Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Economist War: Walmart Vs Living Wage Bill

"It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change." Alice

The Walmart foes want you to believe their economists who state the city would lost mom and pop stores if a super store was open in the city.  The foes of the Living Wage Bill want you to believe their economists who state that the bill will cost the city jobs.  In truth it really depends on which side of those issues you support to which economist you believe. * Living Wage: Activist who say living wage study was written by biased economist had different things to say when the same economist was critical of Wal-Mart.

Walmart foes' 'friendly' fire An economist lauded by anti-Walmart activists for his study of the retailer's impact on the city economy has now come under fire from the same groups.(NYP) *  Living Wage Bill Would Kill New York City Jobs, Study Says * Walmart foes' 'friendly' fire (NYP)

NYDN's Daly Is Asking for A Pass for a Hero Cop Who Has Not Even Been Charged in the NYPD Ticket Scandal

What's Going On

We hear bits and pieces every couple of days about what is called the largest scandal in NYPD in decades.  What we don't hear is anyone to go on the record or a media which is interested in getting to the bottom of the scandal.  Almost everyone is talking of this scandal in the third person.  For weeks the media has not even demanded that the names of the City Hall pols or government employees had their tickets or criminal cases  by a erased by  network of cops and union officials.  The media is so weak in the town that those who want to cover up or contain a scandal have more power than those inform the public or enforce the law.Fixed ticket should not taint the honor of heroic NYPD Officer Harrington Marshall(NYPD)Friend of Bronx ADA sked cop to wipe out colleague's DWI(NYPD)No diplomatic immunity for MILLIONS in unpaid parking fines(NYDN)


Are the Albany Crooks Trying to Trap Cuomo?

Custer's Last Stand

Gov. Cuomo urges public: Press pols on ethics(NYDN) * Albany: “Not surprisingly, the Legislature doesn’t want to pass real ethics reform,” says Albany * Gov. Andrew Cuomo brings his “People First” (or, as Tom Precious prefers, “prod-the-Legislature”) tour to Buffalo * Yesterday, Cuomo called on New Yorkers to pressure legislators to do a deal on ethics reform. * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos told me on CapTon that Cuomo is in danger of straying into Spitzer territory.* The governor said the “clock is ticking” on 9,800 state worker layoffs, but there’s no firm timetable for pink slips.* Breakaway Union Reps Haven’t Spoken To Cuomo (YNN) * Cuomo Pushes Back on Ethics Reform (NYT) * Cuomo: No Need For Executive Ethics Overhaul (YNN)





Breaking News: Gov. Cuomo says SSM May Not Have the Votes in NY!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that a proposal to legalize gay marriage in New York may not reach the state Senate for a debate and vote after all. "We want to pass a bill," Cuomo said Wednesday. "We don't want to bring up a bill in the Senate that would fail."(AP)




Cuomo: If Albany Does Not Pass An Ethic Bill I Will Appoint A Moreland Commission

The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick (True News)

Cuomo said he’ll appoint a Moreland Commission to investigate the Legislature if lawmakers don’t do an ethics reform deal by the end of session on June 20.

GOP Trying To Kill the City's Rent Laws

Who's behind GOP rent bill, Democrats ask Tenant advocates believe big-money landlords are behind a GOP-led effort to "massacre" rent regulations.(NYDN) * Tenant Advocates: Who's Behind The Curtain? (NYDN)





 Bloomberg's Groundhog Day: Low Poll Numbers Every Day 

City Hall: Bloomberg “can’t even buy himself support anymore.” 40% poll number is the “new normal.”  (CHN) * Poll Finds Approval Lagging For Mayor(WSJ) * UFT President Michael Mulgrew thinks Bloomberg is bluffing on teacher layoffs.

The May 12 March on Wall Street is today. 




De Blasio Backer Trashes Weiner: 'Too Shrill,' 'Ridiculous,' 'We Need a Calm Voice' [Updated](NYO)



The City's Limited New Taxi Tech Leaves Major Problems Unsolved

The new tech the city has ordered for the new taxis will inform cops which taxi is blowing its horn. What the TLC and city is not demanding is blocking cab drivers from turning the off duty light on and off.  If the city put a timer that blocked taxis for one hour from turning the turning on the off duty light once it was turn on many of the problem of racial profiling and refusing to drive to the outer boroughs would be solved. Increase fines for taxis will cut down on driver abuses but a timer would end them. With Taxis of Tomorrow, City Aims to Change HONK! Into Honk(NYT)City Slams Door on Taxi No-Go's Taxi drivers who refuse to take passengers where they want to go will soon face higher fines.(WSJ) * Council hacks back at cheater cabbies (NYP)


 Zoo Budget Are Cut More Inmates Will Go Over the Wall 

Zoo's Budget in Cross Hairs (WSJ) * Bronx Zoo Peahen, Following in Cobra's Footsteps, Is Recaptured (WSJ)




State Weighs Ban in Regents Grading New York state is weighing whether to prohibit high-school teachers from grading their own students' Regents exams. (WSJ) *  Schools Chief Appoints Two Deputies (NYT)



Fruit War Being Waged Between Produce Market, Fruit Carts On Upper West Side (WCBS)


In Census, Evolving Families Make Manhattan Stand Out The borough was the only one in New York City to record more children under age 5 in the last decade as well as the number of married couples with children. (NYT)


Homeless: Bronx Councilwoman reveals she was once homeless; spoke at Bloomberg ribbon cutting for new facility. City Councilwoman Annabel Palma






Ex-Senator Said to Have Paid Contractors at Discount No charges have been brought in connection with the work performed on the house of Vincent L. Leibell III, the former state senator. (NYT)

NYC's wealthy, leery of buying, embrace super-pricey rentals

One World Trade: After spending $10 million, no shimmering glass around base of the building. *  Prismatic Glass Facade For WTC Tower Scrapped (WCBS)

Discrepancies Are Claimed in Testimony by Officer (NYT) * Prosecutor Grills Accused Cop (WSJ) * Summations due soon in 2 NYC officers' rape trial (WSJ) * Prosecutors Grill NYPD Officer Charged In '08 Rape (NY1)*    Both Sides Prepare Closing Arguments In NYPD Rape Trial(WCBS)

Law and Order
Jurors ask to hear tapes again in 'Vinny Gorgeous' murder trial(NYP)
Citizens’ Arrest: Repair-Shop Workers Put End to Peahen’s Ramble (NYT)

 Police Say Cabdriver Raped Woman in Brooklyn (NYT) * Cops hunting for cabbie accused of raping woman at knifepoint(NYDN) * Cab Driver Allegedly Assaults Passenger (NY1) * Woman in cabby-rape nightmare (NYP)


Manhattan man who allegedly butchered beauty is indicted on murder charges(NYP) * Undercover cop on a sting kills armed thug who tried to rob him (NYDN) * Undercover Police Officer Shoots Armed Man During Brooklyn Gun Deal (NY1) * Buy-and-bust cop kills gun suspect(NYP) * Ex-Mets Employee Charged (WSJ) * Mets Clubhouse Manager Had 'The Best Job in Sports', Now Indicted (WSJ) * Offspring of rabbi convicted of molesting soldier on plane begs judge: He has to help us get married (NYDN) * Pizza chef, mob thug may be in clear if they stay silent about knife fight (NYDN) * Gavel, staple of TV shows, falls out of favor in city courtrooms (NYDN) * Officer's son gets off easy after breaking man's leg on hit-and-run (NYDN) * Brookyn jazz musician stuffed in trunk was stabbed to death: autopsy (NYDN) * In bizarre decision, judges with no judgment order prison visits to child molester by young daughter (NYDN Ed) * HS hoops star busted in robbery (NYP) * 'Maniac' convicted of killing man at KFC(NYDN) *  NY seeks felony for prostitution near schools(NYP)* Scheme to 'cheat' the Mets(NYP) * Cops: 6th Grader Brings Gun To School (Fox 5) * Feds want Brooklyn jury in Colombo case to hear evidence about nun shooting (NYP) * 'Rape cop' trial hits time snag -- not clear when defense will rest and summations start (NYP) Rabbi gets 60 days in prison for trans-Atlantic jetliner grope (NYP) * Man dies after being zapped with Taser during blown stop sign dispute (NYDN)4

Galleon Chief’s Web of Friends Proved Crucial to Scheme (NYT) * Wall Street, Held Accountable The conviction of a major hedge fund manager comes at a moment of distrust in the markets. (NYT Ed) * Fund Titan Found Guilty (WSJ) * The Galleon Legacy: White-Collar Wiretaps(WSJ) * Wiretapped Voice Spoke Volumes (WSJ) * Wiretaps key in conviction of ex-hedge fund giant (WSJ) * John Crudele: Galleon Group head was stealing from regular people(NYP) * Jury scuttles 'jolly Raj-er' (NYP)

With Cartoonist's Death, a Newspaper Tradition Fades (WSJ) * Bill Gallo tributes pour in from Hall of Famers Yogi Berra and Tom Seaver, politicians and admirers (NYDN) * Editorial: Bill Gallo, 1922-2011(NYDN Ed) * Bill Gallo, 1922-2011 (NYP)


Will Smith forced to move giant trailer as he cracks up at controversy


Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown Of Fox News For Pushing Rapper Common’s W.H. ‘Controversy’



END OF AN ERA: Jim Lehrer Steps Down






'Google Doesn't Laugh': Saving Witty Headlines in the Age of SEO If online searches are literal, what happens to headlines that involve word play? Copy editors fear they're going the way of the classified ad. (The Atlantic)



The New York Times Sees Page Views Fall 24 percent from March to April NYT blames slow news month for losses, not paywall.




Social network giant hired PR firm to smear Google



The People vs. Goldman Sachs A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges (Rolling Stone)