Friday, May 13, 2011

Miffed About Budget Cuts? Bloomberg Says Blame Cuomo(NYO)

No, Mayor Says, Peahen Was Not Fleeing Budget Cuts(NYT) * A Peahen Protest? Nah, Mayor Insists(WSJ)

Budget Cuts Imperil Legal Aid in Foreclosure Cases(NYT)Budget NYC: Bloomberg’s plan to charge non-profits for garbage pickup is opposes by City Council members. 

School Staff: “[Cuomo] continued to insist he is not responsible for any job loses.” 

City Hall puts Cuomo on its “loser” list this week.

Cuomo said he “won’t respond to threats” from Native Americans over cigarette taxes, adding: “You can’t have a situation where a government feels threatened and decides not to collect taxes it is owed because of those threats.



Cuomo calls for end to LIFO and teacher evaluations to be based more on test scores

Cuomo seeks tougher criteria to evaluate teachers(WSJ) * Bloomberg Praises Cuomo’s ‘Thoughtful’ Teacher Evaluation Approach (YNN) * Teacher Evaluation: Cuomo’s proposes, among other things “more rigorous observation” of classes; Meryl Tisch supports * Teacher Evaluation: “The teacher evaluation system would replace the system used in layoffs based on seniority.” * Teacher Evaluations: “The first bit of intrigue is that Cuomo seems to have coordinated the proposal with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with the leaders of the state’s four other large school districts. The second is that the governor goes nowhere near Bloomberg’s dream of ending ‘LIFO.’ ”* Teacher Evaluation: Bloomberg likes Cuomo’s plan.

Judge Halts Plan To Expand Manhattan High School


Rent Rules: Cuomo hears from Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village residents. 


City spends $1 BILLION on consultants as it lays off 4,100 teachers(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Education Department official resigns amid investigation (NYDN)

CityTime, MTA and DOE Contract Scandal(True News)





Sen. Carl Kruger may have to face two trials on corruption charges.  




SUNY Research chief rapped over Susan Bruno no-show(TU)




Leibell sentenced to 21 months in jail for kickback scheme (NYP)

Corruption: “Leibell is the latest in a long line of legislators and other state officials to be accused and convicted of crimes over the last decade.”



Ticket fix becomes sideshow in attempted murder trial (NYP)Ticket-Fixing: “It’s common practice in the Police Department,” says a cop during testimony in a murder trial.





Poll: New Yorkers under 30-years-old are fleeing the city(NYDN) * New Yorkers are voting with their feet on state's sky-high tax burden; planning to leave in droves (NYDN Ed)




City Water Board Approves Rate Increase(NY1)




A Constant in a Changing Neighborhood Is Endangered Claudio Caponigro’s hole-in-the-wall barbershop on East 116th Street, an unchanging mainstay in a gentrifying neighborhood, is threatened by a rent increase.(NYP)


City Thinks This Will Scare You Into Slowing Down


Mayor Bloomberg says bin Laden death does 'not end threats' against free people (NYP) *  Two Queens men busted in terror plot to blow up Manhattan synogogues(NYP) *  Terror Trials in State Court: Pluses and Minuses(NYT) *  Suspects in Terror Case Wanted to Kill Jews, Officials Say(NYT) * Grenade Attack Suspects Charged Two Queens men were arrested on terrorism charges after buying guns and a grenade with what officials called "aspirations" of attacking an undetermined Manhattan synagogue and the Empire State Building. (WSJ) *  Cuomo Writes to Boehner to Ask for Anti-Terrorism Funding(NYO) * Bin Laden's wives 'hostile' to American officials during interrogation(NYDN) * NYPD antiterror unit moved against terror plot at the right time - before innocent blood was spilled (NYPD Ed) *  'Innocent' plea in NYC synagogue terror plot (WABC) Rep. King on Seeing bin Laden Photos [Raw] (NBC) * Religious Leaders On Edge Following Arrests In Synagogue Terror Plot (NY1)

Anti-terrorism Funding: “It’s 10 days after Osama bin Laden is killed and we’re all agreeing that the threat is higher, and they are cutting the grants 50 percent,” complains Rep. King of GOP colleagues.* Taliban Lay Claim to Blast Suicide bombers attacked paramilitary recruits in Pakistan, killing at least 80 people. The Taliban claimed it was revenge over bin Laden's death. (WSJ)



Pornography found in bin Laden compound: officials(NYP) * Terror compound? More like frat house: Porn stash recovered in Bin Laden raid (NYDN)



Summations begin in "rape cops" trial (NYP) * Rape cop' CPR lie(NYP) *  Paramedic Challenges Officer’s Story in Rape Case (WSJ) * Rape Trial Testimony Disputed (WSJ) * 'Rape cops' trial lawyer: No DNA? Make the charge go away(NYDN) * Cop Rape Trial Closings Begin (NBC) * Closing Arguments Underway In NYPD Rape Trial * Closing Arguments Underway In NYPD Rape Trial (NY1) *  Lawyer says Moreno is nice, honest & 'a bit of a simpleton' (NYP) * Officer Moreno’s Attorney Attacks Accuser’s Credibility In Closing Argument (WCBS)

Mobster admits nun slay, fears he'll rot in hell!(NYP)


49th Precinct Nabs Rim Theives(NYP) * Teen found strangled in Bx. home (NYP)Bronx Robber Targets Elderly Women (Fox 5)




Blogger Finds Sensitive NYPD Counterterrorism Documents In the Trash (Gawker)


The Real Reason You Won’t See Osama Death Pix: Princess Beatrice’s Hat (Gawker)

Jon Stewart: Newt Gingrich Abandoned Dying Media To Take Up With Newer, More F*ckable Media


In Wake of Tough Times Profile, Trump Takes on Michael Barbaro [Video]


The People vs. Goldman Sachs A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges(Rolling Stone)