Sunday, May 8, 2011

True News Sunday Update; Bin Laden Home Movies; Teacher Layoffs; Pension Scandal Act II

 The Courts are Not Through With New York Pension Corruption and Political Connections Network

A lawsuit brought by a New Mexico government agency seem to be a bellwether for a new new type of court action to recover money lost to politically connected pension managers and financial firms. The NM lawsuit is going after top manager and campaign contributors who improperly got or steered New Mexico investments to political supporters of former Gov. Bill Richardson.  The politically connected lawsuit looks a lot like what clawback lawyer Irving Parcard is doing to investors like the NY Mets owner the Wilpons who made out like bandits because of their relationship with Bernie Madoff.  This NM case opens up future breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits by pension investors who lost money because of corruption in the state and city's pension funds not only Dan Hevesi and Hank Morris already named in the NM lawsuit but all those lawyered up New York money managers and financial houses who like Steve Rattner got away with paying fines to escape jail. A  NM lawsuit in NY will not put anyone in jail but will show political connections from contributions to endorsements to New York comptrollers on who made money off of New York's pension went well beyond the jailed Hevesi.

Hank Morris, Dan Hevesi Named In NM Lawsuit

Disgraced former political consultant Hank Morris and Dan Hevesi, an ex-state senator and son of jailed former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi, are named in pay-to-play pension fund lawsuits brought by a New Mexico government agency, the AP reportsLast fall, the Times reported Alan Hevesi had agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge for his role in the pension fund mess in order to protect Dan Hevesi and also his younger son, Assemblyman Andy Hevesi. Dan Hevesi was one of several placement agents on a New Mexico investment deal.


Mayor’s Budget Seeks to Lay Off 5% of Teachers (NYT) * Who will teach the children? Parents peeved at cuts (NYDN) * Teachers, Firehouses On Chopping Block As Bloomberg Presents 2012 Budget (NY1) *6,100 teachers in crosshairs (NYP) * Libraries get noisy over cuts (NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg passes buck on teacher cuts, says D.C. and Albany are culprits (SI Advance) * Bloomberg budget brings on showdown with school union(NYP)

UFT vows 'Wisconsin' protests over cuts(NYP) * NYC Union Vows Protest Over Cuts (Fox 5) * Council vultures circle Mike's rainy-day fund (NYP)



Teacher Layoffs After Black Mistake Imperil Bloomberg's Legacy 

Bloomy's budget fib The mayor yesterday introduced his budget for the 2012 fiscal year by asserting that it totals "less than last year's budget. But the truth is that Bloomberg plans to spend $68.9 billion -- up $2.5 billion, or 3.8 percent, from this year's $66.4 billion. (NYP Ed) *  Mayor Stands Firm on Teacher Layoffs(WSJ) * Looming Layoffs at Schools Imperil Bloomberg’s Legacy(NYT) * Security costs continue to rise for NYC.* Bloomberg’s budget is so austere, it even slashes bread and pepper portions at Rikers.

The Man Likes What He Sees in the Mirror Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s popularity among New Yorkers has declined, but he says his legacy is low crime, a strengthened economy and rising test scores. (NYT) * Lisberg: There are days when NYC is lucky to have Mayor Bloomberg (NYDN)

* Bloomberg doesn’t care what the local media thinks of him; he likes what he sees in the mirror.



TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads




New Yorkers dropping out of job market and joining welfare rolls (NYP)

Check's in the maze State holds cash stash owed to the city (NYP)





Education Lost 

Lost in the School Choice MazeNew York City uses a complex system to match students and high schools, and 10 percent of eighth graders recently learned the hard way how dizzying and disappointing the process can be. (NYDN) * New look after gifted-kids makeover (NYP)






Back to the Future: Jimmy Breslin Column in the Daily News 

Breslin: Pregnant driver handcuffed because of her skin There were 976,420 drivers stopped by police last year. And it is a horrible thought that race had something to do with a lot of them.(NYDN)





MetroCard's days are numbered, and its replacement might already be in your wallet





NYDN: Last Chance for Albany to Help the City? 

City leaders have a golden opportunity to pull together to achieve fiscal reform here and in AlbanyPassing pension reforms; Pushing for relief from mandates that drive up the cost of government for no good reason; repealing LIFO (NYDN Ed) * Mike trying to breathe new life into his kill-LIFO push (NYP) * Finally: Gov. Cuomo is launching a campaign to pass a property-tax cap(NYP Ed) 


Barack Obama Shares Details Of The Killing Of Osama bin Laden On 60 Minutes



WATCH Obama: Bin Laden Had Support Network In Pakistan(60 Minutes)

Obama awards Presidential Unit Citation to unit that took part in bin Laden raid (NYP) * Obama to bin Laden assault team: 'Job well done'(WSJ) * Phone Call Led CIA to 'The Pacer' - Bob Woodward, Washington Post * CIA is said to be producing a new intel report almost hourly based on materials recovered from bin Laden raid (Wash Post)



Terrorism  Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents(NYT)U.S. Tried but Failed to Kill Yemeni Cleric The U.S. launched a drone strike in Yemen on Thursday aimed at killing Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born radical cleric suspected of orchestrating terrorist attacks in the U.S,(WSJ) * Al Qaeda agrees, Osama Bin Laden is dead, vows revenge (NYDN) * U.S. Seeks to Question Bin Laden’s Widows (NYT)O: Bin Laden had Pakistan 'support' but unsure whether gov't involved (NYP)


Command Center

 Bin Laden Home Movies

Pentagon releases videotapes found in bin Laden raid...offers glimpse into his life in hiding(CBS) * Pentagon Releases Bin Laden Home Videos: He Watches Himself On TV, Flubs His Lines

Who will be the next Osama Bin Laden? Top counterterror expert sizes up the candidates (NYDN) *  Videos show vain, weak bin Laden in final days (NYP)







 True News: Where are the Demands for A Independent Knapp Type Commission?

Serpico Before the Knapp Commission

On April 25 & 29, 2011 True News Called for the NYPD Ticket Fixing case to be taken away from the Bronx DA for the second time.

Today the Daily News Does the Same

 Gov. Cuomo must step in and remove inept Bronx DA Robert Johnson from alleged tix-fix probe of NYPD (NYPD Ed) * Cop-union big spills on tix fix A police union honcho went before a Bronx grand jury to testify against a delegate who allegedly fixed a ticket for him (NYP) * Bronx prosecutor nailed for DWI demoted to rubber room for problem prosecutors Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson ordered Jennifer Troiano's transfer to the Appeals Bureau after the Daily News reported her troubled history.(NYDN)

Drug Store Outside the Drug Store

Not Far From the Pharmacy, a Different Sort of Drug Deal At an intersection in Washington Heights, drug dealers spend more time buying than selling. (NYT)


PATH train crash in Hoboken









Plaza perilIn a City Council Transportation Committee hearing last week, Chairman James Vacca got Department of Transportation officials to admit that they have no real clue as to the full impact pedestrian plazas are having on surrounding streets. (NYP Ed)



City makes mess out of reeking shuttered Popeye's restaurant The shuttered chicken joint will likely remain a mess over the weekend and the Health Dept. follows protocol. (NYDN) * Shuttered Popeyes Concerns East New York Residents (NY1)





 With OTB Shutdown Organized Crime Bookies Are the Real Winners of Today's Kentucky Darby 

OTB talks on track Albany plans betting-agency merger (NYP)





Shocking the Mob is Making Money Off the Rebuilding of the World Trade Center 

1988 Report

No-work and all pay at Ground Zero as rebuilding costs up $96 million under lax union rules(NYDN)

No-work jobs in a mob-linked union could add nearly $100 million to the public cost of rebuilding Ground Zero, a new report charges. * Crane workers collect up to $400K a year each for dozens of phantom jobs at Ground Zero site (NYDN Ed) * Driver drunk when he killed walker - cops(NYDN)

They Knew the Mob Runs NYC Construction Industry All Along (True News)

Law and Order: Cop Rape Trial 


Police Make Arrest In LES Sex Attacks(NY1) * Boozed-up tour bus driver kills pedestrian in horrific accident (NYDN) * No bail for suspect who killed Bronx dad in front of wife, son(NYDN) * Gun-toting guest nabbed at posh hotel in pink undies (NYDN) * Bronx mother battles guns that killed her daughter (NYDN) * Friend leads walk to honor slain mom, fight domestic abuse (NYDN) * Tour bus mows down man on West Side (NYP) * Tour bus mows down man on West Side (NYP) * Slain dad's boy IDs suspects (NYP) * Rapist' left his DNA: DA(NYP)Police Seek Suspect In Armed Robbery At Manhattan CVS  (WCBS) * Driver arrested for DWI in deadly tour bus ax (WABC)


In Rape Trial Of 2 Officers, A Defendant Denies Guilt * Cop accused in rape of drunk woman testifies(NYDN) * Alleged Lookout Takes Stand In NYPD Rape Trial (NY1) * 'Rape cops' shock(NYP) * NYPD Rape Trial Picks Up with Officer Testimony (WNBC)

 * Attorneys for 'Vinny Gorgeous' aim to discredit other mobsters' testimony (NYP) * 'Vinny Gorgeous' had mob hit contrac on judge: witness (NYDN)* In Fallout of Suicide by Student, a Plea Deal (NYT) * Deal Reached in Rutgers Case(WSJ)

Bronx boy who watched in horror as father was murdered IDs killers from a lineup (NYDN)

 * Former heavyweight Port Authority union head faces charges again (NYDN) * School-aide 'drug threat' (NYP) * 'L&O' Ring Tone Gives Away Robbers (Fox 5) * Subway mug spree (NYP)


  1. * Heartless bandit is mugging the city's grandmas (NYDN) * Teen once dumped in swamp by cops busted for pot (NYDN) * Police: Bronx Robber Targeting Seniors (NY1) * Elderly Bronx Assault Victim Afraid To Leave Home After Violent Incident * Dad slain in front of wife, kid (NYP) 

You Call That Tough? It’s been more than two years since the financial crisis, and still no criminal charges against the big fish (NYT Op Ed)



Bill Maher: “Barack Obama Is One Efficient, Steely-Nerved, Multitasking, Black Ninja Gangster President”



SNL: Tina Fey Reprises Sarah Palin Bit In Undeclared GOP Candidates Debate Skit



Osama bin Laden Reads His Last Will And Testament On SNL



Hasidic Paper Removes Hillary Clinton From Osama Picture






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