Monday, May 16, 2011

1 in 4 Want to Escape From New York

NYC the Next Detroit? Will Bad Government and Leaders Drain the State of the Next Generation

It Not Only Upstate

 Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits. Detroit lost a quarter of its population between 2000 and 2011; absolutely, it could happen here. (NYP) * Dozens Camp Out In Queens For Shot At Mechanic Apprenticeship (WCBS) * Hundreds Camp Out For Job Applications: There were only 150 applications for 12 jobs at a hiring fair in Long Is...  *Empire State manufacturing index falls sharply to 11.9 in May, shows slower growth (NYP)


Fewer Skyscrapers on the Horizon The office tower is one of the New York City's defining features. But developers aren't churning them out the way they used to. The recent production figures are anemic considering the volume of office space that has been eliminated. (WSJ) * Real-estate tycoons at war (NYP) * Despite the deep cuts in the 2011-12 state budget, the Business Council lobby group pointed to a survey from a manufacturing group that ranks New York 49th for its business climate.


"If I were to run, I would be able to win the primary &...general election

 Trump Fires Himself

: "Business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector" * Dick Morris on 4/28: "I think [Trump] is going to run. I think he's going to be a very effective candidate."



New York Post Gets to Question Judges, Politicos(NYO and Law Journal)


Lawmakers should not be allowed to show their faces if they fail to pass serious ethics reform legislation to end Albany’s corrupt pay-to-play culture 

"Have You No Sense of Decency?" Welch

Governor Cuomo’s List Some essential dos — and one clear don’t — for the New York Legislature. Ethics reform, same-sex marriage and, unfortunately, his misguided cap on property taxes.(NYT Ed) * The Post counters with a pledge to help Cuomo get his property tax and ethics reform, too. * Sheldon Silver to Gov. Cuomo: Less talk, more action “still campaigning” when he should be back in Albany “making deals.” (NYDN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo is bringing his “People First” tour to Hofstra University today. An emailed invite to the 11 a.m. event went out shortly after 7 p.m. last night. * Gov. Cuomo's reform agenda is getting runaround from legislative leaders Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos (NYDN Ed) * Skelos dummies up on law-cash ethics   “Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, over a four-day period, repeatedly ducked and dodged after The Post asked the simple question of whether he’s representing legal clients who have business before state government.”(Dicker, NYP) * Cuomo’s Tactics: Governor insults legislative body, but not individuals. Will tactic work? “Questionable” says Assembly Majority Leader Canestrari. * Cuomo aides are taking pains to explain how his “prod-the-Legislature” tour is not Spitzeresque.* Cuomo uses harsh words to prod Legislature: Cuomo, a Democrat, is pushing members of the Assembly and Senate to ... (Albany News) * Cuomo calls on lawmakers to take action * Cuomo Willing To Bet On Tax Cap Passage(YNN) * Group Spent Nearly $5 Million Backing Cuomo Budget (NYT) * Sen. Marty Golden: "Rent Stabilization Is Staying"(NYDN)

 “It’s irrelevant,” Silver told reporters when asked about the effectiveness of Cuomo’s people's campaign.

Gov. Cuomo's Not Going To Like This...


"I think the people are relevant and that's why I'm talking to them to bring them into the process" 

Albany Wars: The Governor Strikes Back

GOP Cuts Senate Staff to Hurt Dems Ability To Win Reelection and the Majority

Cut another million in staff that is used by senators to build their political base and win elections  State Senate Dems facing significant GOP-imposed cutbacks - again(NYDN)

Dems Answer Back
Nick Confessore




Bloomberg’s Budget: Council members ask which 20 firehouses will close. * Which FDNY Companies Will Close? City Mum (NYDN)


Next Court Cut Limiting Argument?

State budget cuts are causing the already sluggish court system to slow even further, perhaps even to a halt

Cuts Could Stall Sluggish Courts at Every Turn Weekend arraignment courts will be reduced, presenting the possibility that prisoners will not see a judge within 24 hours, as required by law. (NYT) * Legal Services for Poor Face Growing Need and Less Funding


Board of Elections: Top slot for NYC agency is vacant for six months

True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again

Well this is not going to be good for the Republicans in redistricting

 DOJ On Redistricting: Count New York Inmates In Hometowns, Not Where They're Locked Up(NYDN)

Inmates' hometowns key to election district Thousands of New York prisoners are being set free - from being counted in upstate districts. (NYDN) * The GOP President of the NYC Board of Elections, J.C. Polanco, predicted “disastrous” results for the Senate Republicans if their prisoner counting lawsuit fails to produce the result their need before the next round of redistricting. 


Round Up the Usual Suspects: City Cracks Down on Illegal Hotels Again After Death Fire

Subway emergency exit often an open door to abuse by police (NYDN)

Port Authority 'con'-cierges(NYP)




TLC says, 'Hail no!' The city is slamming the brakes on rogue livery drivers. Officials are hellbent on stopping livery hacks who take illegal street hails (NYP)

 John Liu Flunks DOE on School Closing 

  Standards vary drastically from year to year, says city comptroller

Audit Gives Limited Nod to Reports on Schools The finding by John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, says the system for ranking schools confuses teachers and students. (NYT) *Shady grading of schools: Liu(NYP) * NYC Comptroller Flunks High School Report Cards (WCBS) More Education News * Bronx Charter Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Avoid Shutdown (WNYC) * It's a do-over for Staten Island CEC elections (SI Advance) * The Board of Regents votes on the Cuomo-approved new stricter teacher evaluation system this afternoon. Rick Karlin has a preview.* SUNY will release its first report card tomorrow.* Comptroller: DOE School Report Cards Need Improvement (NY1) * Board Of Regents Votes In John King As New State Education Commissioner (NY1) * Ex-charter school leader picked for state education's top spot  *New York Names New State Education Commissioner(NYT) * This is why China is moving away from our style of education. They want to create innovators, not bubble fillers. * Teacher Evaluations: NYSUT considers legal option to block Cuomos’ plan. *  Committee To Save NY Spent $4.8M Lobbying (YNN) * Spitzer Analogy: Cuomo’s lieutenant governor says it’s a stretch.



Mayor says there




The Rev. Diaz Gay Rights Family Feud

Senator and Granddaughter on Two Sides, but One Stage, in Debate on Gay Marriage (NYT) * Marriage Fight Turns to Religion (WSJ)Pol rallies against same-sex marriage, but his lesbian granddaughter fights back (NYDN) * Thousands Attend Annual AIDS Walk In Central Park (NY1) * Bronx Senator Leads Rally Against Gay Marriage(NY1) *  NYC's AIDS walk raises $6 million to fight disease(WABC) *  Diaz, Granddaughter Feud Over Gay Marriage (NBC) * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. said he loves his granddaughter, but would not attend her wedding if she marries her lesbian lover. * “I am a Diaz; my family is very political,” said Ms. Diaz, who crashed her grandfather’s anti-gay marriage rally. “It is in my blood to stand up for what I believe in – regardless of who I am up against. *  A.M. Roundup: Dueling marriage rallies, dueling Diazes

If Truth Is Elusive, Rape Trial May Turn on Prosecutor’s Tug of War With Officer (NYT)

Closing Arguments To Continue In Police Rape Trial * Lawyer calls alleged victim 'gold-digger' (NYDN)

BREAKING: NYC judge: IMF head to be jailed without bail until next court date in sex assault case

IMF Leader Accused Of Sexual Assault Held Without Bail (NY1) * UPDATE Judge orders IMF chief, leading French prez candidate Strauss-Kahn to remain in custody until May 20 hearing(NYDN)

The Manhattan ADA won the no bail argument once they pointed out the Roman Polanski fled to France and never came back after being charged with a sexual assault of a 13 year old girl.

Whiny IMF head finally agrees to medical exam; set for arraignment today (NYP)Strauss-Kahn arraignment delayed; maid ID'd him in lineup(NYP) * Police Seek Evidence From I.M.F. Chief on Sex Attack (NYT) New Details in IMF Sex Case(WSJ) * In New York, French Wait to See Strauss-Kahn (WSJ) *  IMF chief, accused of sexually assaulting hotel maid, consents to DNA testing Maid identified Dominique Strauss-Kahn in lineup, and investigators believe her story is credible. (NYDN) * IMF Head Charged With Attempted Rape Of Manhattan Maid (NY1) * IMF Head’s NYC Hearing Delayed In Sex Assault Case (WCBS)French Respect U.S Judicial System (Fox 5) * John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Global Financial Fallout of DSK Arrest (NY Magazine)


"This arrest will shine the light on the fact that the IMF is bailing out European banks with American money" Pat Buchanan Morning Joe

I.M.F. Names Replacement as Chief Awaits Arraignment(NYT)



A List of Adjectives and French Puns Used by NYC Tabloids Regarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn (NYO)

Law and Order   

Breaking: Bonanno crime family boss Vincent 'Vinny Gorgeous' Basciano found guilty on all charges (NYP)

Feds say ex-NYPD officer gave police gear to drug ring (NYP) * Crazed man leads cops on wild ride after assaulting EMS workers * Social worker helped jailed student graduate, now out to stop deportation * Union Square Park sees spike in drug use, petty crimes (NYP) * Is Union Square Park the Hot New Druggy Crime Spot? (Village Voice) *  Sicko pleads guilty to murder and attempted rape in Manhattan hotel slay(NYP) * 4th man indicted in Qns. home invade slay (NYP)



Murray Handwerker, Who Made Nathan’s More Famous, Dies at 89 (NYT)





 The Spy Who Came In from The Bronx

Inside Boss' FBI 'spy' jobs(NYP)





Upfronts: The Selling Of TV Shows

TV 2011: Inside the Box(NY Magazine)

TV Ad Money: Sushi and the City (WSJ) * NBC Renews ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (Fox 5) * Producers of “The Apprentice” say the show will go on with or without The Donald.* Upfronts: Fox Sidelines 'America's Most Wanted' * NBC Will Add Brian Williams Prime Time Show To Lineup ‘As Soon As It’s Ready’ * Has Your Favorite TV Show Been Canceled? A Guide to What the Networks Axed *BABY BUMPED: '30 Rock' Pushed Back For Tina Fey's Pregnancy * Watch clips from all of NBC's new fall shows, here:(NYP) *  How Does a Network Build a Fall Schedule? Fox’s Scheduling Chief Reveals the Strategies (NY Magazine)

Media: Matt Drudge, still influential, and not just with conservatives.

 Drudge Report remains top online news driver due to layout simplicity & irresistible headlines, experts say  * Time vs. Newsweek: Time is still winning. 


Promising new project from Columbia J-school to provide accountability journalism about New York City government

Columbia Journalism School to launch The New York World * Columbia Journalism School to Launch New York Journalism Website


 New York City government — now with WiFi and more social media 

Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government (Wash Post) * 's new pension plan: retirement age rises to 65; "pay twice as much toward their pension"  * Flashback: 's plan to create new pension tier would put him on collision course with DiNapoli * 's new pension tier plan = "lost opportunity" because it doesn't touch "defined benefits" says EJ McMahon * Governor Seeks Overhaul Of State Pension System (NY1)


Germany Wins Wall Street With An Assist by the Justice Department 

Nasdaq and Intercontinental-Exchange Withdraw Bid for NYSE 

Nasdaq, ICE withdraw $11B merger offer for NYSE Euronext (NYP) *  Is London calling for Nasdaq? (CrainsNY)



The Real Running Mates What candidates' wives want. What we demand of them. The state of the political spouse. (Newsweek)






Blog Report:  Locals Call for Total Ban on Tourist Helos Over Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn Height Blog) * Assemblyman Marcos Crespo on THE PEREZ NOTES * Joe Sitt's Coney Island Festival Just Depressing (Gothamist) * Indictments Loom For Albany Slush Fund?(Crime Politics and Policy)