Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYPD Tries To Fix Ticket Fixing Before the Charges . . . Will There Be Any?

Who is First, What, When, Where and How 


A Cover Up  - TicketGate?

The Power of the NYPD and City Has has allowed the NYPD to fix the ticket fixing scandal even before anyone has been charged.  We don't even know which pols and City Hall Bums got there tickets or criminal case fixed.  One wonders if we ever will.

NYPD forming unit to deal with ticket-fix claims(NYDN)*   New Police Unit Will Monitor City Courts for Ticket-Fixing(NYT) * NYPD creates new unit that will stop cops from fixing tickets (NYDN) * IAB bid to nix tix fix (NYP) * NYPD 'integrity' officer's mom caught using his parking placard (NYD) * NYPD integrity officer lost month's pay after his mom caught using copy of his police parking placard (NYDN)


Brooklyn Takes the Hardest Hit? People's Fire House II?

 The People's Fire House I (1970's)

Arrival time would jump to 9 minutes if city closes Ladder 53 in the Bronx

FDNY releases list of 20 engine and ladder companies that could be closed(NYP) * NYP says none should be closed Not one house, Mike Without a sufficient number of companies -- spread around the city to minimize all-critical response times -- New Yorkers' lives will be placed at risk.(NYP Ed) *  City Releases List of 20 Fire Companies Slated to Close (NYT) * Brooklyn Loses in Fire List (WSJ) * Brooklyn May Have Biggest Share Of City Fire Company Closings(NY1) * List of endangered FDNY companies released (WABC) * Criteria for Fire Company Closure List Called Into Question (WNYC) * In Brooklyn, Fire Company Closures A Familiar Battle (NY1) *Marty Markowitz On FDNY Fire House Closures -- WPIX

Ghostbusters HQ on List of Firehouses to Be Shuttered by City (NY Magazine)

* Manhattan Madam Claims DSK Was ClientNBC


Your Fired

The Wildlife Conservation Society spokesman on Bloomberg’s proposed budget cuts: “We had to make some difficult decisions. We don’t have the luxury of firing our walrus.”


 Same Problems, Failed Schools and UFT Conflict Different Chancellor

Waffle Time Over

Teachers Union Sues to Block School Closures The fate of tens of thousands of students was thrown into question after the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP sued to block the city's plans to shut down 22 failing schools.(WSJ) *  Amid threat of massive layoffs, city still recruiting 500 new teachers(NYDN) * Gov. Cuomo must stand firm against union efforts to scuttle teacher evaluations over test results (NYDN Ed) * Walcott Blasts UFT Lawsuit To Keep Failing Schools Open (NY1) * Union Sues to Stop School Closings (NYT) * Upset Over Community Roots Charter School’s Expansion (NYT) * Teachers union files suit over NYC school closings (WABC)


Nobody Crying About City Sheriffs Getting Layoff 

Judge changes tune, OKs Mike's sheriff layoffs(NYP)



Union Leaders Try To Save Jobs Of Laid-Off State Court Officers(NY1)

The state court system laid off more than 300 workers. More here.


Strauss-Kahn Out of IMF Will He Get Out of Jail Today?

Former IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn Indicted For Alleged Hotel Sex Attack:  * Judge springs ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn from Rikers(NYP)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn steps down as head of IMF(NYP) * I.M.F. Chief Quits in Wake of Charges of Sexual Attack (NYT) * Harsh Light on Two Men, but Glare Falls on Women (NYT) * Lawyers Push for Bail to Free Former I.M.F. Leader From Rikers (NYT) Sex-Assault Case Puts Focus on Police Unit, Not Quite as Seen on TV(NYT) * Across Europe, Views Diverge (WSJ) * Strauss-Kahn: 'I Want To Protect This Institution' (WSJ) * Strauss-Kahn steps down as IMF chief; photo shows him with suicide-prevention smock(NYDN) * Strauss-Kahn To Resign IMF Post, May Get $1 Million Bail (WCBS) * Even though he hasn’t been indicted yet, Strauss-Kahn’s attorneys said he would be willing to wear an ankle bracelet and post $1 million in bail – in cash – to get off Riker’s Island. His plea will be heard at 2 p.m. this afternoon.



If the Late Assembly Anthony Seminerio Was Not to Fat for Prison Why Was Fat Ray Harding?

 The Feds vs. U.S. Justice System

Both have problems with special interests escaping justice, but with the feds it the Wall Street barron's with the state in the city it the politically connected.  That why Harding who sold the Liberal Party nomination to Hevesi and others stayed out of jail.  In New York buying elections is not a crime. New York's Corrupt Political Parties (True News) * The Working Families Party’s for-profit firm, Data and Field Services, is resisting a judge’s order to sever ties with the party by firing its executive director and moving its offices. NYP says for  For pols, crime pays

Just a slap on wrist for Hevesi pal in pension scandal(NYDN)It's a disgrace that ex-Liberal Party boss Harding got no jail time in Hevesi pension-fund scandal (NYDN Ed) *   Daly: Obesity factors into pol's sentencing in Hevesi scandal(NYDN)

Pols flip switch to nix rate hike (NYP)

Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, a registered independent who looked at running for NYC mayor in 2001 and decided against it, is now not ruling out a run in 2013. 






Albany Can See the Light At the End of the Tunnel on Tap Cap and Rent Regulations 

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos changed his tune on a property tax cap, saying he’s willing to consider changes if Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes them.  * The Assembly Democrats want a sunset provision in the tax cap bill, but won’t necessarily exempt pension costs.* Cuomo put the kibosh on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s effort to resurrect the millionaire’s tax. 



Where is My Money?

How Much of Your Money Goes to the Mayor’s Office? City Council?

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is out with an app that lets New York City taxpayers see, specifically, where their money is going in the budget.



Prescription Drugs Deal: “It might just be the best deal ever offered by the city to the uninsured.”* NYC rolls out discount prescription drug card (WABC)



We Need A Museum to Teach the Lesson of WWII 

Plea for Fixes at Brooklyn Navy Yard Four members of New York's congressional delegation have mounted a new bid to preserve two deteriorating buildings along Admiral's Row, part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.(WSJ)





Trying to Create a More Permeable New York(Gotham Gazette)



Anti-Terrorism Funding: NYC staves off cuts; gets $151.57 million

Detailed schematics of 1 World Trade Center posted online(NYP)Sorry Toledo! NYC scores $152M in anti-terror funds(NYDN) * Here's to a short reign for new boss of Al Qaeda terrorists, an Egyptian fanatic named Saif al-Adel(NYDN Ed)


Time Warner to lease cable from NY bridge agency(WSJ)


Rabbi Known For Frigid Dips Dies (NY1) * Yeshiva Supporters Keep Control of Suburban District(WSJ)




Mets stuck in sac situation At least one of the four bidding groups remaining in the auction to purchase up to 49 percent of the money-losing team, which submitted its latest offer in the last few weeks, received a counter-offer this week that included a small piece of the profitable and separately-owned SNY (NYP)

Hey Marty Lets Steal the Dodgers Back for Brooklyn

Jamie McCourt asks judge to order immediate sale of Dodgers

Law and Order

Mom Admits To Setting Daughter On Fire In Voodoo Ritual (Huff  Post) *  

Jury to 'rape cops': maybe tomorrow(NYP)

 Fate of cops accused in rape of drunk woman in hands of jury(NYDN)Retired Detective Charged With Holding Up Drugstores for Pain Pills(NYT) * Pained ex-cop charged in painkiller heists (NYP) * Charge me with nun slay, mobster Tommy Shots rants in prison blog(NYDN) * Mob rat to testify against Vinny Gorgeous again - in death penalty phase(NYDN * Trash baby dies (NYP) 
Teen Shot on Bus
B'klyn bus rider shot (NYP) * Teen Shot And Injured Aboard City Bus (Fox 5) * VIDEO: Teen Shot, Wounded on Brooklyn Bus(NBC) *Police look for clues in Brooklyn bus shooting (WABC) * S.I. Man Sues Neighbor Over Thumb Bite (Fox 5) * Brooklyn man nabbed in allegedly phoning in threats to 911 from St. George Ferry Terminal (SI Advance)

Housekeeper who had baby with Schwarzenegger revealed(NYP)




Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal may not hurt his chances of making a Hollywood comeback (NYDN)





Keith Olbermann On His MSNBC Exit: ‘I Did Not Burn The Bridges. I Burned The Rivers’



Jon Stewart Gets Glittered After Skewering Media For Newt Gingrich Backlash



Stephen Colbert's Free Speech Problem The comedian runs up against campaign-finance law in an attempt to lampoon the Supreme Court.

Colbert's Goes Haywire Analyzing Gingrich's Conflicting Health Care Statements (VIDEO)