay cuts