Friday, May 20, 2011

Ignoring Fed and State Cuts Everyone Blames the Mayor including the Media

Lord of the NY Flies Get the Piggy Mayor

After the state passes a budget that cuts 1.5 billion to the city, the Daily News allows the assembly speaker to blast the mayor for using the proposed fire house closing as a negotiating tool without asking Silver if he ever does the same. A practice of negotiating the article said Silver deemed “inappropriate. 

The reporter Erin Einhorn does not question Silver if he is playing the same budget game as the mayor when he is negotiating  with the senate to pass a new rent regulations bill by refusing to pass a 2% tax cap on property tax. Or ask the speaker if holding up the state budget until Cuomo caved on health care tort reform was inappropriate.  Einhorn does not even ask Silver about what effect the state cuts are having on city services.  This goes along with the trend of reporters last month of celebrating in their stories that Albany past an on time balanced budget without explaining how the state cuts would effect city services.  It is amazing how the normally media smart mayor is now being solely blamed for the cuts and all the others pols whose leadership along with the mayor destroyed the city's economy are allowed to attack him for the cuts in a media that never asks the attacker for what role they played in causing the need for cuts. Sheldon Silver rips Bloomberg's plan to ax 20 FDNY companies(NYDN) * Mayor's budget cuts to day care programs slammed (NYDN) * Cuomo’s honeymoon with NY voters is continuing.* Teacher Layoffs: “It’s not true that the layoffs are absolutely necessary or unavailable,” said John Liu


As Deadline Approaches Albany Ready to Make A Deal

Albany Moves Toward a Tax-Cap Deal(WSJ)


Is the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Cover Up Unwinding?

Man acquitted of attempted murder rap in trial involving cop accused of ticket fixing(NYP) Cops linked to ticket-fixing probe could face criminal charges for covering up cop crash: sources (NYDN) * Police union honcho linked to Bronx tix-fix probe retiring (NYDN) * Cops discuss alleged fixing of a DWI incident(WABC)

Why Did the City's IG Miss All These Corrupt Contractors Until the Feds Indicted CityTime Workers

Department of Education official who quit in probe helped lover get secret info, big raise (NYDN)

CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal (True News)



 Daily News Says UFT and NAACP Waging War On Kids in Failed Schools

The teachers union and the NAACP make war on the kids when they sue to keep failing schools open (NYDN Ed)

The mayor accused the UFT of “trying to create the maximum havoc and disruption and fear among parents” with a lawsuit to block the closure of 22 failing schools.  *

Mayor Is Criticized for Comments on Parents at Poor Schools(NYT)



Editorial: Liu's lulu Controller John Liu let taxpayers down by trying to up city's official prevailing wage for movers (NYDN)






Rev. Al Sharpton: I won't apologize for handling of Tawana Brawley case (NYDN)




Federal regulators overturn order(NYP) * No NYC Electricity Rate Hikes (Fox 5)



House Arrest Plan Altered as Building Blocks Strauss-Kahn 

Strauss-Kahn Is Indicted and Will Soon Leave Jail(NYT) * Ex-IMF Chief Makes Bail(WSJ) * Former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Granted $1 Million Bail In Alleged Assault On Hotel Maid (WCBS) * Former IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, granted bail deal, expected to be released to home confinement today (NYP) * French Angry at Strauss-Kahn Treatment (NYP) 

 Judge Approves Strauss-Kahn's Release(NBC)

 Co-Op Board Turns Him Down Also

Luxury Building Blocks Strauss-Kahn for House Arrest (NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Has No Place to Stay(NBC) * Former IMF Chief Granted Bail, But Still Has No Place to Stay (NBC) * The Timeline of the Afternoon Before 's Arrest: (The Daily Beast) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn called front desk, asked if receptionist wanted to get a drink night before (The Daily Beast)* Dominique Strauss-Kahn Rape Case Has French Press Obsessed With... The American Press (Village Voice)




DiNapoli: Budget Addresses Structural Deficit(YNN)



An American Rite: Suspects on Parade (Bring a Raincoat)(NYT)


Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks ethics, says state lawmakers should embrace tougher disclosure rules






The Anti Gay Marriage Forces Are Pushing 

Conservative Party Is Obstacle to Gay Marriage(NYT) * New York pol wants to void out-of-state gay marriages(NYDN)

 The Times says Cuomo’s desire not to let a gay marriage bill come to the Senate floor for a vote is “wrong”, agreeing with Bloomberg that New Yorkers should know where lawmakers stand on this issue.*  Cuomo Knocks ‘Times’ Editorial On Gay Marriage(YNN)




At CUNY, Concerns That Overhaul of the Curriculum May Erode Academic Gains(NYT)




AG Eric Schneiderman and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver make this week’s City Hall “winners” list.   

Mets Looked at Fraud Coverage for Madoff Stakes In 2001, the Mets considered buying fraud insurance to protect the millions they invested with Bernard L. Madoff. (NYT) *  Madoff trustee Irving Picard claims Mets owners went 'shopping' for fraud insurance(NYDN)


As Yogi Berra said, "It gets late early out there."

Game Over for Many Baseball Teams Contradicting some of baseball's most cherished cliches, statistics show that your team's fate may well be sealed by June




NYC Mayor Bloomberg addresses end of the world(Huff Post)

The End of the World(Video#1)

End of the World Parody(Video#2)

Biblical Proportions If the mayor closes The Ghostbusters firehouse Hook And Ladder No. 8 in TriBeCa


New York Attorney General Is Investigating Trump’s For-Profit School(NYT) * Trump's online 'University' investigated (NYDN) * AG's office probing Trump U.(NYP)




City keen on putting windmills on Staten Island(NYDN)




Law and Order 

No Verdict Reached In NYPD Rape Case(NY1) *  Miracle gun jam gives Staten Island man another shot at life(NYDN)* Retired cop pleads guilty to keeping child porn on computer(NYDN) * Center opens in Sean Bell's name in Jamaica(NYDN) Bronx armed robbery caught on camera (WABC) * Unlicensed livery cab driver murdered in Brooklyn (WABC) *  Shooting victim who saw gunman kill her husband in their Huguenot home remains 'critical'(SI Advance)* Search Uncovers New Evidence In Bronx Explosives Arrest (NY1) * Puerto Rican Drug Kingpin and Nine Others Arrested After $1M Times Square Coke Bust  (Village Voice)

 NYC Keeps Anti-Terror Grant Money, Upstate Cities Cut Out (WSJ)





Midtown Hotel Agrees to Silence Bellmen's Whistles







Promoting 9/11 Rebirth To Lure Tourists To Lower Manhattan (Huff Post)

9/11 Outreach Effort Criticized(WSJ)





Netanyahu “bluntly rejected compromises along the lines outlined by Mr. Obama.” 


Obama's Israel Surprise Obama promised support for democratic uprisings in the Arab world and called to begin negotiations for a Palestinian state based on Israel's pre-1967 borders.(WSJ) * Mitt Romney: Obama throwing 'Israel under the bus' with Mideast plan (NYDN) * At press conference, journo yells question about 's speech on Israel. ignores it. (Azi Twitter) * Protest Held At Israeli Consulate Following Obama Speech(WCBS)


Goldman Braces for Subpoenas Goldman Sachs executives expect subpoenas from U.S. prosecutors seeking more information about mortgage-related business.(WSJ)



Arnold puts his Hollywood return on hold(NYP)






According To Jon Stewart ‘Economists Are The Rapiest Profession Going’



White House Stands By Spokesman’s Email To The Boston Herald On Access To Press Pool



Buried with Sand from Coney Island

Coney I. Bids Farewell to the Rabbi of the Beach (NYT)

Long before Abraham Novitsky died at 77, his unusual interests, including walking on hot coals, twisting his mustache into four curlicues and swimming in subzero temperatures, had become the stuff of Coney Island mythology.



John Lithgow gives Newt Gingrich's press release a dramatic reading




Murray Chass Reveals His Struggles at the New York Times (Village Voice)