Thursday, May 26, 2011

CityTime: Organized Crime Rip Offs of the City, Nobody Noticed?

CityTime Outside Contractor
What Others Vendors Are Ripping Off the City?
The person in charge of developing a timekeeping system to keep track of New York City employees . . . bilked New York City taxpayers by not keeping [his] own time." 

 How Did the Mayor, Comptroller Thompson and City Council Miss for Years the CityTime Ripoffs?

In another black eye for the Bloomberg administration, a contractor for the scandal-scarred CityTime electronic-payroll system yesterday admitted the project's manager ripped off the city by cheating on his own time sheet.  Officials at the contractor, Science Applications International Corp., said they will reimburse the city the $2.47 million that project manager Gerard Denault unfairly billed when he worked on the massive project to switch city employees to the system. * Citytime Honcho Gets Ax (WSJ) * CityTime boss' own cheat sheet(NYP)CityTime Manager Fudges Timesheets(Gotham Gazette) * CityTime Payroll Project’s Main Contractor Fires a Manager(NYT) * Mike Bloomberg Praised SAIC - SAIC Fires Head Guy NYC! More Corruption Fall-Out To Come!!!! * Gerard Denault, CityTime Project Manager, Fired for Raiding the Till(Village Voice)

Another Pay A Fine With No Criminal Charges or Jail Time 
CityTime Can Make Me Mayor

"By their own admission, this latest development now implicates for the first time in this scandal SAIC, the prime contractor," Liu said. Liu also said, “The total amount that should be returned to the city is potentially far larger.”

Why Was This City Employee Not Fired?
On March 1, 2011 the Mayor Defended CityTime

NYT Leading From Behind in the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal

The Daily News had this story three days ago Cop admits fixing traffic summonses on stand while testifying in drunken ...Officers Tested in Ticket-Fixing Case(NYT)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting So Far (True News)




When It Comes to CityTime and NYPD Ticket Fixing Bloomberg Not the King but the Aloof Queen

Queen Mayor Aloof

"It is wrong," Bloomberg said. "They shouldn't do it. The cops shouldn't do it (Fix Tickets) and the elected officials [shouldn't do it]. And it is really disgraceful if the elected officials asked them to do it."  Mayor Bloomberg calls practice of fixing tickets for rich and famous 'disgraceful'



  Albany's Tax Cap Drama - 3 Weeks to Go

The Interest Group Dance
All the Interest are Sending messages that they are trying hard to meet their demands until the last minute.
Key threat to tax-cap deal(NYP) * E.J. MCMAHON: A poison pill for the tax cap?(NYP Ed)Reject the Tax Cap A cap on New York property taxes would devastate schools and is no substitute for leadership (NYT Ed) * 2% property tax cap agreed on by Cuomo, legislative leaders must be voted into law without delay(NYDN Ed) * Tax Cap: “[C]ertainly doesn’t meet the smell test [for] being progressive” said NYSUT’s Iannuzzi * Tax Cap: Editors back it, with reservations. [Times Union] * Ethics: Cuomo, still pushing. * NYSUT plans to push for changes to the tax cap deal right up until the bill is passed.* In friendly radio interview, insist cap deal will hold (Twitter) * Cuomo Insists Tax Cap Deal Still In Place(YNN) * Cuomo Dodges Unredacted Disclosure (NYDN) * A Little Perspective On Shelly Silver's '95 "Tax Cap"* Gov. Andrew Cuomo has so far refused to play the “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” game with his unredacted ethics disclosure.


NY Spends the Most on Education & Near Bottom on Grads

No bang for the buck NY tops in school spending, near bottom on grads(NYP) *  Teachers union boss Michael Mulgrew fighting against objective standards for teacher evaluations(NYDN Ed) Huge rally of charter school parents in Harlem, criticizing NAACP for suing to block charters from opening * Cuomo wonders what education spending buys  * Class Sizes: They’re growing 

SUNY has requested an audit of any “linkage” between SUNY Research Foundation President John O’Connor and his outside interests.


Raising Eduction Standards By Not Lowing Them?

State Ends A Practice Of Rescoring Regents Tests (NYT) * No More Second Chances for Regents(WSJ)




Study: New Yorkers Don’t Like to Read (FishbowlNY)


UPDATE: Acquitted of rape, burglary ... guilty of official misconduct Terminated as Cops
Commissioner Kelly: "Both the officers will be terminated today" (NBC)
NYPD Officers Cleared of Rape (NBC) * NYPD Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata cleared of rape charges (NYDN) * NYC officers ARE convicted of lesser "official misconduct" charges but acquitted of rape, burglary, etc. *Officers cleared of main charges, convicted of official misconduct(NYP) * NYPD Rape Trial Verdict Will Be Protested Tomorrow in NYC (Village Voice)
What Do You Think the NYPD is Trying to Say With This Tweet


 Met the New Met: Hedge-Fund Manager David Einhorn

 The Mets made a call to the financial bullpen

The Mets have agreed to sell a minority stake in the club to David Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital Inc (Newsday) * BREAKING Mets Agree To Sell Minority Stake In Team For $200M: Report(NYP) * Reports: Mets Agree to Sell Minority Stake to David Einhorn (NY Mag)





Bus Service Cuts, Discontinued Stops = Less Riders 

Bus Ridership Dwindles As Subway Gains Fewer people are riding New York City buses even as more hop on the subways.(WSJ) * On Bloomberg's Subway, No Panhandlers or MetroCard Errors (WSJ) * MTA boss Walder says big fixes in the works(NYDN)





New Yorkers Already Paid Higher +Costs More to Live Here 

New Yorkers Get Paid More Than (Almost) Everyone  Workers in the New York metropolitan region get paid $1.14 for every $1 the average American worker earns, according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Labor Department.(WSJ)



Residents rally against proposed Bronx FDNY closings(NYDN) *  City Council Expected To Approve New FDNY Exam Legislation(NY1)

City Council to vote on FDNY age restrictions (WABC)


War over revealing municipal pensions(NYP) * Pensions: Bloomberg wants to publicize the names of earning of public pension earners. De Blasio and Liu balk; Stringer, Diaz, Marshall and Markowitz oppose.


Real-Estate People Track Discrimination Case The federal government and a New York real-estate company are negotiating to settle alleged federal housing-discrimination violations against the disabled, the company's attorney said.(WSJ)

Groceries Cheaper in New York City—No BaloneyHang on to those Gristedes bags: A study released earlier this week by two economists at Columbia University found that food in New York City is actually cheaper than in other parts of the country. (WSJ) *  Study: NYC groceries cheaper than small cities (WABC)



Report: City Considers Hotel Tax Increase (NY1)






Cig ban's ifs, ands & many butts * Clueless Mayor Bloomberg needs to see the light on smoking ban(NYDN)




* Bikes: Editors back Kelly over Sadik-Khan, as cops issue more tickets to cyclists(NYP)

* Joe Bruno: “I am enlightened. I have seen the light,” he says, explaining his evolution on same-sex marriage. * Bloomberg’s Speech: “seemed at times to be speaking directly to the handful of lawmakers.” * Bloomberg’s Speech: Invokes Stonewall. Esme Deprez 

DA Race: Assemblyman Titone says current Staten Island DA “didn’t want this job.”  

Columbia President Lee Bollinger, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus mark overdue return of ROTC to the school (NYDN Ed) * Columbia University To Allow ROTC Program For First Time Since 1969(NY1)

USS New York Leads 24th Annual "Fleet Week" Procession



DSK: The Rent is To Dam High

Lands $50,000-a-month TriBeCa digs(NYP) * New Prosecution Team as Strauss-Kahn Moves (NYT) * New Abode for Ex-IMF Chief (WSJ) * Former IMF Chief’s Permanent Residence Selected(NY1) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'Bored' with $14 M. Townhouse Arrest (NYO) *DSK defense team claims it can 'gravely undermine credibility' of maid: report * Follow the Money: DSK Edition (The Daily Beast)


 Dominique Strauss-Kahn moves into $14M pad, dines on steak as new neighbors fume(NYDN)




Half of New Yorkers fear a hate crime(Metro NY)


 Law and Order

Cop who failed to help girl having fatal asthma attack could be out of a job(NYDN)

Mob big has a 'brief' take on the undyworld(NYP) * Ex-Mob Boss Says Deputy Sought to Kill Prosecutor (NYT) * Gorgeous wanted to whack prosecutor who humiliated his wife: mob rat (NYDN)

Major Luxury Car Theft Ring Taken Out By Police Raids(NY1)

City Will Pay $2 Million After an Inmate’s Death (NYT) * Fugitive Psychic Found in Mystic(NYT) * Slap on wrist for helping Joseph Brooks lure women to his pad (NYDN) * 28 con artists indicted for identity theft, including bank worker (NYDN) * Uncle busted in beating death of 6-month-old boy, admits to shaking him(NYDN) * NYC Crime Commission Richard Aborn OpEds for an expanded DNA database.*  Luis Melendez Of Kips Bay Arrested Following Death Of 6-Month-Old Nephew(WCBS) *  Diplomat's Daughter Sues City (Fox 5)NYC Settles Inmate Death Lawsuit(Fox 5) * Man freed after Eyewitness News Investigation (WABC) * Staten Island man nabbed in string of South Shore car break-ins (SI advance) * Staten Island burglar surprised by homeowner claims was just 'getting the time' (SI Advance) * Manhattan Man Charged With Murdering Infant Nephew(NY1)

 Terrorism Prayer for temple fiend (NYP) *  Terrorists still eye NYC mass transit systems(NYDN)


Shafer: Why Bloomberg's New Opinion Site Is So Boring Despite Its A-List Talent (Slate)




Until We Meet Again 

Oprah her TV guide Diehard fan never missed an episode (NYP) * Queen's farewell full of style and 'grace'(NYP) * Oprah Winfrey stands alone on stage for historic last show(NYDN) * Wednesday's 'Oprah Winfrey Show' Finale Draws 13.3 Household Rating, Best In 17 Years  * The Final Goodbye (Video) * Oprah Gave Us Cars, Stars and Inspiration - Chicago Sun-Times


This Picture is Worth 1000 Words  



She's Back

Sarah Palin is embarking on a nationwide bus tour. 





Aftermath of the 26th and the Washington Response

Bill Clinton: “I’m afraid that Democrats will draw the conclusion that because Congressman Ryan’s proposal is not the best one, we shouldn’t do anything. I completely disagree with that.”  * Bill Clinton: “I think the Democrats are going to have to be willing to give up, maybe, some short-term political gain by whipping up fears on some of these things — if it’s a reasonable Social Security proposal, a reasonable Medicare proposal. We’ve got to deal with these things. You cannot have health care devour the economy.” * On the heels of Congresswoman-elect Kathy Hochul’s upset victory in NY-26, the US Senate Democrats forced a vote on Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. It failed, 57-40, with five Republicans voting “no”.* The WSJ disagrees: “(Republicans) lost because Democrats ran a Mediscare campaign, and the GOP candidate lacked an adequate response. * The NYPost, which backed Corwin, calls the GOP “brain dead” and points out that none of the six freshman Republicans who won in NY last year were state lawmakers.