Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U.S. Rolled Dice in Osama bin Laden Raid

Success Has Many Fathers

Everyone is gong to take credit for this in the media.  How much of it is true will take years to find out. Right now those who believe in Water Boarding say the info for the kill was gotten through that way, those opposed to boarding say the info was not gotten by force.

Behind heroes' furious storm (NYP)  * Behind the Hunt for Bin Laden(NYT) * Risky Raid, and Tense Moments at the White House(NYT) * Series of Clues Led to the Location of Qaeda Chief(NYT) * U.S. Rolled Dice in Osama bin Laden Raid (WSJ) * Osama Bin Laden's death: Credit CIA's patience, President Obama's planning and Navy SEALs' execution (NYDN) * Phone call by Kuwaiti courier led to bin Laden(AP) * The Obama administration is wrestling with whether to release photos of Osama bin Laden’s body and video of his burial at sea. * Mission Accomplished: "[M]ade possible after Guantanamo prison camp detainees four years ago identified a courier who worked for bin Laden. *  CIA chief feared bin Laden would be tipped off to raid **PM Update: The details of the Bin Laden raid were “corrected” by the Obama administration.

Sleeping With the Fishes


What Cave?

MANSION WAS NO CAVE: Thought to be hiding in a remote tribal region, bin Laden was residing in an upscale Pakistani town. (WSJ)*  Pakistan's bin Laden Connection Is Probed(WSJ)

Neighborhood kids had suspicions about bin Laden’s hideout (NYP)

The Bin Laden Killing Erases Democrats' Wimp Factor 

President Thanks Congress For Support, Calls For Unity Following Bin Laden's Death(NY1)

Obama's ‘bin Laden bump’ might not dash hopes of 2012 GOPers (The Hill)Popularity: Molinaro predicts Obama's poll numbers goes from the 40s to the 60s. * Remembering the decade of bin Laden politics (Salon)* Obama to Observe 9/11 Anniversary in New York * President Obama doing his first interview about the Bin Laden killing on "60 Minutes"

Mission Accomplished: Watching it live

Time is Up

Her mission's accomplished (NYP) * With the fishes (NYP)*  Demon killed - Apple thrilled (NYP) * With Bin Laden's death, countdown over and sign can come down

To the ridiculous question, “Are you safer now than before 9/11?” The obvious answer should be, “Well duh, apparently we were not very safe before 9/11.” Joseph Mercurio (Twitter)
Kelly: New York remains the No. 1 target for terrorists

Chatter dies down but NYC tightens up (NYP) * Obama Calls World ‘Safer’ After Pakistan Raid (NYT) * Mayor: Osama Death Doesn't Change Threat (NBC)*  Police Step Up Efforts on News of Bin Laden's Death (NYT)  * Bin Laden Gone, But City Feels Threat  * Some 9/11 Families Fear Retaliation Attacks (WNBC) * Commuters Feel Secure Amid Higher Transit Security(NY1) * City Politicians Hail Bin Laden Death As Making City Stronger (NY1) * NYC Maintains Heightened Security After Bin Laden Death (WCBS)

The Families and First Responders React

Nothing but smiles for hero's mom (NYP) * Chatter dies down but NYC tightens up (NYP) * A Mix of Emotion Stored for a Decade (NYT) * A Mood of Triumph and Sober Reflection (NYT) * PHOTOS: Tears of happiness, remembrance at Ground Zero, across NYC (NYDN) * Payback' for 9/11 brings relief, joy to so many(NYDN) * Former FDNY Commissioner Reacts to the Death of Osama Bin Laden(WNBC) * 9/11 Family Members Show Mixed Reaction At Bin Laden Death (NY1) * Giuliani visits Ground Zero to celebrate Bin Laden's death (NYDN)FDNY honors those fallen on 9/11 at memorial(WABC) * NY kin praise bin Laden death while nursing pain (WABC) * Former FDNY Chief: Osama "Buried Like a Gangsta" (WNBC) * Crowds Gather At WTC Site For Second Straight Night (NY1)* Man Who Told Bin Laden to Kiss His Rear Recalls His Famous Words (WNBC)

How the World's Newspapers Reacted

How the world is covering Bin Laden's death - newspapers from around the globe(NYDN)

Internet News Revolution

Bin Laden Death Story Shows Changing Media Habits



Ground Zero it’s unclear whether there will ever be a demand for the kind of office space that once was located there

New WTC Towers Rise Amid Doubts (WSJ)

Obama Headed to Ground Zero on Thursday President Barack Obama will visit the World Trade site on Thursday, a trip that will come just days after a U.S. military operation killed Osama bin Laden.(WSJ)


NYC Muslim Community Reacts To Bin Laden's Death: For Many, Relief 

City's Muslims hail demise of false prophet (NYP) * With 'Bogeyman' Gone, New York Muslims Hope for Closure (WSJ) *  Local Muslims Glad Bin Laden Gone, But Some Not Thrilled With Method (WCBS) * Bin Laden Dead: Local Pakistanis React (WNBC)

 The Post Pushes Cuomo on LIFO

A Case for Cuomo The Post’s eye-popping series of stories last week on bad-actor teachers is attracting some official attention: A key state lawmaker is zeroing in on the matter. That’s great. But real reform won’t happen unless Gov. Cuomo himself leads the charge. He’s got no time to lose.(NYP Ed)

CUNY SUNY Tuition Fight

Cuomo Backs Higher Tuition at Top SUNY Campuses (NYT) * Cuomo begs legislature not to link CUNY funds to SUNY (NYDN) * In a move that pits him against some fellow Democrats, the governor announced support for letting four SUNY research campuses set a five-year schedule of tuition increases.*  Skelos Still Hammering Assembly On Prop Tax Cap (YNN)

Test Prep

Students, teachers sweating tests as parents rebel against prep (NYDN) * Teachers Union Heads Back to Court Over Release of Ratings (WNYC)


Taxman admits big co-oops! on taxes Switched the way it assesses co-ops and condos, suddenly raising the value for hundreds of middle-class homes by as much as 147 percent.(NYP) *  Co-op, Condo Owners Vent at New Valuations(WSJ) * Co-op tax hikes scaled back to 10% after assessment bungle (NYDN) * Finance Mistake: During Council hearing ,NYC Finance Commissioner admits mistake in home assessments. * The 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate

Campaign Contributions =  Corporate Tax Breaks

The five top recipients of corporate tax breaks gave $7.86 million worth of campaign contributions in 2010, according to NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.  

Cuomo On Taxes Ethics Reform
If the Legislature fails to pass a property tax cap and ethics reform, it will have “disrespected” the people of New York, Cuomo said.* Cuomo's Agenda: Pushing property tax cap and ethics reform.

Joe Crowley's definition of democracy

From City Hall:


A Real, Unnecessary Crisis for Families Rather than cut early child care, which benefits disadvantaged children, Mayor Bloomberg should consider other ways to save money. (NYT Ed)





Brooklyn Neighbors Share Landlord but Not Amenities

For Brooklyn Renters, Look but Don’t Swim Low- and middle-income tenants occupy buildings that abut those of luxury condominium owners. (NYT)

 Preliminary Vote On Rent Hikes Tonight 


State’s Chief Judge Pledges More Aid for Poor in Courts (NYT)





 Winning Taxi Design

New York picks new taxi: Nissan cab is the big winner * Karsan, From Turkey, Is Rejected as New York Taxi(NYT) * Pushback already underway over taxi contest. Bklyn BP Markowitz and PA de Blasio asking City Comptroller Liu to investigate bidding process. * Nissan Chosen as the Taxi of Tomorrow (NYT) *  NYC picks Japanese comp (Crains)


  Cab driver goes crazy when two women ask him to go to Bed-Stuy

Cabby goes berserk over B'klyn fare (NYP) * Crazed Cabbie Caught On Tape (Fox 5)



Law and Order

Gal set to defend her 'kidnapper mom'(NYP) * Fake 911 call sounds like cop in rape case: testimony (NYDN) * Carpenter big must pay $5.7M after pleading guilty to racketeering (NYDN) * Vinny had gal try to make me (NYP) * Vinny Gorgeous ordered slay, mobster says on the stand (NYDN) * Eltingville man charged with possession of stolen property (SI advance) *  Tompkinsville man charged with rape of a child (SI advance) * * Man found murdered in car on a Staten Island street | SILive.com  * Ex-Miss Russia held without bail on shoplifting charge (NYP)* 'Terrifying' muggings near school  (NYDN) * Ex-Miss Russia held without bail on shoplifting charge (NYP) * Queens man bound, fatally stabbed during home invasion (NYP)

The Hostile Fight That Will Decide the Future of Wall Street and the City

Nasdaq to go hostile with NYSE bid (NYP)




Paybackistan! Jon Stewart On Osama Bin Laden’s Death: America’s Back Baby!




Colbert On Osama bin Laden Killing: ‘Suck My Giant American Balls, al Qaeda’




WATCH: The Media Frenzy Leading Up To The Bin Laden Announcement

 Unscientific USA Today/Mashable poll: 43% learned of OBL via Twitter, 18% FB, 14% TV. 

Twitter: Osama takedown sets record - 3,000 tweets per second 


Giuiliani On Morning Joe: Obama’s Decision Took ‘A Lot Of Courage…I Admire Him’



Thank You, NMA, For That Animated Cartoon Of Osama Bin Laden Being Blown Up And Raped By Pigs

Osama bin laden funny video 


CBS Attempts To Recruit Morning Joe And Mika For Morning Show

 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley named to anchor CBS Evening News beginning June 6

Five Biggest Recipients Of Corporate Tax Breaks Spent $8 Million In 2010 Elections(Huff Post)



Black Eyed Peas To Rock Central Park (NY1)