Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Which Pols are On the FBI Kruger Tapes

 Seminerio Tape Got Kruger

The FBI got the goods on Carl Kruger by a wire on the late AsseblymanTony Seminerio  (died in jail) talking to Jamaica Hospital Chief Executive Officer David Rosen about the bribe he took to keep the hospital open. On those tapes the FBI discovered that Kruger was in on the Seminerio Rosen Deal.  The question the pols are asking now is which one of them are on the 30,000 hours of the FBI Kruger tapes.FBI tapped 30,000 calls in Kruger corruption investigation (DN)

Separate trials looming for state Sen. Carl Kruger, others in $1M-plus corruption case

Kruger Pleads Not Guilty To Upgraded Corruption Charges (NY1)

State's public-pension funds are underfunded by $120 billion and that taxpayers will have to shell out $8.5 billion over the next few years to keep them in the black 

Pension costs eat up 20 percent of the city's tax revenue, leaving little for core servicess

Not Clueless Don't Care

Clueless pols call for benefit boosts (NYP) Seemingly oblivious to widespread warnings of a looming public-pension crisis, state lawmakers have introduced dozens of bills that would pad already lucrative retirement benefits and hike taxpayer costs by nearly $1 billion. Lawmakers have introduced at least 55 pieces of legislation this year to give state workers more-generous benefits and allow governments to kick costs down the road, the Citizens Budget Commission found (NYP) *  Mugging in progress (N YP Ed) * The Post wonders if Cuomo is losing his stomach for the fight over pension reform with the Legislature.* 

 Captain Kirk: New York Gets the Enterprise Space Shuttle  Prototype

NASA Chooses Space Shuttles’ Retirement Homes

Intrepid Museum To Receive NASA Shuttle Prototype (NY1)



New Schools Chief at Ease in Albany

The moment that sealed Cathie Black’s fate.  *Changing Chancellors: 9 people evaluating Walcott's application.* Changing Chancellors: A teacher complains "Walcott will actually serve as a much more effective salesman for Bloomberg’s policies than Black ever could have been."* For Walcott, a Fast Track to Certification


 Daily News Calls Westside Pols Cowards 

Politicians are a disgrace for backing lawsuit to deny upper West Side kids access to charter school (DN Ed)





 Homeless Up, Long Term Jobless.  What Recovery?

Mike hit over homeless high (NYP) * Homeless Count Up(WSJ)Record number of New Yorkers forced in homeless shelters: report (DN) * Group Blames Mayor's Adminstration For Uptick In Homelessness (N Y1)* Homeless Count: Commissioner refutes advocate's figures. "It's an unrealistic report that uses a faulty way of looking at the data."

An 8 percent uptick compared to 2009.

Video Viral: Passangers Stuck in MTA Elevator Media  

 Video Captures Ordeal of Subway Riders Trapped in Elevator(NYT) * Long Ride at 181st Street(WSJ) * Video Shows People Trapped in MTA Elevator (WSJ) * Subway NIGHTMARE: 2 dozen trapped in elevator for an HOUR (DN) * Viral Video Shows Rescue From Subway Station Elevator (NY1)

Bloomberg's Low Poll # Cancel Brooklyn Bike Lane

B'klyn bike lane scrapped (NYP)





Super Jumbo Jet Clips Plane at JFK(WSJ) * Two Planes Collide On JFK Runway(NY1) * NTSB investigating jet collision at JFK airport (NYP)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Two Planes Collide on Ground at JFK (WNBC) * Emergency Recordings Of Airbus Superjumbo Jet Clipping Commerce Flight At JFK Released


How About the Agents Emptying the Cans? 

NYC Sanitation Agents Look To Crack Down On Litter Basket Violations








Senate Ducking On Rent Bill? Silver Ducking on Tax Cap - Tug of War Dance

Albany Word Games

Showdown Looms After Assembly Votes to Extend Rent Regulation(NYT) * Silver says fate of rent is up to Governor Cuomo (DN) * The Assembly passed a rent control bill, setting up a showdown with the Senate.* After meeting yesterday with the governor, several Senate Democrats pushing for rent control said there won’t likely be a vote in their house until next month.* Bill Hammond thinks the Assembly is stalling on the property tax cap.* Budget Director Bob Megna said the all-or-nothing extender idea was born of “desperation.”* Rent Rules: "Gov. Cuomo has endorsed strengthening the rent regulations, but he's yet to outline his own proposals. * Rent Rules: Through a spokesman, Cuomo voiced support, but not endorse, Assembly's plan. * Rent Rules: "[A]n aide to Mr. Cuomo said that he was seeking a deal that could pass in both houses.* Legislative Leaders Praise Cuomo, Tactically (NYT) * Ralph Nader took the left to task for failing to bring the progressive fight to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. * Legislative leaders are calculated in their cozying up to the governor.* “We’re not a fat organization,” NYC Schools Chancellor-in-waiting Dennis Walcott said.



After 3 Decades, a Bronx Historian Loses His Road(NYT)


Hiram's New Public Service: A Different kind of Pork Dispensary 

Pro pans Hiram's pizza pie(NYP) * Hiram's latest slice(NYP Ed)






New York Mob Boss to Testify for the Government (NYT)



Camera Scans of Car Plates Are Reshaping Police Inquiries(NYT)

 Thermal Cameras On Boston Streets Can Show Activity Inside Homes...

Amazing Red Light Runs Caught on Video(WNBC)







 China Buying At the New York Fire Sale

China Nibbles on Big Apple In the latest sign that cash-rich Chinese investors are funneling money into prime New York property, Bank of China Ltd. is lending more than $250 million to refinance an office tower near Columbus Circle (WSJ)

NY, NY, it's a government town: The six largest employers in NYC are government entities, not private enterprises (CrainsNY)




Law and Order  
Called a 'ladies' man' & 'insane monster' (NYP) * Man Charged With Strangled Girlfriend(WSJ)

* DA: 'Rape cops' made cover-up call (AUDIO)9th body on LI beach 'Graveyard' cops find latest skull, torso a mile apart (NYP) *  New Bones Found in Killing Probe(WSJ) * Hunt for suspected L.I. serial killer turns up another gruesome find(DN)  * Cop lost top in stop (NYP) * Lover murders kid's mom: cops(NYP) * Stab Suspect 'Remorseful'(WSJ) * Man believed to be explosion suspect arrested(WSJ) * Synagogue Bombing Suspect Arrested In Cleveland (NY1) * Mobster will bid goodbye to his deceased dad in Brooklyn courthouse garage (DN) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Choking Girlfriend (NY1) * Investigation probing NYPD ticket fixing (WABC) * Possible Serial Killer Prompts Safety Concerns for Sex Workers (WNBC) * Former Bonanno Boss Testifies Against His Underling (NYT) * School Janitor Charged in Rape of Student (NYT) * Ex-mob boss Massino testifies that 'Vinny Gorgeous' ordered hit (NYP)

 Japan Now = Chernobyl Disaster

Japan Nuclear Disaster Put on Par With Chernobyl(NYT) * Japan Declares Crisis At Level of Chernobyl(WSJ) * Fukushima nuclear disaster reaches Chernobyl level (DN)







 Brooklyn the Hip Capital of the World

Crown Heights rapper DeScribe does Hasidic hip-hop(DN)

WATCH: Brian Williams Mocks Brooklyn Hipsters Again



Jon Stewart Sums Up Govt. Non-Shutdown Drama In Three Words: ‘I Hate You’



 Donald Trump’s Scathing Letter To Vanity Fair Reveals Thin Skin (And Hatred For Thin Card Stock)

 Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination - Washington Wire - WSJ

At the very least a Trump candidacy will generate headlines and be good for the news business, said Mayor Bloomberg



Gov. Jerry Brown: Country Hasn't Been This Divided Since Civil War!






Stephen Colbert Ridicules Fox and Friends For Promoting Walgreens’ Pap Smears