Friday, May 27, 2011

Gaming the Legal System: If You Put the Women on Trial You Win

Street Wise Lawyers Understand How To Win Rape Cases

The fabric of trust that existed between women and the police has been shredded to bits

It's open season for predators in uniform(NYP) * Despite Its ‘Great Case,’ Jurors Say, Prosecution Couldn’t Prove Claim of Sexual Assault (NYT) * Acquitted of rape, ex-cops Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata rate the max for crimes they did commit(NYDN Ed) * NYPD cops acquitted on rape charges but fired for misconduct(NYP) * NYPD Officers Innocent Of Rape Charges May Still Face Jail Time (NY1)

Big Loss for New Manhattan DA

Acquittal a setback to DA Cy Vance; comes just before DSK case

Setback for Top Prosecutor as Another Big Test Looms(NYT)'The prosecution really failed to prove their case,' juror says as cops are acquitted of rape The juror said the accuser was "really believable" - but her story wasn't backed up by hard evidence.(NYDN)

Defense Strategy in DSK Sex-Assault Case: Focus on the Alleged Victim

Sharia Law is Not the Only Legal System that Makes Women A Victim of Rape

Strauss-Kahn’s Lawyers Claim to Have Evidence Undermining Accuser(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Defense Team Offers Hints on Strategy(WSJ) * Daly: With cops acquitted of rape, Strauss-Kahn may have a 'prayer' (NYDN) * Sexual assault defendant Dominique Strauss-Kahn's money is buying unequal justice(NYDN Ed) * Stringer Slams Former IMF Chief's Luxurious Lifestyle (NY1) * DSK Leaves TriBeCa House for Doctor's Appointment(NBC)


Women's Groups Protest NYPD Officers' Acquittal(WNYC)

Reacting to Police Rape Case With Anger, but Little Surprise(NYT)



First SAIC Employee Indicted in City's Growing Computer Consultants Contract Scandals

CityTime Was Supposed to Cost $63 Million, to Date It Has Cost the City Over 700 Million

Consultant on Payroll Project Is Arrested Gerard Denault is accused of having received at least $5 million in illegal kickbacks. The consultant, Gerard Denault, a former executive of Science Applications International Corporation, was also charged with wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering in an indictment unsealed in United States District Court in Manhattan. (NYT) * CityTime Contractor Arrested on Bribe Charges * Feds CityTime Complaint * Here we go again: CityTime contracter steered $450M in kickbacks, say feds(NYDN) * The CityTime scandal continues to deepen (CrainsNY) * CityTime: So far, 8 arrests. * Former CityTime Manager Out On $1M Bail: Former CityTime project manager Gerard Denault, charged with receivingFormer Payroll Consultant Arrested In NY Scandal(WCBS) *  CityTime exec arrested on fraud charges (CrainsNY) * Former CityTime Consultant Arrested(NBC)


CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal (True News)



When the Press Does Not Question the Mayor You Get BloomNixon

Bloomberg claims city did 'pretty good job' with scandal-plagued CityTime(NYP)

On March 1, 2011 the Mayor Defended CityTime

Mayor Bloomberg praises scandal-scarred CityTime time-keeping ...

A Year Before Also on March 1, 2010 Bloomberg Said  Bloomberg admits $722M CityTime system to replace paper timesheets has been 'a disaster'(NYDN)

Today The Mayor Said  Bloomberg claims city did 'pretty good job' with scandal-plagued CityTime (NYP)

And He Added Nixon Did A Great Job With Watergate?

  Mayor Bloomberg releases redacted taxes, details gifting

Mayor Bloomberg releases redacted taxes, details gifting(NYP)

Bloomberg: Too much 'hot air' on climate change (BBC)


Kruger and Boyland Under Indictment For Taking $$$ From A Hospital That Just Cut Their Workers Health Care Payments 

 State Sen. Carl Kruger set up an elaborate bribery scheme that brought him $1 million in payoffs from Brookdale hospital execs Brookdale Hospital Workers Protest Loss of Health Care(NYT)

Greed Rules (Henry Stern)



Cop: "I need some summonses taken care of" 

Name emerges of ticket fixer: Joe Anthony, trustee of Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association

Joe Anthony, the Bronx trustee for the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, was heard on seven phone conversations with Officer Harrington Marshall plotting how to fix summonses. On the tapes - which were played in Bronx Supreme Court during a DWI case against former Bronx prosecutor Stephen Lopresti - Anthony agrees to help squash tickets issued to Marshall's relatives. * "this is embarrassing to the greatest police department in the world" says of scandal at (Twitter)

Cop calls ticket fixing a 'professional courtesy' during testimony(NYP) * Jury in Bronx Drunken Driving Case Hears About ‘Routine’ Ticket-Fixing (NYT) * Top police union official revealed as tix-fix go-to guy(NYDN)


Bike ticketing IS everywhere in NY -- but reports say fewer tickets for "minor" offenses. INTERACTIVE MAP






Residents, NYC Council Furious Over Pothole Minefield (WCBS)


Taxis: Ruben Diaz helps Bloomberg create steer hails for livery cabs. * Mike hails Bx. Beep as taxi-livery broker(NYP) * Livery drivers protest outer borough taxi medallion plan



Parents Protest NAACP & UFT In Harlem 

Parents, Teachers Protest Lawsuit Against Charter Schools In NYC(WCBS) * Parents rally in Harlem to protest NAACP's involvement in school closure lawsuit(NYDN) * New charter school flunks in first year, dashing hopes of many(NYDN) *UFT Held $38K Fete At Crowne Plaza(YNN)




Class Size on the Rise As Cuts Hit the DOE  

City Classroom Size on the Rise(WSJ)  

NO LIFO Deal City Will Lose $$$

City schools could lose out on $44 million due to lack of deal on teacher evaluations (NYDN) * The teachers union can go ahead and sue over the new evaluation regulations, the governor said.


 Cuomo Put Out Last Minute Fires as End of Legislature Season Nears

Tax Cap: Iannuzzi tries watering it down. * Tax Cap: Editors say pass it now before verbal deal collapses. [NY Post] * The teachers union can go ahead and sue over the new evaluation regulations, the governor said. *  Cuomo’s Tour: Silver’s spokesman says not much reaction from the public

One day after criticism in Daily News, Cuomo releases unredacted disclosure forms

Cuomo Releases Unredacted Disclosure Form(YNN)

Ward 'cleaver': Andy set to ax PA boss(NYP)

The mayor spoke across the street from the site where Abraham Lincoln delivered a historic speech on slavery at the college more than 150 years ago.

This week’s City Hall winners & losers.



 Guilty: Former district leader Perfetto guilty of impersonating a lawyer. [Thomas Tracy / Brooklyn Paper]

FDNY: Judge lifts age limit



Law and Order

Thug sneaks into Times Sq. hotel room, terrifying maid(NYP)


Giving Hampton Millionaires A Tax Break?

New Law Sought After N.Y. Tax Ruling(WSJ)




 Buildings Department Braces For 'Sabotage' In Labor Standoff (CHS)

America’s Forgotten Liberal It’s the 100th anniversary of Hubert H. Humphrey’s birth, and no one seems to have noticed.(NYT Ed)

Lawrence O’Donnell Blasts New York Times For ‘Falling For’ Palin 2012 Speculation





New Owner Mets

New Owner, Same Mets(NBC) * Mets-Einhorn deal may not be a solution (Newsday)Einhorn Believes in Mets Turnaround With Fantasy Baseball Becoming Reality (Bloomberg) * A Hedge Fund Manager's Latest Bet: The Mets (NYT)





Rudy Giuliani top candidate in GOP presidential primary poll


Karl Rove To Greta: ‘I Don’t Think [Palin] Thinks The Rules Apply To Her’



Ex-Newark Mayor Is Accused of Misusing Campaign Funds(NYT)





2012: What scared trump is scrutiny. [Wayne Barrett / Daily Beast]




Terrorism Fourth Person Convicted In JFK Terror Plot(NY1)