Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The 2013 Mayor's Race Has Really Begun: de Blasio Takes A Wack At Kelly

Can Ticket Fixing Scandal Hurt Kelly?

de Blasio who is normally very cautious in his politics and press release has taken the hardest shot against an opponent in the 2013 mayoral campaign.  The Public Advocate is trying tie Kelly into the NYPD ticket fixing scandal.  This our of character attack is an indication how strong a candidate de Blasio things Kelly would be.  de Blasio is a good political strategist understands that Kelly on the GOP and independent line would do very well after the expected crowded and divisive Democratic Primary could make Kelly a winner.  de Blasio also understands that the WFP could have their own candidate regardless who wins the Democratic Primary making Kelly even more of a shoe in to be the next mayor.  Will the de Blasio attack on Kelly get traction in the press who has not even mentioned which City Hall pols got their tickets fixed by the cops is still in question. So far only the NYP and NYDN has picked up the de Blasio attack first reported in yesterday on the blog DNAinfo.com   

Ray Kelly: From chief cop to commander in chief?(NYDN)De Blasio to NYPD: Admit tix-fix mess de Blasio has jumped into the NYPD ticket-fixing controversy, demanding the city's top cop come clean over allegations that some officers covered up busts for crimes a lot more serious than minor motor-vehicle infractions. (NYP) * De Blasio to NYPD: Admit tix-fix mess (NYP) * Scofflaw Judge Emily Jane Goodman criticized parking tickets; forgot to mention she never gets any (NYDN Ed)

Wage plan 'kills jobs' (NYP) Study Sets Off A Wage BattleA bill that would mandate wages of at least $10 per hour on projects that receive significant public subsidies would result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and would stymie development, especially outside Manhattan, a study said. (WSJ) * 'Living wage' bill a job killer, says study; critics charge bias (NYDN) * New ESDC Chair Ken Adams says the term Empire State has been “misleading for years.”


Most Subway Stations and Tunnels Still Don't Have Working Online Cameras

Broken lens can't catch tunnel boob A surveillance camera that could have spotted him has been broken for some time now


Millions Spent on TV Ads Supporting the Governors and Cleaver Politics Has Kept Cuomo Poll Numbers High

Poll: NYers see Cuomo as changing Albany(WSJ) * NY1 Exclusive: NY1-Marist Poll Finds Cuomo's Numbers Are Strong, Legislature's Are Not (NY1) * Governor Andrew Cuomo begins his “People First” tour today at Noon in Syracuse. * Cuomo to Legislature: ‘Pass the tax cap now, or don’t come home.’ * Cuomo is telling New Yorkers that lobbyists are fiercely fighting his property tax proposal and he needs their help (Fox 5) *  Cuomo Says Legislature Is Rife With Corruption (NYT) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he has “shared” his property tax cap bill with the governor

Immigration: 38 legislators urge Cuomo to pull NY from federal program that sends fingerprints of people in jail to Department of Homeland Security.


New York to be allowed to collect taxes on cigs sold on reservations(NYDN)






 Spitzer Keeps At Least His Toe in Politics

 Spitzer 2010, account is still up and running. 








When Banks Foreclose, Who Takes Out the Trash? (NBC) *Brooklyn rent controlled apartment in foreclosure (WABC)




New York City Must Fix Its Pension Mess (NBC) * Over the past few years, the New York State pension fund has invested hundreds of millions in hyrdofracking companies. 






UFT President Michael Mulgrew On New NYC Budget Cuts (WPIX)




Can Private Methods Save Public Housing? (Gotham Gazette)


The Port Authority Bus Terminal is about to get the Times Square treatment.



Diana Reyna: Hipsters might not think Census is “cool”







Little Interest: Parent School Council Elections

Voting deadline for local school-council elections to be delayed for a week after parent outrage(NYDN) * Education Council Elections Postponed, Walcott Says(NY1) *  Bronx Charter School Makes Eating Well Part of Its Philosophy(NYT)

Panic attacks, false alarms rise over fear of retaliation for Bin Laden's death(NYDN) * 'No guarantees' on train safety, NYPD boss Kelly says(NYDN) * NYPD Says City Rail Systems Are Safe Following Two Security Breaches (NY1) * Osama's death: Fears of revenge rise (NYDN) * NYC: 2 subway tunnel arrests not linked to terror (WABC)

New Yorkers soon to get emergency cell phone alerts in what Bloomberg calls 'quantum leap forward' (NYDN) * City To Introduce New Cell Phone Emergency Alert System (NY1) * NYC Unveils First-in-Nation Emergency Text Alert System (NBC)


Feds Pushing Times Square Theater Evacuation Safety   

Safety Hawks Targeting Theaters A year after an attempted car bombing in Times Square, the federal agency that governs workplace safety is putting theaters across New York on notice that future inspections will include reviews of emergency-action plans—which instruct employees how to respond to crises, including evacuations.  (WSJ)

 FDNY's $27M fireboats beset by glitches, sidelined for repairs (NYDN)

Yankee Stadium servers sue over tips(NYP)






'Cab scam king' hauled into custody(NYP)



Daily News Says State Is Not Doing Enough to Crackdown on Dangerous Commercial Driver

State must do a better job of getting dangerous tour bus drivers out from behind the wheel (NYDN Ed) * 46 Commercial Drivers In NY Charged With Felonies In License Crackdown (WCBS) * Commercial-driver slap (NYP) * 46 Bus Drivers Hit in Safety Check (NBC)


TLC agent's wild ride(NYP)

* Charges pile up for bus driver who led cops on wild chase (NYDN)

Moreno testifies he resisted gal's advances, sang Bon Jovi(NYP) * In Rape Trial, Officer Calls Woman the Aggressor and Says They Only Snuggled(NYT) *  Officer Denies Rape Charge A New York City police officer testified that he didn't rape a 29-year-old woman while she was drunk but, moved by his own struggle with alcohol, tried to comfort her in a series of brief visits to her apartment. (WSJ) * Officer On Trial For 2008 Rape Says Accuser Was The Aggressor (NY1)

Westies thug dies in prison (NYP)


Law and Order  Vinny ordered hit to show who's boss: feds (NYP) * Trial and error in robbery case (NYP) * Sis sought in Qns. slay (NYP) * Woman found stabbed to death in her Queens apartment (NYDN) * Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing Of Queens Woman (WCBS)* Family Justice Centers see spike amid increased violence(NYDN) * Airbags Becoming A Hot Commodity Among Thieves In NYC (WCBS) Shower cap-wearing suspect in Midtown robbery (WABC)

 8 bodies, 4 killers: Multiple butchers eyed at LI beach (NYP) * Identifying Another Victim, Officials Raise Possibility of a 2nd L.I. Killer (NYT) * Multiple Long Island Killers Suspected(WSJ) * Authorities Identity a Fifth L.I. Victim (NYT) *  DA: 2-3 Killers Dumped Bodies(Fox 5)

Clueless robber botches attempts at Duane Reade, Cosi & Starbucks, then succeeds at CVS (NYDN) * Bumbling Thief Botches 4 of 5 Robberies (NBC) *      Would-be rapist convicted seven years after victim fought him off (NYP)




Steinbrenner, the Original 'Undercover Boss' Yankees owner George Steinbrenner helped the FBI with two investigations in the years leading up to a pardon by President Ronald Reagan, according to documents released by the bureau. (WSJ) * Steinbrenner worked as secret FBI informant, documents reveal (NYDN)

Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Skype(WSJ)

Microsoft confirms $8.5B purchase of Skype (NYP)




Jon Stewart Ridicules Last Week’s Post-bin Laden GOP Presidential Primary Debate



Colbert Explains Why Hasidic Paper Erased Hillary Clinton From Iconic Photo (VIDEO)

Second Jewish paper drops Clinton from photo (Wash Post)


WATCH: Last Summer At Coney Island Trailer




Schwarzenegger, Shriver split up