Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Albany Unable to Make A Deal: Preaches to the Media and Their Supports

Waiting to the Last Minute

Assembly Leader Seeks to Keep Millionaires’ Tax(NYT) * The rent is too damn important: Gov. Cuomo(NYDN)Gov. Cuomo owes it to the taxpayers not to falter on the path toward historic pension reforms(NYDN Ed) * E.J. McMAHON: Will Cuomo's fix be radical enough? (NYP) * NY comptroller seeks crackdown on pension abusers (WSJ) *Judge's wrongheaded order keeping the names of police pensioners secret must be overturned (NYDN Ed) * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says he would look at another property tax cap proposal if the governor has one. * Business Leaders are once again calling on the Assembly to pass the 2% property tax cap. * Fred Dicker finally got an answer from Skelos on whether he has clients with business before the state. * Michael Goodwin thinks Cuomo is sending mixed messages on ethics reform. * The Governor will continue to talk ethics, property tax cap, and gay marriage in Lake Placid today * Cuomo’s Clout: Cuomo shouldn’t compromise on ethics bill. * Pension Reform: “The governor has assured me that it will be all together,” Bloomberg said of reforming pay for city and state workers. *  Skelos Shoots Down Millionaires Tax: ‘It’s Over’ (YNN) *Tax Cap: Silver floats a sunset provision.

The Ruling Class Walks

Liberal Party Line for Sale No Penality 

The Rich and Connect Rip Off Pension Funds Pay A Fine ( A Business Expense) and Walk Away

Ray Harding gets wrist-slap in pay-to-play pension scandal * Pension data for teachers and school administrators is now on-line.



Former aides to ex-Gov. George Pataki and ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani have joined forces to form a new consulting firm. 

Who is First, What, When, Where and How 

The Power of the NYPD and City Has has allowed the NYPD to fix the ticket fixing scandal even before anyone has been charged.  We don't even know which pols and City Hall Bums got there tickets or criminal case fixed.  One wonders if we ever will.

NYPD forming unit to deal with ticket-fix claims(NYDN)



List of Proposed Firehouses is Out 

Closing Fire Companies: The Report(NYO) *FDNY releases list of 20 engine and ladder companies that could be closed(NYP)




Liu Continues to Use the City Budget to Seek A Higher Office
On election day non profits that had vans or buses in Flushing were busy bring Asian votes to the polls.  Today Liu uses the city budget to help unions to win their favor for the mayoral campaign he wants to wage'Movers' shaken Judge rips Liu's 'pro-union' pay scale (NYP)

Bloomberg's World Where the Forgotten Poor Don't Ride Trains

Panhandlers set Mayor Bloomberg straight: Open your eyes, Mike(NYDN)

 Subways: Interviews with panhandlers.

By the end of yesterday, none of the missing votes had yet materialized

Mayor Presses Republicans In Albany on Gay Marriage(NYT) * Mayor Pushes Gay Marriage (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg is set to stiff anti gay-nups pols (NYDN) * Bloomberg Lobbies State Senate Republicans For Gay Marriage (NY1) Passage of gay marriage appears to be stalled despite the lobbying of Mayor Bloomberg and other NYC pols. * Time Running Short for Gay Marriage? (CHN) *  GOP St Senator Golden: "Ppl don’t give a rat’s ass about social issues...they're worried about paying their mortgage" (NYO) * What Republicans Said After a Visit From Bloomberg (NYO) *  Bloomberg Goes to Albany to Promote Same Gender Marriage; Agudah Fights Back (YW)

NY's new schools boss (NYP Ed) *  UFT, NAACP to file suit to stop 22 public school closures(NYP)



'Queen of Torts' Chosen as 9/11 Special Master The Justice Department plans to appoint Sheila Birnbaum—a New York lawyer known as the "Queen of Torts"—to run the new $2.8 billion fund for ailing Ground Zero workers, according to people familiar with the decision. (WSJ)

NY1 Exclusive: New Yorkers Divided Over Hydrofracking, But United On Water Preservation(NY1)



IMF accuser in apartment for HIV victims(NYP) * I.M.F. Chief May Claim Consensual Sex Defense(NYT) * Geithner Suggests That Strauss-Kahn Step Aside (NYT) *  Pressure Is Building on IMF Chief(WSJ) * We want you out, bankers tell embattled IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn(NYDN) * Hotel Keycard of I.M.F. Chief May Tell a Tale(NYT) * Bloomy blasts French 'cuff' whine(NYP) * France Urges Restraint From Media, Politicians(WSJ) * Latest gal: Lecher kept begging to sleep with me(NYP) * For Strauss-Kahn's Wife, Public, Private Lives Collide(WSJ) * Source: Suicide Watch for IMF Chief (NBC) * In an interview last month, Strauss-Kahn said the 3 weaknesses that would prevent him from becoming president of France were “money, women, and his Jewishness.” * Lawyers Move to Get Strauss-Kahn Out of Jail(NYT)

NYPD: loses about 2,000 police officers through attrition every yr. We will have 34,882 officers


Supreme Court upholds warrantless searches for drugs in homes(AMNY)

ADA rips cops in rape trial(NYP)Officer in Rape Trial May Have Convinced Himself of Relationship, Prosecutor Says (NYT) * Prosecution Slams Police Officers Accused Of Rape During Closing Argument (NY1) * Prosecution's closing arguments in NYPD rape trial (WABC) * Jurors To Begin Deliberations In NYPD Rape Trial: Jurors are expected to begin deliberations today in the trial of...


Staten Island Home Invader Is Slain (WSJ) * Lunatic in SI gun rampage Man slain by cops after shooting pal & wife (NYP) *  Police Kill Gunman Who Shot His Former Employers (NY1) *Disgruntled S.I. Man Shoots Business Associate Before Being Killed By Police (WCBS) * Fired worker dies in confrontation with NYPD on SI (WABC)

 Law and Order 

Cop blows brains out on street On-duty officer kills self in front of gal pal(NYP) *  NYPD Officer Kills Self After Argument With Girlfriend(WSJ) * Neighbors, friends shocked by death of lovesick officer, who fatally shot himself on street

Terrorism: Scheming to Launch Killing Sprees While Dressed as Hasidic Jews
A Queens man accused of plotting synagogue slaughters with a friend is a proud American who's been slimed by trumped-up terror charges, his lawyer insisted. Mohamed Mamdouh and suspected mastermind Ahmed Ferhani, who are accused of scheming to launch killing sprees while dressed as Hasidic Jews, returned to court on hate crime and terrorism charges. (NYDN)

 "Having a pump is like having sex. I train two, sometimes three times a day. Each time I get a pump. It's great. I feel like I'm coming all day."

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress didn't retire —she was "terminated"

Powerful and Primitive In New York and Los Angeles, egregious cases of droit du seigneur: why do powerful men think they can help themselves to the help? (NYT) * Mildred 'Patty' Baena, 50, identified as mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child: reports(NYDN) *  Arnold not alone: These pols fathered baby scandals(NYDN)

Curtains for Elaine’s, a Legendary New York Hangout(NYT) * Vanity Fair Editor Eyes Elaine's (WSJ) * Legendary East Side restaurant Elaine's will shut its doors for good(NYDN) * Legendary East Side restaurant Elaine's will shut its doors for good (NYDN)


Condé Nast Will Be Anchor of 1 World Trade Center (NYT) * Conde Nast moving downtown to 1 WTC in 2014(NYDN)






Super Blogger Leaves the Old Media in the Dust

'Connecticut's Paperboy,' On the Internet One of the most followed voices in state politics is found in a gray house here with a rickety porch. That's where Tom Dudchik puts out the CT Capitol Report, a Drudge-inspired website that has quickly has become a home page of sorts for the state.



Jon Stewart Runs Down GOP Presidential Field (And Obama) With Bill O’Reilly



Jon Stewart On Trump Quitting: Why Are You Letting Me And The Country Down!?


Santorum: McCain 'Doesn't Understand' Interrogation(Huff Post)


TV Wasteland: The Presidential Race Debate

Prof. Cornel West Tells Ed Schultz That President Obama Is ‘Afraid Of Free Black Men’

Mark Levin: ‘Racism abounds over there at MSNBC and NBC’

Can Newt Control Newt?

'Nice To Live In A Free Country,' Gingrich Says After Getting 'Glittered'(Video)

Newt Gingrich: ‘Any Ad Which Quotes What I Said On Sunday Is A Falsehood’ * Gingrich refuses to answer Fox News' question on Tiffany's bill