Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If Albany Pols Are Not Scared of Cuomo They Should Be Very Afraid of Preet Bharara

Hugh Win for U.S. Attorney
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara who when he indicted Senator Carl Kruger said he was sending a message to Albany pols today sent a message to Wall Street

Raj Rajaratnam, Billionaire Hedge Fund Executive, Convicted on All Counts in Insider Trading Case *  Raj Rajaratnam Guilty — Why Things Didn't Go His Way (Forbes) * Galleon boss Rajaratnam found guilty of insider trading‎ (BBC) * Hedge Fund Conference Buzzing About Raj Rajaratnam Verdict (WSJ) * Angry Bird! CNBC Gets Flipped Off In Effort To Question Raj Rajaratnam’s Lawyer

Sources: Probe Of N.Y. Sen. Carl Kruger Just Getting Warmed Up ... * Kruger's Downfall Brings Top Prosecutor Preet Bharara Into ...



U.S. Attorney Groundhog Day 
"Here we go again… When prosecutors charge it should not feel like a scene from Groundhog Day—but it does."  

US Atty Bharara. Next Preet movie reference: "apparently, what we've got here is a failure to communicate." Does that make Kruger into Paul Newman? - Cool Hand Luke.  ‘A Failure To Communicate’ 

Video of Bharara Explaining Charges 
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Says He Will Keep Indicting Elected Officials in Albany Until They Change Their Corrupt Ways.  He said Albany reminded him of the Groundhog movie, in the no matter how many people he indicts they don't Change. "Albany should see this as a moment for truth and a moment for change" *  US Attorney: another corruption case, "Albany just hits the snooze button…shouldn't feel like a scene from groundhog's day, & yet, it does."

 Braveheart Cuomo Attacks Albany

“This is a battle for control of government,” Cuomo



Cuomo: If Albany Does Not Pass An Ethic Bill I Will Appoint A Moreland Commission

The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick (True News)

Cuomo’s Agenda: “Not since the campaign last year—when Mr. Cuomo ridiculed Albany as the reincarnation of the notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall—has the governor lashed lawmakers and lobbyists with such biting words.”  Cuomo Goes Back on Attack With time running out before lawmakers gavel out for the rest of the year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made an urgent plea for New Yorkers to rally behind three controversial bills at the heart of his agenda. (WSJ) *  Gov. Cuomo needs and deserves voters' support to get a property tax cap and Albany ethics reform (NYDN Ed) * NY1 Exclusive: State Budget Has Biggest Support From Tea Party, According To Poll * Gov. Cuomo to Albany: Pass gay marriage - or else! (NYDN) * In Popularity Polls of Governors, Cuomo Is High on the List (NYT) * The governor’s alliance with the Senate GOP appears over – or, at the very least, strained.* You can track the “People First Tour” stops of the governor and his cabinet members here.* Despite his popularity, Cuomo suffered a setback – the first rejection of a big agenda item since he took office – when Council 82 rejected its contract. (The administration insists this isn’t a repudiation of the governor, but rather a rejection of union leaders).*  A.M. Roundup: Is Cuomo reprising Spitzer?(TU) * Cuomo’s Agenda: “[D]ismissed contentions by Senate Republicans, who say that they have already approved his property tax cap.”* Unions: Council 82 rejects Cuomo’s contract offer 3:1. * Cuomo: No Ethics Bill Equals ‘Total Failure’ (YNN) * Budget NYS: No date for layoffs from Cuomo

Skelos To Cuomo: Heed The Lesson Of Spitzer(YNN)



 Mad Silver Hatter: "You mean you can't take less; it's very easy to take more than nothing."

Legislative leaders’ reactions: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: “I like results rather than rhetoric. I like practical governing rather than politics. Period.” Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to threaten the Legislature.”



The NYPD Ticket Fixing ScandalContinues 

'DWI' prosecutor's 'drunken boast'(NYP) * Cops in tix-fix probe got pricey Yankees tickets as 'favors'(NYDN) * Ticket-Fixing: Cop who administers Breathalyzer reportedly caught on tape asking to make a ticket go away.

The NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Cover Up So Far (True News)

Parents Protest Online to Protest Layoffs

New site lets parents protest layoffs Parents can now take to the Web to fight teacher layoffs. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio launches a website Wednesday that allows parents to send messages directly to the Education Department. (NYDN)



Mayoral Aid Wolfson Vs de Blasio on Twitter

Hamilton vs. Burr
Both Former Hillary Aids
howard wolfson
@ bottom line is you were silent in face of massive Ed cuts from Alb and DC. No layoffs needed if those cuts were averted.

Bill de Blasio

@ Wish CH prioritized saving teachers over a engaging political fight around LIFO. Priority #1 should always be our kids

Twitter Wars: Howard Wolfson Vs. Bill de Blasio - UPDATED: Now With More Major Brawling! (NYDN)


Old Story Idealistic Teacher Fighting Education System
New, Idealistic Teachers Face Layoffs in Bloomberg Budget (NYT) *  In Queens Neighborhood, Schools Are Bursting (NYT) * Dennis Walcott, Ed Dept. attacked for bungled elections (NYDN) * Education: “[W]e have raised teacher spending in 10 years 105 percent” said Bloomberg.(NYP)


Third term blues persist for @, new @ says -- 64% disapprove of the job he's doing  *
Polls: Bloomberg’s approval rating at 40-49; no bounce after ousting Cathie Black.
* Bloomberg Given Poor Marks in New Poll (NYT)


 Quinn Avoids Divisive Questions Again

Quinn Mum on Living Wage Decision(Gotham Gazette)

Council Speaker Chris Quinn On "Last In, First Out": Wise Or Wily? Your Call, New York   . . .  No Answer

Council Speaker Chris Quinn Still Mulling Paid Sick Leave Bill ... 

 What the Feds Give the State Court Tax Back

The tobacco-tax two-step yesterday, a state judge put things back on hold -- by granting a temporary restraining order against the state. (NYP Ed)





Battery Park City in Land Deal A group of 11 condo buildings reached a deal with the Battery Park City Authority that will lower the combined ground rents for the buildings by about $279 million over the next 30 years. (WSJ)  * In Queens, Appraisal of Co-ops Elicits Protests (NYT)


Participatory Planning: The Sustainability Plan's Missing Piece (Gotham Gazette)

Synagogue Claims Right To Run 'Illegal Transient Hotel'

City Calls Some Bike Riders Jerks

Targeting wheel jerks (NYP) * Mike's next bike strike (NYP Ed)

Taxi Fines

City Council Unanimously Passes Bill For Taxi Drivers Fines (NY1)







Lobbying: Advocate urges redefining lobbying to “activity prior to introduction of a bill.”

 Stop the Presses Wall Street Gives to the Poor

Wall Street Plays Robin Hood The Robin Hood Foundation gala took on a patriotic tone Monday night as Wall Streeters raised more than $47.4 million to support veteran and poverty programs in New York City. (WSJ)




Indian Pt. boss laughs off nuke threat (NYP) * Entergy Plans Test Of Emergency Sirens At Indian Point (WCBS) * An Entergy CEO mocked fears of a disaster at Indian Point in a presentation that included images and jokes from the 2009 movie “The Hangover.”* NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko toured Indian Point and said changes at US nuclear plants are unlikely in the wake of the Japan disaster. * How Not to Run Meeting When You’re in Charge of a Nuclear Power Plant (NY Mag)

Officials Look to Quash Electric Rate Hike (WSJ) * Cuomo and Bloomberg are trying to address an expected electricity rate hike with legislation that would let the city guarantee property tax abatements for power plants.



Smoking Ban Sneaks Up On New Yorkers Still Puffing Away (NBC)




NY Taxi Driver Hunted in Kansas
New York City cabbie in fare scam hunted down in Kansas City(NYDN)

'Rape cop' Moreno sticks to his story under intense grilling saying 'I don't kiss and tell'(NYP)

Hammering away at the 'rape cop' DA scoffs at his tale (NYP) * Officer Claims He Felt 'Threat'(WSJ) * Kenneth Moreno, Franklin Mata must be kicked off NYPD whether they're convicted in rape trial or not (NYDN) * Prosecution Brings NYPD Officer's Defense In Rape Trial Under Close Scrutiny (NY1) * Officer Kenneth Moreno Expected Back On The Stand In Alleged NYPD Rape Trial Wednesday (WCBS)

Law and Order Cops miss woman's 'murder' of her sis (NYP) * Crazed sister eyed as NYPD's prime suspect in fatal stabbing (NYDN) * 1.4G sneaker sneak runs out of luck (NYP)

 Newborn Abandoned in Trash at a Queens Hospital (NYT) * Woman Who Left Newborn in Trash Is Arrested, Police Say (NYT) * Baby Found in Trash Can at Queens Hospital (WSJ) *  Queens woman Dawa Lama dumps her newborn baby in trash can at Elmhurst Hospital, sources say (NYDN) * Police Question Mother After Her Baby Is Found In Hospital Trash Can (NY1) * Arrest of disgraced ex-Mets clubhouse guy Samuels expected today (NYDN) * Experts skeptical about dual serial killer theory (NYDN)

 Nude dude goes nuts on subway (NYP) * Rob victim dies (NYP) * Cops hunting for heartless thief who fatally beat elderly man(NYDN) * Burglar can't keep hands out of candy jar(NYDN)Mugging suspect search becomes murder investigation (WABC) * Drunken homeless man allegedly carjacks cab in Mariners Harbor(SI Advance) * Two people face murder charges in death of SI woman (NYP) * Medical examiner: Brooklyn jazz musician was stabbed (NYP)* B'klyn shooter who begged for smoke after firefight gets life without parole(NYP)


Peacock Stay Out of Chinatown

Seriously, I'm sick of all these pigeons strutting around like they own this city. (Peacock on Twitter)

Found and Safe Back At the Zoo 

Missing peahen returned to Bronx Zoo(NYP)Female peacock escapes from Bronx Zoo, still on the loose on NYC ...‎  (NYDN) * Bronx Zoo Peacock on the Run (NBC) * Escaped Peahen Is Returned to Zoo (NYT)

Bill Gallo, legendary Daily News cartoonist and columnist, dies at 88 after lengthy illness (NYDN) *  NY Daily News cartoonist Bill Gallo dies at 88 (WCBS)

Bill Gallo was first hired as a copy boy by the Daily News on October 8, 1941. After a stint in the Marines Gallo returned and became an apprentice in the art department, he studied at the Cartoonist and Illustrations School (later School of Visual Arts) and attended Columbia University under the new G.I. Bill. At the News Gallo mentored under cartoonist Leo O'Mealia (of "Who's a Bum!" fame) and succeeded him as sports cartoonist after his death. *  The New York Daily News Remembers Bill Gallo: 1922 - 2011


New Role for Rooftop Series




Will's movie-set trailer trashed by nabe (NYP)

 UPDATE: OH SHOOT! Mayor's Office Kicks Will Smith 's Trailer Off SoHo Street (PHOTOS)

Bad Bargains The systems in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan that created a Bin Laden are alive and well (Friedman, NYT)

City Adopts Cellphone Disaster-Alert System(WSJ)



Jon Stewart Slams Dems For Allowing Bush Admin To Steal Credit For bin Laden



Stephen Colbert Lauds Gingrich And Trump For Announcing Future Announcements

Immigration: Obama punts. [Juan Gonzalez]
ACT CHECK: (Wash Post)

Trump has thrived with government's generosity The potential presidential candidate and opponent of big government has relied on tax breaks and federal funding to build his real estate empire. (LA Times)

Trumping the town - Nov 17, 1980 - Google Books Result




Gingrich Launches Campaign (VIDEO)




New York Times Traffic Down 24% From Paywall; Erik Wemple to Washington Post(Village Voice)



Here's the Best Response to Hillary Clinton's Removal From the Situation Room Photo Yet(Village Voice)

The 2010 Sagamore Smackdown between Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino made a Top 10 “most bizarre media interviws” list.