Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Was the Residents of Lower Manhattan That Stop the Terror Trial Not the President or Holder

 Press Ignores the Downtown Public That Stop the Trial

If you read today papers you get the felling that NY pols were all against the trials in NYC from the beginning and got the trial moved.   The real record shows had there been no protests by the residents of lower Manhattan the trials in NYC would have taken place.  If you follow the blog Civic Center Residents Coalition NYC you will see the truth that it was a grassroots movement by residents of lower Manhattan that got the public movement going that stop the NY trials.  The Trial was announced for in November of 2009.  The protests started in January 2010 long before the mayor or other pols came out in public against the trial. Community Board Chair Julie Menin become the first community spokesperson against the trial.  


 The People's Rebellion Against the NYC Terror Trial Starts in January 2010

Daily News reporter labels Chinatown Grassroots protesters of the 9/11 terror trials "chickens" (Feb 17, 2010)What you can do to get the Terror Trials on the Community Board 3 agenda: call and write your community board (Feb 7, 2010Daily News Coverage of the Press conference across the street from the Court House FEb. 6 2010 Residents protest holding 9/11 terror trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in New York * Gov. Mike Huckabee with Cb1 Chair Julie Menin And Civic Center Residents Coalition Jan Lee - National Coverage on "The Huckabee Show"TRIBECA TRIB Coverage of the press conference - "Move the terror Trials" 


 A Real New York Tea Party In the Spirit of 1776

Residents to Feds: Make a Decision and Move the Sept. 11 Trials  (Feb 5, 2010)Shame on The Daily News for allowing their columnist Patrice O'Shaughnessy   to publish her article labeling The Civic Center Residents , the neighbors of the Moynihan Court House, and the entire Chinatown community as "chickens" for protesting against the decision to have the terror trials in Chinatown. (Civic Center Residents Coalition NYC)

Holder gripes as 9/11 fiend now faces Gitmo tribunal(NYP) * Holder's ungracious punt(NYP Ed) *In a Reversal, Military Trials for 9/11 Cases (NYT) * Bloomberg Hails Moving of Terror Trial (NYT) * U.S. Reverses on 9/11 Trials(WSJ) * Daly: Our job was to bring 9/11 mastermind KSM to sure and swift justice. We didn't.(DN) * President Obama made right decision on the trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed harder than it had to be (DN Ed) * The horror of 9/11 comes back in the words of the indictment of mastermind of the murderous attack (DN Ed) * Trial Of 9/11 Mastermind Headed For Military Tribunal (NY1) * The DN’s editorial page supports the about-face.* The Post didn’t approve of Holder’s “ungracious” demeanor. 


 NY Times Calls New Yorkers Against the Trial Cowards

Cowardice Blocks the 9/11 Trial

Prosecutor Demolition Team: "Gambled with Lives for Money"

 Is Bloomberg Using the Dictator in Bananas As His Role Model?
In the move Bananas the dictator Woody Allen to his subjects to changes there underwear on the outside and change it ever half hour.  Bloomberg wants the workers at the Dept of Health to smell and eat a certain way.  Health Dept Employees Are Not Allowed To Eat Fried Foods
I have the Happy Meal Keep the Toy
 A city councilman who admits his eating habits are off the scales wants to make kids' fast food meals less happy and more healthy. "I am an example," said Councilman Leroy Comrie, who refused to say how much he weighs but is thought to be over 300 pounds. "If you look at me. I enjoy fast food and unhealthy eating." Comrie's Fast Food Toy Ban Bill would limit any meal that comes with a toy to under 500 calories. (NYDN) *City Councilman Leroy Comrie's Hope To Ban Fast-Food Toys: McDonald's Not Lovin' It * Proposed City Bill Would Ban Toys With Some Fast Foods (NY1)
 Bloomberg Thinks He Will Stay Out of 2012 Presidential Race | The New York Observer

Mayor's Boos Not News

Mike Checkmated On the Budget Restores Coroner Funds He Used for Positioning to Build Public Support for More Funds From Albany


Mike restores coroner cuts (NYP)

Bloomberg restored a $16 million state budget cut to the NYC medical examiner’s office, ensuring the search for remains at Ground Zero can continue.*  Hey, City Hall, Here's How You Can Balance Your Books Independent Budget Office (NYT)
* Union Leaders Team Up to Attack Bloomberg

 Justice Delayed is Justice Denied . . .  Crowded Courtroom Coming
“Let there be no mistake: The impact of our reduced budget will hurt our ability to serve all New Yorkers, and in particular those who come to our courts seeking justice,” Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman told court employees, who were also warned of “significant” layoffs.
  More Albany News 

Silver: I Wasn’t Rolled By Cuomo (YNN) * The DNC’s new political director is Jeff Lerner, a former spokesman for (then AG) Andrew Cuomo.*


Cuomo The Moreland Commission Is My Big Stick 

Moreland Commission: Professor says "the governor would be on solid ground if his Moreland Commission investigates individual members.

The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick(True News)


City's gone to rats due to budget cuts, Manhattan boro prez says (DN) 
* Bloomberg Says Stringer is Wrong on Rats (NYO)
Large rat scares A train riders (video) (NYP)

Espada and son plead not guilty to new charges of wire fraud and tax evasion. Due back in court on June 23rd. *

Ex-pol Espada Jr. faces new tax-fraud charges (NYP) * Espada Jr. and son plead not guilty to tax evasion charges (DN)

NYers will pay while energy honcho$ play (NYP)Unwanted New Item on Menu: Higher Prices(WSJ)

The state inspector general's office is investigating a series of charitable donations by New York Power Authority chief executive Richard Kessel, according to people familiar with the probe. (Newsday)



 Will the UFT Use Its Power to Stop Revised Teacher Evaluations . . .  Can They

Task force releases new teacher evaluation framework for granting tenure, but faces union opposition (DN)

A Regents task force raised concerns about the ability of school districts to fully implement a new teacher and principal evaluation system being pushed by the governor.




 Black Has Become A Drag on the Mayor's Approval Rating 

 17% Approval For Black After 100 Days

Black had a 21 percent approval rating in February

3 Months In, 17% Approval for the Schools Chief(NYT) *NY1 Exclusive: Schools Chancellor Cathie Black's Approval Rating Dips Further (NY1) * Experienced, Homegrown Educator Leaves City Schools (NYT) * Cathie Black: Bloomberg likes her; shrugs off polls.




 Principal sues city over lewd accusations (DN) * Teachers recruited from abroad then abandoned waiting for visas (DN) * Claremont Prep Is Sold to For-Profit Firm (NYT) * School custodial no-show job scam broken up






Colangelo: City meters a cash cow or clunker? Plan to get "private-sector guidance" on maximizing the value of "scarce public assets" is hardly surprising. (DN)

You Paid For It: Another lawmaker to give up lulus(CBS6 Albany)

Bill Hammond warns Cuomo not to trust the legislative leaders while crafting an ethics reform deal. * Albany Ethics: Chartock wonders if Cuomo will succeed.



In push to go paperless, cost of bill printing in dispute




The Brisk, Shady Sale of ‘Loosies’(NYT)





City Council hearing sheds light on Latina suicide crisis(DN)

Today in El Diario: Latina Suicides Grow at Alarming Rate



The TWU A Great Activist Union History: The king Speech

Lax bookkeeping, unauthorized car purchase gets TWU in hot water (DN)



 In Its Day The Lion's Head Bar Was A Newspaper Reporters Hangout

Lion’s Head in Greenwich Village Is Dead, but Tales Live On

 The Wake for the Lion's Head and Real Newspaper Reporter Was Held in a 1952 Movie Deadline USA (Video)


Law and Order Flirty-dirty defense Rape-suspect cop admits he got 'physical' (NYP) * Three more bodies found on LI beach (NYP) * Discovery of 3 More Sets of Remains Adds to L.I. Mystery(NYT) * Three More Bodies Found on Long Island Beach(WSJ)'Hot' DJ caught with pants down (N YP) * Man lies way on to jury (NYP)* New rap eyed in tot's death(NYP) * 18-Month-Old Foster Child, Severely Beaten, Dies (NYT) * Bronx man shot dead as rec center fight erupts (DN) * Lawyer with mobster dad barred from representing accused cop killer, is under investigation (DN) * Mobster's kid can't represent 'cop killer'(DN) * Coach 'monster' (NYP) * Legendary NYC coach pleads guilty to abusing teen (WABC) * Youth minister pleads guilty to sexually abusing girls (WABC) * Funeral for gunned down DJ Megatron Tuesday (WABC) * Alleged drunken driver in N.J. crash that killed Advance sports editor remains free (SI Advance)* Rape suspect cop makes first admission of inappropriate contact with victim * Sides spar over how drunk victim was during first day of testimony (NYP) * Brooklyn judge takes shot at AG Eric Holder over no death penalty for killer of two NYPD detectives (DN)

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama Campaign Video: From ‘Yes We Can’ To ‘You Know, Whatever’



Unrest in Yemen Seen as Opening to Qaeda Branch (NYT)

Terrorism NYPD Begins Dirty Bomb Exercise Today * Authorities are investigating a bloody pig’s foot and anti-Semitic note sent to Rep. Peter King (who is Catholic, not Jewish) * Will chaos in Yemen provoke U.S. military action?(Times) * State Senate Brawl Over Terrorism Hearings


Bronx Zoo Twitter Cobra Launches Campaign to Rename Bronx Zoo(WNBC)





Stock Exchange Renaming Headaches





The Mole at ABC News

 CBS News correspondent Jeff Greenfield is leaving the network:  * Murdoch Journalists ARRESTED In Scandal * Scott Pelley to take over from Katie Couric as CBS anchor: report * Couric blames local news (NYP)




Nuclear Sushi

Japan's ocean radiation hits 7.5 million times legal limit