Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Theodore White: The Making of A President 2012

Al Sharpton Nations Top Power Broker

Obama to Appear With Sharpton(WSJ) * Obama looks to Rev. Sharpton for help in 2012 reelection bid (DN) * Obama To Address National Action Network's Midtown Gala (NY1)Obama to Appear With Sharpton* (WSJ) * Obama's Sharpton: Consistent Defender and Visible Ally (WNYC) * Obama carefully courts black votes with Sharpton (AP) * Obama's remarks at National Action Network tonight will be carried live. * “Anytime you run for re-election, the first places you go are your base and your foundation of support—you try to make sure that’s tight,” said Assemblyman Keith Wright, chairman of the Manhattan Democratic Committee. * 2012: Sharpton is " 'the president' of black America," says Dominic Carter. [Politico]

 Defense Lawyers: Deutsche Fire City's Fault

Deutsche 'tragedy'(NYP) * Standpipe ‘Irrelevant’ in 2 Deaths, Lawyer Says (NYT) * Contractors Claim 'Scapegoating'(WSJ) * Don't blame Deutsche Bank supervisor for firefighters' deaths, says lawyer (DN)


Fire Department Spins Policy Change To Water Down the Negative Damage of the Deutsche Trial Coverage

Fire Department Sets a Quiet Goal Fire department is aiming to lower by up to 300,000 calls a year the number of emergency responses during which firefighters activate their trucks' lights and sirens. (WSJ) * FDNY slowing it down in boros on less serious emergency calls (DN) * (WNBC)


 Will Brooklyn Lose Its Last Republican?

Not likely if the GOP senate majority draw the new senate district lines.  This article by the City Hall News seems to be the democrats answer to an article from the same papers that stated the GOP will target the Carl Kruger seat once he leaves office.

Will Marty Golden Be Next Year’s Frank Padavan? Senate Dems Are Banking On It (CHN) *  With Skelos's Push For TAP Money, A Promise On Kruger's Seat (CHN) * LaValle: GOP to return $100G Levy donation (Newsday) * Child Abuse: Golden proposes using photographs to better monitor kids in trouble.* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is winning kudos from Orthodox Jewish leaders for his support of extending TAP to religious school students, including those in rabbinical schools.

  Feds Pile On the Espada and Son

Espada Jr., Son Plead Not Guilty To New Fraud Charges (NY1)






What About Carl Kruger Scandal and Ratner?





  Candidates Know They Can Beat Illegal Poster Fines in Court 

2013: De Blasio appealing $304,500 fine for illegal posturing during 2009 race.

John Liu  Controller John Liu is exploiting legal technicalities to evade 600G in campaign fines (DN)

William Thompson Bill Thompson Fined $619125 For Campaign Posters: Gothamist





  Shocking #1: Power Plants Breaking the Law

Shocking and tricky power play Firms call selves factories to finagle tax break. Two city power plants legally declared themselves factories rather than utilities to save a bundle on city property taxes (NYP) 

Shocking #2: School Custodians No Show Jobs

School-job no-$how ring nailed (NYP) * 2 School Custodians Accused of Fake-Job Scheme (NYT) * Custodians Charged in Scam(WSJ) * Many DOE Checks Fuel Bronx School Custodian's Scheme (NY1)

Queens Parents, Teachers Stage Rally Over Proposed Layoffs






Breaking: NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black's Rough Week Drags On As Another Deputy Departs




Albany May Allow Districts to Defer $1 Billion in Payments to Avoid Layoffs, Cuts 


Schools Look to Delay Pain (WSJ)

A bill that would allow school districts to manage their pension costs by borrowing is gaining steam in the Legislature.

More Albany News

Two-Week Break For Legislature? * Senate Democrats To Cuomo: Get Out Your Veto Pen(YNN) * Cuomo's Agenda: "Cuomo said the tax cap, along with an ethics bill and an extension of rent regulations are priorities for the rest of the year."



City Council Pushes for More Augments With Meter Maids 

Parkers will be meter beat-ers, cop warns (NYP) * NYPD rebels against muni-meter bill, says it will cause violence, corruption (DN)

 If They Shut Down the City Council Would Anyone Notice?

Laying Off Cops and Teaches and the Council Gets A Fat Councilman to Warn Us Against Happy Meals?

Fat-wary pol: Ban toys in Happy meals (NYP) * Nutrition Standards Urged for Meals With Toys (NYT) * NYC politician wants ban on fast-food meal toys(WSJ) * Proposed City Bill Would Ban Toys With Some Fast Foods (NY1) * Overweight Pol Wants to Ban Toys From Happy Meals(WNBC)

With Latest Donation, N.Y.U. Food Library Joins Big Leagues(NYT)

 What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation?

 Three Years After the Investigation Started?

The Daily News reported on June 24, 2008 that U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia asked the NYS Supreme Court to delay for 90 days a special inquiry into the city council pork spending and slush fund, for fear it would derail their case. The inquiry requested by civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel under an arcane law, would require a parade of public officials to publicly testify under a grant of immunity. It not about Siegel ongoing suit which seeks to invoke a a rarely used City Charter provision to combat Tammany Hall corrupt in the 1870s but what happen to the U.S. Attorney Investigation. We know that since then Both Garcia and Lev Dassin have left to white shoe law firms. With the new U.S. for New York's Southern District Preet Bahrara Nabbing Carl Kruger and threatening to go after more Albany corruption, we would how much is being done with the slush fund investigation.  Since the start of this investigation Councilman Miguel Martinez of ripping off the slush fund.  Another Larry Seabrook has been indicted.  A third had two of his employees plea guilty to member item rip offs.

One Year After Siegel's Appeal
Siegel who lost his request for an inquire in the trial court appeal that decision last August 15, 2010.   A year later there has been no decision by the NYS Appellate Division, First Department. For years courts have forced the the government to provide a certain level of services to the homeless, schools and almost every other services, but when it comes to corruption by the people who make the laws the judges seem to be unable to decide. 

 "Politicians in New York City and Albany really enjoy giving away the public’s money and making it seem like their own largess. As the latest news out of the New York City Council attests, these grants are, at best, a political trick intended to buy voter loyalty. At worst, they have led to outright theft." (April 29, 2008, NYT Editorial)


 On April 28, 2011 the Council Slush Fund Investigation Enters Its Forth Year

Its 1073 Days Since the City Council Hired Lawyers To Defend Themselves From Member Items Slush Fund Crime

Lawyers for Council Seen as a Departure (The Sun) * CITY TO PAY FOR COUNCIL'S LAWYERS - New York Post  * Common Cause Blog :: Slush Fund Follies in New York  * - NYC Taxpayers Petition For Slush Fund Inquiry  * Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed - June 20 ...  * BLOOMBERG HAS HIS OWN SLUSH FUND - New York Post* Phony Allocations by City Council Reported - New York Times  * New York’s Slush Addiction - New York Times - EditorialSLUSH-FUND SHENANIGANS - NY Post Editorial  * QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME - New York Post

Quinn Delivers a Scolding, and Then an Apology

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn on Wednesday lashed out a reporter for The Daily News who did not invoke Ms. Quinn’s proper title when asking her a question.

Snow Plans: Council amends recommendations, Bloomberg on board.

NYC passes bills to avoid Dec. 26 blizzard repeat

Curb police parking placard abuse by pols, officials, state says

An IG probe has found widespread misuse of police parking placards by state officials and pols. Among the cheats: Sen. Jose Peralta. 


 Transportation: Diaz introduces a bill that helps, among others, Diaz. Give members of the clergy special license plates.




Bloomberg Is Sued Over City’s Handgun Permit Fee (NYT)

 Bloomberg, NYC, Schneiderman named in suit by 2nd Amendment rights advocates, complaining about gun permit fees.



 Bloomberg's 12-year tenure as mayor ends in exactly 1,000 days

New York's New Governor Leaves Bloomberg Begging(NYO)

 Looks Like Bloomberg Responsible Budget Sending Will Be Used to Bail Out Corrupt Dysfunctional Albany

For Cuomo, Centrism Is Coated With Pragmatism(NYT)

Bloomberg's Budget Ignores Untapped Revenue * Who’s right about NYC’s supposed surpluses, Bloomberg or Cuomo? According to NYC Comptroller John Liu, they both are. *  Gov. Andrew Cuomo slams Mayor Michael Bloomberg for budget 'propaganda' on teacher layoffs (DN) * City comptroller fires pension salvo at mayor Report from John Liu’s office blames city’s skyrocketing pension costs on past decade’s lousy stock market—not, as Bloomberg argues, on an overly generous expansion of benefits to public workers.


Don't Get Cocky, Weiner (NYO)






Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn's surprise exit creates scramble to fill seat (DN)







 The German Brand X New York Exchange? 

Will Renamed Stock Exchange Put 'New York' First?  (WSJ)

FBI Makes More Insider Trading Arrests




Man on child's trike leaves bus in the dust in one-mile race (DN) * MTA's Signs Off the Rails(WSJ) * MTA, Yankees seek deal on Stadium train game scoreboard segment(DN)


  NY Fights Houston for the Space Shuttle 

NYC, Houston trade barbs in bid to lure retired space shuttle(DN)

 I Take the Apartment With the Chair

'Up the river' views: Sing Sing condos(NYP)

 One Way to make Upstate prison population count for the upstate census

As expected, Senate Republicans have sued over a law that counts prisoners at their last home address instead of where they’re incarcerated for redistricting purposes.  


  NYT Gets Smart: Would You Believe . . . 

NYT's Arthur Sulzberger and Janet Robinson Insist the Paywall is Not a Paywall

 NYT Publisher Testily Defends Paywall (Huff Post) *   New York Times Paywall 'Harder' For Poor People 

  Will MSNBC Have Anything To Talk About

Glenn Beck to end Fox News show 

Dropping ratings and he is gone





NBC 'Today' co-host Matt Lauer to leave show when contract expires in 2012



Judge punishes woman for racist remarks on juror questionnaire(DN) * More bodies on LI beach, no Shannan Kin's grief deepens over beach graveyard (NYP) * Growing Body Count, but Search for a Woman Goes On (NYT) * A Search for Bodies and a Serial Killer (WSJ) * Amid Serial Killer Search, a Woman Remains Missing (WSJ) *  'Rape cop' gal drunk(NYP) * Witnesses in Police Rape Trial Outline Evening of Drinking(WSJ) * Woman who accused NYPD cop of rape was drunk and helpless, cab driver testifies(DN) * Parkchester man faces 3 years for illegal upload of 'Wolverine' (DN)Couple in Vassar 'rip-off' (NYP) * School-slay fiend guilty (NYP)  * No bail for kids accused of hate crime against Muslim classmate(DN) * Cops catch bank robbers with dye cash (DN) * Subway Robber Steals iPods, Gadgets (Fox 5) * NYPD hunts for suspect in subway robbery spree(WABC) * *Gallery Director Is Convicted in De Niro-Art Scheme Case (NYT)

10 Years After the WTC And the Fight Against Terrorism is All About Peter King?  . . .  What About the 3 Wars Were Fighting? . . .  Not Got You Political Opportunism

Atomic sushi jitters hit NY (NYP) * U.S. Sees New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant (NYT)

 The NRC says a 10-mile evacuation zone around Indian Point is perfectly acceptable, while critics are seeking that expanded to 50.




U.S. Budget Talks  Head to the Brink(WSJ)




Jon Stewart Chides Democrats: Your Big Plan Is To Label The Tea Party As Extreme?




 Someone Take Me Seriously Like Trump 


I Need the Buzz its Good for Business.  Just Ask the Donald

Pataki 2012?

Poll: Donald Trump on Romney's tail in NH