Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuomo Winning

 Praising Cuomo: Legislative leaders pay lip service.

Just how popular IS Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Well, according to today’s Q poll, more popular than his counterparts in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and even New Jersey, which is headed by a Republican to whom the Democrat Cuomo is often compared.  Gov vows veto for pension fatteners (NYP) * Union-made state legislators trying to pass dozens of pension sweeteners taxpayers can't afford (DN Ed) * Cuomo's tax-cap challenge(NYP Ed * Michael Goodwin waxes on about Cuomo’s “100-day miracle.”* Cuomo Outpolls Other Governors (Gannett Albany)* Carroll: Poll Numbers Will Help Cuomo Agenda (YNN) * Cuomo Gets Concessions From Council 82 (YNN) * CSEA and PEF on Council 82 pact: Yawn  * Cuomo's Unions: PEF says Council82's deal with governor "in no way sets the groundwork" for other deals. 




Orwellian TV Ads Help Boost Cuomo Positive Numbers

With no negative press and ads 24/7 on TV informing the public what a great Job Cuomo has done with the budget who is shocked that Cuomo's Popularity: "Sky High." * Cuomo's Popularity: Even tops Chris Christie.Cuomo has a 64-16 percent job approval rating, which is higher than any other governor in any state where the Q poll has conducted surveys so far this year.

The Committee to Fix NY Bombs New Yorkers with positive Cuomo Ads

Kruger Pleads Not Guilty 
State Senator and 7 Others Plead Not Guilty to Corruption (NYT) * “He never accepted a bribe from anyone for any matter and he never abused his public office in any way whatsoever,” Sen. Carl Kruger’s attorney said after the Brooklyn Democrat pleaded not guilty to corruption charges.

Kruger spin! No mention of arrest in update to constituents

 New Yorkers: What is the Constitution?

The Capital of the Stupids 

Poll: NY voters lack knowledge of Constitution(WSJ)


Bloomberg Breaks Another Campaign Promise . . .  Where Are the Free Crosstown Buses?

No Boost For Community Colleges 
Bloomberg's Agenda: Campaign promise to boost community colleges "has now been abandoned in the face of proposed cuts of over $50 million in city funding."

Budget Cuts
Budget Cuts Could Close Dozens of Public Libraries, Report Says (NY1) 

 Depends What the Meaning of Surplus Is

Cuomo's people say there is a surplus, and thus, no need for layoffs. Bloomberg's people say there is no surplus, and says he'll have to lay off thousands of teachers, other municipal employees. * Liu's March 21 report is a bit more decisive, coming closer to Bloomberg's position than to Cuomo's.

Obama Tax the Rich and Cut the Budget

Obama Urges Cuts and Taxes on the Rich Sets Goal to Trim Deficit by $4 Trillion Over 12 Years(NYT) * Debt Speech: "Obama spoke in strikingly partisan tones."





Silver Ducks Tax Cap Waiting For The Senate to Pass Rent Regulations

Tax Cap: " 'The calendar says we are here until June 22,' Silver said when asked when his chamber might take up the cap and other measures."* Rent NYC: Arguments against extending rent protection laws.* The governor was furious with RSA President Joe Strasburg for mentioning former Gov. Mario Cuomo at a recent meeting. Strasburg insists this was not a personal attack.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos squabbled over the property tax cap.* Skelos insists his conference won’t negotiate on the 2 percent cap Cuomo has proposed.

 City Get Less Cops With Layoffs 

"By the time any cadets are hired in July  and get onto the streets, it will be January 2012,” CM Vallone said. “And as every month goes by, we lose over a hundred officers to attrition.”

City Postpones Hiring 540 Police Recruits (NYT) * Mayor Delays a Cop Class to Save Money (WSJ)  * Police Academy class postponed until July in cost-saving move (DN) * City To Delay Hiring Of 540 Police Officers (NY1)

 Now He Tell Us

Joel Klein: Cathie Black was 'wrong' pick for top education job (DN)








After Cathie Black Crash and Burn Event, Certification of A Chancellor is Meaningless 

Breaking News Panel Unanimously Recommends Waiver for Walcott (NYT)

For Walcott, a Fast Track to Certification (NYT)New Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott brings good news to Albany - more seats for students (DN) * Incoming Schools Chancellor Meets With State Lawmakers * NYC Schools Chancellor-in-waiting Dennis Walcott said the city is “still very serious” about teacher layoffs.* The state Education Commission panel that will decide whether to give Walcott the waiver he needs to be chancellor will meet tonight.



Advocates suing the city over PCBs in schools.

 Overseas Outsourcing of DOE Contract Text Book Case of Waste

Web of questions arises about DOE contractors charging taxpayers for outsourced programmers A major technology contractor for the Department of Education has been using workers in Turkey and India to service the school system's computer network - and charging taxpayers $110 an hour. (DN)

More and More Apartment Building Joining Stuy Town in Foreclosure 

More Landlords Not Paying Up The number of foreclosure notices for apartment buildings in New York City soared during the past two years, reaching levels last seen in the early 1990s (WSJ) *
Foreclosure crisis shifts to multifamily buildings Report says more than 2,100 multifamily rental properties received foreclosure notices, potentially affecting more than 44,000 households; Brooklyn hit hardest.(CrainsNY)


Judge slaps B'klyn Bridge Park plan





A working- and middle-class community is rising in East Brooklyn thanks to idea proposed in The News (DN Ed)

Census Report Says: Fewer Commuters Pedaling to Work  . . .  Why More Bikelanes?

 Empty Bike Lanes

City bike numbers unwheel Clash with Census A paltry 0.6 percent of New Yorkers -- a total of 22,686 -- used bikes to go to and from their jobs in 2009, according to the US Census-based study, released yesterday by NYU's Furman Center. That's 14 percent fewer than in 2007, when more than 26,000 people pedaled the streets in suits and ties. *


Councilman Wills joins protest against mayor's delay of trash plan 

New Trash Talk Targets Mayor City Council members and activists said Tuesday that Mayor Bloomberg's plan to delay funding for four sanitation facilities would unfairly burden low-income and minority communities. (WSJ)



 What Happen to the Trash Trains?

MTA Using Subways to Transport Trash: Report (WNBC) * Gross! MTA sometimes uses regular subway trains that transport passengers to also move garbage collected from tracks 


 City Has No Way to Check How Many Fake Kids Are Enrolled in Day Care Centers

Daycare Worker Faked Kids to Collect State Funds: DA (WNBC)


New York Lands NASA's Enterprise Though it was never launched into space, NASA's test-model space shuttle Enterprise did take flight around the country over the years. Enterprise's next journey will bring it to New York, where it will be displayed at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (WSJ) * Molloy: New York deserves better than fake shuttle (DN) * It's not exactly a space shuttle coming to the Intrepid Museum, but it could play one on television (DN Ed) * Intrepid Museum To Receive NASA Shuttle Prototype (NY1) * Today is the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight 


Queens Museum Digs In 65 Million Expansion (WSJ)




Walmart foes battle retailer’s Brooklyn plan


The Empire State Building is going public

Pushing the Limits of History On West End Avenue, two projects—one under construction and one proposed—have triggered a debate over the city's historic landmark preservation process. (WSJ)



Revenge For Senators Homeland Security Hearings?

 Greg Ball targeted; doll with Star of David, anti-Semitic rants . . . "vial with an unknown liquid."

Sen. Greg Ball, who is Catholic, received a letter and a suspicious package that accused him of being a Jew-worshipping Muslim-hater.  State pol receives threatening package in mail Pol who held a recent homeland security hearing in Manhattan received a suspicious package. (DN) *  State Sen. Ball targeted with package 'full of hate'



Biggest Mob Rat Every: All in the Family NOT

Joseph Massino becomes first mob boss to turn rat on the stand(NYP) * A Mafia Boss Breaks a Code in Telling All (NYT) * Former Mafia Boss Testifies Against One of His Own (WSJ) * Mob boss confirms 'Vinny Gorgeous' ordered hit while wearing wire in prison (NYP)

Law and Order Father of 'killer' feels for vic's kin(NYP) * Latest LI bones may be Rifkin vics (NYP)  * Police Halt Hunt For Long Island Bodies(WSJ) * Bodies of man, tot found at Long Island beach add twist to call girl serial-murder case (DN) * 'Killer': I'm too crazy to convict (NYP) * Man accused of killing, nearly decapitating girlfriend is 'not crazy, he's a bastard' (DN) * 'Rape cops' never went AWOL: defense lawyer (NYP) * Granny-slay bust (NYP) * Gramps gets drop on 'thief' (NYP) * $10M SI pot farm smoked (NYP) *Offender LT gets a 'pass'(NYP) * Hero cop disciplined over shoddy bookkeeping (DN) * Cop pleads guilty to harassing boss' wife (DN) * Janitor accused of raping girl, 13, in school basement (DN) * Suit Alleges Bias in Disability Denials by Queens Judges (NYT) * Staten Island husband's apology email leads to dead wife (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: City Corrections Commissioner Discusses Rikers Island Safety (NY1) * Sources: Husband Of Dead S.I. Woman In Police Custody (NY1) * Woman, 63, Found Murdered On Staten Island; Hubby Questioned * Cops Say S.I. Burglary Suspect Has Stolen Cash, Metrocards And Even A Cash Register (WCBS TV) * 16-year-old boy in Bronx shot dead in the head by gun-toting teen  * Man Charged In Elderly Bronx Woman's Murder: An arrest has been made in the fatal stabbing of an elderly Bronx woman...  *Brooklyn DA charges man with perjury in rabbi abuse case (NYP) * Murder Suspect Recovering from Self-Inflicted Stab Wounds 


Did Mitt Romney’s Campaign Swipe A Toothpaste Logo?



Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal (NYT)





 Matt Lauer Presses Katie Couric About Her Future In Visit To NBC’s TODAY

WATCH: Katie Couric's Awkward Interview With Barbara Walters HowardKurtz  Fascinating to watch Matt Lauer try to draw out Katie on her career plans (with one option rumored to involve him) (Twitter) * WATCH:



WATCH: Behind The Scenes Of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' In NYC




 Will Newsweek still have three years and $40 million of Harman's money now that he is gone?

Greatest Example of Copycat Journalism AP Duped by Fake Press Release 

Latest Issue of Newsweek Has Only Six Ads

Sidney Harman, audio pioneer; new(ish) owner of Newsweek, is dead at 92

Internet ad revenues jump 15%


Al Sharpton: Obama's Go-To Black Leader Wayne Barrett




AP Falls for Hoax About GE Taxes... prank duo The Yes Men say GE paid $3.2B to govt (Daily Beast)

The Yes Men Dupe the AP with Hoax GE Letter




Why Mort still has disdain for the White House:





Off Script: "It's not every day you hear an ex-president discuss his memories of a hooker." 

 Clinton Recalls the Old Times Square (NYT)


Convicted of obstruction of justice