Monday, April 11, 2011

Its Monday Clown Day


Trump has 'zero chance' to be president: White House aide(DN)

After an attack by the snoremonger Gail Collins, Trump wrote a snide letter to the editor expressing his great respect for her because "she has survived so long with so little talent.  Donald Trump Writes Blistering Letter To Gail Collins, New York Times Columnist (Huff Post) * Obama advisor David Plouffe says Donald Trump has “zero” chances of making it to the White House.*  Trump Tells Candy Crowley ‘I Don’t Like to Talk About This (Birther) Issue Too Much’

 DN's Zuckerman other publication U.S. News & World Report 5 Ways Donald Trump Can Kick His 2012 Presidential Bid Up a Notch* Obama's NY Numbers Are Rising: Siena



Officials are Preparing for A Police Scandal the Likes of Which the City Has not Felt in Decades

Ticket-Fixing Scandal Looms Over NYPD

Murray Weiss reveals that as many as several hundred cops are involved in a ticket-fixing scandal threatening the NYPD.


Does the Slice Come With A Glass Or Paper Cup? 

Girlfriend-'slash' pol working at pizza joint (NYP)

Disgraced Monserrate Now Works at Pizzeria(WNBC)


Madoff Reads Romance, Wants to Teach Ethics (WNBC)










Can Wolcott Find A Way Around Cutbacks, the UFT and Charter/ PS Parent Wars To Teach Children? 

Where School System’s Toughest Battles Are a Reality, Support for a New Leader (NYT) * New Schools Chancellor Walcott greeted by parent suit vs. charter (DN) * Stop Waiting for a Savior The role of school-district leaders has gotten greater attention — and the selection process has become more political.  (NYT Ed) * Upper West Side Families Fight Charter School Opening (NY1) * Schools Chancellor: Teacher Fines Help Shutter Rubber Rooms (NY1) * Church praises new schools chancellor (DN) * UFT Calls on Wolcott to fix Schools (Fox 5) * Parents Sue to Stop Charter School (Fox 5) * No honeymoon for NYC schools chancellor (WABC) * 'Ritin' Cathie's wrongs New boss' smart start (NYP) * The ed. pool: Staff bet on Black for ax (NYP)


Are the Unions Taking Into Account the Weakness Of The Pension Funds?

State teachers unions push bad scheme to let school districts float bonds to pay pension obligations (DN Ed) * EJ McMahon takes elected officials to task for soaring pension fund costs.* Pension reform in reverse in the Legislature.



A City School’s Uphill Fight Over Sharing Space With a Charter(NYT) * Admission to College, With Catch: Year’s Wait (NYT) * His students know 'squat'  An eccentric SUNY Purchase art professor held a "class" yesterday in SoHo where he instructed his hipster students on how to illegally squat in condos around the city.(NYP) * The 'gr8' dilemma over PS8 Parents at a Brooklyn Heights elementary school want to stop their children from graduating. Since the only options for grades 6 to 8 in their district are abysmally rated middle schools in Fort Greene and Clinton Hil (NYP) * SUNY administrators are making big bucks, while the pay for rank-and-file professors has stagnated.

Media Expert Black Pushes Bloomberg Off A Public Relations Cliff

Bloomberg's third term is a dud as Cathie Black hiring backfires(DN) * Bloomy battles third-term blues (CRAIGSNY) * Bloomberg's Third Term: Good news includes extension of No. 7 subway, technology sector and the economy.









 Engel Sat in Washington While Wall Street bankrupted the County, We Got Involved in Three Wars and Let Corporations Like GE Pay No Taxes And Now He Protests Spending Cuts?

 As we come into a redistricting election Eliot Engel's consultants and lobbyists are trying to improve the public image of a congressman who is most known for sitting next to the center  aisle for hours in an empty congress on the day of the State of the Union so he can get on national TV shaking hands with the president as he walk into give his speech.

NY lawmakers to protest spending cuts Eliot Engel (WABC) * Rep. Jerry Nadler, who voted “no” on the 11th-hour budget deal: “We submitted to the blackmail by the Republicans.” * The Obama administration isn’t interested in explaining itself to another “no” voter, Rep. Anthony Weiner.* Campaign Finance: "public disclosure serves the interests of incumbents running for re-election by discouraging support for challengers."* How They Voted: Stopgap Budget Bill: Here's how your New York delegation voted on Friday's stopgap spending meas... (NYO)* Poll Finds Strong Support for Cuomo (NYT)

 New Yorkers Like Cuomo, Legislature Better After Budget Deal

New Siena poll is out. After budget victory, @'s favorability rating stands at 73 percent.From Siena poll: Speaker Silver w/ higher favorable rating than Skelos, but Skelos' unfavorable # lower than Silver's* Cuomo Enjoys Strong Popularity, Poll Shows (NYT) * Siena: Broad Support For Cuomo’s Post-Budget Agenda (YNN)

Why Do Republicans Keep Praising Governor Cuomo? (Huff Post)

Gov's surprise pick for No. 2 police post  Gov. Cuomo continued to shake up the scandal-scarred Division of State Police last week with the unannounced appointment of a career prosecutor, surprisingly not a police officer, as its first deputy superintenden (Dicker, NYP) * State Police Chief Abruptly Resigns Amid Paterson Scandal -- Daily  * Cuomo’s quiet pick of Kevin Gagan, a former assistant AG, to serve as the No. 2 at the State Police has angered some senior officers who had been hoping for one of their own.  

 Albany Pols Get Free Checkups

Jim Odato looks at legislative travel expenses, and notes that lawmakers get a free Albany Med checkup. (TU)

Assembly To Pass New Rent-Control Regulations Silver: No Linking Tax Cap, Rent ‘Per Se’ * Homeless NYC: 8 percent uptick in people in homeless shelter. Advocate numbers: 113,553 people, including 42,888 children. [CBS]

 The hydrofracking lobbying bill – both for and against, but mostly for – now tops $3.6 million.  







True News Wags The Tail of the NYP on Poster Fine Corruption

Today's NY Post Editorial

Sleazy poster people

What do Bill Thompson, John Liu and Bill de Blasio have in common? For one thing, they all want to be elected mayor in 2013. For another, they have a nasty record of plastering the city with thousands of illegal campaign posters -- racking up $1.3 million in fines between them.(NYP Ed)

On April 6, 2011 True News Wrote

  Candidates Know They Can Beat Illegal Poster Fines in Court 

2013: De Blasio appealing $304,500 fine for illegal posturing during 2009 race.

John Liu  Controller John Liu is exploiting legal technicalities to evade 600G in campaign fines (DN)

William Thompson Bill Thompson Fined $619125 For Campaign Posters: Gothamist





$urge protectors fail Fed-panel blunders jolt NYers as energy costs goes up 12%

The fisal outlook at the MTA has gone from bleak to bleaker.* Sen. Lee Zeldin plans to introduce a bill that will repeal the MTA payroll tax.*  Video Captures Ordeal of Subway Riders Trapped in Elevator

Record Level of Homelessness Reported in NYC  

Executive Pay: New York tops the list. 

Don't Zone Out on This Book It's not exactly beach reading, but for anyone interested in why New York City looks the way it does—and how it could look in the future—the recently published Zoning Handbook has an engrossing story to tell (WSJ) * Judge Blocks City’s Proposal for 2 Buildings in Brooklyn (NYT)

Making Census Of It: Slowing S.I. Population Growth Still Brings About Big Needs (NY1)

Law and Order

Man kills, nearly decapitates girlfriend as she begs for her life: cops (NYP) * Woman, 23, Stabbed to Death(WSJ) * Killer nearly decapitated Lower East Side woman as she begged him to 'Stop, get off me' (DN) * Manhattan Man Charged With Stabbing Girlfriend To Death (NY1) * Boyfriend Charged In Fatal Stabbing Of College Student (WCBS) * Lower East Side Woman Fatally Stabbed (WNBC)

Daunting battle to keep Mexican drug cartels out of New York (DN) It's time to rid subways of perverts, NYPD says (DN) * Son cries for mom killed in car crash, sees dad busted for driving drunk(DN) * Pols seek ban for cars that hide guns in compartments (DN) * ‘Blue Knights’ Pay Tribute To NYPD Cop Slain In 1972 (WCBS) * Staten Island DA: More time for repeat crimes (SI Advance)With Shovels and Shears, Police Plod Through a Hiding Place for Bodies (NYT) * Child's body found in Long Island serial killer's graveyard (NYP) * Unseen Woman’s Cries, Then a Fatal Stabbing (NYT)A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?(NYT) * Pols seek to ban cars tricked out with secret compartments to stash guns and drugs(DN) * Woman Accusing NYPD Officers of Rape to Take the Stand (WNYC) * Cameras Read License Plates, Helping City’s Police(NYT) * BREAKING NEWS: ANOTHER pair of remains have just been found. This is the 10th likely victim in the serial killer case.  *More human remains discovered along Long Island beach(NYP) * FBI hunting mad bomber who might be lurking in city (NYP)


German From Weimar Republic Hyperinflation to Buying the NYSE?

 Big Board Rejects Nasdaq (WSJ) * Deutsche-charmed NYSE ditches Nasdaq (NYP)

NYSE gets a facelift, its future unknown (WABC)




At NYU, Hacking the Night Away(WSJ)

To Make Emergency Radios Work

 NY Officials Propose National Wireless Emergency Network (NY1)



New York State Lottery fails to give Founding Father Alexander Hamilton his props in TV commercial (DN Ed)

Report: Katie Couric Is Pursuing Syndicated Talk Show; Matt Lauer As Cohost?


 The Koch Bridge Today

Mayor Expected To Sign Bill Renaming Queensboro Bridge

so modest. "Former Mayor Ed Koch says his bridge is 'better than the George Washington Bridge' "

Wild Shoutfest Between Al Sharpton And Cornel West On Obama’s Leadership On Racial Issues


2 Women Arrested As France's Islamic Veil Ban Kicks In




Media is Not Renewing Contracts of High Price Writers and Reporters

Jonathan Alter has left Newsweek, where he had been since 1983.