Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Update; Pay to Play Hookers for Tickets; As News Breaks On the Internet Newspapers Are Stuck Repeating the News

You Want A TJ (Ticket Job)?
Pay to Play Hookers for Ticket Fixer Cops
Hey Big Boy is That A Ticket in Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad to See Me
Tix-fix cops in Bronx set up dates with hookers
* Investigators Probe NYPD Ticket-Fixing  Officers caught on wiretap arranging dates with hookers, bribing union delegates

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scadal Reporting So Far(True News)

Investigators eyeing 2 NYPD cops with history of hiring prostitutes in Long Island killings (Fox News)


Bloomberg Private Government is Not Limited to Budget Cuts

 It goes to organizations that support his agenda and sometimes employee former aides

Bloomy's $hadow city government How Mike uses $99 million in ‘philanthropy’ to bypass budget (NYP)

Bloomberg Keeps His Billions Separate From His Mayoral Obligations? Yeah, Right! (Barrett, Village Voice- Sept 1, 2009) * Bloomberg’s Term: “For Bloomberg, this is beyond the lame-duck danger zone — this has the makings of a collapse. Unless his attitude changes, and he is able to convince the public he is fully engaged, I don’t see how he can substantially recover.” [Michael Goodwin]

 NYC Mayor Bloomberg Strong Arms Non Profits For Third Term Bid * Criticism of Bloomberg Over Nonprofits' Support - * Charity Backing Bloomberg's 3rd Term Got Millions * Mayor Defends Use of Nonprofits in Hearings - City Room


The UFT Has An Election Machine and Lots of Money for Candidate, Most of the Public Does Not Even Vote? 

NYC’s puppet advocate

NYC’s puppet advocate

Memo to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio: You’re supposed to advocate for the public — not the teachers union. After questioned, de Blasio’s office removes link to UFT web site.

School report cards fail: Liu (NYP)


Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Political Machine

Vito pal's 23G mystery gig (NYP) The politically connected consigliere of Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez earned $23,000 for a 10-week job with the state Senate last year, but no one remembers seeing him show up at the office. 

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine

Former State Senate Leader Espada Broke

Has an unauthorized “official business” placard from state police in his car

Espada's payday Mayday  The former state senator indicted on federal charges of looting his Bronx health-care clinics is sniveling that he can't make a living.(NYP)


The enemy within In Feds' next trial, traders snag pals by wearing wires(NYP)

Municipal pension funds 'cop' out on baring data(NYP)

French Presidential Candidate Goes Down




IMF head Strauss-Kahn pulled off plane, arrested in alleged sodomy of hotel maid(NYP) * I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack (NYT) * Top French pol Dominique Strauss-Kahn hauled off plane at JFK, accused of assaulting Manhattan maid (NYDN) *  NY Police Question IMF Head Strauss-Kahn In Hotel Sex Assault (WCBS) * IMF leader in NYC sex bust (NYP)




TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)





NYT Editorial Fails To Inform Its Reads What They Think? 

Strolling Coney Island the Hard Way City officials proposed to replace worn-out boardwalk stretches with concrete causeway slabs. Purists complain. (NYT Ed)






AG's Plan: Save the Ships Fire the Execs 

South St. Seaport shore-up(NYP)


As News Breaks On the Internet Newspapers Are Stuck Repeating the News

How Long Can Copycat Newspapers Last?

Newspapers are now box in.  Not only are stories increasing available on the Internet by other media outlets, they have been forced to cut their own ability to do investigative original stories because of cutback caused by falling circulation and revenue lost to the Internet.

The Osama Porn story first appeared on the Gawker website yesterday at 1:37 PM  If you look on Google there are over 10,000 media stories about the porn. Yet both the NYP and NYDN put the story as their front page wood. Osama's porn (NYP Ed) * Osama Bin watching porn? XXX stash seized from terror compound (NYP)

The Changing Media = Changing News
The cutbacks in newspaper staffs has also change the experience of reporters hired and what they report.  The beat reporter who know his or her sources beyond the public relations consultants and lobbyists have been replaced by young inexperienced people who get their reporting material from the internet.   Copycat journalism has always been the norm on local TV has now corrupted the entire media.  While much of what appears on morning local TV news has always been taken from the newspapers, it is clear that today's  newspaper reporters are using the internet as the main source of the news they report.  The epidemic of copycat journalism and cutbacks in the news media caused has resulted in less news being covered by the mainstream media, especially on weekend. Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News, More Sexy Reporters


 When the Press is Weak Government Corruption Grows

The most important job of the free press is being the watchdog of the pols and government has failed. The failure is not only because of the move to online, it has a lot to do with the loss of mom pop owners of the newspapers and the fact that in the past copy boys become reporters after they learned journalism with the attitude of their owners that pols and rich were the bad guys. Today newsroom are filled reporter from very expensive Ivy League journalism school and the owners of papers are big businessman who make their money by tapping onto the government's tit, mostly thought real estate. So over the last 3 decades it gone from and adversary relationship with government and pols to a partnership. 

Internet Exclusive #2: Bruno's Daughter No Show Job
The story about convicted former Senator Bruno's daughter first appeared on the Politics on the Hudson website yesterday at 2PM Watchdog: Bruno's daughter got no-show SUNY Research Foundation job Politics on the Hudson 

Internet Exclusive #3: Sen. Leibell Goes to Jail

The Pay to Play Sen. Leibell story broke yesterday on the WSJ and other blogs at 3PM  Ex-NY Sen. Leibell gets prison for evading taxes (WSJ Blog)

Today's NYT Ex-Senator Gets 21-Month Prison Term in Tax Evasion Case (NYT)




Internet Exclusive #4: Cuomo Sharpens Ax for Bad Teachers

 The call by the gov. for changes in LIFO first appeared on the YNN website at 12:28PM yesterday. Cuomo Calls For Sharper Teacher Evaluations (Updated)

 Today's Newspapers  Teacher Reviews Will Put More Focus on State Tests (NYT) * Gov. Cuomo wants tougher evaluations for teachers (NYDN) * Cuomo wants tougher evaluations for teachers (NYDN) * Gov: Sharpen ax for bad teachers (NYP)

Internet Exclusive #5: Defense Delivers Closing Arguments in NYPD Rape Trial
A watcher of the 6PM local news yesterday would learn the same information in today's papers about the NYPD rape trial.  Those local news reports were simultaneously downloaded to the Interent  Defense delivers closing arguments in NYPD rape trial (WABC TV) 

Today's Newspapers Lawyer for Accused Officer Emphasizes Lack of Physical Evidence (NYT) * Lawyer for cop accused of raping drunk woman calls client 'simpleton'(NYDN) * An idiot but not a rapist (NYP)


Internet Exclusive #6: Charter School Stalls in Court

The judge ruling on the hold of Upper West Side charter school construction first appeared yesterday on the NY1 website at 1PM  Judge Halts Plan To Expand Manhattan High School (NY1) at 1PM and the DNAinfo website 5PM  Judge Blocks Construction of Controversial New UWS Charter School

 Today newspapers  Charter School Stalls in Court(WSJ) * Judge's ruling puts Upper West Success charter construction on hold


Internet Exclusive #7: NYP Rips Off Story from Gawker Without Giving It Credit

Blogger Finds Sensitive NYPD Counterterrorism Documents In the Trash (Gawker) Posted yesterday at 6PM

 Today's NYP No 'shred of evidence' for lax anti-terror cops (NYP) * Blog Posts NYPD Papers Found in Trash (Fox 5) * Blog posts sensitive NYPD documents found in trash (WABC)Sensitive NYPD Documents Found in Trash (NBC) * Blogger Posts NYPD Documents Online (NY1)


Third car flies off Queensboro off-ramp(NYP) * Driver Loses Control At Dangerous Site By Queensboro Bridge (NY1)

JetBlue Flight At JFK Lands Minutes After Takeoff (NY1)

JetBlue Flight Struck by Birds, Returns Safely to JFK (NBC)





It Happen Again Friday Night: Illegal Apartment Hotel Fire

Sunday Update  Building was an illegal hotel: officials (NYP) * Illegal Brooklyn boarding house went up in flames after hot plate sparked blaze (NYDN) * Out-of-town owner clueless burned Brooklyn house was a hotel (NYDN) * FDNY: Hot Plate Accident Caused Fatal Bushwick Fire (NY1) * DOB: No Evidence Of Illegal Walls At Site Of Fatal Brooklyn Fire (NY1) *Death house an illegal SRO (NYP) 

Bloomberg CYA Releases A Video of Illegal Hotel Crackdown 

 Illegal Hotel Crackdown  (Video)

Two Are Dead After a Fire in Brooklyn(NYT) *  Fire roars through Brooklyn home, killing two(NYP) * Two Dead In Bushwick Brownstone Fire (NY1)



Every Time Fire Kills Because of Illegal Apartments The City Announces A Crack Down

A History of Broken Promises To Crack Down on Illegal Apartments
That makes 5 in last month. When will city get serious about carved up dwellings?

DOB responds to fatal Brooklyn fire with Twitter and flier ...Feb 25, 2011Bloomberg and Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri announced on September 30, 2010 the results of an undercover operation to crack down on illegally converted dwellings and hold property owners accountable for putting potential tenants and first responders at risk. In June 2005 the Building Department announced Crackdown has begun on Middle Village illegal apartments * Wave of bogus illegal apartment conversion complaints hits Northeast Queens (December 28, 2009) * Pol wants probe of 3 fire deaths Cites illegal conversion of bldg. (2004)On Temporary Walls or Partitions * Black Sunday Two NYFD Died; super didn't know about illegal wall, tenant says ... (January 23, 2005)

On April 26 was the date of the last fire that killed because of illegal apartments and announcement by the city of another crack down  Drug dealers barred city inspectors from firetrap Bronx building despite complaints (NYDN) * After Fatal Fire, City Vows Crackdown on Illegal Apartments (NYT) * Efforts to close firetraps 'not enough,' Mayor Bloomberg says(NYDN) * Those responsible for the deaths of family in a Bronx firetrap must be brought to book (NYDN Ed)


 Here Comes the Water

La. readies to open spillway, flood Cajun country * Army Corps Ready to Open Louisiana Spillway(NYT) * Engineers hope to spare New Orleans from Katrina-like flood disaster (NYDN)

Breslin: Harlemite keeps dishing free dinners

Breslin: Harlemite keeps dishing free dinners Emma Blake is one of the saints of the poor, starting her crusade when you could save your whole soul if you helped deliver some food. (NYDN)




The Flea Marketing of New York (NYT)

New York City roads get poor grade (WABC)


Bloomberg: My Money Can Buy Me Increase Poll Numbers 

Gay Rights

. to give $100,000 to gay marriage push; hold fundraiser; give major speech in late May 





 Councilman Pay Up or Go to Jail?

More meat is going packing from the Meatpacking District

Meat Co. to Leave for N.J.(WSJ)

NYC could lose $186 million under GOP budget 

GOP budget crunch threatens New York terror funds

Terror Suspect Details Emerge A developing portrait of a Queens man accused of plotting to attack a synagogue and other targets suggests he differs in at least one significant way from other terror suspects: his apparent lack of religious fervor. (WSJ) *  Terror twit cries a river: Suspect Mohamed Mamdouh declares his innocence in jailhouse interview (NYDN) * SEE THE VIDEO: NYPD releases footage of cops busting terror suspects (NYDN) * Video Released Of Raid Leading To Arrest Of Terror Suspects(NY1) * Raw Video: NYPD Busts Terror Suspect in Synagogue Plot (NBC) * Mom claims synagogue slay terror suspect was set up (NYDN) * Terror Suspect Claims He’s Innocent (Fox 5)




Pol cracks down on graffiti toolPol cracks down on graffiti tool A Queens pol who has championed anti-graffiti laws wants to crack down on "fat caps," a device he says vandals put on spray-paint cans to tag wider areas in less time. (NYDN)

Law and Order

Fiend 'fess that freed 'Jogger 5' Twisted tale of Central Park spree and suspicious 'solo rape' claim (NYP) *  Foul Play Not Suspected In Death For Rangers' Boogaard (NY1) * FDNY hero in 9/11, Deutsch Bank fire takes his own life (NYDN) * 'Cop stalk' wild man arrested(NYP) * Man accused of ramming NYC cop with minivan (WABC) *

Man shot to death by building resident told to butt out of argument(NYDN) * Ex-aide to NYPD Commish charged with making crank calls to brass(NYDN) * Rapist who eluded justice for eight years is a grim example of why all criminals must submit DNA (NYDN Ed) *  Man grilled in brother slay (NYP) * Road rage incident sparks gunshots (NYDN)LI Beach Community Becomes Dumping Ground Of Death (WCBS) * Brooklyn Man Shot In Mott Haven (NY1) * Plainclothes cop hurt in bizarre minivan attack (NYP) * Driver Runs Down Narcotics Officer in the Village (NYT)


Last Place Mets are Bad But Not That Bad

Bill Maher: If You Celebrated Bin Laden’s Death, You’re Not Really A Christian

Florida Imams arrested for aiding Pakistani Taliban 

Two Florida imams indicted for supporting Pakistani Taliban (NYDN)

De Niro's Madoff role goal (NYP)

Madoff Victim Forced to Sell Home to Pay Debt (NBC)

Met has-been's $30m last laugh Bobby Bonilla is about to add insult to injury. The beleaguered Mets -- hammered by Bernie Madoff's fraud, free-agent flops and ballpark tumbleweeds -- will soon start forking over $1.2 million annually for 25 years to the paunchy, 48-year-old.. (NYP)

Inside the Galleon Jury They nicknamed a prosecutor "Napoleon" and a defense lawyer "George Washington." And once they started deliberating, they never wavered from their belief that Raj Rajaratnam was guilty of insider trading.*  At least two dead as huge blaze rips through illegal Brooklyn building (NYDN)



Drill, baby, drill: Bam vows to up oil and gas drilling in the US to stem rising fuel costs (NYDN)



Mike Huckabee won't seek Republican nomination




Secret Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater Worldwide, has been hired to assemble a force of foreign troops in the United Arab Emirates, according to a variety of sources.(NYT)


SNL’s President Obama Takes Hilarious Osama Bin Laden Victory Lap/Stand-Up Act



Fareed Zakaria Clarifies His Presidential Meetings: I Did Not Advise Obama



Blog Report  Charles Barron Would Stand Aside for Kevin Powell (NYO) * The maneuvering for the Speaker of the New York City Council, has already begun (The Perez Notes)*  Churches Hostage to a Fading Diocese (Bay Ridge Journal) *  AN EARLY LOOK AT THE NEXT BROOKLYN BORO PREZ RACE (Room Eight) * Budget hits hard where it hurts most (Riverdale Press Blog)